Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OCTOBER SURPRISE TREASON by John Bolton and the Romney REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN: INTENTIONALLY WHIPPING UP HATRED in the Muslim world by whipping up a cheap, insulting propaganda film produced in Los Angeles; then SABOTAGING Ambassador Steven's CIA-al Qaeda "SECURITY" teams in Benghazi, led DIRECTLY to the TERRORIST ATTACK ON U.S. CONSULATE that KILLED Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other embassy officials...

The below is probably the most informative forty minutes of 'news'  produced anywhere in the world... for the entire past year.
   InfoWars host Alex Jones lets Webster Tarpley deconstructs the real power behind America's 'foreign policy' - which is to say, America's metastasizing genocidal wars, expanding domestic police-state dictatorship  apparatus, and economic rape orchestrated by the financial oligarchs with the full support of the treasonous, now overtly,  truly insane Jewish war lobby.

The Jewish war lobby, having gotten  as much out of Obama as they could
(namely, the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of both the expanding wars, police-state apparatus, and financial rape of America under a so-called "liberal," Democrat minority figurehead leader/politician) - are now set to switch to OVERDRIVE,  the BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL EXPANSION of America's simmering Mideast wars to go clear past Syria and Iran, straight to Russia and China.

Until Americans CONFRONT these SERIAL CHAINS of NEO-CON jewish war lobby ORCHESTRATED TREASONS,  the American republic will be ground down into a perpetual state of metastasizing genocidal wars...  with the AMERICAN MILITARY INVASION OF SYRIA already in advanced stages of planning - set for early 2013 should Mitt Romney's jewish war-lobby + 'Mormon Mafia' Armageddon-lusting war-pigs gain the White House in the coming election...

We return to the Webster Tarpley video we posted 2 days ago, with a (laboriously hand-typed!) transcript that reveals -  Jewish Neo-Con warmongers +  rouge elements of the CIA,  +  the "Mormon Mafia' in CIA and Congress,  all set out to REPLAY the original 'October Surprise' 1980 TREASON,  and to replay the Neo-Con 9-11-2001 dereliction-of-duty/TREASON, SABOTAGING America's security to provoke whole new wars,
 in this case arranging for U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens'  hired security force to disappear... go AWOL,  right after a Romney campaign video had whipped up hatred in the Islamic world with an insulting video produced by the Romney campaign proxy production team in L.A., and thus providing a motivation for radicalized, ALREADY ARMED BY CIA TERRORISTS in Libya and elsewhere to attack U.S. embassies.

   Dr. Webster Tarpley, having laid out the plot, plan, and details of the CIA's hired security teams going "AWOL" the moment that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. embassy consulate in Benghazi  on September 11th, killing the U.S. Ambassador and 3 other embassy officials,
    delves deeper into the SINISTER IDEOLOGY of the "Mormon Mafia" that has been empowered by the "Jewish Wars" since the stolen election of 2000 and the 9-11 attacks of 2001 ushered in the permanent-war + police-state America that is the alpha-&-omega of the Neo-Con agenda.

 Tarpley explains that as recently as the late 1920s, Mormons (including Mitt Romney's father George Romney) were REQUIRED TO SWEAR A BLOOD OATH against the people and government of the United States,

  Like  Democrat presidents Clinton and Carter before him,  President Obama is being BETRAYED, BACK-STABBED, and made to look like an incompetent fool by the treacherous Jewish Neo-Cons IN HIS OWN WHITE HOUSE and administration 
who hold back this below story (if they are even aware of it)  to make it look like 'natural events' instead of the PRE-PLANNED CONSPIRACY that it is... 

CIA Mormon Mafia Has Fingerprints All Over Benghazi TERRORIST ASSAULT on U.S. Embassy that Killed U.S. Ambassador Stevens and 3 other U.S. officials...
 (partial transcript) -  

Webster Tarpley:    Let's talk about the October Surprise... Let's talk about the CIA MORMON MAFIA, and their plans for an October Surprise' to put Romney in to the White House. Now the first topic is Benghazi and what that shows us about what's actually happening behind the scenes, in the intelligence community, not these talking points Democrats-Republicans, Obama - Romney.

