Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Racist, Genocidal, Murderous Jews at the New York Times INCITING & Promoting TERRORIST ATTACKS - by Sunni Fundamentalist TERRORISTS Aligned with Al QAEDA - Attacks to destablilize & Destroy Syria, a soverign, independent Country. The Jews care NOT a whit about Human Rights, and have become the blood-lusting Warmongers & War Profiteers portrayed in pre-WWII Nazi propaganda...

update: the evil NY + israel + D.C. Neo-Con jews (and their wholly captured U.S. government)  - using the same proxies they passively watched  perpetrate the 9-11 terror atttacks
 (which is to say, Saudi financiers + Sunni fundamentalist al Qaeda terrorists)
are planning a massive "FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACK" in Syria, using a massive POISON GAS attack which they plan to blame on the Syrian (Assad) government, using heavily armored ambulances as camoflaged APCs (armored personnel carriers) to attack, control, and then seize a portion of Syria from Syrian control... the "camel's nose in the tent" which will allow Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the State Department, Pentagon and Con-gress; France, Britain, NATO, and other subservient puppets of the jewish war state to demand the partition of Syria, and imposition of the Orwellian-termed U.S. enforced "No Fly Zone" which is really a "WE CAN BOMB YOU DAY AND NIGHT, and there's nothing you can do about it" mass-murder zone. 

    As we know from the Safire/Suzlberger (et al) "WE BELIEVE IN COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT"  jewish supported U.S. military attack on Fallujah in 2003,  the U.S. military and their jewish overlords are not in the least bit shy about 'destroying a city to save it" - or using POISON GAS to exterminate the enemy.  White Phosphorous shells used in vicinity of bunkers are effectively a poison gas. 
(Winston Churchill also supported using poison gas against Mideast opponents to Britain's imperial hegemony, Churchill wanted the British army to use deadly gas, Saddam style, on Kurds who were 'rebelling' against the British annexation of Kurdish territory after WWI.)   

      As anyone who has read the 'holy' bible knows, the biblical jews, and their modern descendents, love nothing better than EXTERMINATING the 'enemy' - that is the defining identity of judaism - in the name of a "god" whose only interest in the entire universe, they tell us, is watching his merry little band of jewish worshippers slaughter their enemies.   
 NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria 
 False flag chemical weapons attack to frame Assad finalized 
29 August 2012 (cont'd) 

Evil, bloodthirsty, warmongering, economy-killing jews at the Sulzberger New York Times promote AL QAEDA TERRORISTS and mass-murder terror attacks  in the on-going war atrocity that is the Israel and 'American' jewish + U.S. government funded COWARDLY, UNDECLARED WAR on Syria... 

   The Neo-Cons - jewish warmongers - at the Sulzberger relentlessly lying, treacherous, treasonous New York Slimes CARE NOT A WHIT for HUMAN RIGHTS in America (much less in Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy, and other increasingly "financially raped by fiat-money printing central bankers" European countries)... and their policies and agenda towards the Mideast, Central Asia, and to the very borders of Russia, India, China and other countries of the world can only be described as BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL, once you get past the deceitful Neo-Con propaganda 'spin' talking points about "freedom" and so-called "free markets."
"Despite public claims on behalf of the White House that no weapons are being sent to the rebels, reports that the CIA has been doing precisely that have been circulating for months, including a recent story about CIA spies smuggling 14 stinger missiles into Syria so rebels could defend themselves with ground to air technology. 
  The New York Times admitted in a June 21 report that the CIA was 'steering' arms to Syrian rebels from the Turkish border, but claimed the weapons were paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar."   (cont'd)


It's quite bad enough that the Neo-Con traitors - the treasonous Jewish war lobby and their funding arm, the NY, Wall Street, Washington D.C., City of London, and Tel Aviv (et al) millionaire & billionaire financial swindlers -  have left a paper trail a mile wide, a mile deep, and as long as the Mississippi River documenting their lust to invade Iraq under the benign sounding name of "regime change," but a policy that necessitated fomenting the impeachment of a president for a routine affair; the blatantly racist stealing of an election (by the racist means of tossing Black & minority voters votes, uncounted, into the trash can, in Florida in November 2000  by the state gubanatorial administration of the otherwise losing candidate's brother - an election crime whitewashed by the Sulzberger NY Slimes and Meyer/Graham Washington Post),
   the well-laid out sabotage of America's economy by the twin hammer blows of "outsourcing" U.S. jobs, factories, technology (and, indeed, entire industries) to America's economic competitors, in concert with the "DEREGULATION" invitation to fraud  jihad to legalize fraud and financial "pump & dump" looting of pensions, social security funds, and other cash hoards in America's critical financial markets...

  ...and the PREMEDITATED "New Pearl Harbor" TREASON, by the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Libby/Wurmser/Zackheim (et al) dual-citizenship "national security experts" TRAITORS infested in the highest positions in the United States government (at the White House and Pentagon/Defense Department) who INTENTIONALLY IGNORED the threat of al Qaeda terrorist plots that had every intel agency in the world "buzzing" that al Qaeda, having gone UNPUNISHED by those Neo-Con Republican "national security experts" since the October 2000 suicide bomb attack on a U.S. Navy detroyer (the U.S.S. Cole nearly blown in two in a Yemen harbor) were planning larger, more spectacular attacks in America - the treasonous Neo-Con Israel war lobby appartchiks in the U.S. government CRUSHED (and here) any normal U.S. government response to that well known terror threat
     in the HOPE that al Qaeda would perpetrate their mass murderous terror attacks in America, giving the Neo-Con war-lusting traitors the excuse they had long sought to affect the American military invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq - and all the war crimes, from lies-to-war and destruction of civilian infrastructure, to Depleted Uranium ammunition and torture by American military forces, blamed on privates and low-level non-coms who had no choice but to   follow orders directly from Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz's offices in the War Department.

    And don't forget the ANTHRAX ATTACKS on the vulnerable and embattled opposition party in Congress (specifically, the Senate offices of the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Judiciary Leader) which just happened to piggy-back on the terrifying 9-11 attacks, and just happened to terrorize the 2 senators most able to restrain the imposition of the draconian, police-state (un-) "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act," which almost perfectly mimicked Hitler's "Enabling Acts" that granted the Nazi dictator unlimited (dictatorial) powers after his own minions had staged a terrorist attack on the German Reichstag (parliament building) in 1933;  the Neo-Con dictatorship lusting "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" which was easily steam-rolled through Congress after the anthrax attacks terrorized congressional and senate offices just a few  weeks after the deadly 9-11 2001 terrorist attacks.

