Sunday, October 28, 2012

AS WE REPORTED last week, SOMEONE in the CIA _ORDERED_ the CIA security teams in Benghazi NOT TO COME TO AID of Ambassador Stevens and Consulate that were UNDER TERRORIST ATTACK....

AS WE REPORTED last week, SOMEONE in the CIA  _ORDERED_ the CIA security teams in Benghazi NOT TO COME TO AID of Ambassador Stevens at the Consulate building in Benghazi, Libya,  that was UNDER TERRORIST ATTACK on September 11, 2012;  
   much as traitorous then Vice President Dick Cheney not only INTENTIONALLY THWARTED the CIA, the FBI, the White House 'Counter-Terror Czar' and dozens of other government officials from DOING SOMETHING, ANYTHING to INCREASE DEFENSES in the long summer of 2001 against a well-known Al QAEDA TERROR PLOT that was suspected to be AIMED IN AMERICA...  

     Not only did Vice President Cheney and his treasonous PNAC crew INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE America's national security defenses leading up to the 9-11 attacks, 

but ON THE DAY OF THE ATTACK,  after  two World Trade Center Towers in New York had both been hit by suicide-piloted airliners,  the DESPICABLE Vice President Cheney ORDERED his military aids at the White House "PEOC" Presidential Emergency Operations  Center  NOT to shoot a missile at the airliner headed directly for the Pentagon...  ensuring that the airliner would slam in to the Pentagon, killing DOZENS of American military officers, personnel, and government officials there.     
 The above story of Dick Cheney IN PERSON,  ORDERING the military to LET that airliner HIT THE PENTAGON,  was reported to the American people by then   Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta testifying  before the 9/11 Commission (and here).  

   Last week we dissected the video of Dr. Webster Tarpley explaining that the Benghazi attacks resulted from the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of the embassy & consulate's security, 
following an  inflammatory  film produced by PROXIES FOR THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN,   and we named the very Jewish Pamela Geller, and the very PNAC Neo-Con  John Bolton, as being part of the HATE WHIPPING anti-Islamic PROVOCATEURS who are closely associated with the "MORMON MAFIA"  elements in the CIA,  State Department, in Congress, and in private 'think tank' lobby groups spread around New York, Washington, Chicago, and throughout America.... ALL PLAYING BY the RADICAL WARMONGERING, HATE-WHIPPING  jewish supremacist JEWISH WAR LOBBY PLAYBOOK.
  ...Pamela Geller IS  PURE JEWISH WAR LOBBY HATE-MONGER,  and John Bolton was one of the original signers of the "PNAC"  so-called "Project for a New AMERICAN Century" that - as usual - was and is actually  a JEWISH OWNED and dominated WAR-LOBBY  HATE GROUP, masquerading as an all-American  'national security think-tank.'

 John Bolton signs the very jewish "PNAC' "We want a WAR AGAINST IRAQ" letter to President Clinton, Jan. 1998:  


