Monday, June 11, 2012

Obama's Jewish Shysters (his Big Bankers & War Lobby puppet-masters) A DISASTER for those Americans who voted for Obama in 2012... The Neo-Con agenda, masquerading as "Liberal Democrat" is PURE TREACHERY, if not TREASON...

 Obama's "of, by and for Citi-bank, Goddamn-Sachs, and the jewish War Lobby" shysters have  DESTROYED the Democratic majority that swept Obama into office in 2008...  

  And the proof of that is simplicity itself:  repeating the drubbing that former DCCC Chair (bagman and campaign pooh-bah for all Democratic Congressional candidates in 2006) turned Obama White House (jan. 2009) Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel engineered in the Nov. 2010 mid-term elections,  Obama's  Jewish swindlers Neo-Con wrecking crew have done it again:  

the net worth of American families has FALLEN 40% in three years of Obama, which is to say,  three years of his| Rahm Emanuel,  Jacob Lew,  Peter Orszag, Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler,  Larry Summers, Gene Sperling, Jared Bernstein, Cass Sunstein,  BEN BERNANKE (and little goy hired hand Timmy Giethner)  et al, ad naseum "national economics experts"  sabotaging the American economy, so working-stiff American voters would have as much reason to vote for another Obama term, as barnyard chickens would have to vote for Colonel Sanders. 

 Don't take our word for it - here's Neo-Con central, the Meyer/Graham jewish owned propaganda outlet Washington Post,  which is ground-zero for the treacherous jewish supremacist takeover of America... practically gloating that the net worth of American families has FALLEN SO DRASTICALLY... under a "Democrat" president!   

   Of course Obama's above named wrecking-crew are "Democrats" in name only: they are actually radical right-wing "of, by and for the parasitic fianciers and jewish war lobby"  jewish supremacists, MASQUERADING as "liberal Democrats," handing legal bribe "campaign donations" over to the Democratic party 'leaders' and candidates -  which is probably the best bargain in recorded history, in return for some billion dollars in total Wall St. and Jewish state "campaign donations" to the "Democrat" and Republican parties,  the Jewish war machine, and Big Finance have EXTORTED nearlyTHIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS in "bailouts," "Liquidity injections,"  "Quantitative Easings,"   and other means of TRANSFERING WEALTH FROM  America's working citizens, TO the financial parasites and blood-thirsty jewish war lobby appartchiks & commissars.... 

Net Worth of American Family Falls 40% In 3 Years
 by  Ylan Q. Mui, the Washington Post
Monday, June 11, 2012
The net worth of the American family has fallen to its lowest level in two decades, according to government data released Monday, driven by a more than 40 percent drop in their stakes in their homes.
The Federal Reserve’s detailed survey of consumer finances showed families’ median wealth plunged from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010 — a 39 percent decline. That put them on par with median wealth in 1992.
The Fed’s data underscore the depth of the wounds of the Great Recession and how far many families remain from healing. The median value of Americans’ debt did not change between 2007 and 2010. Meanwhile, the housing market crash inflicted particularly severe damage, with the Fed showing that the median value of Americans’ equity in their homes plunged 42.3 percent between 2007 and 2010.
The survey is conducted every three years, and this report offers one of the most exhaustive looks to date at the greatest economic upheaval in a generation. Although there have been some signs that the recovery has picked up steam — housing prices have begun to stabilize and unemployment has fallen — Fed economists said those improvements largely do not change the survey results.  (continued)   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jewish TREASON against the United States of America STILL ON-GOING.... the WHITEWASH and COVER-UP of the MURDEROUS Jewish military ATTACK on the U.S. Navy Ship "Liberty" in 1967, is STILL CENSORED by the TREASONOUS jewish owned "major media" in America... today!

Jewish state Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty - 34 American sailors and crew killed by the Jewish War State jet bombers and torpedo-boats in 1967... WITH the PREMEDITATED INTENTION of  Sinking the ship, and KILLING ALL SURVIVORS, by the ruthless, treacherous, and evil Jewish war state Minster of War,  Moshe Dyan... 

 below photo, the bombed, strafed, and torpedoed U.S. Navy 'surveillance' ship  (radio communications spy ship) the U.S.S. Liberty, after attack by Israeli warplanes with NO national markings or insignia, in international waters in  1967.     Evil jewish war state War Minister Moshe Dyan intended to sink the ship, kill all survivors, and blame the murderous attack on Egypt... so to bring the United States in to the war (the jewish war against its Arab neighbors)... Pure Naziesque evil, lies, and hate-mongering propaganada... that is being whitewashed by the jewish dominated (if not jewish owned) American corporate "major media" to this day !!

  As British writer Jaques Fresco explains, below,  the outrage is that the TREASONOUS  jewish owned media,  even today, is whitewashing, censoring, and covering-up this mass-murderous, premeditated jewish military ATTACK on an American crew operating in international waters... with the intention, the purpose, NAZI STYLE,  of having Americans BLAME EGYPT for the murderous attack, so Americans would want to KILL EGYPTIANS as the U.S. would enter the war on the side of the treacherous, duplicitious, scheming, murderous jews... 
Israel's Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty - The Full Story
by Jaques Fresco, June 10, 2012
On Thursday 8 June 1967, Israeli air and naval forces attacked America’s most advanced spy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 of its crew and wounding 174.
Forty five years on, thanks to the complicity of the mainstream media, the cover up ordered by President Johnson is still in place.
Two years ago, on New York’s Long Island, I had the pleasure and privilege of being the keynote speaker at the annual dinner of the Liberty Survivors Association. I told them I was aware that if the attack had gone completely according to the plan of the man who ordered it, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Dayan, none of them would have survived.
I also told them that although I am an Englishman who had not served in any of his country’s armed services (because conscription was abolished by the time I was old enough to have served), we did have something in common – OUTRAGE that could not be expressed adequately in polite words at the continued suppression in America of the truth about Israel’s attack on the Liberty.

  As another blog about the Liberty attack explains, the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the jewish war state politicians, leaders, and military generals WILL KILL  AMERICANS - sailors, soldiers, and civilians - whenever they think it will be to their benefit:
Since the evidence overwhelmingly points to involvement of U.S. government officials and the Israeli government [in SUPPRESSING ANY  U.S. government or military response  prior to or during  the 9-11 2001 hijackings and terror attacks]   we must address the biggest sources of disbelief, by asking and answering the questions, “Would U.S. government officials be complicit in killing a large number of Americans just to get the U.S. involved in a war?” and “Would the Israeli government do this?”
5. The USS Liberty Incident undeniably proves that U.S. government officials and Israel would deliberately kill a large number of Americans in order to get America involved in wars that benefit Israel.
6. From the USS Liberty Incident, we can progress to the evidence that this incident wasn’t just a fluke of history. False flag terrorist attacks have been standard operating procedure for Israeli leaders since the 1930s—long before “modern Israel” even became a state.  The following links refer only to false flag terror attacks conclusively proving Israeli involvement: (link)  (link)  There are many terror attacks pointing to Israel without conclusively proving them... (cont'd)


12 Jewish SENATORS (in the U.S. Senate) are GROUND ZERO of the Evil, Treacherous JEWISH SABOTAGE TAKEOVER and HIJACKING of these late 'United' States of America...