   But the above legacy of treason,treachery, dictatorial lust, destruction, lies-to-war and both American and global economic sabotage is seen by the Neo-Cons - the jewish war lobby & the ruthless, fraudulent financial overlords who fund them (and the israel government which coordinates the Neo-Cons and clueless jewish voters to vote for ever-increasing applications of, a relentless ratcheting up of,   that above "permanent war, police-state dictatorship, and dehumanizing corporate monopolist economic sabotage agenda") - not as an example of the treachery and sabotage that it is, but as an example of SUCCESS that needs to be aggressively exploited further. 

 And why not?  The 9-11 attacks not only created a windfall in insurance company extorted "profits" for the owners of the destroyed World Trade Towers,  but enabled the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Libby Republican administration to shove the  "MISSING 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS" from Defense Department accounting shortfalls, under the tender mercies of Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim, right out of the news... and usher in a whole new raft of Iraq invasion 'defense spending' and war profiteering, to the tune of three TRILLION American taxpayer extorted dollars (as of 4 years ago).   

   So it is that the treasonous Neo-Cons at the Sulzberger New York Times continue to act as the jewish war lobby (& Fed/Goddamn-Sachs/jpm/rothschilds financial swindlers) megaphone...promoting MORE wars, MORE nation-killing invasions,  MORE police state powers in America, and MORE "disaster capitalism," ANY EXCUSE to allow the Fed bankers to just PRINT THEMSELVES MONEY'  bailouts, Quantitative Easings, and other economic sabotage & wholesale financial wextortion schemes.... 

  NY Times Scrubs [whitewashes, omits, deletes]  Mention Of CIA Arming Syrian al Qaeda Aligned  Rebels 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Under the chokehold of the Treasonous jewish war lobby, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Entire State Department & U.S. Con-gress... SUPPORT TERRORISM in their bloody undeclared war in Syria....

 Hillary Clinton, the nominal 'United' States SECRETARY of STATE, and her nominal boss,  President Barack Obama, are SUPPORTING TERRORISTS at the behest of the treasonous jewish war lobby, in a relentless scorched-earth campaign to destroy Syria,  and indeed turn the entire MiddleEast  into a chaotic,  blood-soaked, war-torn, divided & conquered, terrorized string of colonies of the Netanyahu, Sharon, Liberman (et al) Jewish supremacist, mass-murderous,  Likud Party run jewish war state. 
   All the more hideous is that the Rothschilds jewish debt extortion financiers, through their wholly owned Reuters European 'news' service  (a 100+ year propaganda megaphone for the treasonous global jewish 'money power' and the jewish war state they (Rothschilds) spawned in the late 19th and post-WWII 20th century)  have declared war on the men, women, and personnel of the (late) 'United' States military, trying to paint U.S. military veterans as armed and psychotic crazies who must be reigned in, controlled and... ultimately, eliminated, in a coming-to-America Stalinesque style DHS purge?  

   Coming from the BLATANTLY RACIST, GENOCIDAL JEWS (Rothschilds and other jewish financiers) who power and finance the mass-murderous Likud Party jewish supremacist agenda in israel, this is beyond gall and hypocrisy... it is ghoulish, vampire  treason and lack of respect for the men and women of the American military whose parents, only a generation ago, saved Europe (and those 'judeo elites,' from henry kissinger and ted koppel, to dozens of American jewish-millionaire families, to the rothschilds themselves)  from the Nazi Gestapo & SS. 


Below the first 3 paragraphs of text from the treasonous "Foreign Policy"  war-crimes inciting propaganda rag masquerading as a 'news' article....
TWO CHEERS for Syrian ISLAMISTS [!!!!]  
By all accounts, Sunni Islamists are leading the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are on track to become the paramount political force in Damascus after he's gone. The mainstream Syrian Muslim Brotherhood dominatesthe Syrian National Council, the opposition's primary political umbrella and diaspora fundraising arm, while more militant Salafi-jihadist groups are assuming a steadily greaterrole in fighting regime forces on the ground. Even the supposedly secular Free Syrian Army (FSA) is exhibiting an Islamist character, with one leading commander recently exhortingSyrians to "go for jihad" and "gain an afterlife and heaven." Many outside observers find the Islamist character of the revolt disconcerting, with some even counseling indirect U.S. military intervention as a means of suppressing it.    
Unfortunately, there's not much the United States can do about it.   [THIS IS A BALD LIE. For one, the United States government and the war criminals in israel  COULD STOP SUPPORTING the "religious fundamentalist" = JIHADI TERRORISTS attacks.  And, at a time when the U.S. is actively trying to sabotage an established nation (Syria) that has representation in the United Nations; and just under 10 years after the United States INVADED IRAQ based on the serial Neo-Con  lies that Saddam's Iraq has ties to the SUNNI al Qaeda TERRORISTS who attacked America on 9-11,  these lying FP pigs want to have their cake and eat it too.]  
Islamist political ascendancy is inevitable in a majority Sunni Muslim country brutalized for more than four decades by a secular minoritarian dictatorship.   [ANOTHER total FP lie.]  
 Moreover, enormous financial resources are pouring in from the Arab-Islamic world [WITH the TREASONOUS  jewish war lobby's approval murderous approval]  to promote explicitly Islamist resistance to Assad's Alawite-dominated, Iranian-backed regime. Providing "secular" rebels with additional money and arms won't reverse the effects.  For starters, the Assad regime would not be in the trouble it's in today were it not for the Islamists.  [EXACTLY!  the TREASONOUS Neo-Cons and their jewish war state partners in genocidal atrocities & war crimes, are SUPPORTING ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, in attempt to DESTROY  YET ANOTHER Mideast county, and turn it into a vassal of the genocidal jewish war state.]  
Though the March 2011 uprising was initially broad-based, the Arab world's most sophisticated internal security apparatus easily pacified protesters outside of heavily Sunni areas. But the mixture of faith and politics proved impossible to contain: Since banning Muslims from attending prayers was politically unthinkable, mosques became the focal points of massive anti-government demonstrations that quickly overwhelmed the regime's capacity to clear the streets without bloodshed.  
  Islamists -- many of them hardened by years of fighting U.S. forces in Iraq -- are simply more effective fighters than their secular counterparts.... (cont'd)  

 read that last sentence again!      president barack obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, the entire 'United' States State Department, the treasonous Civilian Command overlords of the U.S. military, the  treasonous, money-grubbing-from-a-foreign-power Republicans and 'Democrats' on Capital Hill
(sucking up  AIPAC legalized bribes "campaign donations" COORDINATED by a foreign nation,  the jewish war state, israel)

 ...are now SUPPORTING FIGHTERS who gained experience... FIGHTING the American army and military in Iraq!   

