Sunday, June 10, 2012

12 Jewish SENATORS (in the U.S. Senate) are GROUND ZERO of the Evil, Treacherous JEWISH SABOTAGE TAKEOVER and HIJACKING of these late 'United' States of America...

 As Netanyahu's insane Jewish Supremacist Likudniks and blood-lusting Talmudic "scholars" and their "American" partners in treason BANG THE DRUMS FOR WAR against Syria and  Iran,  America's 12 Jewish senators  NEVER SPEAK OUT AGAINST the insane Jewish war lobby... much less against the ever increasing INEQUALITY in America that marks America's financial policies over the past 3 decades.

  This INEQUALITY has been acclerating ever since the sordid "bailouts" for failed bankers after the S&L debacle of the late 1980s, to the Long Term Capital Management "genius" hedge-fund BAILOUT of the late 1990s, and now the "FREE MONEY for millionaires, billionaires, and FAILED, INSOLVENT, CORRUPT, BANKRUPT, economy-killing, con-gress bribing bankers"  TARP, "Liquidity Injections," and "Quantitative Easings" bailouts since the September 2008 market meltdown.... all of  which have transfered not billions, but trillions of dollars $$ of bankers' BAD DEBTS from the financiers, to America's working stiff taxpayers...

so-called 'Democrat' 'leader' Nancy Pelosi  rapturous - her 110th Con-gress just stuck
AMERICAN TAXPAYERS with BILLIONS of dollars of "TARP" bailouts in Sept. 2008...
saving her own family's multi-million dollar stock & bonds fortune; 
but "tough luck!" to those stuck with under-water home mortgages...
"Those mortgage-backed securities
[the entire "DERIVITAVES"  debt laden, highly leveraged financial system CREATED by JEWISH banking houses Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Bear, Stearns;  Golddamn-Sachs, with the complicity of the "WASP" side of Wall St. - Morgan-Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC banking houses, etc. etc. etc.]
 with multiply-assigned mortgages ARE the "Toxic Assets" Congress was screaming about when they forced the Troubled Asset Relief Program through Congress in the fall of 2008, despite overwhelming public opposition. The mortgage bundlers had stuck key financial institutions with fraudulent mortgage-backed securities, and Congress voted to loot the public to purchase the useless paper and hide it from public scrutiny.
     Why? Because the members of the US Congress had their own fortunes invested in those fraudulent mortgage-backed securities. Had the institutions collapsed, members of Congress would have been ruined as well. So they saved their own investments by dropping the losses on the American people!
This is why, even though the public opposed TARP, members of Congress were so happy when the bill finally was forced through the Congress."   (cont'd)

 The above is actually NO "accident" - if you read about the financial conquests of the Rothschilds London and Europe based mega-finance jewish banking cabal, you learn that DESTROYING their competition, and creating huge profits on the backs of SLAVE LABOR, monopolies, and financial rape, WAS the Rothschilds 'business model' all through the 1800s. 

    SABOTAGING individual stocks & bonds issued by their rivals, and even destroying entire currencies,  was childs' play for the Rothschilds at the turn of the 19th century.  Fast forward 100 years, the Jewish bankers foisted their so-called 'Federal' Reserve PRIVATELY OWNED CENTRAL BANKing cartel on unwary Americans in 1913 - after having BRIBED ALL THREE major American presidential candidates from the 1912 election to go along with their wealth extraction and debt extortion scheme...  which is why the groundwork to passage of the Fed Reserve Act of 1913 is almost never discussed, in history texts or books.
   Even so-called "independent" candidate and former president T.R. "Teddy" Roosevelt, who was famous for his outspoken stand against the monopolies and trusts (cartels) of the day,  was never outspoken, was silent, against that biggest monopoly of them all, the ability of a privately owned 'central' banking cartel to print money, rent it out to the United States government (at interest) - and DEMAND PAYMENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT for that 'money' - necessitating  Congressional passage and ratification of the newly created INCOME TAX amendment that "coincidentally" coincided with passage of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve Act.   

  Proving that the so-called 'Federal' Reserve was INTENDED as a treasonous WEALTH EXTRACTION scheme to funnel money from the American public, to the private bankers, is easy:    in his latest book "The Currency Wars"  financial insider James Rickards explains that after World War 1 (WWI) the gold and almost all 'liquid' assets of France, England, and the entire British empire had wound up in the 'Federal' Reserve bank vaults (in New York in particular, but in St. Louis, San Francisco, and other Fed branches as well) - which is exactly what you would expect after France and England had already spent their cash currencies purchasing war material & supplies from the United States during the early   years of WWI, but as the war dragged on, the British and French still needed fresh supplies and weapons to continue the war.  
    The first rule of finance is that when a country has spent all of its pre-war cash currency, it wants to PRINT MORE 'money'  to continue buying supplies...   but obviously if  American brokers and traders have already taken in, say, $500 million  in British pounds to ship war supplies to England, those American traders don't want to be paid for future shipments by 'money,' British currency, that the British have simply printed by the millions, with no real English production to back that money.
 (All English production during that war being dedicated to supplying war material to their armies in France and around the globe - material that is used, consumed, and destroyed, and thus can not "back" their currency.)
 That is when bankers, brokers, and manufacturers insist on "real money" to pay for new shipments, when the purchasing country (France or Britain) has already EXHAUSTED its credit and currency... and that 'real money' is the universally acknowledged and accepted gold bullion, from which the term "reserves" should come from. 

