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The ROTHSCHILDS - Portrait of the VAMPIRE financial dynasty, is THE MUST READ book for all Americans who want to Understand the DEBT SLAVERY of The Great Depression (which was INTENTIONALLY ENGINEERED by the Rothschild's owned 'Federal' Reserve) - and today's CURRENT Economic Enslavement Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama ON-GOING Fed INSTIGATED Economic SABOTAGE global economic crisis... and all the world wars in-between....

We apologize to our readers for failing to write any new posts over the past several days.

   In fact, we have started over a dozen different posts, including "Bibi the Bloodthirsty Jewish Warmonger WANTS ANOTHER WAR";  including trying to write a post on how PRISON LABOR in America is now DISPLACING small businessmen from competing with hired and paid workers... = a RESUMPTION of SLAVE LABOR in America.... 

  ...including writing yet another  post on  how TREASONOUS  'False Flag' Attacks - TERROR /  murder attacks ON AMERICAN (and, in case of Fast & Furious, Mexican) citizens    (etc.) 
 are now  STANDARD PROCEDURE for the insane Judeo-driven anglo/american/euro/judeo elite driven "globalists";
    including a post on the TERRORIZING of the American free press,  including the DISGRACEFUL, despicable,  treasonous   Hillary Clinton, Barack  Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid & Leon Panetta  (et al, ad naseum) so-called "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT" WAR on whistleblowers;
     including especially (but far from limited to) Wikileaks editor Julian Assange being  threatened with potentially a Timmy McVeigh style EXECUTION for reporting to the American people on the above insane U.S. government tendencies to WAGE WAR on the AMERICAN people
 (as our government is  in bed with financial rapists,  economic saboteurs and 9-11 traitors!) 

  ...but in each and every case of  trying to write any of the above stories, we have run up on the mental road-block of the absolute necessity of tying each of the above atrocities in to its root source... each of the above is but a facet  of the Judeo elite driven  JUDEO WAR ON HUMANITY.... - which, sadly we must point out,  the "judeo war on humanity" is, in fact,  at  the very CORE of the judeo 'faith.'

   For example, the History Channel recently aired a repeat showing of "The History of the Ten Commandments" documentary video, in which it was pointed out that by the time of Jesus (Christ), the judeo elites had codified an increasingly arduous and regimented list of rules for obeying the sabbath day by not working.

    These increasingly onerous rules and regulations were not an "incidental" or "optional" part of Judaism at the time - they were rules expressly created by the Judeo ruling elite, to MAKE IT HARDER to fulfill the new rules, which became "obligations." 

  In short, the increasingly  DRACONIAN,  increasingly REPRESSIVE "sabbath rules' were DESIGNED to TRIP PEOPLE UP,  to make them FAIL, to make it HARDER for normal  people to comply with... to make it ever easier for the Judeo elite (the priestly caste, backed by the wealthy in particular)  to "PUNISH" people for FAILING TO COMPLY.
  (And standard punishments back in the bronze age, as ever, were either enslavement or execution). 
  Given that the bible is very, very specific - Moses had a man STONED TO DEATH for COLLECTING STICKS for firewood on the 'holy' sabbath day - it becomes clear that the Judeo elite were using these increasingly draconian, increasingly arbitrary, increasingly repressive, increasingly onerous, and indeed hideous "obey the sabbath laws.... or else!"  rules
  as a means of WAGING WAR on THEIR OWN followers and (jewish) believers!

   Which is the story of judaism:   an elite which may at one time have started with a good idea ("worship g-o-d and conduct your life, and in particular your clan/family/tribal life, in ways and means that will increase the productivity &  wealth, and cooperation of that clan/tribe, so they may be strong enough to fight off rival clan/tribes) 
constantly and relentlessly degenerating in to a PARASITIC ELITE that relentlessly CANNIBALIZES  THEIR OWN followers,   in the name of that "g-o-d ordained" elite -

  -  much less relentlessly first EXTORTING, then ENSLAVING, and then EXTERMINATING their non-jewish neighbors.
(Even their generational allies, as Moses repeatedly attempted to exterminate the Midianites!)  

   (note that we have a bible quote for each of the above terms describing the real judeo driven agenda:   extorting, enslaving, and exterminating anyone (including jews not quite "jewish enough" - as determined by that elite) on the judeo elite's hit list!   

