Thursday, September 27, 2012

Max Kaiser on the Alex Jones show describes the "Casino GULAG" ENSLAVEMENT OF AMERICA, with the Bernanke/Fed ENGINEERED TOTAL COLLAPSE of the (Fed) SABOTAGED American Economy by April 2013....

Ultimate QE3 Meltdown   Max Keiser reveals the real financial agenda behind the Bernanke Fed's QE3 policy  in an interview on Alex Jones show (video),    September 18, 2012
MAX on Alex  video - "TOTAL economic COLLAPSE  by _(April)_  2013" 


Mr. Jones is the most expert commentator in America about the police state dictatorship agenda being rammed down America's throats in the names of  the "global war on terra"
    (Alex - "using a global crisis as a pretext for a DOMESTIC TAKEOVER")
 and which is also being triggered by the 2nd engineered hammer-blows of economic chaos unleashed on America by the Rubin/Summers/Gramm (et al)  "deregulated" Fed bankers over the past 2 decades, which is Mr. Max Kaiser's subject of expertise.  

      But Mr. Jones uses the wishy-washy term "globalists" to describe the NEO-CON agenda, which is driven by a specific core interest group and ethnic identity,  as we have tried to spell out time after time, blog post after blog post here at TheJewishWars.... including our previous blog post, where we cited the bible story of  the jewish girl become Queen of Persia (through the seduction of the aging Persian king, who ditched his previous queen like a wet rag)... and how the very jewish Queen Esther immediately wailed and cried at the king's feet until he gave her jewish kinsmen permission to massacre thousands (upon tens of thousands, by the bible's own accounting) of the king's other (Persian & other minorities) subjects ("people" !)...

  Below, we catch just some of the highlights  from this informative video,  on how the Neo-Con economic sabotage DEBT LORDS are now blatantly    turning America's prisons into  'PROFIT CENTERS'.....  i.e. SLAVE LABOR.... just as those SLAVE PLANTATIONS in America (owned by "White" American slave lords) and those slave plantations in the Caribbean owned by British plantation owners did in the mid-1800s
    ... many of the Caribbean slave sugar plantations were fronts for the most powerful England and global financiers of the entire 19th century, the London, Paris, & Europe based Rothschilds global debt extortion, slavery, & genocidal banking house.

Max Kaiser on Alex Jones - PRIVATE PRISONS = SLAVE LABOR !!!  video

Max re 'The CASINO GULAG' economy:  
          "Corrections Corp of America is getting local state governments to give them the business of running local prisons,  IN EXCHANGE that the STATES HAVE TO GUARANTEE  90% occupancy rate at the prisions.   Which means that the states have to go out and ARREST PEOPLE..." !! 


Mr. Jones is the most expert commentator in America about the police state dictatorship agenda being rammed down America's throats  in the name of  the "global war on terra"  (and the economic chaos unleashed on America by the "deregulated" Fed banksters over the past 2 decades)...

    And Mr. Max Kaiser is the most expert analyst we have come across about the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGEthe SECOND  ENGINEERED  GREAT DEPRESSION  in America  that is being engineered as we speak by the above so-called 'Federal' Reserve bankers winning themselves (by overt and blatant bribery of Con-gress, presidents, lesser politicians, and ownership of the press/media)   license to print money  which devalues everyone else bank accounts, pensions, and life savings... which created-out-of-thin air Fed bankers  FIAT MONEY  they give only to themselves (the member/owner Fed bankers, led by Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan, both of which are 100+ year  front banks for the London based Rotchilds Europe/global debt extortion cartel)  - which acts as a vacuum SUCKING THE WEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY  _OUT_ of the real economy.... 

 But Mr. Jones uses the wishy-washy term "globalists" to describe the NEO-CON agenda, which is driven by a specific core interest group and ethnic identity,  as we have tried to spell out time after time, blog post after blog post here at TheJewishWars.

 Next up: the books and web articles which define and expose the Neo-Con agenda, which detail the hierarchy of the enslavement of America and  SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION  _INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE_ of the American economy.... which was and is the stock in trade of the hyper-wealthy Rothschilds bankers destroying their competition, and picking up the productive pieces of now wrecked countries, companies,  and nations for pennies on the dollar.

  (In this very video, Mr. Jones mentions Jon Corzine - a former Goddamn-Sachs co-CHAIRMAN, and very jewish  former "Democrat" New Jersey GOVERNOR -   getting away with stealing $1.6 billion from investors who had cash and precious metals stored in "segregated" accounts
before Mr. Corzine was shoe-horned in to take over MF Global  (by his Neo-Con/Fed/GS/judeo connections)...
  where he proceeded to immediately RAPE customer accounts and run the entire company, which he had only recently been shoe-horned in to.... 
           ...into the gutter of bankruptcy and insolvency !!!! )

   FAILING to notice that Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, the Fed itself   (and other big banks and giant hedge-funds) are all 100+ year fronts for the Rothschilds**   global debt extortion cartel,  
is KILLING the American economy and American national sovereignty.

 ** note:  almost exactly 100 years since the so-called "Federal" Reserve was established
by a de facto legislative coup, by a  midnight, Christmas eve vote by Con-gress (while most Congressmen "not in the loop"  had already gone home for Christmas vacation December 1913),
    the Rothschilds, who for the previous 100 years were quite expert at hiding their majority stake in banks and corporations behind non-jewish financial allies  
(J. Pierpont Morgan, the name behind today's JP Morgan-Chase bank, the most infamous example)  
   to avoid  "anti-Semitism" in the 19th century (1800s),  now have an entire privately owned, nuclear armed country (israel) to operate behind...

  ...and,  with the "maturity" of America's jewish community from a quiet minority in the 1800s to an empowered middle-class in the post-WWII period, to today's business, finance, media, AIPAC  lobby political 900 lb. gorilla reactionary, war-lobby and financial  
"deregulation = license to defraud"  RULING CLASS,  the Rothschilds  family themselves may be less condensed, less focused, and  less powerful  than they were in the late 1800s -

    ...but they now operate behind and alongside dozens of other  judeo-owned banks and funds, including for example "Leveraged Buy-Out" titans KKR, Goddamn-Sachs, Salomon Brothers,
(and the late very jewish banking houses of Lehman Bros. and Bear-Stearns,  who both collapsed under the weight of their own greed and fraud!)  (etc.)   using the trillions of dollars they print up at the Greenspan/Bernanke/Eugene Meyer "Fed" - to buy up every productive asset on planet earth...

 ....and round up all  the now dispossessed and disenfranchised peons around the world as cannon-fodder for wars (imperial genocidal war profiteering - just like in the old days!) or slave fodder for  the privately owned Casino Gulag prisons.... the modern form of the many 1800s  Rothschilds owned (but fronted by other English businessmen owners) slave sugar plantations in the Caribbean.....