Let me talk first about Benghazi
  [the Al Qaeda terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy that killed American Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other U.S. embassy officials on September 11th, 2012]
  because I  think this is very interesting to show how the intelligence community is working, in the sense that the ruling elite wants Romney in the White House. 
   The Bilderberg group,  I believe, made the decision in favor of Romney after he came to their meeting. You can see The Federal Reserve, the Money from Wall Street, all of this IS SIGNALLING that they want Romney . So how do they do it?

Well, we've had ONE OCTOBER SURPRISE ALREADY, except we had it in September. And that was Benghazi.
Now there are 2 sides to this. One is the so-called film, the other is the killing. These are both important, and they go together. 

Now the film is not the killing, I'm not claiming that at all.    But what I'm saying is there was this film, and the Islamophobic film was the subject of DEMONSTRATIONS in 25 countries around the world, in CAIRO, in PAKISTAN, in countries in Europe, all over the Arab world, North Africa, you name it. This   was about the film.

The film came out of this little studio in California, and we're asked first of all to believe that this guy Sam Basil created the film. Now Sam Basil is a little nobody, he's a patsy. He's a drug ex-convict, he's probably a drug informer for the DEA or FBI or something like this.
And he took the fall as the guy who created the movie.
      But if we look at who owns the studio, and who signed for the permit, and actually how the movie came about, we're led to somebody called  Joseph Naswala, who is a COPTIC CHRISTIAN, he's the Chief Executive Officer of MEDIA FOR CHRIST, Coptic Christian from Egypt, and it seems to me that that's the guy who really made this movie come about.

He's had some experience, and he has a studio to make that work.
Now if we follow him a little bit, we're led in to the midst of the infamous ISLAMOPHOBIA NETWORK. And the Islamophobia Network, people I think are familiar with it.
 It's the group that organized the demonstrations and campaign back in September 2010, in ground zero, in Lower Manhattan.
They were the big ones campaigning that there should be no mosque, and no Islamic community center.
Now Joseph Naswalla addressed one of those demonstrations. That demonstration on Sept. 11, 2010.
This is the network that people associate with       PAMELA GELLER  
[ the  blatant, overtly  racist JEWISH SUPREMACIST BIGOT /  judeo TERRORIST instigator ] 
   who's very vocal, and very strident, and she's all over the internet.
But let me just point you, Naswalla at that demonstration, was on the program with JOHN BOLTON.

WE KNOW that Romney is surrounded by these war-like angry Neo-Cons.
 We have KAGAN. We have DAN SEGNIOR, We have John Bolton. We have Eliot Cohen.  

 [ THREE out of FOUR of these named WAR PIGS who ARE the Romney campaign "national security/foreign policy" team  ARE JEWISH !!!   THAT is MORE THAN COINCIDENCE!!! ] 

We have Robert Joseph, the guy who put the words in about the Niger yellow-cake into the Bush SOTU (state of union) address.  

[ THESE WERE LIES that the Neo-Con WARMONGERS WHIPPED UP, to JUSTIFY the INVASION OF IRAQ.  The so-called "Project for a New 'AMERICAN' Century"  Neo-Cons who were THE DRIVING FORCE behind the BUSH-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY-PERLE-FEITH-Podhoretz-Wurmser-Zackheim (et al) Iraq war; the BILL KRISTOL and ROBERT KAGAN CHAIRED   'PNAC'  crew were & are a JEWISH SUPREMACIST WAR LOBBY,  MASQUERADING as an all-American non-jewish "national security" lobby  group. ] 

So there's this whole angry Islamophobic Neo-Con faction, they want to make a comeback, they want to vindicate themselves.
They're still humiliated, smarting from the fact that their man bush was leaving office with a 22% popularity, the lowest in modern times.
They want to come back and vindicate themselves, And since they're Neo-Cons, they know only one way to do that. And that is by war.

