Saturday, October 20, 2012

Despicable, Genocidal, Treacherous, TREASONOUS, MASS-MURDEROUS JEWISH WAR STATE probably Behind the LEBANON BOMBING... INTENDED TO BLAME SYRIA's al Assad regime...

   In our previous post, we outlined how the horrific, treasonous 'American' corporate 'mainstream-media' is not only covering-up American (British, French, NATO... and jewish/ISRAELI)  FUNDING OF AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to launch a cowardly UNDECLARED WAR/coup against Libya's Qaddafi  regime....  but painting American Ambassador Chris Stevens as an innocent victim of "bad, bad Libyan al Qaeda terrorists"  WHEN HE WAS AMONG the treasonous American appartchiks FUNDING AL QAEDA to instigate  that civil WAR in Libya;

       and that Ambassador Stevens was undoubtedly in the process of "coordinating" - FUNDING AND DIRECTING - those SAME AL QAEDA TERRORISTS sending their weapons and fighters to SYRIA.... launch another COWARDLY, TERRORIST PROXY ARMY UNDECLARED WAR  invasion-by-terrorists against Syria...  all at the behest of the insanely arrogant Neo-Cons, the JEWISH APPARTCHIKS directed from Israel's  AMERICAN_economy_financed  Likud Party  blatantly  Jewish SUPREMACISTS  bigots, racists, and genocidal madmen.

   Well,  give us a break!

    We can't even outline, in the briefest terms, the Neo-Cons' past despicable, mass-murderous treason, treachery, & insanity, before they move on to their NEXT  NEW ATROCITY... in this case, blowing up a Lebanon senior official, and trying to make it look like it was a SYRIAN secret-police assassination.

   We will acknowledge that the below is sourced from a PRESS-TV   news clip -  Press-TV is an Iranian government funded state news (and propaganda) outlet.
    However,  Press-TV's audience is foreign (to Iran);   they aim at international travelers and political analysts, and they maintain a relatively high degree of  'reality based' consistency in their reporting.

   And, even more so, at this point,  when ANYONE accuses the jewish warmongers of STAGING mass-murderous, treasonous  FALSE FLAG ATTACKS,  the only rational response is to remember the despicable jewish war state air and navy attacks on the U.S. surveillance ship USS Liberty during the 1967 war (which the despicable, murderous  jews INTENDED TO BLAME ON EGYPT), and the 9-11 treason,  when a Bush-Cheney White House and Pentagon STUFFED with jewish "national security experts," all of whom claim "mideast expertise" (which is to say, "counter-terror experts") on top of whatever other region they claim expertise  
DID ONE DAMN THING to prevent the 9-11 attacks...

  ISRAEL - [ the INCREASINGLY INSANE Genocidal Jewish perpetual war state] - Behind Lebanon Bombing, Political Analysts Say

Some political analysts have blamed the Israeli regime for a deadly car bombing in the Lebanese capital in which at least eight people, including a senior intelligence official, were killed and dozens of others were injured.
“As 1992 to today in the day bombing of Beirut the identical scenario, who benefits from attempting to divide Lebanon and spread the turmoil, who benefits destabilizing the government in Damascus, who states to destabilize Beirut and subject Lebanon to civil war, the Zionist regime (Israel), the Mossad. It is a classical operation of Mossad,” Ralph Schoenman, a political commentator from Berkeley, told Press TV.
Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan — the intelligence chief of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces – is believed to be the intended target of the attack that took place near Sassine Square in Beirut’s predominantly Christian district of Ashrafiya on Friday.
Wissam al-Hassan had recently dismantled an Israeli spy cell in Lebanon.
Lebanese government is to hold an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the Friday’s deadly bomb blast.
The government has already declared Saturday a day of mourning for the victims of the incident.
Lebanese political parties have described the terrorist attack as an attempt to destabilize the country.
Meanwhile, the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance has said Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati must be held accountable for the bombing, calling for his resignation.
The anti-Syrian group has also accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of orchestrating the attack and has demanded the expulsion of Syrian ambassador to Lebanon. This is while the Syrian government was among the first countries to condemn the bombing as a “cowardly” move.
Prime Minister Mikati said the government was trying to identify and punish the perpetrators of the terrorist attack.
Friday’s attack is the worst to hit Beirut in almost four years.