   The very Neo-Con uber-hypocrite DEFINITION of  "terrorists" !!!!


   The paid professional liars at 'Foreign Policy' magazine,  just like those at the similar Neo-Con (judeo war lobby + predatory finance overlords) run Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) do nothing but  regurgitate and propogate the textbook rehashings of those genocidal, jewish supremacist Jewish war lobby (Neo-Con) war-mongering talking points - see the wiki entry for Foreign Policy (magazine & founders), here in this lead sentence to wiki's entry:

Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American magazine founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel."
 Wouldn't you know it, under the wiki entry for Manshel's bio is a heading bragging on the "Manshel Lecture on American Foreign Policy, Harvard University" - with no less than jewish war lobby NY/Ivy League uber- propagandist Irving Kristol (deceased) as the first honoree.

Monday, August 20, 2012

IMPEACH President Barack Obama for HIGH CRIMES, TREASON, GROSS, economy-killing Financial Crimes... and the imposition of a DICTATORSHIP TERRORIST REGIME against the American people to intimidate the press, DESTROY American freedoms, and cover up vast government crimes INSTIGATED by the Jewish War Lobby & parasite financiers - who are now treating Americans the way Netanyahu & co. treat occupied, NO civil rights Palestinians....


   "Did you know that the DUE PROCESS CLAUSE is SUSPENDED?"  after Obama's Jews shoved the GESTAPO NDAA bill through a CORRUPT, TREASONOUS Con-gress  this year...  

  Michael Bloomberg, Jacob Lew, Rahm Emanuel,  Cass Sunstein, Ben Bernanke, Arthur Sulzberger and his New York Times, the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, the  Time/Warner/CNN Hollywood jewish media network - the treasonous Jews in the Bush administration, and legions of Jews at Jewish supremacist lobby groups, civic action groups, and, yes, in the jewish temples across America, which coordinate the above jewish supremacy assault on Americans and across the world 
  -  ALL are "IN" on the  tremendous TREASONOUS ASSAULT on, ABJECT CRIMINALIZATION of,   and relentless TERRORIZATION by government military & paramilitary agencies,  of the American people...   

 In the below video, Jewish war lobby puppet Senator Lindsey Graham vies with Senator John McInsane for title of "U.S. goy (non-jewish) Senator most proficient at regurgitating treasonous Jewish War Lobby talking points" - in this case,  Lindsey asserts that because of the so-called "war on terror" AMERICANS NO LONGER HAVE ANY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and may therefore be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, and even tortured - with NO need for the government to even inform the kidnapped American's family that their family member has been 'detained'
(much less does the arrested,  kidnapped, "detained" American have any rights to a lawyer or legal defense). 

note how, in the above video,  in  a  Fox 'news' clip  (for once, Fox actually reports the facts) President Obama - a so-called "liberal Democrat" - also REGURGITATES the JEWISH WAR LOBBY TALKING POINTS, that
the  (late) United States Constitution is "AN IMPERFECT DOCUMENT" - which is to say, that a JEWISH RUN DICTATORSHIP, as have been run  by the Jewish priest  caste and kings from 3,500 years ago  during the Bronze Age - would be superior to our elected, nominally 'representative' American form of government. 

In another article, Glenn Greenwald also explains how the NDAA "national defense authorization act" bill that President Barack Obama signed  is specifically an AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP bill - hidden (in the Con-gress and Jewish war lobby's typical, cowardly fashion) behind the multi-trillion dollar American military "defense" budget, the NDAA allows the Commissar Appartchiks running the U.S. government and military to "detain" - ARREST and throw into a GESTAPO/SS CONCENTRATION CAMP prison - ANYONE they declare to be "an enemy."  

    So that's progress:  fifty+ years after American jews condemned and wailed about  the ability of Nazis in Germany to round up, arrest, and eliminate large swaths of the population, AMERICAN JEWS running the U.S. presidency, financial system, military, police, government apparatus,  and Con-gress now have that power! 

    This new Gestapo/KGB power is deeply rooted in the jewish bible, where, for example, upon the Jewish girl Esther having seduced the Persian king and becoming de facto Queen of Persia, her jewish kinsmen and relatives proceed to launch a mass-murderous purge of Persians and other nationalities (with the Persian king's acquiescence) that killed thousands of Persians - with no trial, no restraint, and certainly no remorse.

      In fact, part of being jewish is to GLOAT,  each & every year at "Purim" for the past 2,500 years,  about the massacre of 75,000 Persians (Esther 9:16) - including baking of cookies in the shape of an ear to metaphorically devour - CANNIBALIZE! - the defeated 'enemy'.

So, without even looking far, we can see a thousands-year+  history of judeo elites and their coreligionists seeking to place themselves in positions of power,  where they hold the absolute power of life and death over all their neighbors... which leads to today's most vital question -
Are Barack Obama's TREASONOUS advisers preparing the United States for a DICTATORSHIP - a STATE OF MARTIAL LAW, to follow a BANKING COLLAPSE?!

If so, this would basically be a repeat of both the Great Depression Stock Market crash of 1929, and of the total FAILURE of the banking system - followed shortly thereafter by the well known attempt by some of America's wealthiest families and financiers to stage a MILITARY COUP to oust President Franklin D. Roosevelt from office.

      The irony then was that President Roosevelt, despite talking about "The malefactors of Great Wealth," not only did not prosecute ANY of America's wealthiest mega-financiers for possible collusion, predatory credit contraction and/or other financial crimes leading to the Great Depression,
 but Mr. Roosevelt NEVER AUDITED THE FED - and, indeed, President Roosevelt's GOLD CONFISCATION ACT of 1933 used the authority of the government to SEIZE gold privately held by American citizens - the president OUTLAWED the possession of gold by Americans!  - and ordered Americans to hand their gold over to the very bankers  who had instigated the Great Depression!! -

 -  the so-called 'Federal' Reserve very privately owned fiat money printing, debt extortion, pump-and-dump economies wrecking monopoly banking cartel.
Under President Roosevelt's so-called "liberal" Treasury Secretary, Henry Morganthau, AMERICANS WERE FORCED to sell their gold to the government - at an ARTIFICIALLY LOW PRICE SET by the government - by Mr. Morganthau's DICTATE.

