Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jon Stewart Smashes Sean Hannity's Right-Wing lies & innuendo... without Jon Stewart ever realizing that Hannity is merely a mouthpiece of the Insidious JUDEO SUPREMACY NEO-CON agenda, HIDING BEHIND "American exceptionalism," "Free Market Capitalism," and other propaganda fronts for Neo-Con judeo supremacy

As we try to work on our blog entry post about the 3 most important books, and 3 most important (single) web articles explaining the violent, destructive, genocidal, economies-wrecking Neo-Con takeover of America, we first present this video of the very "urban, liberal, witty" jewish  New York comedy host Jon Stewart SMASHING Fox 'news' host Sean Hannity trying to trash 
(Hannity's words)

             "the 49% of ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY that OBAMA ENABLES"

  ....the "BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN" of  Sean Hannity's right-wing propaganda lies, innuendo, and sneering scorn,  as Mr. Stewart calls it:

As Mr. Stewart explains in this video segment from his NY comedy "The Daily Show,"
 it is the wealthy in America who are THE MOST ENTITLED... and the biggest beneficiaries of American government largesse,
    and Stewart goes on to explain some of the many ways that the wealthy
 (via legal bribes "campaign donations" to Congress, state and local politicians, through ownership of the media and think tanks, and through ownership of industries and corporations)
 who are the recipients of tens of billions, upon trillions of dollars in tax-cuts, bank 'bailouts,' legalized off-shore tax havens, and other dodges the wealthy in America use to put their interests over and above the interests of the American community ("it takes a village") and the American economy.

      Sadly, what Mr. Stewart can not quite perceive, because he is blinded by the propaganda of his own jewish cultural faith and up-bringing, is that it is the jewish owned media which is the biggest propaganda megaphone of this anti-American financial rapists (robber baron) agenda...

   While it seems that Fox 'news', Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, and other non-jewish media mouthpieces are the loudest and strongest advocates of this
"entitlements are evil socialism" snearing contempt for social security, medicare, and other social safety net programs that keep millions of young, disabled, elderly, and unemployed Americans from falling into the gutter, it is actually THE JEWISH OWNED MEDIA - the Sulzberger New York Times, the Meyer/Graham Washington Post; the Polish/Jewish Wonsakaler Brothers (ne "Warner Brothers") Hollywood jewish propaganda pmedia empire (which owns CNN, HBO, TIME magazine, among other 900 lb. gorilla TIME/Warner owned media heavyweight outlets), the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Florida 'Sun' papers, to mention just a few of the jewish owned media outlets, who are the most vociferous proponents of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING REACTIONARY agenda of "LET THE USELESS MOUTHS STARVE - they are a burden on society"
which notions  Jewish Russian entitled emigrant AYN RAND popularized in her atrocious "Atlas Shrugged" and other horrible books... which were nothing more than a Jewish pretend secular whitewash - masking judeo supremacy with "free market capitalism" dogma - of Nazi DEATH CAMP ideology.

     Within 10 years of the defeat of the Nazi dictator (Hitler) and the entire world being exposed to the evils  that a people (German nation under Nazi rule) could do to others by seizing the wealth and property that had once belonged to other people - now cutting their victims off from food, income, and the support that a productive society offers...

  ...the evil, entitled  jewish refugee Ayn Rand was acting as a megaphone for an identical agenda, but instead of blatantly using Jewish Supremacy (as the Nazis had used "Aryan supremacy"), the cowardly judeo intellectual followers of Ayn Rand HIDE behind the contrived, BULLSHIT  (to swipe Mr. Stewart's phrase)  notion of "free market capitalism", which for over 150 years of American history, the the very founding of Jamestown and other colonies  in 1607, was dependent on race based slavery that was enforced by the state.... the "REDISTRIBUTION" of the products of labor of one man (a slave) to another man (his "master"),
      which violent and merciless REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH UPWARDS to a selected elite is STILL THE CORE of JUDEO/Neo-Con ideology,  TODAY !!  

  We completely agree with Mr. Jon Stewart that ALL Americans, and especially the rich & wealthy, are beneficiaries of "THE ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY" that propagandists for the wealthy, such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, attempt to sneer at and demean.

     The only problem is that Jon Stewart, and other so-called 'Liberal'  Americans (and especially "jewish liberal" Americans, like Rachel Maddow, Jane Hamsher, Mark Karlin, the 'pretend liberal' writers at the Huffington Post, Jon Stewart,  etc. etc. etc.) completely FAIL to see that it is their own, fellow entitled JEWISH AMERICANS who own the heavyweight media corporations, who are driving that RACIST, BIGOTED, SNEERING, ENTITLED bus...

 ...and that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and even multi-millionaire heavyweights like th Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch himself, are merely hired hands - hirelings - propogating that JEWISH SUPREMEACIST IDEOLOGY that is hiding behind a facade  that in cowardly fashion is hiding behind the facade of laissez faire "free market" rationalizations....

   It is the  "LET THE PEONS STARVE - they are useless mouths, and we have NO obligation or responsibility to feed them...they are not 'fellow Americans,' they are 'Shiksa & Shegetz' vermin & useless mouths who need to be CUT OFF from their lifeline"**
     NEO-CON judeo supremacist agenda,  masquerading as Neo-Con "American exceptionalism"  and hiding behind the entirely bogus "free market capitalism" propaganda speak;   when, under the Rothschilds (et al)  owned so-called 'Federal' Reserve,  all markets worldwide are RIGGED  by those who control the money gusher for themselves,  the wage slavery and skyrocketing prices for everyone else legalized piracy, economic exploitation, and genocidal economic & social system sabotage/destruction. 

      ** (after our shyster lawyers, bought off politicians, & and corporate financial loan sharks have robbed them of their pensions and life savings, shipped their jobs overseas, looted their wealth via the Greenspan/Bernanke/Rothschilds Fed currency debasing money printing machine, and trashed their communities and national infrastructure... at that!)