Sunday, September 2, 2012

Despicable Jews - in America, in Europe, and in the jewish war state - now using Sunni AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to TERRORIZE Syrian air travel. The Jews are despicable liars, terrorists, and mass-murderers, bent on genocidal conquest of the Mideast....

In their ancient blood-lust to covet and seize everything their neighbors owned, from Mesopotamia (the Euphrates river in present-day Iraq from whence Abraham is said to have come) to Egypt (which had once given the treacherous jews safe-haven from a "famine" that their own evil god had inflicted on them), today's jews once again envy, lust for, and "covet" the lands of their neighbors, and have turned the ENTIRE United States military, the entire U.S. State Department, the entire United States Congress, and the entire American political/financial/media social ruling-class hierarchy in to a great, global EXTORTION machine,  the Neo-Con jewish financiers' global debt-extortion, blackmail, and financial rape agenda now backed up by American military terrrorism that is supported by a hate-whipped, propagandized, and either clueless or complicit American public (even as the same Neo-Cons destroy the American social fabric, and disenfranchise and  dispossess millions upon millions of American working-class families)

below,  On behalf of her jewish 'Neo-Con' paymasters,  'United' States SECRETARY of STATE Hillary Clinton SUPPORTS  MURDEROUS Sunni fundamentalist al QAEDA TERRORISTS in the on-going U.S. & jewish war state undeclared war against Syria...

  ....America's DESPICABLE, DISGRACEFUL and CRIMINAL Secretary of State is SUPPORTING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS ATTACKS, on the entire Syrian civilian population... including especially those fundamentalist "jihadi" attacks on Syria's long protected CHRISTIAN and JEWISH MINORITIES.    

   The Secretary of State, and her nominal boss (president barack obama) SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON WAR CRIMES for INCITING and SUPPORTING TERRORISM... if not for TREASON, SUBVERTING AMERICA's foreign policy, to the dictates of the insane, nuclear armed, blatantly genocidal jewish war state whose current Prime Minister, Netanyahu, first became P.M. in 1995, after one of his hate-whipped, demagogue followers ASSASSINATED, SHOT, MURDERED Netanyahu's political rival, then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  

  HILLARY CLINTON and Barack Obama TAKE THEIR MARCHING ORDERS, from an insane, genocidal jewish demagogue murderer and mass-murderer!
reprising the treason of the Cheney-Bush-Wolfowitz-Libby Republican administration TURNING A BLIND EYE to a well known, SAUDI financed AL QAEDA TERROR PLOT set to attack America  - the 9-11 attacks on AMERICAN CITIES that killed 3,000 Americans 11 years ago this month - the Obama-Hillary-Emanuel-Jacob Lew administration   REPEATS THAT TREASON,  encouraging and supporting Saudi financed AL QAEDA TERRORISM in Syria, Libya, and soon against Russia and China as well 
NATO, U.S., and despicable jewish-state funded AL QAEDA Sunni Fundamentalist TERRORISTS TARGET Syria’s CIVILIAN Airports
by Tony Cartalucci,
September 2, 2012

An announcement [was]  made by NATO terrorists, warning that in 72 hours, starting September 1, 2012, they would begin operations to target Syria’s two international airports, Damascus International, and Aleppo International. The Telegraph would report that NATO’s terrorist front, “warned it would target civilian planes using the airports in Damascus and Aleppo from tomorrow.” The Telegraph would also claim, “it [the FSA] suspected government was using the flights to bring in weapons.” Like all of NATO terrorist claims, no evidence has been provided by either the militants, or the Western press.
The Telegraph has just reported that terrorists are planning to shoot at civilian planes and paralyze civilian flights across the country – a terrorist act by any definition or law.
Declaration of Terrorist Intend in Absolute Violation of International Law.
RT has also reported in their article, “Syrian rebels give airlines ’72-hour warning’ before they plan to seize civilian airports,” that terrorists, “gave a 72-hour advance warning to airlines to suspend flights to Syria before the rebels try to seize civilian airports in Damascus and Aleppo. They claim the Syrian Air Force is using them ‘illegally.’” RT also noted that, “international law prohibits attacks on civilian airports, whether during internal conflicts or wars between states.”
Indeed, even corporate-financier funded faux-NGOs like Human Rights Watch (HRW) note that attacking civilian infrastructure, such as an airport can only be done if achieving a military objective outweighs the impact on civilians. HRW says specifically:
Civil airports, roads and bridges are civilian objects that become military objectives subject to attack if they are actually used for military purposes or military objectives are located on or within them. Even then, the rule of proportionality applies, requiring the parties to the conflict to weigh the short- and long-term harm on civilians against the military advantage served; they must consider all ways of minimizing the impact on civilians; and they should not undertake attacks if the expected civilian harm outweighs the definite military advantage.
Clearly, if the Syrian Air Force has 15 bases in addition to whatever they may or may not be using its two international airports for, terrorist attacks on its two main civilian airports in no way achieve military objectives proportional to the adverse impact such attacks will have on Syria’s civilian population.
A Blatant Terroristic Threat.
Instead, the two airports have been picked to maximize terror against both the Syrian people and government forces, as well as undermine Syria politically on the international stage. In other words, they are craven acts of terrorism designed to achieve a political, not military objective – to attack, not defend Syria’s civilian population. And it will be craven terrorist attacks carried out with funding, arms, and logistical support provided by the US, UK, Israel, NATO-member Turkey, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
 More background on the "conceived in israel, the treacherous, blood-soaked jewish war state; coordinated by bribed & bought-off traitors in New York, London, & Washington" Neo-Con jewish run  jihad to destroy Syria, exterminate a portion of its population (including the jews and Christians!) and turn the entire Mideast (and world) into a terrorized string of jewish run imperial rape, resource extraction,  & genocidal extortion colonies: 
  Syria's problem is not the "Free Syrian Army" nor the "Syrian National Council," nor the myriad of terrorist organizations operating under this umbrella - but rather the corporate-financier driven foreign interests that created them, fund them, arm them, and both tactically and politically perpetuate their activities. [this is the TREASONOUS, anti-American, global extortion, blood-soaked, dehumanizing jewish finacier run "Neo-Con agenda.] Syria's problem is that it has attracted the attention of Wall Street and London and found itself in the middle of their geopolitical aspirations for global hegemony. (cont'd)
Make no mistake: the Sulzberger New York Times, and the Meyer/Graham Washington Post,  far, far, far from being the "liberal news media" that "conservative" commentators think they are, are actually radical right-wing, reactionary, jewish supremacist, anti-American Neo-Con ideologue propaganda megaphones for this despicable, mass-murderous jewish supremacy agenda.  

   While it appears to the clueless public and ignorant commentators that Rush Limbaugh, Fox 'news', Glenn Back, and other reactionary demagogues are on the opposite side of issues from the NY Times & Washington Post, this is actually clever 'spin' by the treacherous Times & Post owners - it is Limbaugh, Murdoch, Beck, and thousands of other clueless "conservative" twits - including Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, MITT ROMNEY, and other 'stars' of the Republican Party - who are  pushing the NEO-CON  jewish SUPREMACIST AGENDA that is the NY Times, Wash. Post, and other jewish owned media despicable, blood-drenched, real core agenda.