Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 America's TRAITOROUS 'Neo-Conservative' Appartchiks - infested in the Republican party and "Democrat" partyin think tanks, in war-profiteering companies throughout America, in the highest and lowest levels of American state, local, and federal government, in temples (and, unfortunately, churches as well) throughout America,  are in a vampire blood-lust to wage war on... not only hapless Syria,  but on their AMERICAN neighbors and 'fellow countrymen' as well. reports on  (this is not "conspiracy theory" watch the video of British parliamentary debate) British FOREIGN SECRETARY William Hague telling the British Parliament that the English, Americans, jews (israel), France, NATO, Turkey, and the despotic Arab Gulf state dictatorships WILL CONTINUE TO FUND & encourage TERRORISTS MASS MURDERERS  IN SYRIA, until the current Syria government buckles... 

   so the British, U.S., & jewish funded AL QAEDA TERRORISTS can impose a MASS-MURDEROUS SHARIA LAW theocratic DICTATORSHIP in Syria.  
by Tony Cartaluci,,  Sept. 5, 2012
video - Foreign Secretary William Hague to the British House of Commons (at around 28:00) stated that  more “death and suffering” would be required to convince Russia and other nations to change their positions on Syria.
This might answer the question as to why the United States, UK, France, NATO members including Turkey, and the despotic Gulf State autocracies have made such vigorous efforts to fund, arm, and support foreign terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda, flowing over Syria’s borders throughout the duration of the conflict.

It is their hope to create such staggering amounts of Western-subsidized “death and suffering” that the world begs for Western military intervention and regime change.
[The TERRORIST HIRING Foreign Secretary] Hague however, faced criticism from the Labour Party’s Peter Hain who accused Hague of an “obsession with regime” that amounted to a “catastrophic and monumental failure of Western policy.”  (cont'd)    

   Why would the INSANE jews next door in Israel want a MORE THEOCRATIC Islamic DICTATORSHIP in Syria, than the current religiously tolerant Assad regime? 

   Because the Jews are INSANE, they have their very own nuclear weapons arsenal, they control billions upon trillions of dollars of Western world wealth (via their Rothschilds owned Bank of England, ECB, and 'United' States so-called 'Federal' Reserve privately owned, fiat money printing, debt extortion, economy gutting central banks) which they use to easily bribe every important politician on planet earth (and extort or fund opponents to those who resist) ,  
   they believe they have 'god' in their back pocket...  and, armed with the above arrogance and hubris, the jewish state jews believe they can keep Syria, Lebanon, Iraq (soon Iran), and the entire Mideast (and world) DIVIDIDED and CONQUERED, enslaved and under their thumb, for perpetuity.    
  update 9-6: The despicable warmongering jewish owned 'Debka files' reports that the TURKISH ARMY is now running several brigades of so-called Syrian 'rebels.'  What is Turkey's interest in helping the jews knock of the Assad regime in next-door Syria?  Answer: NONE!  This - Turkey's insane complicity with the bloodthirsty jewish warmongers - is a textbook example of the jewish "money power's" BRIBERY in place, for a few millions in bribes to select Turkish officials, they can do billions of dollars of harm to Turkey's long-term interests in the region.

 In plain English, the insane Jews believe that, once Al Qaeda Sunni fundamentalists have take over Syria and start running a SAUDI STYLE religious theocracy DICTATORSHIP,    they can keep that (future) regime in check and under their thumb... just as the Saudis today live in perpetual fear of uprisings by those outside of the despotic ruling-class noblility clique, and have to seek permanent protection from the United States; 
     which in turn is now no more than the puppet military host of the insane jewish war lobby jews,  protecting a widely despised (but allied to America... and the evil jews!)  ruthless [saudi]  dictatorship.

  You read that correctly - despite all their propaganda about "supporting Freedom & Democracy" the evil Neo-Con jews in America and Israel are CLOSELY ALLIED WITH the ruthless, medieval dictatorship  SAUDI ruling clique,
  "kill all you want, we'll look the other way and whip up hate against far less egregious human rights abusers, like Syria, Libya, and Iraq."

  In addition to the British government FOREIGN MINISTER  all but confessing to SPONSORING TERRORISTS in a cowardly, undeclared, mercenary war on Syria,  we also outline two other articles - the TREASONOUS Neo-Cons running the war against the Syrian people in Syria,   are ALSO RUNNING a building and metastasizing WAR AGAINST the AMERICAN people... in America.