 As Netanyahu's insane Jewish Supremacist Likudniks and blood-lusting Talmudic "scholars" and their "American" partners in treason BANG THE DRUMS FOR WAR against Syria and  Iran,  America's 12 Jewish senators  NEVER SPEAK OUT AGAINST the insane Jewish war lobby... much less against the ever increasing INEQUALITY in America that marks America's financial policies over the past 3 decades.

  This INEQUALITY has been acclerating ever since the sordid "bailouts" for failed bankers after the S&L debacle of the late 1980s, to the Long Term Capital Management "genius" hedge-fund BAILOUT of the late 1990s, and now the "FREE MONEY for millionaires, billionaires, and FAILED, INSOLVENT, CORRUPT, BANKRUPT, economy-killing, con-gress bribing bankers"  TARP, "Liquidity Injections," and "Quantitative Easings" bailouts since the September 2008 market meltdown.... all of  which have transfered not billions, but trillions of dollars $$ of bankers' BAD DEBTS from the financiers, to America's working stiff taxpayers...

so-called 'Democrat' 'leader' Nancy Pelosi  rapturous - her 110th Con-gress just stuck
AMERICAN TAXPAYERS with BILLIONS of dollars of "TARP" bailouts in Sept. 2008...
saving her own family's multi-million dollar stock & bonds fortune; 
but "tough luck!" to those stuck with under-water home mortgages...
"Those mortgage-backed securities
[the entire "DERIVITAVES"  debt laden, highly leveraged financial system CREATED by JEWISH banking houses Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Bear, Stearns;  Golddamn-Sachs, with the complicity of the "WASP" side of Wall St. - Morgan-Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC banking houses, etc. etc. etc.]
 with multiply-assigned mortgages ARE the "Toxic Assets" Congress was screaming about when they forced the Troubled Asset Relief Program through Congress in the fall of 2008, despite overwhelming public opposition. The mortgage bundlers had stuck key financial institutions with fraudulent mortgage-backed securities, and Congress voted to loot the public to purchase the useless paper and hide it from public scrutiny.
     Why? Because the members of the US Congress had their own fortunes invested in those fraudulent mortgage-backed securities. Had the institutions collapsed, members of Congress would have been ruined as well. So they saved their own investments by dropping the losses on the American people!
This is why, even though the public opposed TARP, members of Congress were so happy when the bill finally was forced through the Congress."   (cont'd)

 The above is actually NO "accident" - if you read about the financial conquests of the Rothschilds London and Europe based mega-finance jewish banking cabal, you learn that DESTROYING their competition, and creating huge profits on the backs of SLAVE LABOR, monopolies, and financial rape, WAS the Rothschilds 'business model' all through the 1800s. 

    SABOTAGING individual stocks & bonds issued by their rivals, and even destroying entire currencies,  was childs' play for the Rothschilds at the turn of the 19th century.  Fast forward 100 years, the Jewish bankers foisted their so-called 'Federal' Reserve PRIVATELY OWNED CENTRAL BANKing cartel on unwary Americans in 1913 - after having BRIBED ALL THREE major American presidential candidates from the 1912 election to go along with their wealth extraction and debt extortion scheme...  which is why the groundwork to passage of the Fed Reserve Act of 1913 is almost never discussed, in history texts or books.
   Even so-called "independent" candidate and former president T.R. "Teddy" Roosevelt, who was famous for his outspoken stand against the monopolies and trusts (cartels) of the day,  was never outspoken, was silent, against that biggest monopoly of them all, the ability of a privately owned 'central' banking cartel to print money, rent it out to the United States government (at interest) - and DEMAND PAYMENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT for that 'money' - necessitating  Congressional passage and ratification of the newly created INCOME TAX amendment that "coincidentally" coincided with passage of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve Act.   

  Proving that the so-called 'Federal' Reserve was INTENDED as a treasonous WEALTH EXTRACTION scheme to funnel money from the American public, to the private bankers, is easy:    in his latest book "The Currency Wars"  financial insider James Rickards explains that after World War 1 (WWI) the gold and almost all 'liquid' assets of France, England, and the entire British empire had wound up in the 'Federal' Reserve bank vaults (in New York in particular, but in St. Louis, San Francisco, and other Fed branches as well) - which is exactly what you would expect after France and England had already spent their cash currencies purchasing war material & supplies from the United States during the early   years of WWI, but as the war dragged on, the British and French still needed fresh supplies and weapons to continue the war.  
    The first rule of finance is that when a country has spent all of its pre-war cash currency, it wants to PRINT MORE 'money'  to continue buying supplies...   but obviously if  American brokers and traders have already taken in, say, $500 million  in British pounds to ship war supplies to England, those American traders don't want to be paid for future shipments by 'money,' British currency, that the British have simply printed by the millions, with no real English production to back that money.
 (All English production during that war being dedicated to supplying war material to their armies in France and around the globe - material that is used, consumed, and destroyed, and thus can not "back" their currency.)
 That is when bankers, brokers, and manufacturers insist on "real money" to pay for new shipments, when the purchasing country (France or Britain) has already EXHAUSTED its credit and currency... and that 'real money' is the universally acknowledged and accepted gold bullion, from which the term "reserves" should come from. 

 So it is easy to see how the Fed and its allied (member/owner) New York bankers wound up with all of France's, England's, and the British empire's gold by the end of WWI.  This concentration was increased when the Versailles Treaty obligated defeated Germany to make "war reparations" payments to England and France,  transferring what wealth remained in Germany after that costly war, to the French and English bankers... who sent much of it on to America, to pay of their still existing paper debts. 

  Mr. Rickards makes very clear that by several years after the end of WWI, the Fed and it's member/owner NY bankers were HOARDING the world's gold,   they were refusing to release their hoarded gold to facilitate international trade, which allowed them to play debt-lords over the world... which CONTRACTED GLOBAL TRADE after the war, a seldom noted contributing cause to the financial collapse of the Great Depression. 

  What proves that 'the Fed' was intended as a TREASONOUS WEALTH EXTRACTION MACHINE, is that when the Great Depression finally hit America's big cities and industry
(it had long since taken root in America's debt-extorted rural farm communities, who had taken out loans to expand food production to hungry allied armies during WWI, but were cut off from the big government contracts purchasing those food stocks when the war ended)
so-called 'liberal' President Roosevelt's solution, at the insistence of the Jewish & WASP bankers, and in particular his jewish Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau -  was to confiscate the gold held in private hands, by the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933.   
That this was intended to steal wealth from middle-class Americans is easy to prove:  for the rich have the facilities and connections to simply ship their gold bullion and coins across the border, to Canada (Britain, Switzerland, or elsewhere) - something that middle class savers in America would have a much tougher time doing in 1933.

