Monday, September 3, 2012

Ben Bernanke the jewish liar & financial rapists - smiles as he SABOTAGES America's economy with his Fed-speak lies, driving thousands of Americans to depression & suicide, and millions to poverty, dispossession, and disenfranchisement

The below article sounds like we wrote it...except that there is no specific mention that Bernanke is a jewish financial rapists, Ivy League elitist liar, and economic saboteur.  

As the insane, blood-lusting Neo-Cons march America and the world towards financial meltdown, bribe our courts, politicians, police, universities, military leaders, and press/media owners to be relentless anti-American liars (covering up that Neo-Con social & financial rape, pillage, theft, and sabotage); and march the world ever closer to the precipe of 21st century global war (that would of course, in just a few moments, trump the body-count from all previous wars with just a small portion of the jewish war state, israel's, nuclear arsenal, alone), we long ago dispensed with that nicety.

  Below, ZeroHedge compiles a small portion of Ben Bernanke's global financial crimes, and global, economies killing economic sabotage.  

    Actually, Ben Bernanke is not even a banker - he is an Ivy League "useful idiot,"  he is an Ivory Tower academic who never ran a bank in his life.   
    He was hired, as the Chairman of the (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve very privately owned fiat money printing, debt extortion monopoly central banking cartel to put a happy face on the already well established bankers' cartel fiat money policies.  

That is, Bernanke is a spokesman, a hired PR clown, a puppet dancing to the tune of the bankers behind the banks that own 'the Fed'.  

    Over the past century since the Fed was established (by not-quite secret Congressional vote... at midnight, on Christmas eve, as most Congressmen & senators "out of the loop" had already departed for home on their Christmas holidays in Dec. 1913) those bankers have had plenty of practice on how to rip-off, steal from, and loot their clients and the American public. 
    Bernanke is merely the "useful idiot" put in place as the greedy bankers ram each and every one of those public gutting frauds and rip-offs through a bribed and corrupt Con-gress at the same time, using the mantra "what's good for Wall St. is good for America"  as an arrogant cover for their systematic theft and defauding of their clients savings and assets (in particular "pumped-and-dumped" pension funds, and LBO "leveraged buy-outs," using Fed funny-money, of the companies that once comprised the bulk of "blue chip" profitable assets in a well run pension portfolio).   

     But, as the smug, insanely arrogant, smiling liar who can attend a Washington black-tie party and smile at the thought that his lies are accepted by the NY, Washington, & media elite, he is, Bernanke is,  indeed, the perfect front-man for the treasonous, economy killing Fed... 
The Real Reverse Robin Hood: Ben Bernanke And His Merry Band Of Thieves
Zero Hedge
Sept 1, 2012
Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,
Away from the stifling media crush, staid Ben Bernanke is dashing Reverse Robin Hood, lackey pawn of the Neofeudalist Financial Lords who shamelessly steals from the poor to give to the parasitic super-rich.
Amidst electioneering chatter about a “reverse Robin Hood” who steals from the poor to give to the rich, it’s important to identify the real Reverse Robin Hood: Ben Bernanke and his Merry Band of Thieves, a.k.a. the Federal Reserve. It’s especially appropriate to reveal Ben as the real Reverse Robin Hood today, as the Chairman is as omnipresent in the media as Big Brother due to the Cargo-Cult confab in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Please answer the following questions before launching a rousing defense of the All-Powerful Fed and its chairman:

1. What is the nominal yield on your savings account, thanks to the Fed’s zero-interest rate policy (ZIRP)? (Answer: 0.25%)
2. What is the inflation-adjusted yield on your savings account? (Answer: – 2.25%)
3. What is the rate of interest the Fed charges banks for “free money”? (Answer: 0%)
4. What is the average interest rate for bank-issued credit cards? (Answer: 14.52%)
5. What is the interest rate for student loans? (Answer: 6.8%, and 7.9% or 8.5% for PLUS loans)
6. Does the Fed pay interest on the funds banks have borrowed from the Fed for 0% and then deposited with the Fed? (Answer: yes)
7. Exactly how has the average American worker benefited from the Fed’s policies? (Answer: interest on credit cards has declined from 19.9% to 14.52%, if the worker has outstanding credit, which few of the bottom 90% do.) Theoretically, workers could re-finance their homes at lower interest rates, but the vast majority are either underwater or no longer qualify. Ben and the Merry Thieves love pulling Catch 22.
8. How has the average parasitic Neofeudalist Financial Lord benefited from the Fed’s “rob the poor to give to the rich” policies? (Answer: Handsomely. The top 1%’s income and net worth has soared as Ben and his Merry Band of Thieves have stripmined interest income from the poor and pension funds and diverted it to the rich.) 

9. Have the Fed’s Reverse Robin Hood policies narrowed income disparity in the U.S.? (Answer: no–income disparity has widened further as a result of Fed goosing of risk assets.)
10. How many of the nation’s 14.5 million unemployed have gotten jobs as a result of Fed policies who would not have gotten a job if the Fed had been abolished in 2009? (Answer: unknown, but the best guess is 17, including Bennie the part-time janitor, with a statistical error of + or – 17.)
11. How does Ben the Reverse Robin Hood justify his thievery? (Answer: he doesn’t. Officially sanctioned propaganda casts him in the role of selfless do-gooder, protecting saintly Neofeudalist Financial Lords from restless debt-serfs.) 
Listen up, debt-serfs, you have it good here on the manor estate. You get three squares of greasy fast-food or heavily processed faux-food a day, and if Reverse Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Thieves is ripping you off it’s for a good reason: the predatory Neofeudalist Financial Lords need the money more than you do, as they have a lot of political bribes to pay: it’s an election year, and the bribes are getting increasingly costly. Poor things, we’re sure you understand.
  Now go back to work or watching entertainment (or “news,” heh) [you stupid, demagogued, hate-whipped peons!]  and leave the Lords alone.

In summary, while pleading ignorance, incompetence, cluelessness, and helplessness every step of the way,  EVERY ACTION OF THE FED is DESIGNED to TRANSFER WEALTH from the American public,  TO the fascist, dictatorial, genocidal elite who effectively are the commissariat behind America's financial machine.   
    Not only are the evil bankers INTENTIONALLY WRECKING the American economy, through their ownership of the treasonous "major media" corporate owned 'news' outlets,  they tell us how "GREAT THEY ARE" at "SAVING our economy" after each and every sabotage, loot, plunder, and extortion fraud they get away with inflicting on us.

    To make it even shorter,  the evil bankers, by hiring their Neo-Con judeo led appartchiks to take over the Republican and 'Democratic' Parties, have turned EVERY U.S. government program intended to protect the wealth and savings of the American middle-class, from Glass-Steagall to FDIC to Fannie & Freddie to the entire Treasury Department,  into slush-funds from which the greedy, parasitic bankers can steal at will...