     In the years after 9-11 Americans were conditioned to accept humiliating TSA grope-downs at public airports in the name of stopping the above mentioned  AL QAEDA Islamic TERRORISTS...
    that are now the hired-and-bribed mercenaries of the U.S., Britain, and jewish state war against Syria...
  As 9-11 moves past a 10 year old (nightmare) memory,  the evil, treasonous Neo-Con appartchiks running the TSA, the DHS, the DEA, and other government KGB/Gestapo style agencies barely even make a pretense of  "looking for Islamic terrorists" anymore - the TSA and DHS pat-downs, inspections, and road-blocks are now designed to harass and INTIMIDATE AMERICANS... 

    just as the Obama/Holder/DEA "Fast & Furious" program was intended to SEND U.S. built guns TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS, WITH THE INTENTION of PROVOKING A MASS-MURDEROUS terrorist killing spree... with the specific intention of  blaming American gun-buyers for so many guns run amok south of the border !!!   

   That is pure, cold-blooded treason by Obama's "Democrat" Neo-Con appartchiks -  just as Bush's "national security experts,"  "the adults are taking charge" Neo-Con appartchik traitors FAILED to to do one single thing to derail a well KNOWN TERRORIST THREAT to America before 9-11 was -  right before our very eyes.
Protesting is Now Terrorism
Sept 5, 2012
An activist was designated as a terror suspect, put on a watchlist and arrested, ostensibly it seems to prevent him attending a protest at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte...

   And, as the evil, Neo-Con, jewish led COMMISSAR APPARTCHIKS  ramp up their COMMISSAR REIGN OF TERROR,  in America, against Americans,   

     Americans will soon enough be conditioned to seeing tanks and other war-fighting weapons... in America's streets...

  ...just as flood-ravaged New Orleans residents who were unable to escape Katrina floods saw FEMA hired BLACKWATER machine-gun armed GUNMEN "patrolling" New Orleans streets, after then jewish commissar appartchik FEMA chief Michael "Heckuva job, Brownie" disgracefuly did NOTHING to protect or prepare New Orleans residents from the near certain possibility that the U.S. government owned, Army Corps of Engineer dikes WOULD FLOOD if hurricane rains impacted the New Orleans area... with Hurricane Katrina, only the sixth most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, spinning for days in the Gulf of Mexico, before finally making a bee-line for the New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast (as many storm forecasters predicted it would).
     Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close “Restless Native” Encounters
Zero Hedge  Sept 5, 2012
   Just in case America’s debt slaves, who as of today can congratulate themselves on a brand spanking new 16 handle in front of the 12 zeroes that frame their public debt obligation,  [that DEBT, the ODIOUIS DEBT that has been FOISTED ON the American people, by the TREASONOUS Rothschilds allied 'Federal' Reserve bankers, who BRIBE Con-gress, presidents, and the press-media to NOT do  CRIMINAL AUDITS  of their ill-gotten, DEBT EXTORTION billions $$]  did not have enough to celebrate, here is what happens when the local Police station also wants to celebrate something brand spanking new: in this case the new and improved SWAT-H vehicle. This is merely the latest and greatest entrant in the “gentrification”-vehicles that taxpayer dollars are buying in order to be more effectively suppressed as one after another pillar of this country’s democracy is taken down. And, for your viewing pleasure, here are the highest crime rate regions that will likely get their ‘fair’ share of attention from this perriwinkle-blue camper-van of enforced docility.
The Heat-Armor SWAT-H in all its glory…
Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close Restless Native Encounters 20120904 tank2 0
and where it will be deployed – possibly… (via Neighborhood Scout)   

 "The more things change, the more they stay the same" - below, the Rockefellers (et al) hired "DEATH SPECIAL"  'private security'  MACHINE-GUN ARMED armored car... used to SHOOT UP STRIKING miners and their families during the Colorado Mining Wars of 1914.

(Yes, as one of America's multi-zillionaire elites at the turn of the past century, the Rockefellers, and their hired gunmen, were very much in bed with the London/Euro/NY  controlling Rothschilds genocidal financiers, imperial atrocities perpetrating,  global debt extortion cartel...)


What InfoWars, Prison,  Ron Paul supporters, "Tea Partiers" and other "Libertarians" do not quite understand, is that civil rights, human rights, and AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS
 are NOT a "conservative" phenomena....

      As British historian PhD Dr. David Starkey explains at the very introduction to his 13 part BBC video history of Britain's kings & queens and ruling elites,  throughout almost all of human history, people were ruled (especially in time of crisis, e.g. during wars) by a SINGLE STRONG MAN, who had absolute power of life and death over all of those under his control.

  This is the "normal"  "monarchial" form of human governance, "monarchial" merely meaning by one ("mono") man or woman. 

 It has only been in recent centuries, with the advent of the Protestant Reformation, the Age of Englightenment, the Age of Reason, the Declaration of Independence, and other reform if not revolutionary impulses, that the people of America have come to entertain the notion of "freedoms" and "rights of man" as  universal truths.

   In short, these are LIBERAL, not "conservative" ideas and forces.   

    During the Colorado Mining Wars of 1914 (and the similar Battle of Blair Mountain 7 years later in West Virginia in 1921), wealthy mine owners were so powerful, and had such an endless supply of miners willing to work their mines, that they could could push their workers relentlessly into hazardous conditions where  mining fatalities were AN EVERY DAY OCCURENCE.