   As we have just seen, THE  evil FED BANKERS  _ALREADY_ HELD  the vast majority of the world's gold - but here was so-called 'liberal Democrat' President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the direction of his jewish Treasury Secretary,  BLAMING MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICANS who had saved their wealth, not in 'Federal Reserve notes' but in gold bullion and coins...   for causing the Great Depression!  

"MALEFACTORS OF GREAT WEALTH"  Roosevelt called them... but he never went after the Rothschilds, Morgans, Goldmans, Lehmans, or other bankers behind the Fed for creating a typical Rothschilds
credit boom > economic expansion > CREDIT CONTRACTION > economic BUST  cycle
 Roosevelt instead SIEZED GOLD from American middle-class savers!  

(Here is a little known historical tidbit: Treasury Secretary Morganthau wrote up an even more draconian set of wealth SEIZURE of rules for post-WWII Germany, Morganthau tried to over-rule Roosevelt's War Department and State Department in order to run the post-war U.S. occupation of Germany... as a Germany-wide concentration camp, including the intent to provide no more than starvation rations for  millions captured Germans, that would it was intended, lead to the deaths of  thousands of those who would become too weak to fight off illness!)

   - note:  academics, financial historians,  and Fed & FDR (President Roosevelt) apologists will tell you that it was not a "gold confiscation act" because Roosevelt and Morganthau offered payment for your gold -  at a price that they set that was artificially low.  Immediately after seizing that gold   Morganthau "revalued" gold at a price about 30% higher than before the turn-in demands... so the government "only"  confiscated about 30% of your wealth in this gold seizure act.    However, gold was an even more resiliant form of savings that printed 'Fed' notes,   so the evil Fed bankers were absolutely TRYING to CONFISCATE American wealth - and any means the average American had of trying to work outside the corrupt Federal Reserve banking system and easily manipulated stock market.
  Which brings us to today.   The Neo-Con "more wars, more police state powers over peon Americans, more BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS, more  INCOME INQUALITY" agenda is DESPISED by Americans... but it keeps being shoved down our throats by deceit, lies, bribery, extortion, and a controlled media message... and by the abject HIJACKING of the late 'progressive, liberal, Democratic Party' by the radical Right-Wing jewish financiers, warmongers, and their hired politician puppets.
    SO what about the so-called "Liberal" Jewish senators??!!   There are TWELVE of them in the "U.S." Senate - many have been in office for decades, and face little threat from challengers, because it takes so many millions of dollars to run a senate election campaign.    So with such a SECURE POWER BASE,  WHY  are not more of the jewish senators SPEAKING OUT AGAINST the above clearly defined  NEO-CON AGENDA?! 
  The answer is simple: the jewish Senators(and, for that matter, the non-jewish senators) DO NOT REPRESENT the AMERICAN PUBLIC - they represent the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY, which is SYNONYMOUS with the wealthy jewish financiers behind the above atrocious, insanely corrupt  WEALTH EXTRACTING,  WEALTH EXTORTING so-called 'Federal' Reserve fractional reserve, highly leveraged, NOW BANKRUPT  banking system. 

EVERY ONE of the below  JEWISH SENATORS is a PERFECT EXPRESSION of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING  "israel UBER america" agenda....

  They are ALL NEO-CONS.   Americans HATE and DESPISE the Neo-Con "bailouts for bankers, license to FRAUD, Treasury-looting, taxpayer extorting,  metastasizing jewish run 'United' States wars overseas"  Neo-Con agenda,        but through DECEIT,  bribery, and extortion,  the Neo-Con agenda keeps getting RAMED DOWN American throats, in particular by the Jewish owned media, and by the dozen JEWISH SENATORS, who PRETEND to have the concerns of American voters at heart, but ALL ANSWER TO the Netanyahu/Likud   jewish crazies running israel and (via their treasonous "American" partners in crime) the entire U.S. government... 

  note how wikipedia INSISTS on maintaining the FICTION that Senator Joe 'Traitor Joe' Lieberman is a "Democrat" - or "Independent Democrat" as they try to put it.   Lieberman is actually a toady to the Wall Street bankers and Connecticut insurance companies, and a slavish toady to Netanyahu's  "israel UBER America" insane nuclear-armed jewish supremacist war lobby.
  In short, Lieberman is a perfect example of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN  police-state, no civil rights, economic extortion, wealth inequality, expanding wars agenda - but the lying pigs at Wikipedia insist on pretending that this is a "DEMOCRATIC" agenda. 

  And, with the evil, treasonous  jewish Neo-Con hijacking of the late 'Democratic" Party, the DESPISED radical Right-Wing Republican agenda of BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS,  FORECLOSURES, PINK SLIPS, SLASHED SOCIAL SAFETY NET, UNAFFORDABLE medical care for everyone else, and ever EXPANDING WARS  IS now the  "Democrat" agenda - see millionaire Nancy Pelosi's rapturous laugh, at sticking the costs of the TARP "bailouts" billions on to American taxpayers,  at the top of this post.

  Washington career insider Pat Buchanan called so-called "Democrat" Congressional 'leader'  Nancy Pelosi "the AIPAC Girl"
 (the hired puppet of the  jewish, AIPAC  Israel-America-Political Action Committee  war lobby)
way back in 2007... since then, the treasonous Neo-Con jewish supremacist CORRUPTION of the "Democrat" senators and congress-critters has only gotten far, far worse - they ALL take their orders from "KING BIBI" Netanyahu - and that goes double, triple, quadruple for the JEWISH SENATORS, who we NEVER hear standing up against WEALTH INEQUALITY,  FINANCIAL RAPE on Wall Street,   the LOOTING of the U.S. TREASURY and government insurance programs, or against TORTURE,  police GESTAPO "indefinite detention" powers,  seizure laws,  or against war crimes or the abuse of our U.S. military, who are treated like disposable mercenary hired-killers by the evil jewish bankster-millionaire-warmongers...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Treasury Secretary of the Reagan, Republican administration - has made the case that America faces FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in the NEAR TERM, due to the debt load imposed on the American economy by the ruthless, predatory, parasitic financial ruling class  and their "hirelings"  hired-hand politicians, academics, and fraud-whitewashing 'major media' whores - of whom the 12 jewish 'Democrat' Senators are GROUND ZERO of the RAPE of the American economy. 

  In this post we have tried to outline and highlight just WHO is  THE POWER BEHIND the  dismal American financial policies of the past 2 decades,  and the complete lack, not only of adequate government regulation over these out of control bankers,  but lack of even an informed discussion at the Congress, Senate, or major-media level about these financial outrages...