 If part of the legend of American greatness was the possibility for any lucky "Forty-Niner" gold miner to strike it rich by discovering gold in California's gold rush that started in 1849, how many Americans realize that by 1933 in the so-called 'land of the free' the United States government - BY DICTATE - was able to OUTLAW the private ownership of that gold?!

     So too, today, do we have a "Democrat" President in an economic recession MASQUERADING as a "liberal," but actually doing the dirty work of the elitist, monopoly extortion genocidal Fed bankers, based on the Rothschilds owned Bank of England model, and run by Jewish bankers - Eugene Meyer, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellin, and many others  - here in America.
  (note: Anyone who thinks that the Washington Post is a "liberal" newspaper is a deluded fool:  the Post was purchased back in 1932 by EUGENE MEYER, the jewish banker who was moved to the TOP of the "Federal" Reserve banking cartel, as Chairman of the Fed,  at the very height of the Great Depression - put there to turn the screws on the American people, more than his non-jewish predecessors, who had gotten America in to the Depression, had done.
  (note: in the above link, the abstract fairly gives 'credit' to Meyer for CREATING the American economic "contraction" that we know of today as the Great Depression"!)**
   Hounded out of that very visible position by courageous Congressman Louis T. McFadden (who was murdered by poison for his courageous opposition to the treasonous Fed), Eugene Meyer used his ill-gotten  Fed 'funny money' to purchase the Washington Post newspaper - undoutbably supported by other jews and allies of the Fed financial extortion racket.   What is quite amazing is just how good the Post's propaganda is - millions of deluded Americans believing this radical right-wing, treasonous, jewish supremacist, warmongering & shylock debt extortion propaganda rag has been "liberal" since becoming Meyer's judeo bankers' megaphone back in the 1930s.) 
** note 2:  In the wikipedia bio of Eugene Meyer, they state: "Meyer strongly supported government relief to combat the Great Depression, taking on an additional post as chief of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Hoover's unsuccessful attempt to aid companies by providing loans to businesses."   
   However, if the PROBLEM is TOO MUCH DEBT and not enough economic activity... 
 ....then "new loans to business" = MORE DEBT!  And as to the "altruistic" nature of Eugene Meyer taking on the position of Chief of the RFC... well, it is a "finance corporation" - and finance corporations are built around making a profit...  never "altruism."    In particular, the jewish Fed banker's "solution" to the problem of a teetering U.S. economy in the 1920s... is identical to the jewish run Fed banking cabal's "SOLUTION" to our current, growing worse economic crisis today in 2012 - CREATE MORE DEBT (using the Fed's fiat money printing, "create money out of thin air" powers) - and FOIST IT ON TO the already debt-strapped American people - turning them in to wage slaves, if not debt slaves.  If Eugene Meyer presided over the worsening American economy leading up to the Great Depression in the 1920s, you can see the seeds of our modern, "new Great Depression" in 2008-2013 era, by President Truman appointing the Fed BANKING SABOTEUR Eugene Meyers to be the first head of the World Bank in 1946 - one of the lead players, along with the IMF, the ECB, and the Fed itself, of the GLOBAL DEBT  CRISIS today. 

  below cartoon - Under the stranglehold of his Jewish puppet-masters, President Barack Obama REFUSES to PROSECUTE FINANCIAL CRIMES on Wall Street and at the Fed,  wholesale and serial financial crimes that are GUTTING AMERICA's ECONOMY - and transferring the wealth of American working families to jewish billionaires, millionaire financiers, and their hired/allied goy partners in extortion, financial crimes, global economic sabotage.... and global war atrocities to hide and mask that genocidal global financial extortion...

 below video: the now TREASONOUS  President Barack Obama WILL NOT PROSECUTE FINANCIAL CRIMES that are DESTROYING America's economy - but he will send whole teams of FBI goons to terrorize "Wikileaks" publisher Julian Assange, now holed up, by global AMERICAN anti-freedom-of-press TERRORISM, in an embassy in London...  

 below: Obama's TREASONOUS advisers, IN CONCERT WITH the Jewish War Lobby TRAITORS in CON-GRESS, in the Senate, throughout the entire U.S. government, in AIPAC's many lobbying fronts, and in the jewish owned press/media,  PREPARE for MARTIAL LAW to SUPPRESS OUTRAGE after the coming  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE -  The Irish "Great Famine" of 1848, a British army induced holocaust that killed somewhere between 2 milllion and six million Irish souls,  about to be visited on... clueless, servile, enslaved "shiksa & shegetz" Americans...

U.S. Banks being Prepared for TOTAL COLLAPSE -
Martial law is being prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October.
by Jaques Fresco, 12 August 2012 

 more on how the Judeo elites have turned the American government AGAINST Americans:
'US political system hostile to Americans'

Poverty & the Banking Elite's DEATH TOLL -


 President Barack Obama is a HIRED and BRIBED PUPPET - as is the entire U.S. Congress - of the CRIMINAL JEWISH FINANCIAL CARTEL, of which Golddamn-Sachs is the undisputed American flagship.

  For 3,500 years judeo elite have, at all times, been trying to rise to the apex of local and regional power and  trying to extort their neighbors (Exodus 12:36)... That steady drumbeat of history has now arrived in America, where, for the second time (the Great Depression being at least the first, and the "great Panic of 1907 almost certainly another example) INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE is the tried and true means for the judeo financial elites to consolidate their ABSOLUTE POWER over their now dispossessed, disenfranchised, economically subjugated, and financially enslaved - DEBT EXTORTED - neighbors and 'countrymen'.   
Goldman Skates
 by Karl Dennigner,  The Market-Ticker.org
 August 10, 2012
After a yearlong investigation, the Justice Department said Thursday that it won't bring charges against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS +1.06% or any of its employees for financial fraud related to the mortgage crisis.

In a statement, the Justice Department said "the burden of proof" couldn't be met to prosecute Goldman criminally based on claims made in an extensive report prepared by a U.S. Senate panel that investigated the financial crisis.

Let's see.... the standard of proof is "beyond a reasonable doubt." Do you think a jury would be convinced if you could show that...

The report concluded that even as securities firms flooded the market with securitized mortgages and advised clients to buy them, firms privately used words like "crap" and "flying pig" to describe the financial instruments.
And this is not sufficient for a jury to find that "beyond a reasonable doubt" the people who bought those securities were deceived as to what Goldman believed about them?

That's an interesting conclusion by the US Just-US department.

If you want to know why we're going exactly nowhere in the United States from an economic perspective, you need only look to this decision. Entrepreneurs simply do not have the influence to obtain this sort of "Just-US", and thus they must play by the rules. But the banksters do not have that infirmity; whatever they want to do, they appear to be able to get away with -- and they will not be prosecuted even when their own emails show that they are calling the allegedly-valuable securities they're selling "crap" and a "flying pig" internally.