They say 'We'll have a NEW, SUCCESSFUL WAR OF AGRESSION, to make people forget about the old war of agression.'
They've attached themselves to Romney.
  I would say if Romney wins the election, there will be U.S. military intervention in SYRIA by Feb, March,
maybe when the springtime comes and the campaigning season gets better.

But when you're dealing with that film, you can see all the Republicans say "No, The film doesn't matter, the film doesn't matter."
 Well might they say it,
the Romney campaign is heavily implicated in the film.
In short hand on Twitter, we might write, "The Romney campaign CREATED the film, that started the ball rolling all over the place."  

[ Of Muslim RESENTMENT, and TERROR "BLOWBACK" against their own CIA paymasters, in Libya, and potentially everywhere else the CIA and U.S. military are hiring and funding "security" services from those, if you or we sent them a dime, would get us convicted for "SUPPORTING TERRORISTS." ] 

Now, when you're planning an operation like this, you need the film, to create the atmosphere,
[ of resentment and/or hate by Muslims in countries ruled by Neo-Con appointed dictators] 
right, so that people all around the world can understand what's going on.

But now let's switch to the specific operation to kill Ambassador  Stevens.
Now unfortunately Ambassador Stevens was heavily in contact with the terrorist elements, the Salafists, the Wahabites. 
 In Libya it's called the Senuci Brotherhood, in that TERROR CORRIDOR , right, 
Benghazi, Derna, Tobruk.

And Derna of course is the city that has given more suicide bombers per capita, than any other city in the world. He was basically there... he had been there as VICE CONSUL before, He     [U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens ]  was dealing with them in 2008 & 2009.   

And I'm afraid that part of his mission was to send these people, FROM LIBYA, TO TURKEY, and then ON TO SYRIA, where THEY ARE the HEART & SOUL of the "REBELLION" against President Assad.  
[TERRORIST al Qaeda fighters, EXPORTED FROM LIBYA TO SYRA, BY American government CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT, and Military,   ALL ACTING as PROXY agents for the despicable jewish  war state...
   HIRED TERRORISTS who were   ATTACKING THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA - a PURE EVIL  WAR CRIME ATROCITY by American government and the despicable jews  !!!!! ]

So I'm afraid that that was what he was doing.
It's interesting that the last meeting that Ambassador Stevens had, 8:30 in the evening on September 11th local time, he was meeting with a TURKISH DIPLOMAT.
So why would the U.S. Ambassador  to Libya be meeting with a Turkish diplomat in Behghazi, Libya?
Well, if you put together what we know, it's probably the next phase of that airlift and sea-lift of those fighters, those terrorists, that Libyan Islamic fighting group and people like that from Libya to Turkey and across the border in to Syria.

So there was every reason for Ambassador  Stevens and the State Deptartment to think that there was no threat to him, because he was on such friendly terms with so many of these militia elements, right, with THOSE JIHADIS...
Now if you want to ask, "WHO KILLED Amb. Stevens?"  
 The answer to that, according to leaks that have been in various British papers, and also in U.S.   [ papers,  is ]   a guy called Qumu, or KUMU, SOFIAN KUMU.
And his group is now called  "ANSAR AL SHARIA" 
  THEY seem to be the ones who sent a well-armed team with mortars, and rocket-grenades, and all the rest, to come and kill the U.S. Ambassador.

Now Qumu was in GUANTANAMO BAY for 4 years, He's an alumnus of Guantanamo. I THINK HE's A U.S. DOUBLE AGENT. I think that's almost a prima-facia case. 

[Alex Jones interjects briefly...]

Webster Tarpley:  Kumu is a U.S. double agent, right? The way you get out of Quantanamo is by becoming a double agent, for the rest of your life.
Now, that's the attack.