And note that in this short discussion of extreme jewish ruthlessness and brutality against those who do not show sufficient devotion to the increasingly arbitrary and regimented sabbath rules, we don't even mention the truly insane rules of the jewish Talmud... which is practically distilled evil!

  Of course today's "Christ-ian" Evangelicals who are so closely allied with the jewish war-lobby
(it is these allies who turn the 2% jewish vote in America, into the Frankenstein elections-crushing MONSTER that the AIPAC (et al) jewish lobbies have become in Washington & state capitals across the USA)  

 fail to see that  Jesus VERY SPECIFICALLY  _BROKE_ with the judeo elite - the Pharisees - in particular over their onerous sabbath laws - yet today's self-professed "Christ-ians" are empowering a judeo elite, in America much less in israel - that are every bit as bloodthirsty, relentless,  and ferocious as the Pharisees were 2,000 years ago! 


    All the above is merely the preamble to our long overdue post on the Rothschilds - the apex predatory, parasitic family that (is) the undisputed financial leader(s) of the judeo elite, imposing their genocidal  judeo-supremacist "order" on their victims globally - as they have been doing ever since Nathan Rothschild and his brothers financed the Anglo, Austrian, Prussian, Russian, & Spanish alliances against France during the Napoleonic wars
 (including the British war against Americans, the War of 1812),
  and soon thereafter the now legitimized and entrenched Rothschilds Europe-wide banking cartel started profiting from the slave economies in America and South America, and started profiting from the wholesale industrial and  colonial exploitation across the world that, in the case of the British led "Opium War" against China, was nothing less than genocidal financial rape. 

 What is important to know about this brief survey of the family biography of the Rothschilds, is that it was written by a jewish author, Frederick Morton, who was nothing less than an Austrian jewish refugee from the WWII "holocaust" in his home country (Austria) during WWII, and that he wrote the book in the early 1960s, just over a decade after the death of the reviled Nazi dictator and the world learning about the Nazi death camps,  and probably at the peak of world sympathy for the jewish cause.

   Mr. Morton's point-of-view can only be described as flattering (if not fawning... if not sycophantic!),  and he joins the zillionaires of the R's family in being condescending if not contemptuous of those lower on the social pecking order than they are.

   But what is quite amazing about this book, is in how few pages he essentially CONFIRMS  every single "anti-semitic stereotype" ever written about "bloodthirsty, warmongering jewish loan-sharks & financiers" - and how in-depth his knowledge of that precise subject is!!!!

    For example,  Mr. Morton writes of the legendary tale of the Rothschild's matriarch Guettel Mayer saying "there will be no wars... for my sons will not allow it!"  but then, a chapter or two later,  Morton casually informs the reader that the Rothschilds (all of them, not just the London ones)  supported the Anglo/French/Turkish war against Russia in the Crimean War,  because "the Russians had been anti-semitic."

   Since  (as our above brief survey of bible quotes outlines) NO ONE   WANTS to be ENSLAVED, extorted,  or EXTERMINATED by the judeo-elites, then, truly,  EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is
"anti-semitic" to some degree - depending on how close the judeo elites are to squeezing every last drop of blood out of their particular financial victims du jour  -  see the Great Depression in the United States 1920s-1930s,  engineered by the Fed bankers, who were (and are today) wholly dominated by the various front banks and hyper-wealthy families (such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, & Vanderbilts)  answering to the Rothschilds "money power." 
 Which brings us precisely to this section, below,  we have transcribed from Mr. Morton's 1965 book on the Rothschilds.  This book  SHOULD be on-line for all to read - it has been nearly a HALF CENTURY since it was published! - but the judeo led army of lawyers, legislators and copyright lords keep pushing the copyright powers further and further, to where the general public in America today has practically NO rights to the information and cultural fabric that is VITAL to running a country based on sound knowledge and information, and not hate-mongering propaganda lies.