      - And the conlcusion in inescapable:   like the Great Depression, ECONOMIC CONTRACTION,  ECONOMIC MISERY, and FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION are NOT the happenstance consequences of overworked regulators and merely egotistical financial players:   ECONOMIC SABOTAGE is a TIME TESTED TACTIC for DESTROYING the financial competition,  

 the Fed's economic sabotage landed Americans in the Great Depression in the 1930s,  

and millions of Americans, today, are once again being turned into homeless, dispossesed, disenfranchised, subsistence-living peon/serf "Okies" as the movie "Grapes of Wrath"  portrayed in the 1930s,
(while bankers like Obama's UNION BUSTING current WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF,  the treacherous Jacob Lew from Citi-bank wallow in ill-gotten, million dollar "bonuses" they would never have received but for 'bailouts'! )  

  ...or as "Bonus Army" WWI army veterans trampled under army horse hooves experienced after General Douglas McArthur sent his calvary to trample and disperse the "Hooverville" shanties that sprang up when unemployed army veterans marched to Washington to protest their Great Depression misery in front of Congress in 1932.

Friday, June 8, 2012

ABJECT CRIMINALITY in the U.S. government & Financial System are the HALLMARK of the JEWISH FINANCIERS, POLITICIANS, and corporate media... ABJECT WARMONGERING ACROSS the globe is the HALLMARK of the Bloodthirsty Jewish warmongers. Jews have shown their hands, they DESPISE HUMANITY, consider non-jews to be vermin, and have NO REGARD for HUMAN RIGHTS or the Social Contract....

Join us for a moment for a brief survey of THE ABJECT CRIMINALITY in the U.S. government & Financial System - the HALLMARK of the JEWISH FINANCIERS, POLITICIANS, and jewish run corporate media whores who are running the American, European, and global economies into the sewer,  to shift the wealth of the world,  the wealth of nations, and the wealth of the people of those nations, in to the concentrated hands of the vile, humanity hating jewish war tribe executives, politicians, appartchiks, millionaires and  billionaire elites... &  including their  powerful voting base of sometimes decent but misguided, racist, and jewish supremacist  jewish working class dupes.   

   ABJECT WARMONGERING ACROSS the globe is today the hallmark of the bloodthirsty Jewish warmongers.    'Neo-Con' jew elites  have shown their hands, they DESPISE HUMANITY, consider non-jews to be vermin, and have NO REGARD for HUMAN RIGHTS or the Social Contract, whether in America or across the world.  

    Understanding this jewish CONTEMPT for human rights, civil rights, the Social Contract, and Amerian Constitutional Rights may be confusing.... until you accept and understand, that...
...for at least 38 of the past 40+ centuries that the jewish faith has existed as a religious 'faith' or political/race entity,  jewish elites have OWNED SLAVES and ENGAGED IN THE SLAVE TRADE.  

   And while most races and faiths on earth today have owned slaves in the centuries past, for "religious fundamentalist" or orthodox jews  today, those portions of the bible DETAILING INSTRUCTIONS on the conduct of slavery are regarded, in Orthodox circles, as nothing less than the divine word of god - a "perfect, all knowing god" - and therefore to be obeyed with all religious fervor -  SLAVERY, brutality against women, brutality against children,  and executions for non-conformists  and ALL.
    LEHMAN BROTHERS, the jewish New York banking house whose accounting fraud precipitated the 2008 market crash, was founded by a trio of JEWISH SLAVE-OWNING BROTHERS who owned a slave plantation in South Carolina and who supported the Confederacy during the Civil War against the United States government. 

      After the war the Jewish brothers were warmly welcomed when they set up a brokerage house on New York's Wall St. - which was already by the 1860s home to jewish financiers and bankers bankrolled by the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and other wealthy jewish bankers in Europe - and started their long run as one of the leading jewish banking houses in the world.

     Note how wikipedia's entry for Lehman brothers purges the fact that the company's origins were from JEWISH SLAVE OWNERS in the 'Old Dixie' South -  the  simple fact that a well known jewish family and banking house were originally slave-owners highlights JEWISH HYPOCRISY about slavery,  jews for 30+ centuries have whined, wailed, cried, and complained about being enslaved by the Egyptians,  even as the bible codefies THE ENSLAVEMENT of others by jewish elites, and even,  as soon as Jewish kings had the power to do so, the bible relates how Solomon and other kings immediately ENSLAVED non-jews in their realms

  JUST LISTING the crimes of the JEWISH DOMINATED Obama White House... which has followed in the treasonous footsteps of the  the JEWISH DOMINATED Bush II (george W. bush) White House.... is an extended chore.

    Here are some of the CRIMES and CRIMINAL CONDUCT approved of, whitewashed, or pepetrated by the United States government, with either Rahm Emanuel as Obama's first White House Chief of Staff, or patholgical, America-hating JACOB LEW as Obama's current PRESIDENTIAL CHIEF OF STAFF's  APPROVAL.

  Emanuel & Lew were and are both backed up by the entire "Answers to Netanyahu"  JEWISH LOBBY, including the many other jewish appartchiks in the Obama White House - who are ground zero to this titanic financial fraud killing our economy;
      including the 12  jewish senators (11 of them, all except 'traitor joe" Lieberman,  in the so-called "Democratic" Party - but all of them "Traitor Joe" clones whose FIRST LOYALTY is to their fellow jews in israel), the many jewish officials in the U.S. government and regulatory agencies, and backed up by the entire Jewish controlled American "major" (corporate) press/media, which includes almost all major media outlets in these (late) 'United' States

  ALL the above TREASONOUS jewish players PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE  MAJOR CRIMES being serially and repeatedly perpetrated against the American people, as one blogger has just written (our emphasis and bold) -
"Many pundits claim that if the [Bernanke]  Fed is going to act they may as well do so well before the election so as not to appear to be “influencing the election.” I’m not so sure about that. Maybe in times past, when the power structure was a bit more reserved and less blatant about their corruption and manipulations. [But] They don’t hide that stuff anymore. The “elites” in America today are simply gangsters. We have already been officially christened as a Banana Republic. The criminal behavior that now governs our political and economic system is now all out in the open for anyone with eyes to see. They don’t care.   
 Below - the evil appartchiks within the Eric Holder Department of 'Justice'  ACTUALLY DELIVERED GUNS to the MURDEROUS MEXICO DRUG CARTELS, WITH THE INTENTION of inciting a MURDER WAVE, that would then be BLAMED ON _American_ gun-owners - who would be blamed for selling the guns to the Mexican cartel. 
   This is PURE naziesque EVIL, coming from the 'United' States government, with the blessings of the treasonous Sulzberger New York Slimes, and Meyer/Graham cowardly, lying, whore Washington Post. 

  #1.    Confirmed: ATF Plotted to Use Fast And Furious To Demonize Second Amendment
“ATF  [Acohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency, A DIVISION of the 'United' States JUSTICE DEPARTMENT] created the problem so they could be the solution to it”
    by Paul Watson,  Prison,   December 7, 2011
As we postulated when the scandal broke, the Fast and Furious program that saw the ATF deliver guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs was admittedly exploited [CREATED!]
 to demonize the second amendment and push new gun control regulations.

Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using their covert operation “Fast and Furious” to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales.”
Emails obtained by the network show ATF agents discussing how they could tie guns involved in Mexican violence to gun dealers based in the U.S. to justify the implementation of Demand Letter 3, a regulation that would require U.S. gun stores to report the sale of multiple rifles...  (cont'd)
Speaking of  "mass-murderous Mexican drug wars" it is the jewish elites (along with their Anglo WASP and Catholic elites  junior partners in crime) who keep RATCHETING UP the so-called "WAR ON DRUGS" - which is nothing but SOCIALISM for the RULING CLASS,  a life-time gravy ticket for judges, lawyers, police, prosecutors, and the Prison Industrial Complex, who will be GUARANTEED "big government money" jobs, salaries and contracts for perpetuity... not to mention SEIZURE of property  of American citizens, often WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL CONVICTION, sometimes WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL INDICTMENT,  by  corrupt police who are now trained, by our government, to treat American citizens as subject peons.
      The "DRUG WAR" is now a sophisticated form of  SEGREGATION:  millionaires, billionaires, and executives on Wall Street, in Las Vegas, in New Orleans, and in all of America's entertainment destinations,  can purchase and consume drugs literally by the kilo...   but it is AMERICAN CHILDREN who are SENT TO PRISON for possession of marijuana, a drug that is far less harmful than alcohol.    The corrupt Texas company Enron was notorious for throwing "HOOKER AND COCAINE" parties in and around its Houston headquarters... Enron was the lead campaign donor to George W. Bush's hypocritical Republican "moral values" election campaigns - with a free pass from the jewish owned Washington Post,  New York Times, Time/Warner company, and other jewish supremacist run 'news' outlets that preferred to cast then Vice President Al Gore as a "serial prevaricator" while giving Bush & his VP running mate, the serial traitor Dick Cheney, a huge media "free pass."  
  Notice below how JEWISH WAR PROFITEER and WAR ON DRUGS DEMAGOGUE  senator Dianne Feinstein is all over this CRIMINALIZATION of the marijuana brownies that many of her California glucoma and naseau patients prefer to smoking decriminalized marijuana - OBSTRUCTING THE WILL of  THE MAJORITY of Californians, is what the despicable, evil Senator Feinstein, and all the other jewish appartchiks, are all about.   
    #2.  Senate Votes to Double Fines, Jail Time for Pot Brownies
By: Michael Whitney Friday July 30, 2010
Last night the United States Senate voted to double the penalties for the nation’s newest existential threat: brownies made with marijuana!
The Senate unanimously passed Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)’s “Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act of 2009″ (S. 258) that targets pot brownies and other marijuana edibles preferred by some medical marijuana patients. The bill next moves to the House; if it passes that chamber, anyone making pot brownies or similar products could be subject to double the fines and jail time for regular marijuana.
This bill’s passage marks a step backwards for Congress, which this week also passed the Fair Sentencing Act that reduced the sentencing disparities between cocaine and crack from 100:1 to 18:1. Now we have a new disparity: pot brownies and other marijuana edibles are now treated as something twice as bad as just distributing marijuana.
“Candy Flavored Meth”
Marijuana prohibitionists often hide behind vague threats to children, and DiFi’s bill is no different. Her “Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act” is framed to make politicians afraid to oppose. “How dare you voted against saving kids from dangerous drugs?”  (cont'd)
 #3.  Below,  the Jewish owned TIME magazine (a subsidiary of the despicable cnn/Time/Warner Bros. Hollywood jewish media propaganda empire)  dubs jewish war state prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu "KING Bibi."

 For once,  we don't dispute the facts of  TIME's dismal, disgusting, atrocious jewish war lobby propaganda "news" reporting:   Netanyahu IS the KING OF THE JEWS,   and he is also the UNELECTED (by Americans) RULER, the evil KING,  of AMERICA's FOREIGN POLICY, which is to say,  our expanding, ever metastasizing genocidal wars of imperial colonization, subjugation, extortion, and slow-burn extermination overseas.
  The problem is, this makes the murderous, mass-murderous jewish demagogue a THROWBACK to the  BRONZE-AGE era of  god/kings...    not exactly "progess" for an America founded on the Age of Englightenment "all men are created equal" idealism.
   Not that the evil jewish supremacist "our god says we can kill you - we are the chosen!" pigs at TIME magazine care about progress or American ideals...

  •   Greece DEBT EXTORTION:  can you say "Goddamn-Sachs"?
  •   U.S. dollar DEBASEMENT:  can you say "HELICOPTER BEN?"
  •    Jon Corzine's LOOTING of MF Global customers:  can you say "'GET OUT OF JAIL FREE' pass from the obama administraiton, for "bundling" some $500,000 in "campaign donation" legal bribes?
  •  WHAT A DEAL!  STEAL  $1.6 BILLION,  fork over $500,000, and get away scott free!  Obama and his jewish puppet-masters REALLY LOVE American investors and savers, don't they?!
  •  Goldman Sachs' NAKED SHORTING -  the premeditated SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION OF WEALTH - with the entire U.S. government's blessings.  not hard to understand.. when Goddamn-Sachs MADE MAN, full partner gary gensler is riding herd at the top of the CFTC (the commodities futures trading commission) - which is, as we speak, HIDING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of  bad 'DERIVATIVES' bets that Obama and/or Romney will soon STICK ON TO AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, as they - the power elite - recently stuck AIG's billions-dollars losses on to American taxpayers. 
  •   After kicking out the Anglo/Dutch DEBT EXTORTION bankers - who operate out of the City of London, home base to the vile,  humanity-enslaving Rothschilds jewish debt cabal - the ICELANDIC PEOPLE find their economy ON THE REBOUND - DESPITE the dire warnings of the Anglo/Euro whore media!  
  • Henry Kissinger Proposed to ‘Destroy’ the U.S.   The blood-drenched jewish refugee from WWII (Nazi occupied Europe) has nothing but HATE for anyone, anywhere in the world.  DESPITE FUNDING the al Qaeda "Mujahadeen Freedom Fighters"  against the Red Army after Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1980,   Kissinger was among the apex "Neo-Cons"  (the jews at the top of the U.S. government power structure were not yet called "Neo-Cons" in the 1980s)  who YANKED U.S. SUPPORT FROM AFGHANISTAN once the Mujahadeen and Afghan people had paid the price in blood to expell the Red Army... and, incidentally, contribute to the great costs to the Soviet Union that drove the USSR to allow the Warsaw Pact to dissolve without a fight.    This is the now-standard Neo-Con jewish SABOTAGE & CONTROL TACTIC:  plead ignorance or poverty when they see no immediate gain for U.S. foreign policy in a region - then, when the region disintegrates, SEND IN THE U.S. MILITARY, at GREAT COST, to colonize the place, for the benefit of the evil, imperial, mass-murderous jewish financiers.
  •    See, "ditto, in spades" for the Neo-Con engineered DESTRUCTION OF YUGOSLAVIA after the above mentioned collapse of the Soviet Union.    The United States had spent the entire post-WWII period, 1945-1991,  SPENDING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR to combat the Red Menace, the "evil empire."   Yet, when Gorbachov and the Soviet command dismantled the mighty Warsaw Pact without a fight,  the American Con-gress, at the behest of the evil (proto-) Neo-Cons, pled "WE'RE BROKE!  WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR ANTHING."    The above was actually a fig-leaf rational for the intentional Neo-Con DESTRUCTION of the Yugoslav economy;    the evil jews have a pathological hatred and contempt for the Serbs (and all Slavs... btw, the very word "SLAVERY"  comes from the word "SLAV",  because so many Eastern Europe and Central Asia white, Slavic men, women, and children were thrust into slavery for century after century after century  from the bible era to the Communist revolution in Russia... where they, and millions of other (non-Slavs) people in the region, were once again ENSLAVED in Stalin & Hitler's work-camps, gulags, and death camps.      