Now What's new from this past week is the defense.
Now last Wednesday. there was a hearing of the Issa Committee, Darrell Issa of California, supposedly the richest guy in Congress.
[Before running for Con-gress,  Darrell Issa founded and owned, from California, the nationwide "Viper" brand of after-market anti-theft auto security devices. ] 

And this was addressed by a bunch of people from the State Department. Although he had a guy, the lead-off witness, was from the Utah National Guard. Now if he's from the Utah National Guard I guess we can have some idea of where he stands vis-a-vis Romney, right?  given the Mormon domination of the state, but that's not part of the argument.

What we had then was a St. Dept. official showing a map of the U.S. facilities in Benghazi from above, and from above she said 'Oh, now there were these buildings here..."

At a certain point Congressman Jason Chaffetz
[ the very "FORMERLY JEWISH" BYU graduate Jason Chaffetz!!! ]
   ...lo and behold another Utah Mormon Congressman, goes absolutely beserk.

You can't show that picture! "Take that picture down!"

It turns out that Chaffetz had been to Benghazi for less than one day, came back an expert. But he said he had been instructed, by everyone on the team in Benghazi, "NEVER NEVER NEVER show that picture".
And the state Dept official said, "Look, this is from Google, you can get this commercially, this is not classified in the least.
And it turned out. as Dama Milbank and others reported in the Washington Post and elsewhere,
 that  what Chaffitz was freaking out about, was that there was this special CIA base, AT THE CONSULATE, and the Consulate  [suppressed laugh]  was supposed to be guarded by a 12 man or 12 person CIA rapid response team, THAT WOULD HAVE MADE A VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE in the RELATION OF FORCES, I hope you will agree,
and they had apparently GONE AWOL. 

And as Dana Milbaank wrote in the Washington Post last Thursday,
 "IT LOOKS LIKE the CIA was the organ that was LETTING Ambassador  Stevens down."    !!!

So there's one layer of security, a CIA team, that was there, but didn't intervene, and now the CIA is trying to COVER UP that they exist in the first place.  

Now there's another element. One of the back-up layers of Security, is the so-called "17th of Feb. Martyrs Brigade" and they actually had a barracks in the compound, just as the CIA did, pretty much, The 17th of Feb. Martyr's Brigade had their barracks there, AND THEY ALSO RAN AWAY. They were no where to be found [during the attack on the embassy/consulate compound].
Now, "Who is the 17th of Feb. Martyrs Brigade" We've got to go back so we can know them by their deeds.
Last year in Libya there was a struggle for power of the Libyan military. On the one side, you had this guy Younis.  
Younis had been a general in the Qaddafi army, he had defected from Qaddafi in the springtime of last year, gone to Benghazi,
And had been acclaimed as the new boss of the Libyan armed forces.
   He was sort of the in-country candidate to be the dominant general.
But, the U.S. had sent in another guy, called Kalifa Hifter, or Hafter, And Hifter had written in a book, in French that he'd published years ago, thAT HE had been on the CIA payroll, and to underline this fact, he'd been living in Virginia not far from CIA headquarters here in Langley.
He was sent back, and he was the CIA CANDIDATE to be the head of the Libyan military. 
Alright.  At a certain point, the 17th of February Martyr's Brigade intervenes to assassinate Younis and a couple of his colonels.
So in other words, Hifter takes over the military of Libya, thanks to the 17th of February CIA MARTYS' BRIGADE 
Now to sum this all up, we have: a CIA asset who KILLS the American ambassador.We have a CIA 12 man team, who do not intervene,
and we have a Mormon Congressman who is trying to cover it up.
And then we have the 17th of February Martyrs' Brigade,  ANOTHER  CIA asset that also DECLINES to intervene, Just one more piece of interesting evidence. The story that the whole thing was a demonstration gone violent, the whole Romney campaign now depends on REFUTING this story that the demonstration went violent

Well, you look on the Fox 'news' website, and Fox 'news' reports, that 4 days after the event, a briefing was given to the House Intelligence (sic) Committee, saying that "Yes, it had been a demonstration gone violent." And the person giving that briefing was none other than General David Patreaus. Gen. David Patraeus, THE HEAD of the CIA.  