CIA Agents WERE ORDERED  by "an UNKNOWN official"  to "STAND DOWN" -
- DURING  a TERRORIST ATTACK against the U.S. embassy Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 
by Jacque Fresco,  28 October 2012
- Revelations shed new light on the effectiveness of the CIA at Benghazi and the level of support they were given.- When the CIA annex come under attack the field agents were denied a request for military help despite a counter terrorism team being two hours away in Italy.- There was full communication between operatives on the ground and headquarters – with the ability to laser guide drones, planes or special forces to enemy targets.
John Christopher StevensIt has been claimed that CIA agents on the ground during the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi twice asked for permission to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and twice were told to stand down.
Furthermore sources present during the deadly six-hour assault have said that a desperate last request for military assistance once the CIA themselves came under attack was denied, even though elite counter-terrorism units were only two hours away.
And it has been claimed there was full communication between the CIA annex in Benghazi and the U.S. military, casting further doubts on the Obama administration’s assertion that there wasn’t enough information to deploy forces – deepening the crisis over their handling of the attack on September 11th and its aftermath.
Revelations: Washington was told within 24 hours of last month's deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad
Revelations: It has been claimed today that CIA operatives at the Benghazi consulate compound repeatedly had their requests for help denied during the deadly assault on September 11.
The lethal assault which led to the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other U.S. citizens began at 9.40 p.m. as the U.S Consulate came under fire from hostile Libyan forces.
According to Fox News, ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was part of a small team at the CIA annex about a mile from the consulate, asked his superiors if he could go and assist the embattled diplomatic compound.
However, they were told to ‘stand down’ and according to sources who spoke to the news channel were told to ‘stand down’ again after asking for a second time to help Ambassador Stevens and his staff.
Ignoring these orders, Woods and two others heroically made their way to the consulate which by now was ablaze and began firing on the attackers.
Knowledge: It is unclear who, if anyone, saw the cable outside the CIA at that point and how high up in the agency the information went
Knowledge: It is unclear who denied the requests of the CIA for special forces teams. 
 [WE KNOW who it was: it was a ROGUE faction of the CIA command, answering to the most radicalized "MORMON MAFIA" associated closely with presidential candidate Mitt Romney's very Mormon presidential campaign, in close alliance with the most radical LIKUD/Neo-Con JEWISH war-lobby WARMONGERS infested in the CIA, military, and Con-gress...  
  all of whom LUST AFTER A NEW racist, genocidal AMERICAN WAR AGAINST IRAN, and, as with 9-11 terror attacks eleven years ago, the Jewish warmongering traitors  are not shy as  to allowing lapses in American national security to allow closely monitored Al QAEDA TERRORISTS to engage in  THE KILLING OF AMERICANS, in order for the jewish war lobby to get license to perpetrate their wars.   
In this case, the KILLING of Ambassador Stevens, makes the Obama administration look 'weak on terror' - and gives a campaign boost to the Romney campaign.  ]    
The quick reaction force which Woods was part of helped an evacuation of the main building and recovered the body of State Department staff member Sean Smith who had [ALREADY]  died in the initial attack.
However, the team from the CIA annex could not locate Ambassador Stevens and returned to their own base at around midnight where they came under attack themselves.
Immediately calling for assistance from Sigonella Air base in Italy which is two hours away, it is claimed that two separate special operations teams and air support were told to wait – despite the gun battle  [ALREADY] raging for four hours.  [ !!!! ] 
It is NOT known WHO DENIED THE REQUEST FOR HELP  for the CIA operatives on the ground at Benghazi.
If true these claims will radically change the perception of the field agents who were operating on the ground in Benghazi.
Previously criticised for providing inadequate security for the consulate staff, the new information shows intelligence operatives repeatedly tried to assist and in fact were denied their own requests for outside help.
Refuting Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s claim yesterday that there simply wasn’t enough information to responsibly deploy forces to Libya at the time of the attack, sources on the ground claim that communication was open throughout the attack.