You would have to be out of your mind to invest in a small business today, or to start one, as this is what you're competing against.

Without putting an end of this crap economic recovery is impossible.  [end]


Mr. Denninger is absolutely correct: without an end to the CRIMINAL financial RACKETEERING and  EXTORTION of America's critical financial  markets, and of the entire American economy,  the American economy CAN NOT POSSIBLY RECOVER. 

  EVERYTHING the Wall Street financiers do -  in "revolving door" positions in the U.S. government, in the Obama White House and cabinet, in the Republican AND "Democrat" parties - everything they do is DESIGNED to FUNNEL BILLIONS upon trillions of American privately held or taxpayer dollars TO THEMSELVES and their criminal hedge-funds and bankrupt, fraudulent accounting, loan-sharking, debt extortion cabal 'banks'. 

  Sadly, however, Mr. Denninger (who we believe is jewish)  fails to see how it is a JUDEO ELITE who are running this larcenous, criminal, extortion-by-fraud racket by design... and that the destruction collapse of the American economy is, subliminally if not overtly, the DESIRED GOAL of the would-be genocidal kleptocrats.

 (As "destroying the enemy" has been the goal of not just judeo elites, but all elites, throughout world history - but especially for those who have been brought up as "the chosen race," indoctrinated since childhood on the genocidal extermination of neighbors and rivals as a "holy" cause;  and, since the Babylonian captivity 2,500+ years ago, have become quite expert at rising to the top, despite minority status, within a larger, 'foreign' empire. 
    See the book of Esther bible quotes, above in this post,  for more details.) 

below:  Part and parcel of the judeo elite WAR on the AMERICAN ECONOMY, is their need to wage WAR ON AMERICA's PRESS FREEDOMS:   because, eventually, someone will stumble on "just who it is who is running this disastrous, deadly, genocidal show" - and  throughout history,  servile, subjugated, oppressed, and despised majorities have tended to rebel violently and try to overthrow their oppressor elites - much less those who entire identity is to despise their host countrymen...

...the below excellent commentary/interview by the very "liberal," very courageous, and very jewish Naomi Wolf - who was arrested by New York jewish BILLIONAIRE mayor michael Bloomberg's GESTAPO NY police goon squad, for her standing on a sidewalk during an "Occupy Wall Street" protest earlier this year -

  (note:   like Karl Denninger, Ms. Klein can't quite connect that last dot -  that the economic crisis, the expanding wars in Mideast and Asia, and the POLICE STATE CRACKDOWN she discusses here, are all organized, coordinated, pushed for, and paid for by the treasonous jewish war lobby, which in turn is funded by the jewish dominated fiat-money "Fed" financial swindlers debt extortion  cartel in America) 

‘US instigating violent crackdown on whistleblowers, dissent’

With the world closely watching the rapidly developing case of Julian Assange, RT sat down with American author Naomi Wolf to discuss why journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to publish data the US government doesn’t want them to.
Last month, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered Pentagon officials to keep a close eye on major US media outlets in an effort to prevent them from publishing government secrets. The order came after whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks made public thousands of classified documents belonging to the US and other countries.
The site’s founder, Julian Assange, is wanted in connection to a European arrest warrant and is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. On Thursday, Ecuador granted him political asylum, but he still faces the challenge of actually reaching the country, as British authorities have made it clear that he will be arrested as soon as he steps out of the consulate.
While Assange is wanted for questioning in a sex crimes case in Sweden, recently-adopted US legislation is making citizens think twice before going to public protests to exercise their First Amendment rights, Naomi Wolf,  author of The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, noted.
RT:Recently, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced an order to Pentagon officials to begin monitoring major news stations in the US to see if any media outlets are disclosing classified information. As a journalist and an American, what is your take?
Naomi Wolf: My immediate take is a profound feeling of nausea and a sense that somehow, the United States has collapsed into the Soviet Union circa the mid-1930s. This was horribly foreseeable, but I can’t believe it’s come to this. The Bush administration began its trajectory several years ago by saying that they were going to start to reactivate the Espionage Act, and they threatened to go after The New York Times when they broke the SWIFT banking story about how the government was monitoring people's financial transactions. But a journalist’s job is to publish classified information. First of all, these two White Houses, Obama’s and Bush’s, have been systematically over-classifying everything, especially wrong-doing – anything related to what whistleblowers want to release, torture they’ve engaged in, the methods of torture, fraud, corruption – they’re classifying it all. I’ve had conversations with legal representatives of people at Guantanamo who tell me that they can’t tell me how their clients have been tortured because it’s classified and they would get in trouble because of the way government is over-classifying information. It’s not national security information, it’s the government classification as a way of protecting its own corruption and fraud.
But what’s so scary about this is that anyone who’s a journalist, who tells the truth – and there’s nothing wrong with this – it’s journalists doing their job, I will say, and I said this when Julian Assange was arrested – that up and down the eastern seaboard in dinner parties, in cocktail parties in the elite media stream, all we do is talk about classified information and trade classified information, share classified information, and show off when we have classified information, because it means that we are being effective at our jobs. That’s not the same as leaking it. I do agree that someone who actually leaks classified information knows that they’re breaking the law. I’m not saying there’s no reason not to have classification in a working democracy, but the job of journalists is to publish classified information that is brought to them that’s in the public interest. And so now, it’s like mafia tactics; the government is saying to journalists everywhere in America, we’re going to intimidate you. And we’re threatening you with serious legal penalties like prison time if you do your job. That’s what they do in China. I can’t believe it’s come to this. Obviously journalists publish classified information because that’s how we know that we’re living in a democracy.
RT:What do you think will happen to Julian Assange if he ends up in the US?
NW: In an ideal world, obviously I believe in the rule of law, and in an ideal world he would go safely to Sweden, and the women who accused would have their day in court, and he would have his day in court, and justice would be impartial. I don’t think that’s what happening in his case. I think it’s a global manhunt to punish and silence a whistleblower publisher. Not a leaker, but a publisher, I want to stress this. Bradley Manning leaked the material, allegedly, and so he has to deal with whatever he has to deal with. Dan Ellsberg is to Bradley Manning as Julian Assange is to The New York Times. So I think that there is no way that he can have an impartial trial in Sweden, but quite apart from that, I’m quite concerned that there is some meta-national pressure on Britain and on Sweden by the US. Andrew Kreig, a very good investigative citizen journalist, has documented a lot of evidence that demonstrates that the intent is to extradite Assange to the US and then have him be the highest-profile journalist at Guantanamo. Where do you go from there? People have been there for ten years without a charge or trial. And I think that that’s not just to silence him, but I think it’s also to send a message to anyone else who might leak compromising, embarrassing or problematic material for the United States.
RT:Earlier this year, you threw your support behind a class action lawsuit filed against US President Barack Obama and his Defense Secretary over the National Defense Authorization Act. When you were reporting about that bill, you said that it “included powers that could bring the authorities of Guantanamo to American courthouses, streets and backyards.” In May, a judge suspended section 1021 of the NDAA.
NW: The National Defense Authorization Act is an absolutely terrifying piece of legislation. Section 1021 was the section that explicitly said this allows the president to round up anyone and hold them without charge or trial. Chris Hedges, a very brave journalist, brought this forward, as well as many activists, including Occupy activists from London. The president’s lawyers were in the court, and I was there listening to this, and to my shame there were like one and half reporters in the room, none of them from major news outlets, when the most important thing ever to have happened to that point was happening. And the government’s lawyers basically confirmed that Chris Hedges could be detained forever for reporting on the Taliban, or reporting on people who could be classified as enemy combatants, or if someone wrote a book about enemy combatants, [if it] was in any way sympathetic to the point of view that the US had too much power in this part of the world. Crazy examples of sweeping powers to detain American citizens and to criminalize dissent and to criminalize journalism. And so this very brave judge listened to the evidence, which wasn’t hard to miss because it was so confirmed by these lawyers, that she suspended that part of it, and so saved the Constitution, where the due process clause is, which guarantees everyone in America the right to a trial.