So this thing [ the TERRORIST ATTACK that KILLED U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi on Sept. 11th, 2012]  has CIA WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. 

But now I would say, "WHAT FACTION of the CIA?" "WHAT FACTION in the CIA that we know of, that we have been aware of for some time,
has this existential interest in making sure that Romney gets into the White House?"  

I say that the prime suspects are the CIA "MORMON MAFIA" 

Interestingly enough, last Friday when Hillary Clinton Showed up at CSIS to give her attempt to defend herself and her department....

Alex Jones:  That's the big Defense contractor.....

Webster Tarpley:  "No, CSIS is a sort of think tank, this old Georgetown Center for Strategic & International Studies... 

.... She  [ Hillary Clinton ]  showed up there to try to defend  [ the State Department's handling right, because ultimately, if any one's responsible it's a CABINET OFFICER because there's such a thing as ministerial responsibility,
If you want to blame anybody, it's Hillary Clinton. 

But fine. So she goes there, and she  gets introduced by none other than Brent Scowcroft, the MORMON former head of the NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL for BUsh the Elder.
Bush the Elder, by-the-way, who got us into these whole series of ruinous Middle East wars with the First Gulf War, back in the days of Saddam Hussein the first time around.

So there is this CIA Mormon Mafia. The young Mormons go overseas, they become missionaries, the learn a foreign language, they come back, they can put on the application "don't smoke, don't drink, don't womanize, straight arrow, clean living", and the royal road to promotions, especially  when you've got an angel like Brent Scowrcroft and otters like him who are superintending this entire thing.

So you look at all of the hot air, and lies, and disinformation, that have been purveyed in this country about this incident And all of this stuff that I've been telling you is absolutely in the public domain

It was AN OCT SURPRISE to 'CARTERIZE' Obama, right, cause they're working from the original Obama print-out, that he's the new Carter, and they want to make sure that he gets, and stays, the new Carter.
So "They want to 'CARTERIZED' him" and they did it with this incident, with the film, AND THE KILLING.

AND LOOK at all those coincidences, right? This is just too much to be a coincidence. 

  ****  Somebody, some faction in the CIA, clearly, wanted this to happen,   and now they've made it happen.    **** 

     [ ****   and if true,  that would be TREASON.  **** ]

And this is supposed to be I think, the first step in trying to decide the presidential election.

There may be another one. But what I'm trying to alert people to is, if you remember Alex, when Obama was contending for the presidency, there was this process going on in the background whereby the Brezinksi faction was SEIZING CONTROL of pieces of the policy apparatus, right? They were taking control of pieces of the executive branch even as Obama marched to the White House, there were things going on in the background. 

And I think that is what is happening right now, Romney IS THE RULING CLASS CHOICE,  they've USED obama, They've gotten what they think they can out of him, his usefulness has been outlived.  

Alex Jones:   Sure, that's what I'm getting from all our inside sources,that the system is getting sick of Obama and that Obama is up there running around on the stage... I mean they;re all puppets to begin with.
But in the 25 minutes that we have left here Webster, can we please get your take on the IRAN-SYRIA situation, where that's going, the economy & all ths????? 

[NOTE = Tarpley   ALREADY EXPLAINED !!   - A  Romney election win, means 
an OVERT u.s.a. INVASION OF SYRIA in FEBRUARY, March at the latest 
(just 6-8 weeks into a Romney presidency!)  - which is Next door to IRAN, indeed the ENTIRE   Syria operation -  LIBYAN hired Al Qaeda TERRORIST PROXY ARMIES as a "humanitarian protection" cover / NAZI-esque  FACADE for the  despicable jewish led U.S. INVASION OF first Syria... THEN IRAN  !!! ] 

.... Where do you see this going, Webster???  


Webster Tarpley:    ...IF this is true, if you have Obama [who] IS A FAILURE, a TERRIBLE FAILURE....  

