Sunday, October 21, 2012

ZIONIST JEWS are BIGGEST DONORS... to BOTH Obama AND Romney Campaigns. WARMONGERING JEWS WANT MORE WARS, and are using their position at Apex of American society to GET THEIR DAMNED Wars....

The sad, grim, dismal, awful truth is that for the vast majority of jewish history,  jewish elites have OWNED SLAVES...  and been involved in the SLAVE TRADE,  EVERYWHERE in the world where jewish traders were  allowed to operate.

   This CONTEMPT for HUMAN BEINGS as CHATTEL  is - 150 years after the American Civil War ended outright chattel slavery in America -MAKING A COMEBACK as a defining aspect of  the ever metastasizing Judeo CONTEMPT for AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS, AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and the ever-expanding WARS of "divide... conquer... and exterminate"    JEWISH WARS instigated by the Neo-Con (judeo) elites, and paid for in blood, sweat, and treasure by the gullible, misled, and HATE-WHIPPED American public....  

  Long before there was a Spanish/Catholic Church INQUISITION,  jewish kings and priests were PURGING - ENSLAVING or EXECUTING - both foreigners and jews who were "insufficiently religious".

  Long before there was a Nazi "Knight of the Long Knives"  jewish  "high priest" Aaron was instructed, by his brother Moses, to  arm his thugs  to HACK, SLASH, mutilate,  and KILL the very people that HE, Aaron, HAD LED in the worship around the golden calf.

  Judaism is the religion of the INSTITUTIONALIZED PURGE,  a religion with BRONZE AGE pretensions of divine supremacy that, today, backed by billions of dollars of  Rothschilds/BoE/Fed/ECB central banker and wealthy jewish donations, and armed with its own nuclear arsenal  plus abject control of the entire American press, media, financial system, political system, and military, is today engaged in an INSANE,   BRONZE AGE campaign of regional and global conquest... barely masking a bronze-age lust to engage in MASS-EXTERMINATION.

Zionist Jews biggest donors to  presidential bids for BOTH Obama and Romney....
 21 Oct 20122012

Romney Obama Israel America

Zionist Jews are the biggest donors that finance the US presidential election campaign of both the Democratic President Barack Obama as well as his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.
The leading declared financier of US election campaigns in 2012 is casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who has so far donated $34.2 million to Republican Political Action Committees that support Romney’s publicity bid to win enough votes to move to the White House, the Associated Press reported Friday.
A staunch supporter of Israel, says the report, “he also is a contributor to the Republican Jewish Coalition, which spent $920,000 since 2002 backing bills aimed at pressuring Iran and enhancing US security cooperation with Israel.”
In Israel, meanwhile, Adelson owns the widely circulated, pro-Benjamin Netanyahu free daily paper Israel Hayom.
Worth an estimated $25 billion, Adelson oversees the Las Vegas Sands Corp., which runs   casino and resort interests in Las Vegas, Singapore, and Pennsylvania, and Sands China Ltd., a bunch of casinos operating in China’s Macau territory.
According to the report, the wealthy Jewish donors and others are financing this year’s US presidential election, on track to cost a whopping $2 billion, with funding of individual Democratic and Republican campaigns as well as independent, “super” political action committees working on the campaigns’ behalf.
In exchange for their financial support, these pro-Israeli donors can gain major influence, say the report. They are often invited to state dinners at the White House and other events with the US president.
These financiers may also be consulted on policy making, particularly if it impacts their financial interests. And the ranks of ambassadors, advisory panels, and other government jobs traditionally are filled with those who have made generous donations during the election campaign, the report adds.
The largest donor to Democratic Political Action Committees that support Obama’s reelection campaign is Hollywood film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has so far given nearly $2.6 million for the cause.
Other major Jewish donors that support Democratic organizations and Obama’s reelection bid are: Irwin Jacobs, founder and ex-chairman of Qualcomm, contributing $2.122 million so far; Fred Eychaner, founder of newspaper publisher Newsweb Corp, contributing $2.07 million so far; Jon Stryker, a Michigan Philanthropist, contributing $2.07 so far; and Steve Mostyn, a Houston attorney, who has so far contributed just over $2 million.
Other big Jewish donors that gave huge sums of money to Republican organization and Mitt Romney’s election campaign are: Bob Perry, a Houston real estate tycoon who has so far given $17.3 million; Harold Simmons, owner of a Dallas-based Contran Corp. who has so far given $16.5 million; Robert Rowling, head of Dallas-based TRT Holdings who has so far donated $4.1 million, and Industrialist William Koch, so far donating $4 million.