   Below - all the above crimes pale in comparison to inciting the people and military of the United States to attack, invade, bomb, and rule with hired mercenary killers, at point of gun,  other countries, with the United States acting as nothing but a murderous proxy for the jewish war lobby elite. 
     The entire U.S. military is being used by the jews, in the way that King George III of England used Hessian mercenaries to kill American patriots during the American Revolution.  Except that at least King George III paid for his Hessian soldiers... the despicable, evil jews get Americans to fight, bleed, die, and have traumatized home-lives (even if they are not wounded or disabled in duty overseas)  at AMERICAN TAXPAYERS'  expense...   
  #10.  All “reasons” for war on Iran are “emperor has no clothes” obvious lies
by Carl Herman,  Washington’s Blog,   December 19, 2011
The US and Israel lie for war with Iran in two key areas of propaganda that you are responsible to understand if you want a US government operating UNDER the law:
  1. Iran’s president never physically threatened Israel.
  2. All of Iran’s nuclear material is fully accounted for peaceful and legal use for energy and medicine.
The US completely lied for its unlawful attack and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. We now know from our own government’s disclosure of the evidence that all “reasons” for war were known lies.
Our soldiers, government employees, and citizens who operate under good faith have been duped with the above “Big Lies” that are easily proven but difficult to embrace from cognitive dissonance.

  MURDER, ENSLAVEMENT, and EXTERMINATION  _ARE_ the order of business for the jewish run U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, Sudan, and elsewhere:   the jews of the bible were relentlessly GENOCIDAL against their neighbors, and their descendents today take that drenched-in-blood legacy of murdered peoples as a badge of honor,  to be repeated, today, in the industrialized weapons and nuclear age,  until armageddon...
  #11.  Afghan Massacre NOT the Act of a LONE U.S. Soldier,  Afghan Witnesses Say
   Press TV  , March 20, 2012

Afghan eyewitnesses to the recent massacre of 16 civilians in Kandahar province say the slaughter was carried out by more than one US soldier.
According to a video broadcast by CNN on Sunday, Afghan villagers said multiple US troops broke into their houses and asked about the Taliban.
Witnesses said that they told the troops that there were no Taliban there, but they started shooting at people anyway.
Ali Ahmed said, “It was 3:00 a.m. when they entered a room and shot my uncle after asking where the Taliban are. My uncle replied that he didn’t know.”
He added that the worst thing happened in the next room, where they entered and killed all the children there, including a two-month-old baby.
Other villagers told CNN that after the carnage, the US soldiers piled up the dead bodies of the victims and set them on fire...  (cont'd)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jews have KILLED Democracy in America....

Obama's EVIL JEWISH Bankers  have KILLED DEMOCRACY in America:  they are Wall Street ANTI-UNION  Union-Busters  (and here)  ANTI-social safety net,  bankers & (Jewish war-state) GENOCIDAL Jewish WARMONGERS, POSING as  "Liberal Democrats".  
 And, via corruption and bribery, they have HIJACKED the non-Jewish Democrats, to cower and toe the evil Neo-Con sabotage crew's line:    for example, former Speaker (and still Con-gressional "Democrat" "leader") Nancy Pelosi - whose husband used INSIDER INFORMATION to DOUBLE her family's net-worth in stock trades  (even CNN and CBS'  "Sixty Minutes" could not entirely avoid Ms. Pelosi's abject "PAY TO PLAY CORRUPTION)   while, under the Bush-II administration, Bush's insane SEC and 'Justice' Department SENT MARTHA STEWART TO PRISON for doing 1/1,000th as much.

  Ms. Stewart merely sold a lousy $55,000 of ImClone stock she had, based on a "tip" from her broker - who had some connection to ImClone executives -  Stewart sent  to PRISON and the subject of  massive public humiliation, while corruption fountain-head Nancy Pelosi basks in her & her husband's  ill-gotten millions - with the approval of the treacherous, relentlessly lying  Jewish owned media.
(e.g. the Sulzberger New York Slimes, Meyer/Graham cowardly, lying Washington whore Post,  cnn/Time/Warner Bros. jewish Hollywood propaganda media mega-empire; the Sam Zell owned LA Times and Chicago Tribune, etc., etc., etc., ad naseum - ALL SUPPORT the above LYNCH MOB for peons, "SEGREGATED SUPER-CLASS for toadies" double-standard in American life and in our criminalized "Justice" system.)   

  As this March 2004 CNN article quotes Ms. Stewart's prosecutor,   "The word is -- beware -- and don't engage in this type of conduct because it will not be tolerated," David Kelley, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said outside the courthouse." 

   Well, clearly under the domination of  Bush & Obama's Judeo fraud inducing banksters,  Mr. Kelly IS EITHER an IGNORAMUS or a he is  A LIAR & COWARD -   if the only crime of  the Wall Street banksters over the past 4 years  was to merely "sell" some stocks based  on "hot tips,"  we would not be in this economic crisis we are in:  instead, these New York banksters, from Jon Corzine to Dick Fuld to Bernie Madoff (all Jewish) to Lou Mozilla,  Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Bob Rubin, Jacob Lew, Peter Orszag, and many, many others,   have been RAPING consumers, investors, savers, pensioners, and taxpayers, WITH IMPUNITY, for YEARS now - and getting "BONUSES" AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE no matter how much they drive their banks into the sewer of bad loans ("toxic debt") and casino gulag gambling speculation. 

 (Jon Corzine drove MF Global into bankruptcy when he bet wrong on Euro bonds;  he then STOLE $1.6 BILLION out of SEGREGATED customer accounts at MF Global, and delivered them to his creditor,  JP Morgan-Chase bank - where Jamie Dimon is still sitting on those funds, with Jewish SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro's insanely corrupt toleration.  Again, they sent Martha Stewart to prison, NOT  for "insider trading" - but merely for "lying" to federal lynch-mob investigators!  By which standard, the SEC could make life miserable for every corrupt banker on Wall Street... yesterday.)    