Alex Jones:   He doesn't get Kolob.... 

Webster Tarpley:  - But Kolob has his own faction. 

Kolob is worse. Because the Kolob candidate [ROMNEY]  comes in with this dedicated network inside the fed govt which is going to do what he wants. 

And remember, the Neo-cons will make a return in grand style. John Bolton, Secretary of State, based on being involved in this network that created that film, that Islamophobia film. 

Mike Leavitt, the transition director right, picking people even now in the background. 
  The domestic & economic side will be this Mormon Mafia on the domestic side.


[ nobody in America WANTS THESE  TREASONOUS, MASS-MURDEROUS, economy gutting, police-state-dictatorship entailing,  WORLD DESTABILIZING JEWISH WAR policies  RAMMED DOWN THEIR THROATS, by the BRIBED and TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS, doing the DESPICABLE bidding of Netanyahu and the insanely criminal jewish supremacist warmongers in israel,  and the equally treasonous, despicable, mass-murderous and insane jewish war lobby in Amerika.... ] 

The Romney-Obama choice is a Hobson's choice.

Alex Jones:   So do we want Obama and a bunch of bankers and Commies, or do we want our precious....

Webster Tarpley:   Certainly, the CRIMINAL ENERGY, the REAL FURY, the RAVING ASSAULT is on the side of Romney,b because when the new administration  comes in, this is always the case, the new administration  comes in with a criminal energy, that the old administration [no longer has]....right.
   I think we have [in] Obama this effete president with this exhausted, worn out administration...  

  [ An exhausted, worn out administration,  that is,  from perpetrating so many lies, from perpetrating so many warmongering lies, and from perpetrating  so much economy-gutting fraud,  and so much dictatorship/police-state masquerading as "liberal Democrat"  that the Obama criminals,  from Ben Bernanke, Mary Schapiro, and Gary Gensler, to Jacob Lew, Rahm Emanuel,  and all the others,    just want to ride off into the sunset and take up those revolving-door jobs in the  'private'  financial sector that will reward them for their 4 years of gutting American financial laws and allowing financial criminals like Jon Corzine, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, and all the other blatantly fraudulent corporate finance criminals to go unpunished.]  

And then of course you've got to ask yourself, 'You're not picking candidates, you're trying to use the election, to fight the ruling class that's behind the candidate. 

Alex Jones: Yes, I know you're trying to affect the election, and you think that Obama is better than Romney, and I know you went after Obama early on saying what a horrible globalist he was. So I respect your educated view on all this. My only issue is I really... it's deck-chairs on the titanic, They're admitting global depression now, what's happening with the dollar, where do you see all that going Webster, that's why I got you on.  

Webster Tarpley:  Here's the point. Oct 27 in NY. For people who have been sick of Obama, sick of Romney.
People who have been betrayed by Ron Paul.  People who have been betrayed by Occupy Wall St. and a dozen other contraptions that I could mention,
     NOW is the chance TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
TO break out of this constant pendulum, Hegelian dialectic, whatever you want to call it, of oscillating back & forth between worse and the lesser evil, and the greater evil, and whatever it is.
And The point of this is, the ECONOMIC CRISIS is NOT A FUTURE EVENT, The Economic crisis is NOW, and it's called 30 million unemployed, to start with... 

Alex Jones:  Sure, and my point is, it's worsening, and coming to a horrible new [denouement;  escalation of crisis]  

Webster Tarpley:   Right, fine. But again you have to look at the means that have been applied, Why is Greece at 25% unemployed?

Alex Jones:    No, no, they put them in with TAX INCREASES and AUSTERITY, cuts in benefits, TO IMPLODE THE ECONOMY, THAT IS the IMF 'plan'.   