'NDAA would have allowed American journalists to be rounded up'

RT:Why hasn’t the NDAA story been a bigger story in American mainstream media? This was a huge issue. This bill was signed in when people were celebrating New Year’s Eve. And then, nobody heard about it on mainstream media. Why do think that is?
NW: When I talk to journalists, senior people who are running major news sites and opinion sites, I would say, did you know that the due process clause was suspended on New Year’s Eve? And their like, “What? Surely not!” Because they did not see the coverage. Any coverage would be buried and obfuscated. And no one’s giving these people orders to not cover it. I was listening to these historic arguments of the American president’s lawyers saying he had the right to round up journalists. And there was no ABC, NBC, no NPR, no CNN, no Fox News, nobody was there. And the best explanation I have is denial. Maybe it’s such a huge story that no one can really believe that this is happening, so we can’t cover it, but I do think that what we’re seeing right now – and I predicted this would happen in November of last year – is a crackdown against Occupy Wall Street, the criminalization of dissent, the bullying of journalists. I think it’s a little to do with what we’re seeing in the news right now, this huge fraud being uncovered in the banking sector. HSBC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Bank of England, fraud, fraud, fraud. Not marginal fraud, but clearly systemic fraud. And I just wrote a piece about this for The Guardian. Tim Geithner finds out about this in 2008, writes an e-mail, doesn’t leak the news or call a press conference, and then becomes Treasury Secretary. So, it’s clear that there’s a small group of guys and girls who are in on massive fraud. So this Occupy movement, and journalism, threaten to uncover a lot of crimes if the books are ever opened. And in an electronic world, these crimes last forever. So that now is my working theory about why we’re seeing such a sudden and violent crackdown on reporting, on dissent, on whistleblowers.
RT: Occupy Wall Street is a movement that really raised awareness and pointed attention to the fact that money was flowing from Wall Street to Washington and influencing policies. The economic problems have not gone away since the fall of 2011. Occupy Wall Street has died down a bit, though. Why do you think that is?
NW: In the fall of 2011, American citizens gathered together and spoke up. They protested and occupied public spaces and they were shot with rubber bullets and they were arrested for staying on the sidewalk, as I was and my partner was, lawfully obeying the law. I was arrested for standing on the sidewalk telling Occupy protesters what their First Amendment rights were: to protest. We were facing 15 days in Rikers Island, which is a violent prison. It makes you think twice about going out to use your First Amendment rights. Occupy Wall Street protesters were maced, they were powerhosed, they were beaten, locked up for 17 hours and forbidden to use the bathroom. They were tortured as much as the civil system allows. Every activist assumes that their e-mails are monitored, that their phone calls are monitored. It’s a complete sense of Big Brother being a hair’s breath away. I am frightened seeing countries like Britain okaying legislation to institute this kind of surveillance. In Europe, people still think they have some privacy, that they can go to a march and then go home. I am sorry to say that when you get this matrix of surveillance, plus police brutality, plus laws that suspend due process, it’s very effective at breaking down protest. Let me flip it around and say that having studied closed societies and societies that reopened democracies, mass protest is the key to reopening democracies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New York Jews - COMPLICIT in WET-BLANKETING U.S. Government anti-Terror alerts that would have DERAILED the 9-11 attacks, now try to FRAME IRAN for Mass-murder terror attacks that THEY WERE COMPLICIT IN....

The New York & Washington D.C. jews who had president George W. Bush and treasonous Vice President Dick Cheney WET BLANKET  ANY and ALL  U.S. government responses to the KNOWN al QAEDA TERROR THREAT in the long summer of 2001 are at it again - spreading lies and sabotage to  further the treasonous, traitorous agenda of the Neo-Con jewish supremacist judeo elites, at the expense of global cooperation and stable international relations. 

(And as they treacherously foment a SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION - in America and Europe - by having their fiat-money debt extortion cabal, the Greenspan/Bernanke 'Federal' Reserve, the Bank of England, or the ECB  very privately owned central banks,  print up  trillions upon trillions of fiat dollars, which land only in the coffers of the member/OWNER bankers,  and appear only as DEBT for everyone not part of the banking cartel, the fiat money trillions debasing the savings, wages, pensions,  financial security, and social stability of everyone else, as the evil banksters hoard their ill gotten loot, bribe Con-gress, presidents, and politicians... and foment wars and support murderous dictators worldwide.) 

