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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & PRESIDENT Back Obama are FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS with $45 MILLION to TERRORIZE and MURDER PEOPLE in Syria, in a COWARDLY, UNDECLARED war being run for their TREASONOUS jewish war lobby puppet-masters & paymasters who are as CONTEMPTUOUS of Americans, and the U.S. Constitution, as they are of Palestinians and Syrians......

First up,  the U.S. State Department under Hillary Clinton, and War Department under genially faced Secretary Leon Panetta, are  FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in Syria with  boatloads of  Bernanke Fed "printed out of thin air" cash-  $45 million that was reported in this AP press story, alone:
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the US would be providing an additional $45 million in “non-lethal aid” to the “opposition in Syria, reported the Associated Press. The Western press chose their words carefully, ensuring that the term “civilian opposition” was repeatedly used to describe the armed terrorist forces attempting to violently overthrow the Syrian government.
 This is a perfect example of the Rothschilds judeo "MONEY POWER"  using their power (from their privately owned Bank of England,  'United' States so-called 'Federal' Reserve, and ECB, privately owned European Central Bank) to print money, to POISON the body politic and start wars and conflicts,   whether in their host country, or around the world. 

  As we pointed out in our previous post, outlining the "3 most important books this decade,"  whether the Rothschilds are as all-powerful today as they were in the late 1800s is irrelevant, because the Rothschilds were always one of many European jewish banking houses, and today those Judeo bankers not only own the Bank of England, ECB, and U.S. so-called 'Federal' Reserve... but they also now have their own, privately owned nuclear armed nation-state to operate behind,  i.e. Israel... 

...which jewish state is not only perpetually grounded in war and jewish supremacy,  as the bible tells us,  but also, via the intensely focused and coordinated  jewish vote in America,  backed by the foreign judeo "money power,"  exerts ABSOLUTE CONTROL over  American politics, government,  (press/media, finance) and power. 

  Which is why the TREASONOUS  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Leon Panetta are now FUNDING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to KILL PEOPLE by the thousands in SYRIA in a cowardly, undeclared 'United' States run war....

  and the  TREASONOUS  Jewish owned Sulzberger New York Times,  Meyer Graham Washington Post, cnn/TIME/Warner Hollywood warmongering jewish propaganda network, and other treasonous jewish owned  do not explain the above -

   how the Rothschilds/jewish war state, and PUPPET 'United' States government are now SHOWERING AL QAEDA KILLERS with TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars,      to TERRORIZE Syria,  replace the secular Syrian regime with a MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALIST sectarian REGIME,  in order to RAPE and DESTROY Syria as a sovereign country... just as Iraq is now a divided, occupied, and economically raped  country under American military occupation.

below - under the thrall of the TREASONOUS, WARMONGERING jewish wars state Neo-Cons, the United States and NATO are INVADING SYRIA with a PLAGUE of  foreign and Al Qaeda TERRORISTS - 

 by Tony Cartalucci,  Prisonplanet.comSept 29, 2012

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the US would be providing an additional $45 million in “non-lethal aid” to the “opposition” in Syria, reported the Associated Press. The Western press chose their words carefully, ensuring that the term “civilian opposition” was repeatedly used to describe the armed terrorist forces attempting to violently overthrow the Syrian government.
Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria Libyan Terrorists In Syria
Image: Libyan Mahdi al-Harati of the US State DepartmentUnited Nations, and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf)-listed terrorist organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), addressing fellow terrorists in Syria. Harati is now commanding a Libyan brigade operating inside of Syria attempting to destroy the Syrian government and subjugate the Syrian population. Traditionally, this is known as “foreign invasion.” US aid is going to foreign terrorists, not a “civilian opposition.”
In reality, the “opposition” in Syria constitutes foreign terrorist legions flowing across Syria’s borders, and in particular, staging and crossing over from NATO-member Turkey. In fact, it was recently admitted by the terrorist legions themselves that their headquarters has been located within Turkish territory for the duration of the conflict. In a recent France 24 article titled, “Free Syrian Army move HQ from Turkey to Syria,” armed militants claimed they had only just recently “moved from Turkey to within Syria.”
Clinton’s Aid is Going to Al Qaeda, Not a “Civilian Opposition.”
While the Western media attempts to portray heavily armed foreign terrorists as “Syria’s civilian opposition,” it has been revealed that entire brigades are led by Libyan terrorists drawn from the ranks of the US State Department (#29)UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf), and UN-listed terror organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).   (cont'd)  

