Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Racist, Genocidal, Murderous Jews at the New York Times INCITING & Promoting TERRORIST ATTACKS - by Sunni Fundamentalist TERRORISTS Aligned with Al QAEDA - Attacks to destablilize & Destroy Syria, a soverign, independent Country. The Jews care NOT a whit about Human Rights, and have become the blood-lusting Warmongers & War Profiteers portrayed in pre-WWII Nazi propaganda...

update: the evil NY + israel + D.C. Neo-Con jews (and their wholly captured U.S. government)  - using the same proxies they passively watched  perpetrate the 9-11 terror atttacks
 (which is to say, Saudi financiers + Sunni fundamentalist al Qaeda terrorists)
are planning a massive "FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACK" in Syria, using a massive POISON GAS attack which they plan to blame on the Syrian (Assad) government, using heavily armored ambulances as camoflaged APCs (armored personnel carriers) to attack, control, and then seize a portion of Syria from Syrian control... the "camel's nose in the tent" which will allow Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the State Department, Pentagon and Con-gress; France, Britain, NATO, and other subservient puppets of the jewish war state to demand the partition of Syria, and imposition of the Orwellian-termed U.S. enforced "No Fly Zone" which is really a "WE CAN BOMB YOU DAY AND NIGHT, and there's nothing you can do about it" mass-murder zone. 

    As we know from the Safire/Suzlberger (et al) "WE BELIEVE IN COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT"  jewish supported U.S. military attack on Fallujah in 2003,  the U.S. military and their jewish overlords are not in the least bit shy about 'destroying a city to save it" - or using POISON GAS to exterminate the enemy.  White Phosphorous shells used in vicinity of bunkers are effectively a poison gas. 
(Winston Churchill also supported using poison gas against Mideast opponents to Britain's imperial hegemony, Churchill wanted the British army to use deadly gas, Saddam style, on Kurds who were 'rebelling' against the British annexation of Kurdish territory after WWI.)   

      As anyone who has read the 'holy' bible knows, the biblical jews, and their modern descendents, love nothing better than EXTERMINATING the 'enemy' - that is the defining identity of judaism - in the name of a "god" whose only interest in the entire universe, they tell us, is watching his merry little band of jewish worshippers slaughter their enemies.   
 NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria 
 False flag chemical weapons attack to frame Assad finalized 
29 August 2012 (cont'd) 

Evil, bloodthirsty, warmongering, economy-killing jews at the Sulzberger New York Times promote AL QAEDA TERRORISTS and mass-murder terror attacks  in the on-going war atrocity that is the Israel and 'American' jewish + U.S. government funded COWARDLY, UNDECLARED WAR on Syria... 

   The Neo-Cons - jewish warmongers - at the Sulzberger relentlessly lying, treacherous, treasonous New York Slimes CARE NOT A WHIT for HUMAN RIGHTS in America (much less in Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy, and other increasingly "financially raped by fiat-money printing central bankers" European countries)... and their policies and agenda towards the Mideast, Central Asia, and to the very borders of Russia, India, China and other countries of the world can only be described as BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL, once you get past the deceitful Neo-Con propaganda 'spin' talking points about "freedom" and so-called "free markets."
"Despite public claims on behalf of the White House that no weapons are being sent to the rebels, reports that the CIA has been doing precisely that have been circulating for months, including a recent story about CIA spies smuggling 14 stinger missiles into Syria so rebels could defend themselves with ground to air technology. 
  The New York Times admitted in a June 21 report that the CIA was 'steering' arms to Syrian rebels from the Turkish border, but claimed the weapons were paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar."   (cont'd)


It's quite bad enough that the Neo-Con traitors - the treasonous Jewish war lobby and their funding arm, the NY, Wall Street, Washington D.C., City of London, and Tel Aviv (et al) millionaire & billionaire financial swindlers -  have left a paper trail a mile wide, a mile deep, and as long as the Mississippi River documenting their lust to invade Iraq under the benign sounding name of "regime change," but a policy that necessitated fomenting the impeachment of a president for a routine affair; the blatantly racist stealing of an election (by the racist means of tossing Black & minority voters votes, uncounted, into the trash can, in Florida in November 2000  by the state gubanatorial administration of the otherwise losing candidate's brother - an election crime whitewashed by the Sulzberger NY Slimes and Meyer/Graham Washington Post),
   the well-laid out sabotage of America's economy by the twin hammer blows of "outsourcing" U.S. jobs, factories, technology (and, indeed, entire industries) to America's economic competitors, in concert with the "DEREGULATION" invitation to fraud  jihad to legalize fraud and financial "pump & dump" looting of pensions, social security funds, and other cash hoards in America's critical financial markets...

