Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New York Jews - COMPLICIT in WET-BLANKETING U.S. Government anti-Terror alerts that would have DERAILED the 9-11 attacks, now try to FRAME IRAN for Mass-murder terror attacks that THEY WERE COMPLICIT IN....

The New York & Washington D.C. jews who had president George W. Bush and treasonous Vice President Dick Cheney WET BLANKET  ANY and ALL  U.S. government responses to the KNOWN al QAEDA TERROR THREAT in the long summer of 2001 are at it again - spreading lies and sabotage to  further the treasonous, traitorous agenda of the Neo-Con jewish supremacist judeo elites, at the expense of global cooperation and stable international relations. 

(And as they treacherously foment a SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION - in America and Europe - by having their fiat-money debt extortion cabal, the Greenspan/Bernanke 'Federal' Reserve, the Bank of England, or the ECB  very privately owned central banks,  print up  trillions upon trillions of fiat dollars, which land only in the coffers of the member/OWNER bankers,  and appear only as DEBT for everyone not part of the banking cartel, the fiat money trillions debasing the savings, wages, pensions,  financial security, and social stability of everyone else, as the evil banksters hoard their ill gotten loot, bribe Con-gress, presidents, and politicians... and foment wars and support murderous dictators worldwide.) 

 In the long summer of 2001 an al Qaeda terror threat had intel agencies world-wide "buzzing" about a potential attack - a threat that followed hard on the heels of the al Qaeda suicide bomb attack on the U.S. warship U.S.S. Cole  in a Yemen harbor in October of 2000,

  ...a deadly terror attack  that had gone UNPUNISHED for the ENTIRE TIME that PAUL WOLFOWITZ, Lewis "SCOOTER' LIBBY, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, other close allies of Israel traitor mass-murder Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  and other jewish Neo-Cons  AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS in the United States government in general, and in charge of the entire United States military through domination of the civilian leadership at the 'Defense' DEPARTMENT in particular,  WERE IGNORING -
   From January 2001 to over 3 years later, Lewis 'Scooter'  Libby was VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY's CHIEF OF STAFF, and CONCURRENTLY a "SENIOR ADVISOR" to President George W. Bush -  which is to say,  Libby was EFFECTIVELY RUNNING the entire United States government, and certainly the Bush-Cheney White House, at the time  "Counter Terror Czar"  Richard Clarke was running around that White House,  with "hair on fire" TRYING to get Bush and Cheney to attend a "Principles Meeting" to  DO SOMETHING to DETER the potential implementation of that known, deadly  Al Qaeda mass-murder terror threat
    The possibility that V.P Chief of Staff  Libby - intimately connected to Paul Wolfowitz and other Neo-Cons at the Defense Department, and with the Likud Party of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel (all of whom fancy themselves "national security experts") - was completely unawares of RIchard Clarke's urgent calls to do something to prevent a known al Qaeda terror attack threat that June, July, and August of 2001, are.... zero. 

   In the summer of 2001, as "Washington super-lawyer" and uber-Jewish supremacist Neo-Con  Libby was running the Cheney/Bush White House,  just a mile away across the Potomac River at the Pentagon,  Libby's  career pal and fellow Neo-Con, Israel/Mossad/Netanyahu (Likud) connected jewish supremacist appartchik PAUL WOLFOWITZ was effectively running the entire U.S.  Defense Department.   While Don Rumsfeld was the titular Secretary of Defense, it was Wolfowitz,  with his Neo-Con (Jewish war-lobby & big finance) contacts on the Hill (in Congress), at America's giant military / defense contractor companies, on Wall Street,  and with (the real power behind the throne) the  Israel government, who was really THE POWER BEHIND the U.S. military throne - it was Wolfo, "the ARCHITECT OF THE IRAQ WAR"   who was really put in place to plan and organize the U.S. INVASION of IRAQ - which as then Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has written, was actually "PRIORITY ONE" of the incoming Cheney/Bush/Libby/Wolfowitz cabal "from day one" of the new Bush/Cheney presidency,  waiting only for the OPPORTUNITY TO BRING those WAR PLANS to fruition -  ergo,  bring on the 9-11 attacks, ALLOW  al Qaeda TO PROCEED UNMOLESTED  "The NEW PEARL HARBOR" the treasonous Neo-Cons were lusting for.

  NOW - IN TRULY NAZI  DEMAGOGUE HATE-MONGERING fashion, the evil Neo-Cons in New York - at the Sulzberger New York Times, at the  Bloomberg "we don't know how many trillions of fiat dollars Bernanke is printing" financial 'news' outlet;  at any of the dozen of traitorous AIPAC Israel war lobby fronts in that city;  or at many of the same Neo-Con propaganda hate-mongers operating out of Washington DC at the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, at the 'American Enterprise Institute,"  at the blatantly Jewish supremacist "Project for a New 'american' Century", and at many other AIPAC warmongering organizations -
  - are now TRYING TO BLAME IRAN for the 9-11 attacks.

   THERE SHOULD BE A PLACE IN HELL for these mass-murderous, genocidal, hate-mongering jewish liars,  but of course  "g_o_d" - the so-called "god of the universe" as the Jews claim "their" god is -   COULD have STOPPED  Hitler and the Nazis from waging their "final solution" DEATH CAMPS,  but "god"  "allowed" those mass-murder factories to proceed, pretty much unmolested for several years.  So the inescapable conclusion is, that the "god" of the jews is a bloodthirsty tyrant,  who has an insatiable blood-lust for the blood of millions of innocent victims - at least after every 20-30 years, if the past blood-drenched century is any indication.