 In the long summer of 2001 an al Qaeda terror threat had intel agencies world-wide "buzzing" about a potential attack - a threat that followed hard on the heels of the al Qaeda suicide bomb attack on the U.S. warship U.S.S. Cole  in a Yemen harbor in October of 2000,

  ...a deadly terror attack  that had gone UNPUNISHED for the ENTIRE TIME that PAUL WOLFOWITZ, Lewis "SCOOTER' LIBBY, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, other close allies of Israel traitor mass-murder Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  and other jewish Neo-Cons  AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS in the United States government in general, and in charge of the entire United States military through domination of the civilian leadership at the 'Defense' DEPARTMENT in particular,  WERE IGNORING -
   From January 2001 to over 3 years later, Lewis 'Scooter'  Libby was VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY's CHIEF OF STAFF, and CONCURRENTLY a "SENIOR ADVISOR" to President George W. Bush -  which is to say,  Libby was EFFECTIVELY RUNNING the entire United States government, and certainly the Bush-Cheney White House, at the time  "Counter Terror Czar"  Richard Clarke was running around that White House,  with "hair on fire" TRYING to get Bush and Cheney to attend a "Principles Meeting" to  DO SOMETHING to DETER the potential implementation of that known, deadly  Al Qaeda mass-murder terror threat
    The possibility that V.P Chief of Staff  Libby - intimately connected to Paul Wolfowitz and other Neo-Cons at the Defense Department, and with the Likud Party of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel (all of whom fancy themselves "national security experts") - was completely unawares of RIchard Clarke's urgent calls to do something to prevent a known al Qaeda terror attack threat that June, July, and August of 2001, are.... zero. 

   In the summer of 2001, as "Washington super-lawyer" and uber-Jewish supremacist Neo-Con  Libby was running the Cheney/Bush White House,  just a mile away across the Potomac River at the Pentagon,  Libby's  career pal and fellow Neo-Con, Israel/Mossad/Netanyahu (Likud) connected jewish supremacist appartchik PAUL WOLFOWITZ was effectively running the entire U.S.  Defense Department.   While Don Rumsfeld was the titular Secretary of Defense, it was Wolfowitz,  with his Neo-Con (Jewish war-lobby & big finance) contacts on the Hill (in Congress), at America's giant military / defense contractor companies, on Wall Street,  and with (the real power behind the throne) the  Israel government, who was really THE POWER BEHIND the U.S. military throne - it was Wolfo, "the ARCHITECT OF THE IRAQ WAR"   who was really put in place to plan and organize the U.S. INVASION of IRAQ - which as then Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has written, was actually "PRIORITY ONE" of the incoming Cheney/Bush/Libby/Wolfowitz cabal "from day one" of the new Bush/Cheney presidency,  waiting only for the OPPORTUNITY TO BRING those WAR PLANS to fruition -  ergo,  bring on the 9-11 attacks, ALLOW  al Qaeda TO PROCEED UNMOLESTED  "The NEW PEARL HARBOR" the treasonous Neo-Cons were lusting for.

  NOW - IN TRULY NAZI  DEMAGOGUE HATE-MONGERING fashion, the evil Neo-Cons in New York - at the Sulzberger New York Times, at the  Bloomberg "we don't know how many trillions of fiat dollars Bernanke is printing" financial 'news' outlet;  at any of the dozen of traitorous AIPAC Israel war lobby fronts in that city;  or at many of the same Neo-Con propaganda hate-mongers operating out of Washington DC at the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, at the 'American Enterprise Institute,"  at the blatantly Jewish supremacist "Project for a New 'american' Century", and at many other AIPAC warmongering organizations -
  - are now TRYING TO BLAME IRAN for the 9-11 attacks.

   THERE SHOULD BE A PLACE IN HELL for these mass-murderous, genocidal, hate-mongering jewish liars,  but of course  "g_o_d" - the so-called "god of the universe" as the Jews claim "their" god is -   COULD have STOPPED  Hitler and the Nazis from waging their "final solution" DEATH CAMPS,  but "god"  "allowed" those mass-murder factories to proceed, pretty much unmolested for several years.  So the inescapable conclusion is, that the "god" of the jews is a bloodthirsty tyrant,  who has an insatiable blood-lust for the blood of millions of innocent victims - at least after every 20-30 years, if the past blood-drenched century is any indication.

   To put all the above in plain English,  "Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas" and Federal Judge George Danials are  LYING, GESTAPO PIGS,  working to BLAME A NATION - Iran - that was DEADLY ENEMIES of the bin Laden/Taliban regime in Afghanistan, for COMPLICITY in the 9-11 terror attacks that ACTUALLY had the COMPLICITY of the Israel secret police, israel military intel, israel Mossad, and the jewish state (israel) High Command 

 ...which treason / complicity had,  by the summer of 2001,  completely  INFESTED the Cheney-Bush "American"  White House, with Vice President Cheney and the idiot president DOING NOTHING to DETER the well known, deadly terror threat...

  ...the Cheney/bush/LIBBY White House, and Perle/Feith/Wursmer/WOLFOWITZ Defense Department, effectively ROLLED OUT A RED CARPET for the Al Qaeda hijack terrorists on 9-11,  and allowed 3,000+ American citizens to die that day, as so much BAIT  left hanging in the wind, to bring about the U.S. INVASION OF IRAQ that was the real core agenda of the Cheney/bush/Libby/Wolfowitz administration  "from day one." 

US judge blames Iran for 9/11, demands $6billion payment…how dumb do they think we are?

Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas orders payments to 110 survivors and estates of 47 victims, including the pilot of United Airlines Flight 175, which hit south tower of World Trade Center.
A judge Monday awarded 9/11 relatives $6 billion in their suit targeting Al Qaeda and silent partner Iran for complicity in the heinous plot that killed nearly 3,000 people. 

Manhattan Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas’ ruling is the first to hit those responsible for the attacks with civil penalties, which would be due to 110 survivors and to the estates of 47 victims that are parties to the suit....

   ...Last year, Federal Judge George Daniels ruled that 9/11 was not just the work of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban regime that gave them safe haven.

[Judge] Daniels found that Iran, its Grand Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei and the regime’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah aided the attacks.  
     [pure fabricated LIES by the U.S. government and    complicit Federal judges:  IRAN was DEADLY ENEMIES with the Taliban and Al Qaeda - who were SUNNI Muslims in Afghanistan,  who were waging JIHAD,  wars of ethnic-cleansing/genocide against the SHIA/Shiite Muslims who were Iran's allies in that war ravaged country.] 