   It was these HORRENDOUS, hazardous, deadly working conditions which spurred working-class American miners to confront the entrenched authorities, at risk of their lives, and demand unions, to demand safer working conditions.

  Without the very "liberal" progress of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution,  America's "LIBERTARIANS" would NOT have any "freedoms" and "rights" to insist on.

   Without the courageous, striking, union-organizing workers of the 1900s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, Americans would NOT have the high wages, upward social mobility, 40 hour work-week (which is to say, weekends as a time of leisure for spending with families), and workplace safety rules, and politically empowered middle-class that most of today's Libertarians are part of... and TAKE FOR GRANTED. 

    As much as Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Ron Paul supporters, and other opponents of the elitist oligarchy like to claim that they are "conservative," they are actually trying to defend some very "liberal" notions of the rights of individuals (including the right of serfs to own and retain their own "private property" that can't be seized at whim by feudal lords)   that have arisen only in the past 200 or so years.  

 (Magna Carta, 1215, made no pretense of protecting commoner Englishmen... it merely sought to reign in the king's absolute power to tax the nobles into destitution without their consent. 
   No one disputed the power of nobles to draft the men of their estates into their armies... where, as the bible shows the adulterer king David having Bathsheeba's husband killed by placing him in the front-lines of battle, an irate lord could easily have any of his uppity retainers or commoner soldiers killed without question or quibble.)


 update 9-6:  France's new so-called "socialist" (and presumably from the 'liberal' wing of the political spectrum)  government gives us another example of the bribery power of the insidious, economies-killing, blood-thirsty warmongering jewish 'money power':   France president François Hollande is in bed with the jewish warmongers and their Turkish and al Qaeda proxy, mercenary armies.

  France is not quite the "liberte, egalite, & fraternite" soft and cuddly puppy that French media might attempt to portray; immediately after the allied victory in WWII ended the ruthless NAZI occupation of France, the French resumed... their own Naziesque mass-murderous colonial wars and ruthless imperial occupations of Algeria, Vietnam, and Madagascar, with over 10,000 "rebels" killed in Madascar's Malagasy Revolt alone, and over a million killed in France's effort to crush Vietnamese independence...
    ...which genocidal war of French imperial conquest and occupation of that Asian nation would soon morph into the American military phase war in that country (i.e. the Vietnam War) with another 1.5 million Vietnamese killed.

  Which Franco mass-murderous imperialism would shortly thereafter (just a decade or so later) ally with the British and Jews in the Britain, France, and israel WAR AGAINST EGYPT in 1956, the so-called 'Suez Crisis' - nothing like the mass-murderous regional bullies CREATING A CRISIS as an excuse to BOMB, ATTACK, and conquer a people to rape them of their natural and economic resources.

  So today the French, through bribery & extortion by "the money power," are once again in bed with the ruthless Brits and bloodthirsty jews to kill people, destroy their independence and steal their economic resources.  

  As with the French crushing of the Madagascar revolt in 1947, today's white, Euopean fomented mass-murder imperialism [in Libya & now Syria] under a so-called "Socialist" president... 
    France ready to recognize Al QAEDA as SYRIA's "legitimate' government [!!!]
François Hollande
France’s recently elected socialist president and Bilderberg stooge François Hollande has told Syria’s CIA and MI6 run opposition to form a provisional government. Hollande said France would then officially recognize it as Syria’s legitimate government.    
In February, the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, told the Senate Armed Services committee that al-Qaeda has “infiltrated” the Syrian opposition groups France boasts it will recognize.  
“Strangely, the fact that Washington, in cooperation with its allies, is now sending communication gear, military intelligence, and weapons to militias in Syria with considerable – and growing – ties to al-Qaeda has not made the Obama administration blink,” John Glaser wrote in July.    [cont'd]    
  Yes,  President Barack Obama and his merry gang of genocidal jewish traitor thugs, are ARMING AL QAEDA killers in Syria... as they subject Americans to ever more invasive and humiliating TSA pat-downs at airports and now other public facilities.... in the name of "the war on terra,"  of course.


bonus: the puppet president Barack Obama - almost certainly being blackmailed by his jewish Neo-Con warmongering & treasury looting puppet-masters, is running a DRACONIAN gestapo/kgb style repression of.... NOT the Goddamn-Sachs & Bernanke Fed FINANCIAL CRIMINALS who are DESTROYING America's economy in a serial loot, plunder, swindle, pump-and-dump serial market defrauding operations.... no, at the instigation of his judeo Neo-Con treasury looting, economy gutting, warmongering, police-state dictatorship traitors, the increasingly despicable Mr. Obama is PROSECUTING law abiding American  WHISTLE-BLOWERS... more than all previous presidents, combined!