  [note: this is called "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" finance; or "DISASTER CAPITALISM" or  "VULTURE CAPITALISM" -  the modern means by which modern financial raiders, wearing coats and ties instead of Viking style swords, battle-axes and shields;   rape, pillage, loot, plunder, and destroy their raided victims. ] 

Webster Tarpley:  Today we have... Obama is already planning for the lame duck session. They're all planning for the lame duck session. Really, this is quite independent of Obama-Romney, although each one of them would handle it in a stylistically different way...
But then what are you going to do about it....
  I SEE FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS WHOSE LIVES ARE IN DANGER RIGHT NOW. Cause those are the 50 million who have no job, they're beyond the 99, or in most states they never even got 99...

Alex Jones:  They live on food stamps....  

Webster Tarpley:  Wait a minute, THERE IS NO WELFARE, because Clinton destroyed welfare. 
I'm hearing reactionaries screaming about "WELFARE!" THERE IS NO WELFARE! IT'S GONE, it was destroyed by Clinton in 1996 in order to get re-elected. The reappearance of Clinton is really a harbinger of NEW BETRAYALS, NEW ATTACKS on the social security system to come... 

Alex Jones:   Now here's the deal. Dependency doesn't work, but I understand that when you have bankers SHUTTING DOWN YOUR SOCIETY and OFFSHORING YOUR JOBS, for their own monopoly, that you have to feed people [after] you've taken their means to work away. I understand that. I agree with you....  When they pay farmers NOT to produce, when they SHUT US DOWN, when they turn corn into ethanol, when they spend $22 billion to ship General Motors to China, I don't want to hear about a woman getting food stamps to feed her kids, being the reason we have problems. I understand that these people will STARVE TO DEATH if they don't have that.  

I understand we are literally, when they pull the trigger on this, we are weeks from turning the country into a RIOTING WASTELAND. 

Webster Tarpley:  Yes, and again, people are [now, finally] educated about Obama, I wrote two books, you've been distributing them, right, that's a wonderful thing. So people have some idea about Obama. In the case of Romney, they don't know. 
 By-the-way I have to urge people,
Go to and buy this book. Buy it as soon as you can. you can get if for as little as $6, and I think that's a no-brainer. 

But now, we're already... We've got a GANG OF 12 in the senate, and here is what they're saying.
That the FISCAL CLIFF is coming, and the lame-duck session, and it's time for the Grand Bargain.
And  'the grand bargain'  is supposed to be:   "TO AVOID THE DEFENSE CUTS, by CUTTING THE FOOD-STAMP BUDGET." 
   Now this is where we get into genocide.

Alex Jones:  I had Congressman Walter Jones on, a serious, conservative guy. He said we should end all these wars and take care of people.
Obviously, you want to get the economy going, you take care of people, 
  you don't keep the wars going which are bleeding us dry. 

Webster Tarpley:  Right. But of course the problem is that neither party has any interest in doing this.   
 [  because both 'major' political parties in America are INFESTED BY, and CONTROLLED BY, the  JUDEO TRAITORS whose FIRST ALLEGIANCE is to a FOREIGN state, israel, and who are openly, brazenly, and treasonously CONTEMPTUOUS of 'their fellow' American citizens. ]    
   ...The only way..

Alex Jones:  But where are the defense contractors going to get all their contracts, if the country fully collapses? 

Webster Tarpley:   The ruling party is incapable of thinking that far down the road. This is always their... the fast buck the quick rip-off, and so forth.  
 It's impossible to make an appeal even to enlightened self-interest to these people,
"If you do this, the Chinese will eat you for lunch." They don't care, they can't fathom it... 

Alex Jones:  They say, "I don't care, I'll just move to China, They've got great investments. I'll just move to Singapore... 

Webster Tarpley:  Yeah. And Mitt Romney certainly already has....  

Alex Jones:  He's already  put his eggs in the China basket.... 

Webster Tarpley:  But now look. Take a couple of cases. And I would urge you to take up some of these issues. Benton Harbor Michigan, it's on the west side of the [Michigan]  'mitten', Benton Harbor Michigan is under dictatorship, by the fascist governor of Michigan, Snyder, and he's put essentially a little dictator, a little Hitler is running that city.  