  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's above TREASON - ARMING, SUPPLYING, and FUNDING Al QAEDA TERRORISTS to KILL CIVILIANS, and BRING RUIN to a sovereign nation - is not a one-time "whoopsie" - as InfoWars previously reported,  ARMING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS has become  THE SIGNATURE TACTIC    the   NOW TREASONOUS  politicians and appartchiks in the U.S. government are using to  bring ruin, destruction, terror, and death to the people of the world - even as those traitors tell us we must spend ever more money on the despised groping & scanning TSA searches,  purportedly to defend us, the servile public, FROM THE VERY AL QAEDA TERRORISTS THEY ARE funding and SHOWERING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON in Syria, Libya, and anywhere else they want to SOW TERROR !!!!

Funding Terrorists While Accusing Iran of Terrorism
   Prison  August 23, 2012
Paul Joseph Watson talks about the U.S. funding rebel terrorists in Syria while pointing the finger at Iran for planning terrorism.

    Because BULLYING, TERRORIZING, and BEATING UP on SYRIA, is the means by which the COWARDLY JEWISH TERRORISTS and TRAITORS  - in israel, in America, in Europe - intend to isolate Iran... so they can get the United States to blow its treasury attacking that country,  attacking  another Mideastern nation as proxies for the insane, jewish supremacist perpetual war, bribery, terror, extortion, enslavement, and extermination religion that has hijacked America and is driving our economy into the CESSPIT of ANOTHER   Rothschilds/Fed   instigated GREAT DEPRESSION.


 bonus:  And "the freedoms" which all this JUDEO driven NEO-CON  terrorism, treachery, and treason are ostensibly driven? 

         Well, not so much:  not only do the jewish FINANCIAL RAPISTS  _not_ want their servile American serfs to be able to  AUDIT the Rothschilds owned 'Federal' Reserve - keeping the American peon/slaves in darkness as to just how many trillions of fiat dollars the Fed banksters  are printing to rob the American people of the value of  the nation's economic output,
     but it turns out the jewish oligarchs don't believe we Americans are entitled to  freedom of speech on ANYTHING ELSE,  EITHER!!

 note:  "Slate" is very much a   NEO-CON jewish supremacist propaganda media outlet, MASQUERADING, as the Huffington Post, NY Times, Washington Post,  Time & Newsweek magazines  and other jewish owned media do every day,  as "liberal media"....   

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This article is so heinous I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. Better yet, the author, Eric Posner, is a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. So let me get this straight, a guy who is teaching law to our future lawyers is arguing against The First Amendment of the Constitution, which is the single most important document in U.S. history upon which all laws are supposed to be written!
Wow. This guy isn’t just saying people should be cautious about what they say, he seems to really have a deep dislike for free speech.  Here is the winning line in his absurd piece:

Really Eric?  Who’s values?  What values are you referring to specifically?  Did you come up with them?  What if we end up with a President that decides different values down the road? 

The need for order??

What kind of Nazi language is this Mr. Posner?  Feels great to know you are teaching law.  Either you are a complete imbecile or you are coming from a sinister place.  I go with the latter.
Spread this far and wide folks.
Full article here.

  note 2:  the horrid SLATE  article  by Mr. Posner describes  "THE VILE anti-Muslim video".... WITHOUT POINTING OUT out that 
 the video was produced by JEWISH AGITATORS
 and  sow chaos and confusion  in the Muslim world...   so they could justify MORE United State military involvement, more wars, more drone killings,  more  invasions, and more U.S. taxpayer funded  occupations overseas - in concert with ratcheting up the POLICE STATE 'war on terra"
 WAR AGAINST the  deluded and led-by-nose-like-cattle American people at home in the United States....  just as the despicable Mr. Posner is seen here, calling for LIMITS on our AMERICAN  free speech, the cowardly, back-stabbing Neo-Con traitor! 