   Obama's TOP TWO economy "leading" officials - Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and so-called 'Federal' Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke - are not only warmed-over Bush-II administration economy killing retreads, but are both  unrepetent, radical Right-Wing, "KILL SOCIAL SECURITY" REPUBLICANS!!! 
(note: the wikipedia biography on geithner maintains the fiction that he is an "Independent" - but Geithner was nominated to be the 'Federal' Reserve NY branch president in 2003 by President George W. Bush - who never nominated a single "Democrat" or "independent"  to anything!) 

  Given the above, WHO, TODAY,  will vote for Barack Obama this coming November? 

  A VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA and his genocidal Jewish (Neo-Con) wrecking crew (puppet-masters), is a vote for REPUBLICAN "LOOT THE PEONS and ENSLAVE them with STARVATION, destitution" radical right-wing economics! 

 At one point the "BAILOUTS" may have been about "an emergency" to SAVE the BANKRUPT, INSOLVENT, and FRAUDULENTLY RUN big New York banks  and the vastly over-inflated financial system of which they were the keystone.... but soon, EMPOWERED by "BAILOUTS," which were a U.S. government & society VINDICATION of  Wall Street's previous decade(s) of PREDATORY FINANCE,  the GENOCIDAL TENDENCIES of the elites - "to TAX THE PEONS to the edge of starvation, to destitution & beyond, while enriching the ambitious feudal lords" -  began to take hold and accelerate.  
   For example, had AIG GONE BANKRUPT without "government bailouts"  Hank Paulson's  $500 million worth of Goldman-Sachs stock  WOULD HAVE BECOME WORTHLESS.

     Goddamn-Sachs had tried to "insure itself" against its own MBS (mortgage backed securities) bonds going WORTHLESS in the Real Estate crash by purchasing "Credit Default Swap" insurance from AIG against the "default,"  or bankruptcy, of those bonds and companies (stocks) involved with them.    
Had AIG not been able to pay Goldman its DEFAULT SWAP" payouts  that Goddamn-Sachs executives had taken out as insurance against their OWN GARBAGE  mortgage bonds portfolio failing, GS stock - and Hank Paulson's lifetime wealth - would have gone to ZERO.

   So - does Hank Paulson ever evoke an inch of humility for being BAILED OUT by AMERICAN TAXPAYERS....  much less express GRATITUDE that HIS life fortune was SAVED by the peons? 

 HELL NO!    And, like the original JP Morgan (James Pierpont Morgan),    Hank Paulson is nothing but a HIRED HAND at a JEWISH owned an run bank. 

    James Pierpont Morgan took over his father's bank (and renamed it in his own name), after his father, Junius S. Morgan,  had signed on to and become partner with George Peabody of the London and Baltimore merchant bank,  George Peabody & Co.,  which became Peabody, Morgan, & Sons when Junius S. Morgan became partner.    It is a matter of financial legend that George Peabody, upon first opening up the London base of his (formerly) Baltimore import/export bank,  met with infamous Jewish mega-financier Nathan Rothschild, the founder of the London branch of the family banking cabal, and regarded (by informed observers) as the most powerful man in England, including Prime Ministers and the royal family.  Nathan, who was a master of public psychology and financial deciet,  arranged to have Peabody throw lavish parties and balls, which Rothschild would pay for, while never attending in person, and remaining in the background.   Rothschild, originally a Hamburg (German-Jewish) banker and importer, had moved to Manchester to directly arrange British textile exports to his family's ever expanding businesses on the Continent... and having seen the explosion of English industrialism first hand,  Rothschild astutely realized that America would be the next industrial powerhouse.    His partnership with George Peabody,  Junius S. Morgan, J.P. Morgan, and later other New York bankers, would put the Rothschilds family at the forefront of Anglo-American-European banking, finance, export, import, and development.... without having to wave the Rothschilds' increasingly devisive and hate-inducing name in the American public's face.  Flash forward 150 years, the Rothschilds/judeo bankers HIJACKING of America is COMPLETE - Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Romney ALL HEW to the NEO-CON BANKERS agenda,  NONE of them will demand an energetic investigation of "bailouts," Wall Street, or titanic financial crimes - all of which benefit the insanely corrupt, money hoarding bankers. 

Russ Feingold: Key To Beating Scott Walker Is Getting Democratic Turnout Higher Than 2010

  Paul Craig Roberts -  Recovery or Collapse? Bet on Collapse
The US financial system and, probably, the financial system of Europe, like the police, no longer serves a useful social purpose
 In the US the police have proven themselves to be a greater threat to public safety than private sector criminals. I just googled “police brutality” and up came 183,000,000 results. (Here are two recent brutal assaults, one deadly, by police on hapless individuals:  and  ) 
The cost to society of the private financial system is even higher. Writing in CounterPunch (May 18), Rob Urie reports that two years ago Andrew Haldane, executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England (the UK’s version of the Federal Reserve) said that the financial crisis, now four years old, will in the end cost the world economy between $60 trillion and $200 trillion in lost GDP. If Urie’s report is correct, this is an astonishing admission from a member of the ruling elite.

Try to get your mind around these figures. The US GDP, the largest in the world, is about 15 trillion. What Haldane is telling us is that the financial crisis will end up costing the world lost real income between 4 and 13 times the size of the current Gross Domestic Product of the United States. This could turn out to be an optimistic forecast.

Class Warfare On Two Fronts: From Afghanistan To Middle America, The Untold Story Of Sgt. Bales
By Mark Ames,   Class Warfare / April 16, 2012

Have Obama's Jews - his Neo-Con jewish warmonger puppet-masters - KILLED American democracy?

   THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between the JEWISH "communist" "Left-Wing" COMMISSARS under Stalin's mass-murderous famine purges... and the radical right-wing British style GENOCIDAL IMPERIALISM, MASQUERADING as "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" -   there is NO difference between poor INDIA PEASANTS being EXTORTED  out of their wealth (potential savings)  by the British "SALT TAX"  in India, and Stalin's  Jewish commissar Lazar Kagonovich EXTORTING Ukrainian farmers out of their land, wealth, and food... leading to the DEATHS of MILLIONS of Ukrainians, those who died passively of starvation and famine related diseases, and those who died after being deported to the Gulag... of from an NKVD commissar thug's bullet via summary executions.
  To drive the above point home,  just browse this excellently done website, -  which explains that the Irish  "GREAT FAMINE" of 1845-1852 was NOT  a  result of "stupid Irish peasants making themselves dependent on a single fragile mono-crop, potatoes which failed in mass in the 'potato blight" -  but was instead the result of SYSTEMATIC BRITISH SEIZURE of  Ireland's food production, for shipment to England,  under the guise that Irish farms were no longer "OWNED" by the Irish, but were instead owned by ENGLISH ABSENTEE LANDLORDS and their local, Anglicized Irish partners in crime.... including the entire IRISH CATHOLIC CHURCH, which was bribed by the Anglo/English overlords to GO ALONG WITH THE FAMINE and be supplied with food by the British authorities... or face the same dismal fate as the famine victims.    It is for this reason - sheer treachery and betrayal - that the Catholic Church in Ireland has been part of hte COVER-UP of the holocaust, for the past 150 years. 



