Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Geithner's Treachery: ECONOMIC CHAOS under the past 4 years of "Little Economic HIT MAN Timmy Geithner." GET SERIOUS, STUPID Americans! Geithner WORKS FOR the 1/10th of 1%.... NOT YOU! His record of ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE is "A JOB WELL DONE" for an Economic Hit Man...!

ho hum.    First, we apologize that our writing can not do this topic justice...

The tragedy, catastrophe, and farce is not that little Economic Hit Man "Timmy G" Geithner has DESTROYED the lives and hopes of millions of Americans along with the re-election prospects of his boss, president Barack Obama over the past dismal 4 year...  no, the tragedy is that the "mainstream" corporate media writers, editors, publishers, and especially financial writers are PARTY TO the  TSUNAMI OF LIES that cover up the elites' treasonous RAPE of America's productive economy.

   Mr. Geithner has very nearly succeeded in  INSTITUTIONALIZING the DISASTROUS financial and economic policies that saw an almost unknown black man win a resounding presidential victory in 2008...  promising "CHANGE" from exactly those Bush/Cheney/Paulson/BERNANKE/GEITHNER  "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs,"    'Deregulation',  BAILOUTS, and FREE 'Fed' MONEY FOR our BANKER PALS"  'money printing' policies...
   ...the very Bush-Cheney-Paulson-Geithner policies Mr. Obama has, since his election almost exactly 4 years ago,   allowed his "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs  (= wall st., and the rothschilds modeled, privately owned 'Fed' central banksters)  and  jewish war-lobby  puppet-masters to institutionalize as inherent, unavoidable, and beyond protest by the  enslaved peons.


The word is out: Treasury Secretary Geithner is the inside man for Wall St according to an explosive new book.... 
    Geithner as (so-called "Liberal Democrat") President Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary, has PERSONALLY OVERSEEN the Treasury Department  BUYING mortgages -  "toxic" securities comprised of defaulted mortgage notes, "mortgage backed securities" at ONE-HUNDRED CENTS ON THE DOLLAR for securities that may have been worth 10-cents on the dollar...

     Geithner then DOUBLED DOWN on his  "STICK AMERICAN TAXPAYERS with BANKERS' FAILURES"  defrauding of American taxpayers, by SELLING THOSE SAME  'SECURITIES" he just has the Tresaury pay top-dollar for... back to the banks, for the  10-cents on the dollar they are truly worth!   
  GEITHNER is DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE DIPPING in "of, by and for banksters" FRAUD !!!
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Geithner defends Obama as deficit again tops $1 trillion
by Erik Wasson,   The Hill
Oct 13, 2012
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Friday defended the White House approach to the deficit as his department officially confirmed a fiscal 2012 deficit of $1.089 trillion.
That figure is $207 billion less than in 2011, and $238 billion less than forecast in February.
The fact the deficit remains above $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row, despite President Obama’s pledge to cut it in half by now, is a major headache for Obama’s reelection campaign.
In a joint statement with acting Budget Director Jeff Zients, Geithner sought to blame Congress for the deficit.   Full article here

Tim Geithner's DISGRACEFUL  record...  the REAL RECORD of Geithner's  "ECONOMIC HIT MAN"  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE....

  ....not the glossed-over "THE ECONOMY IS REBOUNDING" TRIPE from the treasonous Sulzberger NY Slimes, Meyer'Graham Washington Post,  Bloomberg "the bailouts have been repaid" LIARS,  the cnn/TIME/Warner hollwood jewish media warmongering empire;
 ...all of whom are PARTY TO LIES of such relentless magnitude, breadth, and depth, as to constitute TREASON, the COVERING UP of INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE: 

- Japan cuts economic assessment for third month
- Singapore GDP contraction
- Australia’s September jobless rate rises to 5.4%
- OPEC lowers 2012 world oil demand forecast
- World Bank cuts India growth view, high risks
- World Bank says Russian economy to slow
- World Bank: Europe crisis poses major Asia threat
- IMF cuts 2012, 2013 global growth forecasts
- IMF: Europe banks may have to shed $4.5T of assets
- S&P: Q3 downgrades far outpace upgrades
- Germany reports bankruptcies increased in July
- U.S. trade gap widens to $44.2 billion in August
- U.S. wholesale prices rise 1.1% in September
- Videogame software sales fall 18% in Sept


   below:  not everyone is a deluded puppet of the banksters + warmongers treasonous Neo-Con "takes their orders & talking-points  from a FOREIGN 'money power' with a long history of PROFITING FROM WARS"  propaganda:

Rowan-Bosworth-Davies: Why we should have absolutely no  sympathy for bankers whatsoever, and why they should be bashed regularly
The evening proved to me that this country needs a root and branch revisiting of the banking process. Organised criminality seeps from every pore, the only way of doing business is to cheat and lie, to defraud your customers at every level, screw their pension arrangements, overcharge them for their savings needs, demand ridiculous sums of deposit in order to grant them a mortgage, foreclose on property developments before they are completed and then sell the sites thus obtained at a profit while forcing decent people into penury and bankruptcy. Force clients to buy unnecessary financial products to guarantee loans, flog them worthless interest rate swaps, secure in the knowledge that the market is about to turn, lie to them about their indebtedness, mislead and dissemble to the Banking Ombudsman when complaints are made, and then when the shit finally hits the fan, demand that the tax-payer bails them out, or borrow the money to underpin the balance sheet from a bunch of dodgy Arabs who require vast bribes to agree to do the deals, while all the time paying themselves salaries and bonuses far beyond the dreams of avarice.
I have reached the stage where I truly believe that unless we insist that banking crime is made an electoral issue, it will continue to be swept under the carpet and these evil men (and I do not cavil at these words, harsh though they may be) are finally brought to heel, and the most egregious locked away so they cannot steal any more.

Ambassador Craig Murray: I vote for shooting bankers

And, as doubtless you will have noticed, nothing changed. No reduction in massive salaries and bonuses, no split of casino from high street banking, no transaction tax to deter multiple speculative trades. A million more unemployed, but none of them investment bankers – they have however sacked over a hundred thousand mostly female staff from their high street branches, which were the only sensible and profitable bit of the operation. No bankers in jail, not even for LIBOR fraud. Quantitive Easing, or printed money, is given not for infrastructure projects to produce growth, but given to banks to improve their liquidity. They do not lend it on to companies but pay it to themselves, as bonuses.
Forget burglars. Shoot a banker.