  This is the NEO-CON BAIT & SWITCH which we discussed in our previous "3 most important books" blog-post:   the Neo-Cons, through DECEIT and TREACHERY,

("whoops!  "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS"  Paul Wolfowitz and  Scooter Libby 'MISSED'  all those warnings about Al Qaeada planning to  ATTACKI  IN AMERICA that long summer of 2001!" )

    ....and then POSE as the "EXPERTS" to fix that problem.... but if you stand back and look at the big picture,  EVERY TIME THE NEO-CON "experts" get involved, the PROBLEM  GETS WORSE!!!!!  

   these Neo-Con pigs are truly vile, loathsome, despicable terrorists, traitors,  and anti-human warmongers... 

 bonus #2. -    Here's some more of those "American Freedoms" the vile, treasonous, backstabbing Neo-Cons are championing at home in America.... NOT!!!    The evil Rotchilds/judeo Neo-Cons DESPISE freedom of journalism that they can't BUY OUT and turn into  relentlessly lying genocidal propaganda organs  of their own foul sabotage, enslavement, & extermination agenda:

While Government Pretends America Values Freedom of the Press, Real Journalists Are Treated As Terrorists

We’ve previously noted that American journalists are an endangered species (click on the links for stunning details):
If they criticize those in power, they may be smeared by the government and targeted for arrest (and see this).
Indeed, because the core things which reporters do could be considered terrorism, in modern America, they could even targeted under counter-terrorism laws.
And an al-Jazeera journalist was held at Guantánamo for six years, partly in order to be interrogated about the Arabic news network.  And see this.
Experts who write about the truth – without any middleman – are also being harassed (and see this).
Wikileaks’ head Julian Assange could face the death penalty for his heinous crime of leaking whistleblower information which make those in power uncomfortable … i.e. being a reporter.
Former attorney general Mukasey said the U.S. should prosecute Assange because it’s “easier” than prosecuting the New York Times.  But now Congress is considering a bill which would make even mainstream reporters liable for publishing leaked information   (part of an all-out war on whistleblowing).
Do you think that I am being melodramatic and over the top?  Think again …
Glenn Greenwald wrote yesterday:
A US air force systems analyst who expressed support for WikiLeaksand accused leaker Bradley Manning triggered a formal military investigation last year to determine whether she herself had leaked any documents to the group.
The investigation was ultimately closed when they could find no evidence of unauthorized leaking, but what makes these documents [Air Force investigative documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request ] noteworthy is the possible crime cited by military officials as the one they were investigating: namely, “Communicating With the Enemy“, under Article 104 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
That is one of the most serious crimes a person can commit – it carries the penalty of death – and is committed when a person engages in “unauthorized communication, correspondence, or intercourse with the enemy”. The military investigation form also requires investigators to identify the “victim” of the crime they are investigating, and here, they designated “society” as the victim:
airforce In America, Journalists Are Considered Terrorists
The US government, as part of Obama’s unprecedented war on whistleblowers, has now fully embraced the pernicious theory that any leaks of classified information can constitute the crime of “aiding the enemy” or “communicating with the enemy” by virtue of the fact that, indirectly, “the enemy” will – like everyone else in the world – ultimately learn of what is disclosed.  (cont'd)

 The above - Obama's  DESPICABLE Goddamn-Sachs +  israel/jewish war lobby appartchik, White House CHIEF OF STAFF JACOB LEW  using the powers of government and Obama's presidency to WAGE A KGB style COMMISSAR WAR AGAINST government Whistleblowers who are exposing CORRUPTION & LIES in America's vast and expanding wars gulag -   is the NEO-CON,  foreign run judeo supremacist  "5th column" agenda TERRORIZING Americans, and ROBBING us of our freedoms,  freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to oppose tyranny...