  In our below excerpts,  the original 5 Rothschilds brothers INSTIGATE NOT ONE, but AT LEAST TWO  "financial panics" - Nathan's original coup where he used his market psychology and exquisite timing to get British traders to "DUMP" their British government bonds ("consuls") en masse;  and a second instance where the Continental (European mainland based) Rothschilds brothers drove France and Austria bonds into the gutter in 1818  by coordinated "DUMPING"  of those bonds, which the various Rothschilds banks had amassed - "hoarded"  - and then dumped, in coordination, on purpose, to INSTIGATE a CRASH.

   This is the key to modern economics:  just as an exceptional general can almost single-handedly snatch victory from defeat in a battle or war by making his opponents make fatal mistakes,
  so too can a commanding general of finance DESTROY his financial opponents -
especially when SABOTAGE and other FOUL MEANS go unpunished.

   Today, the vast majority of Americans are financially illiterate, and they (the vast majority of Americans) do not know how to "SHORT stocks,"  which means,  "make money by betting that a stock will go down in price (at some precise point) in the future."

  The operative word here is "betting" - there is a very, very fine line between "INVESTING" and "SPECULATING," but most people would agree that "BETTING"  IS NOT "investing" !!!!  

     The Rothschilds were the undisputed experts, the global masters, at "SHORTING" their rivals' stocks, bonds or even entire national currencies;
     and all of today's Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, HSBC, Barclays, Bundesbank, and other high-flying traders  on Wall St. are to one degree or another playing by 'the rules of  the game' that the Rothschilds had well established by the mid- 1800s. 

   When President George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary (and former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman) Hank Paulson used a billion-dollar U.S. government fund, a Treasury Department slush-fund to "DUMP" a billion Euros on the market overnight to INCITE A PANIC, to get people across the world (and, in particular, in Europe) to DUMP their Euros,  so the U.S. dollar that he, Greenspan, and Bernanke had been despoiling would look better in comparison,  it was a page RIGHT OUT OF  the ROTHSCHILDS'  "sabotage rivals"  playbook.

     Well, we're exhausted at laying out the groundwork for this vital economic lesson, THE VITAL ECONOMIC LESSON in the world today:   the essential, indispensable  economic lesson  of  the black art of FINANCIAL SABOTAGE,  so we hope our readers will familiarize themselves with by reading Morton's very readable expose of the Rothschilds'  SIGNATURE,  COORDINATED "DUMPING" of  ENTIRE MARKETS, entire bond issues... which is to say,
 the coordinated "dumping" of ENTIRE NATIONAL CURRENCIES,
  =   the intentional sabotage of  entire economies of nations,  

  before we return to the subject later!



( link for below portion of Frederic Morton "The Rothschilds" book, this transcript starts after the Allied victory over Napoleon (defeated in the Battle of Waterloo June 1815) at the Aix La Chapelle 1818 financial conference, pg 52 )
.... In 1818 negotiations began for an additional issue of some 270 million francs. Again Ouvard and Baring were frontrunners; the Rothschilds [were no more than] futile haunters of the [France] Finance ministry. This loan, though, was to liquidate the French [losers in the decade long Napoleonic wars] war indemnity. It's ultimate disposition would take place at a conference with the victorious powers [and post-Napoleon French rulers installed by the victorious British/Austrian allies] at Aix-la-Chapelle.
In terms of [Rothschilds] family history, the forgotten congress of Aix-la-Chapelle is a much more important landmark than the still notorious [Nathan Rothschild incited Britsh  panic "DUMPING" of British bonds] of Waterloo.
 Aix marked the first social confrontation between the great world and the newly great Rothschilds.
 It began as a round of banquets and soirees a la Congress of Vienna, with the Rothschilds fascinated and frozen out like children before a Christmas window. 
It climaxed with a furious thunderclap.
 And when the roar subsided, the children were in possession of the store. 

Nobody foresaw this development during the first week, possibly not even [original 2 of 5 Rothschilds founding brothers] Salomon and Kalman, who attended as family representatives. To begin with, England had sent Lord Castlereagh instead of of John Herries, their old friend. Salomon and Kamann must have felt at sea in a world so charged with antique protocol, with such finely beveled compliments. Their natural habitat was the stock exchange, not the ballroom. 
Still, the most expensive tailors had fitted them with vests and cravats of the finest materials. Their coaches glittered. Their horses shone. What if their grammar was a little primitive? Furthermore, Kalmann had just married Adelheid Herz, of the most soigne Jewish family in German. The bride was to spearhead the family's bon ton. 