And  they have other cities in Detroit [sic, Michigan] that are in the same way.
We've just had the Chicago teacher's strike. AND THEY WERE SOLD OUT BY OBAMA [and Rahm Emanuel]. We had the struggle in Wisconsin of the Wisconsin public employees, trying to stop the fascist Governor Walker, who of course is a big fringed of Paul Ryan, the John Birch society freak who is Romney's running mate.

The Chicago Teachers' strike was almost going to be joined by the Service Employees International union, you'd almost had the kind of critical mass you would have needed for a state-wide Illinois and maybe Midwest-wide general strike.
THIS IS WHAT we've have to start thinking about.
The problem with all those struggles is that they're too narrow, If it's union only it won't work, right?
it's got to be black community, unemployed, women, other elements.
You've got to have something to say to the troops, to get them on your side, so their not on the other side.
In other words, the mass-strike approach, AND A PROGRAM.
And generally speaking, in all of these struggles, where you're fighting either to get decent wages for a public union, or to roll back layoffs, firings in the public sector, [ PRIVATE SECTOR TOO!]
or you're trying to maintain a service, like an education or something else.  

IT's THE WALL St. SALES TAX. And this is what Occupy Wall St. never fathomed.
It's not enough to protest Wall St.
The key is to make Wall St. PAY.
Take it out of their hide. Make them pay. WE HAVE A DEPRESSION. You're saying, "people finally realize it's a depression"
It's been a depression for more than 4 years now. WHO, WHO'S GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THIS?
Romney & company say "Yeah, YOU ARE.. YOU WORKING PEOPLE" and the finance oligarchs are going to make out like bandits. 

There's got to be a way to say NO to that, and it's a very simple thing. 

[We need a] WALL St. SALES TAX. YOU pay taxes on shoes, in some states you even pay it on food, at the grocery store. The WALL St. sales tax, 1%, on QUADRILLIONS of TURNOVER. A wealth tax is not going to do it, there's not enough wealth; 
and Glass-Steagall is a fine idea, but that's not a mass organizing demand, that's not a leading-edge sort of mass-traction, life or death kitchen table solution to this kind of stuff. 

Obama, I've said everything I can about Obama. about 2 books,
That's about it. And its basically all in there. Nothing has really been added that I can see. 

And now Romney, IT'S THE SAME STORY, except it's even MORE SINISTER.

And then you've got this WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Right, you're asking about Russia, Iran, places like this. 

HOW can you have a president, who comes from a so-called church, where they were swearing a BLOOD VENDETTA, a BLOOD REVENGE OATH against the United States, in to the late 1920's??!   
Meaning, George Romney, presidential candidate, father to the current one, SWORE TO EXACT BLOOD REVENGE against the United States, and against the American people, for the way they treated Joseph Smith and Hiram Smith,
that they didn't bow-down,  and then a mob came and killed them. 

And then on top of that,  that's the oath of vengeance, then we have 
the White Horse Prophecy,  where we've got this apocalyptic scenario, that the Constitution hangs by a thread, the MORMONS TAKE OVER the United States, they go on and CONQUER THE WORLD, and the last battle is with Russia. 

And I take it that that's behind this otherwise MYSTIFYING STATEMENT from Romney, that "Russia is the MAIN STRATEGIC FOE of the United States." 

If you want to get on with that trade... [!!!]  

People have forgotten Bush. They asked Bush, "Do you talk to your father?" and he said "No, but I talk to the HIGHER FATHER" right? Meaning his direct line to god. 

He told France President Chirac "I'm doing this to destroy the enemies of god's chosen people in the Middle-east." 

This is INSANE STUFF. But that's bad enough.    
Now what we have with Romney is a CODIFIED VERSION, which is much more binding, and I think is
more frightening than anything we had with Bush the younger.    [!!!!!] 
So, people have got to think about this. What we need is a line of defense. Sometime between now and November

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