Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alex Jones' MASTERPIECE rant: The U.S. government & Judeo (israel) 'leadership' ARE ARMING, FUNDING, SUPPLYING, and LEADING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS and Turkish Military in a PROXY WAR against Syria... including against RUSSIAN Troops. Hillary THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR Clinton, and her bribed & extorted boss Barack Obama, are LYING that IRAN IS IN LEAGUE with AL QAEDA... when it is AMERICAN and our Saudi + Gulf State Allies who are ALLIED WITH Al Qaeda GENOCIDAL mass-murdering terrorists.

Alex Jones' MASTERPIECE rant: The U.S. government & judeo (israel) 'leadership' ARE ARMING, FUNDING, SUPPLYING, and LEADING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS and Turkish Military in a PROXY WAR against Syria... including against RUSSIAN Troops there.
   Once again, we can barely do a topic justice in our blog... below the video, we'll include our comments on just some of the amazing facts and information to come out of this magnificent Alex Jones newscast, and try to update and expand our comments later...

  Well, as the world goes to hell in the  evil, insane, jewish supremacist 'Bibi' Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Traitor Joe Lieberman; Traitor Paul Wolfowitz, Traitor Lewis Libby, Traitor Dov Zackheim, treacherous  Rahm Emanuel, treacherous Jacob Lew, treacherous Bob Rubin, treacherous Alan Greenspan, larry summers,  Ben Bernanke, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin(e) Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, Janet Yellen, Arthur Sulzberger, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Chernin,   (et al, ad naseum) jewish supremacist warmongers, treasury looters, hatemongers, & economy-wreckers basket,  there are at least a couple of points of GALLOWS HUMOR along the way:

  #1.   Hillary Clinton has become that which she loathed and hated most:  She is the new incarnation of uber Right-Wing Republican (which is to say, "Democrat hater")  DICK CHENEY!! Great going, Hill!   Both Hillary and dastardly Dick ANSWER TO THE SAME paymasters... which is to say the wealthy jewish funders, in both the israel war lobby and the Goddamn-Sachs/jpm/Fed (= rothschilds) Treasury looting, bailouts sucking, economy wrecking financial lobby.
   It is amazing, isn't it?  It is now so-called "liberal Democrat" Hillary Clinton who is PIMPING, FULL TIME,  for NEW  (judeo instigated) AMERICAN WARS in Syria, next up Iran,  and soon enough, to the very borders of Russia (and next on the dock,  China!)
    Speaking of (China!),  rember the good ol' days, that long summer of 2001, when "the adults are back in charge" (the Rethuglican election-stealing "national security experts"  PNAC crew)  had NOTHING BETTER TO DO than IGNORE the AL QAEDA TERRORIST ATTACK on a U.S. Warship (the U.S.S. Cole in a Yemen harbor) in October 2000 that had gone UN-NOTICED, UNPUNISHED by the PNAC Republican "national security experts" - who instead of paying attention to Al Qaeda,  were prancing around their incestuous New York, Washington, Chicago, Hoover Inst. (& etc.) think-tanks, talking up THE CHINA THREAT??
      Sort of makes you wonder why they - the Bush PNAC "national security experts" Neo-Cons - were SO QUIET as  BOB RUBIN, LARRY SUMMERS, John Snow, and former Goddamn-Sachs CEO Hank Paulson shipped BILLIONS of dollars worth of American jobs - not only entire factories,but entire industries - to China - did they NOT BELIEVE THEIR OWN RHETORIC that CHINA was THE NEXT BIG ENEMY... or were they merely PAID OFF by Goddamn-Sachs & Wall Street, to SHUT UP and let the big money roll (and the U.S. jobs, technology, industries, and economy strength migrate, courtesy the U.S. government, Wall St., and those same Neo-Con think tanks, to China?
    So, anyways,  NOW HILLARY is THE BIG WAR PIMP,
 President Barack Obama is happy to let his Secretary of State do the bellicose war talk,
 Senator, er  Vice President Biden is all but missing in action,  which means that


  Way to go, Hillary!  In your unbridled ambition and ego, your determination to suck-up to your political donors (who happen to be the judeo money-printing, debt extortion,  israel + Neo-Con warmongers)  YOU HAVE BECOME THAT which you once hated...   you are the new "American" face  of the  treasonous, human-rights crushing, insatiably warmongering jewish war lobby! 

 #2.  Alex Jones  mentions that the AL QAEDA TERRORISTS that AMERICA (our government) FUNDED, SUPPLIED, LED and INSTIGATED in the LIBYA  INVASION/coup,  are now MASSACRING BLACK Africans by the TENS OF THOUSANDS...  and Mr. Jones notes that 'Black'  African-Americans seem not to notice, know,  or care... are clueless... the ATROCITIES being PERPETRATED  AGAINST Black Africans by the al Qaeda Arab Islamic fundamentalist AL QAEDA  TERRORISTS  HIRED by the U.S. government!!! 

     We'll take up this discussion later...