Yet it was all no use. Whenever the brothers wanted to see Prince Metternich, he was just being feted by the Duke de Richelieu. Lord and Lady Castlereagh could not be found, since they kept driving about with Prince Hardenberg. The Rothschilds were left out of these cordialities. Baring and Ouvrard, their rivals, seemed included everywhere.
Only secretaries were available, and the secretaries smiled cooly: Yes, negotiations with Baring and Ouvrard were proceeding towards a conclusion. Why change partners in midwaltz? Hadn't Baring and Ouvrard succeeded in the 1817 loan? Weren't the bonds of the 1817 loan rising on the Paris bourse that very momen?
The Rothschilds decided to try once more. They completed their purchase of Friedrich von Gentz, a brilliant publicist, friend to Metternich, and man-about-Congress. They took a big option on David Parish, a stylish young banker sporting good connections with Baring. They bought every buyable social grace in sight. They checked and rechecked the impeccability of their trousers and frocks, of the servant's livery. Everything was in order. 

Nothing worked. In the salons, one was amused by the puzzlement on Kalmann's face, by the Levantine frowns of Salomon. Unnoticed in the general merriment went another circumstance: the couriers who entered and left the brother's residence with growing frequency. 

Through October, 1818, Aix bowed, gamboled, promenaded and ignored those Rothschilds clods

On November 5, something strange happened. The French government bonds, the famous loan of 1817, began to fall after a year's steady rise. Day after day they dropped more steeply. And not only that - other securities wavered. Tempests came out of a blue sky. A crash loomed, not just in Paris, but in bourses all over Europe. 
The music stopped at Aix. The noble gentlemen stood about dazed in the suddenly suspended splendor. After all, one had made one's little investments.
It was the princes who frowned now while, curiously, Kalmann and Salomon smiled. A rumor shivered through the drawing rooms. 
Could those Rothschilds have.... 
Those Rothschilds had. With their boundless reserves they had bought those rival-issued bonds for weeks and weeks, bulling the paper while secretly cornering it. And then, in one relentless swoop, the boys had dumped their whole appalling load. Across the entire Continent the underpinnings of finance groaned. 

   The great world knew now what it meant to cut a Rothschild. 

Metternich, the Duke de Richelieu, Prince Hardenberg did what must be done. A stern interview ensued between them and Ouvrard and Baring, in whose (as yet unborn) new loan they had already reserved parcels on their own accounts. One talked; one parted; the loan-to-be dissolved into nothing.
Then Salomon and Kalmann were bowed into the presence, and lo! their clothes were now the very eye of fashion, their money the darling of the best borrowers. 

And as the music began again, and two princesses obediently took the arms of the two stout, round-faced men, everyone knew that it had happened at last. Europe had become richer by a great name. The boys had become The Rothschilds. 
....But it takes more than vast fortune to celebrate the myth that was Rothschild. It takes, above all, a compelling air on the part of the celebrity itself. After Aix, the five brothers walked in the sober and unshakeable belief that the divine right of kings had been overthrown by the divine right of money 

[so much for "democracy" and "equal justice under the law" !! ] 
...and that Amschel, Nathan, Salomon, Kalmann, and James were money. The doubts and hesitations to which other nouveaux riches are heir did not trouble the five brothers much. A story goes that Nathan was once asked by his small son how many different nations there were in the world. "There are only two that you need bother about," Nathan is reported to have answered. "There is the mishpoche [Yiddish for family] and there are the others."
No matter how apocryphal this conversation, it reflects a real attitude, which has survived to this day. It still puts subtle, superb capitals on two common words the Rothschilds use when speaking of their clan. They say: "The Family" - which is quite different from the family of other [lesser mortals] people. 

