Saturday, October 6, 2012

GENOCIDAL Ben and FRAUD EXTORTIONIST MARY SCHAPIRO - the Jewish Match Made in the Evil jewish god's Hell...

 Ho hum.   This is not rocket science...  the problem with writing this blog is not in the broad theory or any amazing insightful perception, it is winnowing or distilling the vast amount of evidence and documentation of  the latest round of judeo/ Neo-Con ATROCITIES being PERPETRATED AGAINST AMERICA, down to a coherent and understandable blog post.

 So it is today... we have been working on our "GENOCIDAL BEN, the DEBT ENSLAVING jewish  Banker" post, about how Genocidal Ben  PRINTS MONEY out of thin air,  which OBLIGATES Americans to "pay back" in real wealth, to the member/owner banks (of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve banking cartel)  for 'money' that they, via the Fed, have just PRINTED OUT OF THIN AIR.  

      As our below chart from The Reformed Broker illustrates - the "money supply" 'created' by the Fed, shows up as DEBT on the (late) "United" States government balance sheet... i.e. as deficits,
"OWED" by the American people, to those banks that have done NOTHING to earn this vast share that they now claim on America's wealth & productivity. 

     Just as Wall St. used "JEWISH FINANCE" to find a means to REWARD BANKERS for WRITING BAD LOANS - "bundle" thousands of loans into a bag, and SELL THEM OFF to 'INVESTORS' worldwide USING FRAUDULENT accounting and  
in particular FRAUDULENT RATINGS  long before the loans go bad too the evil judeo financiers have found a way to get the United States government's  CORRUPT, BRIBE-TAKING OFFICIALS (elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats at every level of Amerikan society)  to  LADLE THAT DEBT on to the backs of the American public,  the vast majority of whom had NOTHING to do with Wall Street's predatory loan-sharking and Casino Gulag gambling casino bad bets, bad loans, and the tsunami of FRAUDS that killed THEIR OWN BANKS... but gave the treasonous liars an excuse to demand "bailouts" which have now been INSTITUTIONALIZED - the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of FREE MONEY for FAILED BANKERS  that is Bernanke's $36 billion  per month "QE-3".

   So, even as we are trying to whittle our up-coming "GENOCIDAL BEN TRASHES the American Economy... ON PURPOSE!"  post down to a manageable, readable story,  up comes a new article,  showing Genocidal Ben's fellow jewish partner in treasonous ECONOMIC SABOTAGE over at the S.E.C.,  none other than the evil little jewess MARY SCHAPIROexerting her EXTORTION muscle, er, having  her "government agency" the SEC,   use  BROWN SHIRT CENSORSHIP THUG TACTICS  to SHUT UP  THE ONE RATINGS AGENCY in America  NOT part of her  ON-GOING FRAUDULENT RATINGS corruption !!!!!
Since in a normal and sane world, we would not have to keep up with Ben Bernanke's TREASONOUS SABOTAGE of the American economy,  and since in a normal, sane world, we wouldn't have to try to keep track of  jewess MARY SCHAPIRO's  TREASONOUS, ECONOMIES-KILLING FRAUD, LIES, DECEIT, and SABOTAGE of America's critical financial markets at the S.E.C.
(so, Rothschilds "pump.. and dump" fashion,  the wealthy powers-that-be can WRECK economies, and buy up the pieces, a la Greece today, a la the GREAT DEPRESSION in 1929, for pennies on the dollar; as Steve Forbes recently gloated about, flying in to Greece to "invest" in valuable Greek assets put on the chopping block by the vampire Goddamn-Sacs & ECB bankers,  BACKED BY judeo hired-hand ECONOMIC HATCHET MAN little timmy geithner over at the U.S. Treasury department)

...we are just going to DUMP  all this information this Saturday afternoon -  just a small portion of  the sinister, evil Marry Schapiro's CRIMES and FRAUDS,  but a HUGE story to try to get a handle on! -  and come back and try to clean it up into a coherent web-post later....