   To put all the above in plain English,  "Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas" and Federal Judge George Danials are  LYING, GESTAPO PIGS,  working to BLAME A NATION - Iran - that was DEADLY ENEMIES of the bin Laden/Taliban regime in Afghanistan, for COMPLICITY in the 9-11 terror attacks that ACTUALLY had the COMPLICITY of the Israel secret police, israel military intel, israel Mossad, and the jewish state (israel) High Command 

 ...which treason / complicity had,  by the summer of 2001,  completely  INFESTED the Cheney-Bush "American"  White House, with Vice President Cheney and the idiot president DOING NOTHING to DETER the well known, deadly terror threat...

  ...the Cheney/bush/LIBBY White House, and Perle/Feith/Wursmer/WOLFOWITZ Defense Department, effectively ROLLED OUT A RED CARPET for the Al Qaeda hijack terrorists on 9-11,  and allowed 3,000+ American citizens to die that day, as so much BAIT  left hanging in the wind, to bring about the U.S. INVASION OF IRAQ that was the real core agenda of the Cheney/bush/Libby/Wolfowitz administration  "from day one." 

US judge blames Iran for 9/11, demands $6billion payment…how dumb do they think we are?

Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas orders payments to 110 survivors and estates of 47 victims, including the pilot of United Airlines Flight 175, which hit south tower of World Trade Center.
A judge Monday awarded 9/11 relatives $6 billion in their suit targeting Al Qaeda and silent partner Iran for complicity in the heinous plot that killed nearly 3,000 people. 

Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas’ ruling is the first to hit those responsible for the attacks with civil penalties, which would be due to 110 survivors and to the estates of 47 victims that are parties to the suit....

   ...Last year, Federal Judge George Daniels ruled that 9/11 was not just the work of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban regime that gave them safe haven.

[Judge] Daniels found that Iran, its Grand Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei and the regime’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah aided the attacks.  
     [pure fabricated LIES by the U.S. government and    complicit Federal judges:  IRAN was DEADLY ENEMIES with the Taliban and Al Qaeda - who were SUNNI Muslims in Afghanistan,  who were waging JIHAD,  wars of ethnic-cleansing/genocide against the SHIA/Shiite Muslims who were Iran's allies in that war ravaged country.] 

Iran concealed hijackers’ travel through the country and could have prevented them from entering the U.S., while an Iranian government memo suggested Khamenei knew of the plot in May 2001.
 [NO - it was the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, that DID NOTHING to examine, much less intercept, KNOWN Al QAEDA SYMPATHIZERS, OPERATING IN the UNITED STATES - some of them TAKING FLYING LESSONS at American private airports.]
Investigators also believe that Iran helped Al Qaeda members escape Afghanistan after 9/11 and provided some safe haven. The 9/11 commission cited the findings and said they merited further investigation.  
  [ANOTHER  U.S. GOVERNMENT and NEW YORK MEDIA LIE:  the Iran government OFFERED TO AID the U.S. military INVASION OF AFGHANISTAN... specifically to help the U.S. ROUT the Taliban and Al Qaeda Sunni fundamentalist (terrorist) fighters OUT of that war torn nation.] 
...the families’ legal team [will] seek seizure of Iranian state assets overseas, which they say fund terror worldwide.
[THIS IS PURE NAZI TACTICS - Just as the Nazis SEIZED THE PROPERTY OF JEWS in Germany after 'Kristalnacht' in 1933.]
International seizures are common in the business world, said plaintiffs’ lawyer Tom Mellon.
“But in the terror world, this is uncharted territory,” Mellon said.
Saracini doesn’t care.
“I never was in this for the money. I wanted accountability,” she said. “The money will never bring back my husband, so I don’t care about it.”  
      [ IF  Ms. Saracini "wants accountability" - she should look to HER OWN TREACHEROUS GOVERNMENT,  who LEFT HER HUSBAND SITTING ON THAT AIRLINER like a goat tied to a stake in the jungle to bait a tiger attack.]  

  REPRISING their DEADLY, EVIL WARMONGERING lies that preceded the IRAQ INVASION, the New York, D.C.  and israel jewish Neo-Cons are ONCE AGAIN PUSHING LIES and HATE-PROPAGANDA to foment a NEW WAR - this time against Iran.

  They - the NY, israel, and DC neocons - are truly bloodthirsty, warmongering vampires - no people on earth are safe from their nuclear saber-rattling, economies wrecking  fiat-money debt extortion,   Great Depression-esque economic sabotage, or U.S. military conventional attacks and wars of conquest & invasion...  

 ATTACKING IRAQ was "PRIORITY ONE from DAY ONE" of the Cheney/Bush/Wolfowitz/Libby administration in January, 2001...   the sad, grisly, blood-drenched truth about an out-of-control American government that now, today, regards AMERICAN CITIZENS, with no more respect  than they gave to the Iraqi citizens that they bombed, embargoed, tortured, invaded,  and occupied since the Wolfowitz/Cheney/Perle/Feith/Libby/Bolton/Bush (et al) U.S. invasion of & Iraq in March 2003 -