  [Defense Secretary Panetta - a former "liberal Democrat" Congressman put in charge of the entire U.S. military/Defense Department  by the treacherous Jewish war lobby wanting a "liberal Democrat" happy-face to mask their WARMONGERING TAKEOVER of America and the CONTINUATION and ESCALATION of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz WARS under so-called "liberal" Barack Obama's presidency -  
  was probably "OUT OF THE LOOP"  DURING the attack... as we suggest, that  information  was probably being STONEWALLED by that ROUGE CIA FACTION.] 
Indeed, one member of the CIA team who was on the roof of the annex was in possession of a laser to guide aerial targets including drones and repeatedly requested backup from a Specter gunship to take out an attacker firing mortars.
According to sources familiar with the situation, the operative had visual contact with the Libyan mortar team and in addition was able to pinpoint positions from where the consulate attackers were firing from.
Yesterday Leon Panetta claimed that he and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Carter Ham, head of the U.S. military’s Africa Command, felt they couldn’t ‘put forces at risk in that situation.’
A CIA operatives request for an AC-130H gunship to take down a Libyan mortar position was denied
A CIA operatives request for an AC-130H gunship to take down a Libyan mortar position was denied.
Inferno: Armed attackers dumped cans of diesel fuel and set ablaze the consulate's exterior
Inferno: Armed attackers dumped cans of diesel fuel and set ablaze the consulate’s exterior.
Siege: The compound came under heavy mortar and gunfire during the attack, which lasted several hours
Siege: The compound came under heavy mortar and gunfire during the attack, which lasted several hours.
‘This happened within a few hours and it was really over before, you know, we had the opportunity to really know what was happening,’ said Panetta.
Furthermore, Fox News has learned that there were two military surveillance drones above the skies of Benghazi during the attack which would have been able to relay real time visuals of the assault to U.S. officials in the White House situation room and the Pentagon.
Tyrone Woods and another former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty were killed by a mortar shell at 4 a.m. Libyan time, over six hours after the attack began and just one hour after relief from an American Quick Reaction Force sent from Tripoli had arrive.
This new information comes as President Barack Obama’s response to the attacks in Libya has become a contentious issue in the hard-fought U.S. presidential race, with Republican opponents raising questions about his administration’s truthfulness and competence.
Obama supporters have in turn accused Republicans of making unfounded accusations in an effort to score political points from the death of a U.S. ambassador and the three others killed in the Benghazi attack.
Flames, grenades and gunfire: A burnt-out car in front of the U.S. consulate
Flames, grenades and gunfire: A burnt-out car in front of the U.S. consulate.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner, asked in a letter to Obama on Thursday about whether military options and assets were offered ‘during and in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack.’
‘Can you explain what options were presented to you or your staff, and why it appears assets were not allowed to be pre-positioned, let alone utilized?’ Boehner asked.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Pentagon reporters that U.S. forces were on a heightened state of alert already because of the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington by al Qaeda.
In the aftermath of the attack, Panetta reminded reporters that the Pentagon deployed a Marine fleet anti-terrorist security team to Tripoli and had Navy ships off the coast.
‘And we were prepared to respond to any contingency. And certainly had forces in place to do that,’ he said.
Elite team: As the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under a devastating attack last month, a rescue team of elite soldiers was being assembled behind the scenes
Elite team: As the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under a devastating attack last month, a rescue team of elite soldiers was denied the opportunity to assist the CIA who had come under attack.
The administration initially attributed the violence to protests over an anti-Islam film and said it was not premeditated. Obama and other officials have since said the incident was a deliberate terrorist attack.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has attributed the shifting explanation to ‘the fog of war.’
A State Department email made public this week showed that two hours after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission compound in Benghazi, the Department’s Operations Center advised officials at various U.S. agencies that a militant group called Ansar al-Sharia had claimed credit on Twitter and Facebook for the attacks.
U.S. officials, including Clinton, on Wednesday said that such Internet postings did not constitute hard evidence of who was responsible for the attacks.
The State Department has set up an independent review board to investigate the background and response to the attacks.
The U.S. Senate intelligence committee on Thursday said it will hold hearings in November – after the November 6 presidential election – on security and intelligence issues raised by the September 11 attack in Libya.

  note:  REUTERS  is and has been for the past 100 years  the ROTHSCHILDS jewish fianciers & warmongers owned "news" outlet, and AP is a jewish dominated if not owned 'news' outlet as well:   they both LOVE reporting on the ESCALATING AMERICAN FINANCED WARS against Islamic nations,  especially when they have stories like these to report of bloody terror attacks and America's vast but always insufficient counter-terror military operations... and they certainly make Defense Secretary Norman Panetta LOOK LIKE THE STUPID,  cover-up PATSY in this report,  even though it was almost certainly the "MORMON MAFIA" + JEWISH WAR LOBBY most radical, 'rogue' elements IN THE CIA  that STONEWALLED & OBSTRUCTED  SUPPORT for the embassy security team during the entire extended Benghazi firefight.

  These bloodthirsty ghouls stamp "COPYRIGHT"  on pictures of people MURDERED by terrorist attacks, that in this case were INSTIGATED by JEWISH  PROVOCATEURS  HOPING to get exactly such an incident in the Muslim world, to make the Obama White House look "WEAK" in the war on terror.

    It is JEWISH OWNED MEDIA BULLYING - sneering at any stories that run counter to the "mainstream narrative" as "CONSPIRACY THEORIES," BLAMING PATSIES for the jewish war lobby's own murderous mechanations,  and enforcement of  COPYRIGHT of images taken of U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND FACILITIES - which SUPPRESS  the cold hard truth from reaching the American people,  who,  9-11-2001 fashion, are being led by the nose EVER DEEPER, into MORE AND BLOODIER WARS, by the INSANELY HATE-MONGERING jewish war state, and its  "FIRST loyalty to ISRAEL"  so-called "American" Jews who have a stranglehold on both American politics, and (the sabotage economic destruction of)  America's critical financial markets -
    dominated by those same ROTHSCHILDS  _private_  Central Bankers (Fed, Bank-of-England, and European Central Bank)  all owned by the secretive banking cartel that, just as the bible relates, regards the vast majority of humanity as nothing more than human cattle to be used and disposed of,  as human chattel... as human slaves.