He [Nathan] practiced upon his rivals the gambit of Waterloo [INCITING A MARKET PANIC based on inside information] with an invincible variety of wiles. Say, for example, that his brothers' couriers brought him news likely to produce an eventual rise in stock X. By some unostentatious purchases he would accumulate a moderate quantity of the stock. At the same time word would go out from him to each of a number of secretly commissioned agents: buy a bit of X. Then Nathan would suddenly sell his holdings. The mass of speculators, always on the lookout for a bellwether, would begin to watch X worriedly.
Whereupon, at a predetermined signal, all Rothschilds agents would rid themselves of every X share they had. The speculators would panic. The sudden rush knocked even professionals off their skeptic stance: Nathan's infallibility was once more proved. Everybody dumped his X shares. Meanwhile another set of Rothschilds agents bought up all the X available at a very depressed price - just prior to the general release of the news that raised the stock higher than ever.
The next time the competition prepared itself for that kind of Nathan trick - only to fall into a trap constructed of opposite elements. You couldn't stop or even comprehend Rothschild, nor even the reason why he, having so much, wanted to conquer more. How many yellow stars imposed on how many ancestral caftans, how many flinchings and humiliations on Frankfurt sidewalks would the man avenge today after driving from New Court [residence] to the bourse.
Napoleon on the battlefield was clad in no more dread mystery than Nathan Rothschild on the Royal 'Change.
Like Napoleon, he always materialized in the same pose: he leaned against the 'Rothschild pillar" (the first on the right as one entered from the Cornhill entrance), hung his heavy hands in his pockets, and began to release silent, motionless, implacable cunning. An anonymous contemporary has described it well:
"Eyes are usually called the windows of the soul. But in Rothschild's case you would conclude that the windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out of them. There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is there one gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any direction. The whole puts you in a mind of an empty skin, and you wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it...."

  - the above story about the Rothschilds explains how, in the early 1800s, the Rothschilds merchants... traders...  bankers..financiers   
CRASHED THE MARKETS, twice - intentionally,  ON PURPOSE - to either DESTROY their competition, or get other people, in a panic, to sell their valuable stocks or bonds for far less than they were really worth.  

This below article explains how the BIG BOYS on Wall Street have SET UP COMPUTERS - which COULD DO THE SAME, TODAY. 

Now you might think, "Why would Wall Street financiers INTENTIONALLY WRECK the market one day - wouldn't they LOSE millions or billions of dollars?" 
But - if you are really rich enough - if you own the printing presses that print money, you will happily take a PAPER loss of a billion or two dollars, today, IF YOU GAIN CONTROL of many companies that you can now buy at those panic, fire-sale prices after  you TRIGGER a crash. 
  (This is the essence of the anglo/american/euro/judeo financial ASSAULT on Greece over the past 2 years; 
 the clueless Greeks have, over the past 2 years, been forced to SELL THEIR VALUABLE national ASSETS to parasitic loan-shark 'investors',  like Steve Forbes and other Wall St. vampires, for pennies on the dollar.)  

Today's American public is a lot less gullible, and a lot more entitled, than the public in 1929 was - but the "Big Boys" on Wall St. CERTAINLY COULD _CRASH THE MARKET_ TODAY, if they wanted to!  

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 53/2012


  next up:  We hope to outline how the Great Depression in America, which actually started in America's farm communities long before the 1929 "Black Thursday" stock market crash
 (and in the early 1900s well over 50% of America's economy was a rural, agricultural economy)
 was a typically ENGINEERED  Rothschilds  TAKE DOWN,  sabotage "DUMPING" of an entire economy...  the entire American, United States (and, indeed, global) economy!

  To do this, however, we first have to outline how the so-called 'Federal' Reserve was started by 'American' bankers who were allied with, and controlled by, the London & Europe based Rothschilds.    There is plenty of information out there, including on the web, of how the Warburgs, J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, and Peter Schiff in particular were close allies of the Europe based "money power" Rothschilds economies-killing bankers,   as Frederick Morton quoted a well-known saying of the era,
"The wealth of Rothschilds are baeed on the ruin of nations."

  Then, once you establish that the 'Federal' Reserve is a typical example of the Rothschilds control of a nation's (money) printing pressesa la their wholly owned City of London,  Bank of England and LBMA (London gold exchange) model,  then all you need to do is establish the time-line of financial tactics that would intentionally contract the economy....

   .... =  intentional economic sabotage and destruction, so those bankers and wealthy sitting on their amassed, hoarded wealthy can buy up other people's vast wealth, now devalued by panic, depression, and soaring debt,  for pennies on the dollar,  for dollars ("money") that you and your (allied 'Fed')  bankers have the monopoly license to print out of thin air!