Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Jewish War Lobby BRIBES Turkey Leaders to ATTACK SYRIA. Why would SECULAR, NOT run by Islamic fanatacist Turkey, SUPPORT Al QAEDA FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORISTS against Syria? Because Turkey's leaders are BEING BRIBED by the "Money Power," through NATO, Britain, France, the United Staes, and especially the despicable, play everyone against each other Jewish War State. Turkey's leaders are sowing the seeds of THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION....

The awful, evil  Jewish war lobby is getting desperate... as Greece erupts in riots from the DEBT  IMPOSED by FRAUDULENT Goddamn-Sachs & Euro central bank banksters;
 as Ben Bernanke is GIVING $36 BILLION  per month in FREE CASH  so-called "Quantitative Easing III" to his otherwise failed, bankrupt, insolvent (but Con-gress, presidents, & media bribing) bankers..... the American public learns that the U.S. government is FUNDING al Qaeda TERRORISTS in SYRIA, Libya, and everywhere... while RATCHETING UP the WAR on American liberties and freedoms here in America...
  as the world economy steam-rolls, "Locomotive Breath" fashion, towards an engineered  "flash crash" market global meltdown,  the JEWS MUST  WAGE WAR ON Syria and IRAN, to DIVERT ATTENTION from their titanic SABOTAGE economies-killing fraud DESTRUCTION of their host economies.... and above all, to JUSTIFY the  STATE OF DICTATORSHIP  that they have worked so hard for, and left an "NDAA" paper-trail as long and as wide as their ferverent plotting for a U.S. invasion of Iraq over 10 long years ago, even before 9-11, even before the unhindered  9-11 attacks AND ANTHRAX ATTACKS using deadly spores PRODUCED IN U.S. BIO-WEAPONS LABS  ushered in the iron fist of a police state  "global war on terra" brushing a century of civil rights progress aside,  like a flash flood pouring through Jonestown PA in 1889.

  Since the bloodthirsty jews can't quite get Iran or Syria to give them the pretext to attack, the sinister warmongers are BRIBING TURKEY to do their mass-murderous dirty work for them...

   ...even though THE SIGNATURE identity of Turkey for the past 100 years since the end of the "Ottoman Empire" after WWI,  has been that Turkey has been a Muslim  but non-sectarian nation....

  By SUPPORTING  Nato funded  MUSLIM JIHADIS in Syria,  Turkey's secular leaders are INVITING THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION just as soon as the jewish war lobby knocks off Syria and then Iran...


Jewish War Lobby Instigates Turkey to  Demands US Start BOMBING SYRIA
 (under the Nazi-esque/Orwellian monicker of a "No Fly" zone) 
by  Paul Joseph Watson,   Prison
 October 4, 2012

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan  has asked the United States to impose an immediate “no fly zone” over areas of Syria in the aftermath of a mortar attack which killed five Turkish civilians, according to a report by Israeli intelligence outfit DebkaFile.

llowing the attack, which evidence suggests was actually carried out by FSA rebels and not Syrian forces, Erdogan “Asked Washington….whether the Syrian attack would serve as the pretext for imposing a no-fly zone over northern and central Syria with US Air Force participation,” according to the report.
Obama administration officials flatly refused Erdogan’s request, citing recent intelligence which suggests that Syrian President Bashar Assad will not be able to hold on to power for any longer than six months.
  As we saw with Libya, a “no fly zone” is merely a euphemism for aerial bombardment  [ = mass-murder by U.S. military technology]   and aggressive regime change..... (cont'd)