Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mary Schapiro's SEC is a ASTRONOMICAL DISGRACE! Jews who don't OBJECT to Mary Schapiro running the SEC, are either ignorant, or tolerant of mega-incompetence & corruption...

update II: for a brief survey of some of the financial crimes jewish "bright girl" Wall St. millionaire MARY SCHAPIRO is NOT investigating from her perch as SEC Chairwoman, see Rolling Stone magazine's  "Is the SEC COVERING UP  Wall St. CRIMES" and the more recent "SEC Prefers to Hound Small Investors for non-crimes, to Investigating MAJOR FINANCIAL CRIMES at the Big Banks and Funds on Wall St."        As we try to outline in the rest of this post, jewish millionairess Mary Schapiro is GROUND ZERO of the DEFRAUDING of American savers, investors, pensioners, small businesses (squeezed by mega-corporate fraud) and taxpayers... a tough job, to be sure, but someone has be the face that obstructs those long overdue investigations into Ms. Schapiro's economy-wrecking, insanely corrupt toadies & cronies at Goddamn-Sachs, at J.P Morgan, at Citi-bank, at the Fed,  and elsewhere on Wall St...


If American jews were trying to give flesh-and-blood substance to the accustations of "anti-semitic propaganda" from 1930s  Nazi Germany that Jews were at the forefront of post-WWI  Germany's decline into social decadence,  they could hardly do any better than this story:

    By now it should be obvious to anyone with two operating brain neurons - even those "BEST AND BRIGHTEST"   bright young jewish students at Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League and 'elite'  universities - that the SEC  is NOT  PROSECUTING FRAUD at the level of top executives of the biggest banks and financial funds on Wall St.  

  SO - WHAT are the accountants, lawyers, staffers, and "investigators" of  "Wall St. bright-girl"  jewish millionaire MARY SCHAPIRO's  SEC  doin with their time??? 

 -  answer:  Apparently,  a lot of SEC staffers, are spending dozens if not hundreds of hours on government, taxpayers' time... surfing PORNOGRAPHY  and sexual gratification web-sites.

SEC Porn Problem: Officials Surfing Sites During Financial Crisis, Report Finds
  by Jonathan Karl.... ABC News !! - April 23, 2010


  Now we realize the above story was from April, 2010, but that was well over a year into Ms. Schapiro's term as Chairwoman of the SEC,  and it begs the question,  "If millions of Americans suspect that FRAUD is RAMPANT at the biggest "BAILED OUT" banks and financial firms on Wall St. - with headlines of such corruption appearing every day, with the SEC already having egg-on-its-face from not investigating the Bernie Madoff frauds, and with 'whistleblowers' detailing dozens, if not hundreds, of other cases of rampant financial fraud in America's critical financial markets" -    then "WHAT the hell IS MARY SCHAPIRO DOING with the SEC staff and investigators?"
  Oh, that's right: this much more recent Bloomberg report reveals  that Ms. Schapiro has instructed her underlings to WHITEWASH and ENABLE  FRAUD, wherever they might find it, no matter how blatant, destructive,  investor looting, taxpayer robbing, or grotesque that fraud might be, even though the cases of Fraud alleged to Lehman executives include fraudulent accounting, fraudulent "sub-prime" lending, defrauding shareholders, and executives walking away with $700 million in "bonuses"  just before they announced their raped-from-inside-out company was going bankrupt - all with the blessings of the SEC's incompetent, AWOL, corrupt  'investigators.'   Just LISTING the frauds alleged to Lehman, would be a volume or two of the encyclopedic outline of the causes of the 2008 financial crisis!

  SEC Staff Ends Probe of Lehman Without Finding Fraud

By Joshua Gallu - May 24, 2012

Well,  enough about the amazingly corrupt, incompetent, fraud enabling, and economy-wrecking Mary Schapiro.... the even larger, uglier story is that at a time when millions of Americans find themselves UNDER ASSAULT by the financial crisis & economic crisis,  AMERICAN JEWS would PREFER  NOT TO EXPOSE ANY LIGHT on cockroach, er, SEC Chairwoman Schapiro....

 "She is one of the tribe"  if you know what we mean,  and THAT is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than making sure that American taxpayers are getting their money's worth out of SEC staffers (much less that Schapiro's  SEC is actually doing what it is supposed to do - investigate, root out, and PROSECUTE FRAUD in America's critical financial markets!) 