 So it is easy to see how the Fed and its allied (member/owner) New York bankers wound up with all of France's, England's, and the British empire's gold by the end of WWI.  This concentration was increased when the Versailles Treaty obligated defeated Germany to make "war reparations" payments to England and France,  transferring what wealth remained in Germany after that costly war, to the French and English bankers... who sent much of it on to America, to pay of their still existing paper debts. 

  Mr. Rickards makes very clear that by several years after the end of WWI, the Fed and it's member/owner NY bankers were HOARDING the world's gold,   they were refusing to release their hoarded gold to facilitate international trade, which allowed them to play debt-lords over the world... which CONTRACTED GLOBAL TRADE after the war, a seldom noted contributing cause to the financial collapse of the Great Depression. 

  What proves that 'the Fed' was intended as a TREASONOUS WEALTH EXTRACTION MACHINE, is that when the Great Depression finally hit America's big cities and industry
(it had long since taken root in America's debt-extorted rural farm communities, who had taken out loans to expand food production to hungry allied armies during WWI, but were cut off from the big government contracts purchasing those food stocks when the war ended)
so-called 'liberal' President Roosevelt's solution, at the insistence of the Jewish & WASP bankers, and in particular his jewish Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau -  was to confiscate the gold held in private hands, by the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933.   
That this was intended to steal wealth from middle-class Americans is easy to prove:  for the rich have the facilities and connections to simply ship their gold bullion and coins across the border, to Canada (Britain, Switzerland, or elsewhere) - something that middle class savers in America would have a much tougher time doing in 1933.

   As we have just seen, THE  evil FED BANKERS  _ALREADY_ HELD  the vast majority of the world's gold - but here was so-called 'liberal Democrat' President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the direction of his jewish Treasury Secretary,  BLAMING MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICANS who had saved their wealth, not in 'Federal Reserve notes' but in gold bullion and coins...   for causing the Great Depression!  

"MALEFACTORS OF GREAT WEALTH"  Roosevelt called them... but he never went after the Rothschilds, Morgans, Goldmans, Lehmans, or other bankers behind the Fed for creating a typical Rothschilds
credit boom > economic expansion > CREDIT CONTRACTION > economic BUST  cycle
 Roosevelt instead SIEZED GOLD from American middle-class savers!  

(Here is a little known historical tidbit: Treasury Secretary Morganthau wrote up an even more draconian set of wealth SEIZURE of rules for post-WWII Germany, Morganthau tried to over-rule Roosevelt's War Department and State Department in order to run the post-war U.S. occupation of Germany... as a Germany-wide concentration camp, including the intent to provide no more than starvation rations for  millions captured Germans, that would it was intended, lead to the deaths of  thousands of those who would become too weak to fight off illness!)

   - note:  academics, financial historians,  and Fed & FDR (President Roosevelt) apologists will tell you that it was not a "gold confiscation act" because Roosevelt and Morganthau offered payment for your gold -  at a price that they set that was artificially low.  Immediately after seizing that gold   Morganthau "revalued" gold at a price about 30% higher than before the turn-in demands... so the government "only"  confiscated about 30% of your wealth in this gold seizure act.    However, gold was an even more resiliant form of savings that printed 'Fed' notes,   so the evil Fed bankers were absolutely TRYING to CONFISCATE American wealth - and any means the average American had of trying to work outside the corrupt Federal Reserve banking system and easily manipulated stock market.
  Which brings us to today.   The Neo-Con "more wars, more police state powers over peon Americans, more BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS, more  INCOME INQUALITY" agenda is DESPISED by Americans... but it keeps being shoved down our throats by deceit, lies, bribery, extortion, and a controlled media message... and by the abject HIJACKING of the late 'progressive, liberal, Democratic Party' by the radical Right-Wing jewish financiers, warmongers, and their hired politician puppets.
    SO what about the so-called "Liberal" Jewish senators??!!   There are TWELVE of them in the "U.S." Senate - many have been in office for decades, and face little threat from challengers, because it takes so many millions of dollars to run a senate election campaign.    So with such a SECURE POWER BASE,  WHY  are not more of the jewish senators SPEAKING OUT AGAINST the above clearly defined  NEO-CON AGENDA?! 
  The answer is simple: the jewish Senators(and, for that matter, the non-jewish senators) DO NOT REPRESENT the AMERICAN PUBLIC - they represent the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY, which is SYNONYMOUS with the wealthy jewish financiers behind the above atrocious, insanely corrupt  WEALTH EXTRACTING,  WEALTH EXTORTING so-called 'Federal' Reserve fractional reserve, highly leveraged, NOW BANKRUPT  banking system. 

