Sunday, November 18, 2012

12 Million Jews - 6 million in Israel, 5+ million in (late) "U."S.A, and a few hundred-thousands in other countries, are DRIVING ALL of HUMANITY - 7 billion souls - to brink of global-war cesspit, and nuclear-extermination, mass-suicide/genocidal annihilation....

We'll come back to this post, and add our own comments; but for now,  THE THEME for ALL U.S. and world 'news' over the coming weeks and months, is the truly INSANE,  genocidal blood-lust of the Neo-Con elites... which, cut to the core of the issue,
is the judeo,  JEWISH ELITIST  kleptocracy/oligarchy agenda of lies & deceit;
 judeo elites  who,  through relentlessly effective, relentless hate-mongering propaganda, have convinced 5+ million rank-and-file, middle-class 'American' jews, that what Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barack, the settlers, the Likud party,  orthodox jews, and (what) other blatantly jewish supremacist racists &  bigots want... is what is good for 'American' jews, too.
 (Also implied,  as well, of course, is that the insanely blatant judeo supremacy agenda of the Netanyahu/Barak/orthodox Likudniks, is somehow "good for America" as well... volumes of evidence, and a cratering  U.S. judeo-run - Bernanke/Greenspan/Blankfein/Geithner/Soros/Yellen/Schumer/Lieberman/Gensler/Schapiro/Emanuel/Lew,  et al, ad naseum economy to the contrary...)    

Long-term peace WAS WITHIN REACH, _BEFORE_     Israel BOMBING ATTACK on Palestinian officials... 
 (aka, "Long Term Peace In Middle-East WAS WITHIN REACH,  BEFORE Netanyahu's insane   jewish-supremacist Likud jews, INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED a 'terror' war, by BOMBING a Senior Palestinian official via unmanned robot killer drones.  
  The jews claim 'the right' to ASSASSINATE ANYONE THEY WANT to, ANYWHERE in the world.         ANYONE who resists Rothschilds/BoE/Fed/ECB  CENTRAL BANKSTER FINANCIAL RAPE, or  the ever-expanding judeo run "U.S." wars,  will be ultimately accused of "anti-semitism"... = judeo license to kill.)  
17 November, 2012,

 A picture taken from the southern Israeli Gaza border shows smoke billowing from a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike inside the Gaza strip on November 16, 2012 (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Israel has chosen to attack Gaza in order to avoid reaching a longer-term peace settlement that was being negotiated with the help of Hamas’ military leader Ahmen Jabari, who was assassinated in an Israeli attack Wednesday, says Israeli activist [Gershon Baskin]
Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin spoke to RT confirming that Ahmen Jabari was involved in peace settlement negotiations with Israel and was due to send Hamas’ version of a peace draft to Baskin on Wednesday evening before he was killed [by jewish robotic murder drone bombs].

RT: So you're saying that a draft of a permanent truce agreement already existed. What went wrong then?
Gershon Baskin: It was initially drafted 8 months ago. It was presented to the Israelis, Hamas, Egyptian intelligence and the UN for deliberation. Both Israelis and Hamas decided not to agree. Over the last months the ceasefires got shorter and shorter and the intensity of the fighting increased. And I decided together with my counterpart in Hamas, we were instrumental in negotiating a prisoner exchange deal that led to freedom of Gilad Shaid, the Israeli soldier held in captivity by Mr. Jabari, we decided to push forward. My Hamas counterpart wrote a new version of the draft and he was presenting it to Hamas leaders. In fact on Wednesday morning he was presenting it to Ahmed Jabari himself. I was supposed to receive later that evening the copy of the draft in Arabic for me to deliver to the Israelis who were waiting for it along with Egyptian intelligence.

RT: Why do you think Israel approved  the assassination of the Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari?
GB: There is a legitimate argument within the Israeli security assessment on whether or not making a truce with Hamas strengthens Hamas at a time when we know Ahmed Jabari and his colleagues are not peace activists. They don’t want peace with Israel they are committed to Israel’s destruction. For tactical reasons they had decided that a ceasefire was in their interests because each round of violence brings about the death of 10 and 25 combatants in Gaza and they didn’t see any value when no real damage was happening to Israel from their rockets attacks. So they wanted to at least have a time-out, where they could reconsider new moves. Some Israelis thought that by having a truce with them would strengthen them. There were people who believed that what we need to do is systematically weaken Hamas, so they would fall out of power. And there are those that believe we need to create deterrents strong enough that Hamas won’t attack Israel. The rocket attacks on the civilian population in Israel are intolerable and they needed to take action. I believe personally that we tried everything, we have assassinated leaders, we assassinated military commanders, we have put on an economic siege, we have bombed them, and we have tried everything EXCEPT a dialogue, except an attempt to reach an understanding with mechanisms for verification and for compliance with the involvement of Egyptian military intelligence. I think it has a chance to work. But now we have to postpone it for some time.

RT: What is Israel's endgame here? What are they hoping to achieve?
GB: I don’t know how you define an end game at this point. They stated that the aim is to create deterrence. How do you determine that you created enough deterrence? Is it when you have killed enough people? Destroyed enough of the infrastructure? Destroyed enough buildings? I don’t know how you define it. What we have here is a bigger chance of escalation for a ground operation. We have to recall that Hamas rockets that they shoot into Israel are what we call a statistical weapon. They usually fall into open space, but they can fall onto a school bus, supermarket, apartment building and we can have major casualties. And if it does happen we will have a ground operation.

  below video: despicable Netanyahu/Likud/Orthodox israeli Jews 
Once Again Turning Gaza into a Mass-Murder, Terrorized

The dirty, dark secret of jewish 'holocaust'  self-pity  is that from the dawn of humanity, EVERY SEIGE war and battle ever fought has been an attempt by the invading, conquering army to TERRORIZE and EXTERMINATE those huddling for their lives within their city's fortress walls...  including the seige of Jericho, where the bible tells us, with jews gloating for 3,000 odd years since, about  joshua's jewish army  MASSACRING EVERY man, woman, child, infant, and baby in the doomed city
   (Save the harlot/whore who betrayed her city and who was allowed,  along with her family and children, to live within the society of Joshua's bloody, genocidal jewish conquerors.   Yes, the genes of her sellout-treachery and betrayal are probably still within the jewish population today, if the bible's evil story of  'the mighty Joshua's' spies consorting with Jericho's prostitute to massacre Jericho ring true.) 

Jews Once Again Turning Gaza into a Mass-Murder Terrorized CONCENTRATION-CAMP / EXTERMINATION Zone

The video [above] illustrates the kind of firepower Israel is raining down on citizens of Gaza, which the IDF claims is “pinpoint” and “clinical”.
Although the indiscriminate firing of rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities has been rightly condemned, any debate about who is living under the most terror is clearly a moot point just by looking at the numbers. During the last conflict between Gaza and Israel in 2008/2009, over 1400 Palestinians, many of them women and children, were killed by Israeli air strikes. In comparison, 13 Israelis were killed, four of which were due to friendly fire. This month’s attacks have produced similar figures – three Israelis killed compared to at least 82 Palestinians and more than 680 injured since Wednesday last week. Deaths on both sides are deplorable, but when Palestinians are being killed at a ratio of 100 to one, only an idiot or a liar could still believe the propaganda that Israel is merely “defending itself against terrorists,” when the Zionist state is clearly engaging in massacres by relentlessly bombing densely populated areas.
However, the ludicrous notion that Israel’s aggression is proportionate has been upheld by none other than Barack Obama, who today stated that the United States is, “Fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles landing on people’s homes.”