     MARY SCHAPIRO - the very personification of  JEWISH EXPERTISE and "excellence" in government/financial affairs,  er, "DEFRAUDING AMERICAN TAXPAYERS,"    we can be sure!! 

  Just think!  WE (your overworked blogging crew)  could be ARRESTED, PROSECUTED, FINED, and IMPRISONED for using an "unauthorized," copyrighted photograph of Mary Schapiro NOT DOING THE JOB SHE SWORE AN OATH to do -  while she AIDS and ABETS ONE ECONOMY KILLING FRAUD  and financial crime AFTER ANOTHER.... with impunity, and with the SUPPORT of the ENTIRE "American" jewish community!

  What a disgusting piece of humanity....

Chairman Mary L. Schapiro
Mary L. Schapiro is the 29th Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Chairman Schapiro was appointed by President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009, unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and sworn in on January 27, 2009. She is the first woman to serve as the agency’s permanent Chairman....


Mary Schapiro is Obama's pick for SEC chief, sources say
Obama will formally announce plans to nominate Schapiro, 53, tomorrow, according to a top Democrat and a securities law expert who have discussed the selection with the president-elect’s transition team. The former SEC commissioner who also headed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would be the first permanent female chairman of Wall Street’s top regulator.

 If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Schapiro will take over an agency whose reputation has been tarnished by its failure to detect Bernie Madoff’s alleged $50 billion fraud and to prevent the collapse of investment banks Bear Stearns Cos. and Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc. The SEC’s relevance and competence will be scrutinized as Congress weighs overhauling financial regulation.

 Dream of SEC Overhaul Fades Along With Crisis
Though it promised radical reforms, the Securities and Exchange Commission has failed to deliver.
 by David Weidner, Wall St. Journal,   WRITING ON THE WALL,  May 7, 2009

Give the financial crisis credit for at least one good thing: it exposed the Securities and Exchange Commission.
From systemic risk to Bernie Madoff, the failure of the SEC is now an accepted truth on Wall Street. The commission not only whiffed on its duty to protect investors, it allowed the speculation-addicted culture of Wall Street to put the nation and its taxpayers at risk.
The SEC's failings were made so plain that almost everyone -- including its former chairman, Christopher Cox, and his successor, Mary Schapiro -- seemed resigned to radical reforms that would either eliminate the SEC, or more likely, make it an arm of a stronger institution such as the Federal Reserve or Treasury Department.  (cont'd) 


bonus:  Mary Schapiro "earned"  $10 million as a... "regulator" of the NASD Wall St. "self-regulatory" body,  before she first became the chairwoman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, before becoming Obama's appointee as Obama's SEC chairwoman.

Well, at least in this video,  Schapiro states that she "brought a tremendous number of cases" (presumably against financial malefactors)   when she was running the NASD.

  Would that Ms. Schapiro were PROSECUTING ECONOMY GUTTING FRAUD,  today,  at the SEC,   as the fraudulent, bailed-out banks demand and receive ever more "bailouts" and "quantitive easing" dollars from the U.S. Treasury and so-called 'Federal' Reserve - money extorted out of debt-serf American taxpayers,  EACH "bailout" ADDING MORE _DEBT_ to the government's debt rolls - each new "bailout" GIFT TO THE BANKERS  a NEW EXCUSE to CUT BACK on the goods and services American citizens have paid taxes and worked for all their lives -  with the appalling  Mary Schapiro's complicit,  corrupt,  kiss of approval...

  update:   Speaking of Harvard's   "bright boys" Mark Zuckerberg  waannabee jewish students,  don't forget that  Schaprio and her SEC  also gave a FREE  PASS to Goddamn-Sachs for OVERSELLING  their initial offering of Facebook stock...    SEC rules are very strict about how many initial "partners" can be sold stock before the public IPO,  and GS was well over this limit - with, as usuaal for the jewish Vampire blood-sucking hedge -fund, NO CONSEQUENCE when your own jewish millionaire pals & toadies are at the very top of the (late) "United" States regulatory structure -  insert photo Mary Schapiro, the evil queen of American markets-gutting financial fraud here....