  ...and the PREMEDITATED "New Pearl Harbor" TREASON, by the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Libby/Wurmser/Zackheim (et al) dual-citizenship "national security experts" TRAITORS infested in the highest positions in the United States government (at the White House and Pentagon/Defense Department) who INTENTIONALLY IGNORED the threat of al Qaeda terrorist plots that had every intel agency in the world "buzzing" that al Qaeda, having gone UNPUNISHED by those Neo-Con Republican "national security experts" since the October 2000 suicide bomb attack on a U.S. Navy detroyer (the U.S.S. Cole nearly blown in two in a Yemen harbor) were planning larger, more spectacular attacks in America - the treasonous Neo-Con Israel war lobby appartchiks in the U.S. government CRUSHED (and here) any normal U.S. government response to that well known terror threat
     in the HOPE that al Qaeda would perpetrate their mass murderous terror attacks in America, giving the Neo-Con war-lusting traitors the excuse they had long sought to affect the American military invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq - and all the war crimes, from lies-to-war and destruction of civilian infrastructure, to Depleted Uranium ammunition and torture by American military forces, blamed on privates and low-level non-coms who had no choice but to   follow orders directly from Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz's offices in the War Department.

    And don't forget the ANTHRAX ATTACKS on the vulnerable and embattled opposition party in Congress (specifically, the Senate offices of the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Judiciary Leader) which just happened to piggy-back on the terrifying 9-11 attacks, and just happened to terrorize the 2 senators most able to restrain the imposition of the draconian, police-state (un-) "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act," which almost perfectly mimicked Hitler's "Enabling Acts" that granted the Nazi dictator unlimited (dictatorial) powers after his own minions had staged a terrorist attack on the German Reichstag (parliament building) in 1933;  the Neo-Con dictatorship lusting "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" which was easily steam-rolled through Congress after the anthrax attacks terrorized congressional and senate offices just a few  weeks after the deadly 9-11 2001 terrorist attacks.

   But the above legacy of treason,treachery, dictatorial lust, destruction, lies-to-war and both American and global economic sabotage is seen by the Neo-Cons - the jewish war lobby & the ruthless, fraudulent financial overlords who fund them (and the israel government which coordinates the Neo-Cons and clueless jewish voters to vote for ever-increasing applications of, a relentless ratcheting up of,   that above "permanent war, police-state dictatorship, and dehumanizing corporate monopolist economic sabotage agenda") - not as an example of the treachery and sabotage that it is, but as an example of SUCCESS that needs to be aggressively exploited further. 

 And why not?  The 9-11 attacks not only created a windfall in insurance company extorted "profits" for the owners of the destroyed World Trade Towers,  but enabled the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Libby Republican administration to shove the  "MISSING 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS" from Defense Department accounting shortfalls, under the tender mercies of Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim, right out of the news... and usher in a whole new raft of Iraq invasion 'defense spending' and war profiteering, to the tune of three TRILLION American taxpayer extorted dollars (as of 4 years ago).   

   So it is that the treasonous Neo-Cons at the Sulzberger New York Times continue to act as the jewish war lobby (& Fed/Goddamn-Sachs/jpm/rothschilds financial swindlers) megaphone...promoting MORE wars, MORE nation-killing invasions,  MORE police state powers in America, and MORE "disaster capitalism," ANY EXCUSE to allow the Fed bankers to just PRINT THEMSELVES MONEY'  bailouts, Quantitative Easings, and other economic sabotage & wholesale financial wextortion schemes.... 

  NY Times Scrubs [whitewashes, omits, deletes]  Mention Of CIA Arming Syrian al Qaeda Aligned  Rebels