Iran concealed hijackers’ travel through the country and could have prevented them from entering the U.S., while an Iranian government memo suggested Khamenei knew of the plot in May 2001.
 [NO - it was the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, that DID NOTHING to examine, much less intercept, KNOWN Al QAEDA SYMPATHIZERS, OPERATING IN the UNITED STATES - some of them TAKING FLYING LESSONS at American private airports.]
Investigators also believe that Iran helped Al Qaeda members escape Afghanistan after 9/11 and provided some safe haven. The 9/11 commission cited the findings and said they merited further investigation.  
  [ANOTHER  U.S. GOVERNMENT and NEW YORK MEDIA LIE:  the Iran government OFFERED TO AID the U.S. military INVASION OF AFGHANISTAN... specifically to help the U.S. ROUT the Taliban and Al Qaeda Sunni fundamentalist (terrorist) fighters OUT of that war torn nation.] 
...the families’ legal team [will] seek seizure of Iranian state assets overseas, which they say fund terror worldwide.
[THIS IS PURE NAZI TACTICS - Just as the Nazis SEIZED THE PROPERTY OF JEWS in Germany after 'Kristalnacht' in 1933.]
International seizures are common in the business world, said plaintiffs’ lawyer Tom Mellon.
“But in the terror world, this is uncharted territory,” Mellon said.
Saracini doesn’t care.
“I never was in this for the money. I wanted accountability,” she said. “The money will never bring back my husband, so I don’t care about it.”  
      [ IF  Ms. Saracini "wants accountability" - she should look to HER OWN TREACHEROUS GOVERNMENT,  who LEFT HER HUSBAND SITTING ON THAT AIRLINER like a goat tied to a stake in the jungle to bait a tiger attack.]  

  REPRISING their DEADLY, EVIL WARMONGERING lies that preceded the IRAQ INVASION, the New York, D.C.  and israel jewish Neo-Cons are ONCE AGAIN PUSHING LIES and HATE-PROPAGANDA to foment a NEW WAR - this time against Iran.

  They - the NY, israel, and DC neocons - are truly bloodthirsty, warmongering vampires - no people on earth are safe from their nuclear saber-rattling, economies wrecking  fiat-money debt extortion,   Great Depression-esque economic sabotage, or U.S. military conventional attacks and wars of conquest & invasion...  

 ATTACKING IRAQ was "PRIORITY ONE from DAY ONE" of the Cheney/Bush/Wolfowitz/Libby administration in January, 2001...   the sad, grisly, blood-drenched truth about an out-of-control American government that now, today, regards AMERICAN CITIZENS, with no more respect  than they gave to the Iraqi citizens that they bombed, embargoed, tortured, invaded,  and occupied since the Wolfowitz/Cheney/Perle/Feith/Libby/Bolton/Bush (et al) U.S. invasion of & Iraq in March 2003 - 

Alex Jones reporting that U.S. & ISRAEL BACKED al Qaeda TERRORISTS are MASSACRING CHRISTIANS & JEWS... IN SYRIA... This the the "FREEDOM" that the EVIL ROTHSCHILDS elite JEWS behind 'The Economist' magazine & behind the Fed/ECB/Bank-of-England ruinous DEBT EXTORTION Cabal are foisting on the people of the world...

Alex Jones reporting today, live on air, that "al Qaeda [fundamentalist Sunni] fighters are MASSACRING CHRISTIANS AND JEWS in those parts of SYRIA they have over-run... by foreign al Qaeda fighters supplied  with U.S.  and ISRAEL  FUNDING, WEAPONS, and SUPPORT."

   As we reported earlier (May 31, 2012)  the EVIL JEWISH ELITES at the London based, Rothschilds owned  The Economist magazine, and in American jewish supremacist Neo-Con 'think-tanks',  are FINANCING the MASS-MURDER of JEWS AND CHRISTIANS... In Syria and in Libya, and whitewashing their proxy's mass-murders and atrocities there in order to conquer a nation, Syria, that has long been a target of the insanely genocidal, "greater israel" expansionist jewish war state (and here).
 below image: Evil Rothschilds owned 'The Economist' magazine pimps GENOCIDE, ETHNIC CLEANSING, and brutal sectarian  (religious fundamentalism)  dictatorships.
   For the evil  judeo elite "freedom" = brutal dictatorships, massacres, genocides,  and ethnic cleansing.... including of Syrian and Iraqi jews (much less Christians)!! 
  The judeo elite have no respect for anyone, or anything... they are insanely fixated on money, wealth, power and blood, and are driving the people of their American, British, and European host countries to the brink of ruinous,  central banker extorted fraudulent debt,  &  government extorted 'bailouts for wealthy bankers" impoverishment of taxpayers.
      As the future King David once massacred jewish towns and villagers (to prove his loyalty to his Philistine overlord while he was a hired mercenary on the run from King Saul), so too today are the evil judeo elites - in New York, in London, and in the jewish war state - perfectly willing to murder their own co-religionists to seize ever greater power and steal the wealth and assets of their neighbors.... 

   Just as the Wolfowitz/Neo-Con 'planned' U.S. INVASION of IRAQ  UNLEASHED THE MASSACRES and 'ethnic cleansings' of Christians, Jews, Assyrian, and other minorities in that war wracked country,  after the American invaders DISMANTLED the Iraqi police and military... feigning "incompetence" in the post-invasion chaos,  but actually it was premeditated Neo-Con "divide and conquer" tactics... to whip up radical sectarian violence (instigate religious-hatred mass-murders!) to divide and weaken the now occupied former nation.

In every country the mass-murderous Neo-Cons' goal is to  assert and establish a radical, dictatorial rule by dependent puppet dictators who will turn entire countries,  like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even "white European" countries like Georgia (former Soviet Republic), into disenfranchised, dispossessed,  resource-extraction zones for the criminal elite financiers, who no longer have to deal with popular, public opposition to their loot, plunder, extract, & extort, genocidal financial policies.

  That is correct:  the SYRIAN and Iraqi regimes of  Assad and Saddam Hussein, respectively, TOLERATED non-Muslim minorities... which minorities the sectarian, radicalized,  fundamentalist regimes in those countries, INSTALLED BY U.S. and  NATO  bombs & bullets, no longer tolerate - in Syria, the  US & ISRAEL SUPPORTED   al Qaeda  'freedom fighter' TERRORISTS  are MASSACRING ANY AND EVERYONE they can - with the blessings of the mass-murderous, evil 'American',  European, and israel jewish supremacist Neo-Cons

(note:  While the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was intolerant, brutal, and ruthless from long before the U.S. invasion of that country shortly after the 9-11-2001 terror attacks on New York and Washington D.C.,  the reason the Taliban had prevailed in Afghanistan  is that the American foreign policy 'geniuses'  at the State Department, at the CIA, in Con-gress, and at the Council on Foreign Relations had conveniently ignored Afghanistan, once the Afghan Mujahadeen "freedom fighters" had expelled the Soviet Red Army in 1989 - allowing the country that had 'bled Russia dry'  to fall into chaos and neglect.)