EVERY ONE of the below  JEWISH SENATORS is a PERFECT EXPRESSION of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING  "israel UBER america" agenda....

  They are ALL NEO-CONS.   Americans HATE and DESPISE the Neo-Con "bailouts for bankers, license to FRAUD, Treasury-looting, taxpayer extorting,  metastasizing jewish run 'United' States wars overseas"  Neo-Con agenda,        but through DECEIT,  bribery, and extortion,  the Neo-Con agenda keeps getting RAMED DOWN American throats, in particular by the Jewish owned media, and by the dozen JEWISH SENATORS, who PRETEND to have the concerns of American voters at heart, but ALL ANSWER TO the Netanyahu/Likud   jewish crazies running israel and (via their treasonous "American" partners in crime) the entire U.S. government... 

  note how wikipedia INSISTS on maintaining the FICTION that Senator Joe 'Traitor Joe' Lieberman is a "Democrat" - or "Independent Democrat" as they try to put it.   Lieberman is actually a toady to the Wall Street bankers and Connecticut insurance companies, and a slavish toady to Netanyahu's  "israel UBER America" insane nuclear-armed jewish supremacist war lobby.
  In short, Lieberman is a perfect example of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN  police-state, no civil rights, economic extortion, wealth inequality, expanding wars agenda - but the lying pigs at Wikipedia insist on pretending that this is a "DEMOCRATIC" agenda. 

  And, with the evil, treasonous  jewish Neo-Con hijacking of the late 'Democratic" Party, the DESPISED radical Right-Wing Republican agenda of BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS,  FORECLOSURES, PINK SLIPS, SLASHED SOCIAL SAFETY NET, UNAFFORDABLE medical care for everyone else, and ever EXPANDING WARS  IS now the  "Democrat" agenda - see millionaire Nancy Pelosi's rapturous laugh, at sticking the costs of the TARP "bailouts" billions on to American taxpayers,  at the top of this post.

  Washington career insider Pat Buchanan called so-called "Democrat" Congressional 'leader'  Nancy Pelosi "the AIPAC Girl"
 (the hired puppet of the  jewish, AIPAC  Israel-America-Political Action Committee  war lobby)
way back in 2007... since then, the treasonous Neo-Con jewish supremacist CORRUPTION of the "Democrat" senators and congress-critters has only gotten far, far worse - they ALL take their orders from "KING BIBI" Netanyahu - and that goes double, triple, quadruple for the JEWISH SENATORS, who we NEVER hear standing up against WEALTH INEQUALITY,  FINANCIAL RAPE on Wall Street,   the LOOTING of the U.S. TREASURY and government insurance programs, or against TORTURE,  police GESTAPO "indefinite detention" powers,  seizure laws,  or against war crimes or the abuse of our U.S. military, who are treated like disposable mercenary hired-killers by the evil jewish bankster-millionaire-warmongers...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Treasury Secretary of the Reagan, Republican administration - has made the case that America faces FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in the NEAR TERM, due to the debt load imposed on the American economy by the ruthless, predatory, parasitic financial ruling class  and their "hirelings"  hired-hand politicians, academics, and fraud-whitewashing 'major media' whores - of whom the 12 jewish 'Democrat' Senators are GROUND ZERO of the RAPE of the American economy. 

  In this post we have tried to outline and highlight just WHO is  THE POWER BEHIND the  dismal American financial policies of the past 2 decades,  and the complete lack, not only of adequate government regulation over these out of control bankers,  but lack of even an informed discussion at the Congress, Senate, or major-media level about these financial outrages...

      - And the conlcusion in inescapable:   like the Great Depression, ECONOMIC CONTRACTION,  ECONOMIC MISERY, and FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION are NOT the happenstance consequences of overworked regulators and merely egotistical financial players:   ECONOMIC SABOTAGE is a TIME TESTED TACTIC for DESTROYING the financial competition,  

 the Fed's economic sabotage landed Americans in the Great Depression in the 1930s,  

and millions of Americans, today, are once again being turned into homeless, dispossesed, disenfranchised, subsistence-living peon/serf "Okies" as the movie "Grapes of Wrath"  portrayed in the 1930s,
(while bankers like Obama's UNION BUSTING current WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF,  the treacherous Jacob Lew from Citi-bank wallow in ill-gotten, million dollar "bonuses" they would never have received but for 'bailouts'! )  

  ...or as "Bonus Army" WWI army veterans trampled under army horse hooves experienced after General Douglas McArthur sent his calvary to trample and disperse the "Hooverville" shanties that sprang up when unemployed army veterans marched to Washington to protest their Great Depression misery in front of Congress in 1932.