  They have infiltrated and completely overtaken - hijacked - the late "Democratic" Party with their campaign donations over the past 2 years.... but where does much of this money come from?  Well, every year the United States government ships at least $3 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds to the Jewish state (israel) - and, like any prudent business or financial concern, the jewish war state hires publicists and agents to create or maintain a good image for that concern.    In the jewish war state's  case, that means spending whatever it takes to make sure that flow of money from American taxpayers keeps coming to israel -  and that means hiring armies of agents, whether ad agencies, jewish candidates, or bribed and bought-off non-jewish candidates to support the jewish war state's agenda. 

  And, little known to most Americans, is the role of multi-national JEWISH FINANCE  at the very peak of the American financial system.... which is how it has been in America since long before the Rothschilds multi-national jewish banking cartel established the very privately owned so-called 'Federal' Reserve banking cartel as the U.S. government's state bank back in 1913.
      If the Fed was established in 1913 (just one year before WWI started, just 4 years before the United States entered that war on the side of England and France, and just a little more than a decade before the start of the GREAT DEPRESSION destroyed entire swaths of the American economy by 1933), then there is NO doubt that JEWISH-GERMAN "American" banker Jacob Schiff (essentially a Rothschild agent, or ally)  FUNDED THE JAPANESE ARMY AND NAVY against Russia in the Russo-Japanese war of 1903.  It was the Japanese militarist, EMPOWERED BY JEWISH bankers' MONEY, victorious after severely defeating Russia in that war,  who went on to destroy any vestiges of democracy in Japan (to stand up to the militarist was to invite assassination), who went on to invade Korea and northern China, and who later (in Dec. 1941) bombed the U.S. navy base at Pearl Harbor. 

  So, since with absolute certainty Jewish money contributed to the DESTRUCTION of democracy (by militarists and imperialists) in Japan before and after WWI,  and since with all probability JEWISH MONEY  contributed to the destruction of Russia (the Czar's DEFEATS against Japan, and later against Germany in WWI, led to the overthrow of the Czar and the establishment of brutal Communist "Soviet Union),  and since the London, Paris, and U.S. bankers'  dictated Treaty of Versailles led to the eventual extinction of democracy in post-WWI Germany (Hitler's claim to fame was REPUDIATING any further Treaty of Versailles reparations payments to the French & English Treasuries/bankers;  and turning around German's depression ridden economy to become the undisputed power-house of Europe)...

   well, given all the above, it is only fair to ask,  "Have jewish money, and Jewish bankers, led to a situation wher AMERICAN DEMOCRACY is DOOMED"? 

Don't forget, the BASIS of the 2008 markets meltdown, was the very JEWISH  LEHMAN Brothers bank exeuctives, GETTING AWAY with FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING,  and the eventual  BANKRUPTCY of Lehman - including top executives stealign $700 million in bonuses from the company at the last moment before it's meltdown,  and shifting billions more to Barclays Bank instead of Lehman's creditors....


Goldman Kept Almost 3 Billion from AIG for Company Account
Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the pitiful financial commission that obviously didn't read my report here, has at least revealed that Goldman kept 2.9 billion dollars from the AIG bailout. This may turn out to be significant if we see that executives of the firm perjured themselves in stating that the money all went to clients and business associates hurt by AIG's failure to pay up on the ponzi loans gone bad. What a scam that keeps giving and giving. I would be surprised if our sleazy corrupt government would ever prosecute these execs, but we can always hope. McClatchy reports that Goldman should give the 2.9 billion back to taxpayers.....

Goldman Sachs Accidentally Releases Damning Information of Illegal Naked Short Sales, Last Week! - JPM was/is the distraction from this info 
Thu, May 17, 2012

for most of  judaism's 4,000+ year history, the judeo elites  have engaged in, profited from, and ruthlessly participated in the slave trade. The Jewish bible - the old testament - specifically establishes "rules" for owning slaves, and except for a few exceptions, those "rules" are minimal: one s may BEAT one's slave - as long as they don't die within 3 days! A father may SELL HIS DAUGHTER INTO SLAVERY, and, of course, for women (and men!) "slavery" was synonymous with SEX SLAVERY and SEXUAL ABUSE.    
   (The Christian bible, based as it is on Jesus' jewish life and society, is not much better,  "servants" is an euphamism for "SLAVES" in both the old and new testaments, as Ephesians 6:5 and 1 Timothy 6 relate.) 

Astonishing as it may seem, today's "modern" and "progressive"  'American' jews relentlessly support their "more conservative" co-religionists in israel.... and the 'conservative"  (reactionary!)  'leaders' of the ruthless jewish war state, which is defined by jewish supremacism, all hew to the orthodox interpretation that the bible (and even more dehumanizing Talmud) not only allow for....
   but DEMAND SLAVERY, as necessary for "living in full accordance" with "god's commandents"!!

Catch this image at wiki, quick!  before the ruthless brown-shirt jewish censorship crew removes it.
(wikipedia is a very jewish-allied entity - for example, you might think that this picture would be included in wiki's  "Judaism & Slavery" page... but you are mistaken, it is a complete whitewash!)

wiki   Caption:
   "A JEWISH SLAVE TRADER being presented to Boleslave of Bohemia," c.a. 960s a.d.,_Duke_of_Bohemia

Only when you realize that for all of the past 4,000+ years - except for the most recent 150 years since Abraham Lincoln and the Union army ended slavery in the United States by fighting the Civil War - judeo elites have SUPPORTED SLAVERY.... and that the judeo war state is BASED on  JEWISH SUPREMACY and their CONTEMPT for non-jews - then understanding the Neo-Con FEROCITY and CONTEMPT of the American public (much less their Jew Neo-Con contempt for our disgraceful bought-and-owned leaders -  then president George W. Bush is reported to have been called, from the middle of a speech to an admiring audience, to speak with Israel Prime Minister Ohlmert at Ohlmert's contemptuous insistence ) - suddenly snaps into focus. 


   p.s. -  Eustice Mullins, author of the on-line book, "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" explains a small portion of the  evil connection between the Rothschilds and other jewish vampire bankers,  and slavery.... and between the Anglo/American financial elites, including the Bush, Brown, Morgan, & Harriman families (and the then "non-Jewish" owned "major media," in this case CBS)  with the ruthless, dehumanizing,  slave-trading judeo elites:  
Tourists today gape at the magnificent mansions of the very rich in Newport, Rhode Island, without realizing that not only do these "cottages" stand as a memorial to the baronial desires of our Victorian millionaires, but that their erection in Newport represented a nostalgic memorialization of the great American fortunes, which had their beginnings in Newport when it was the capital of the slave trade. 
The slave trade for centuries had its headquarters in Venice, until Seventeenth Century Britain, the new master of the seas, used its control of the oceans to gain a monopoly. As the American colonies were settled, its fiercely independent people, most of whom did not want slaves, found to their surprise that slaves were being sent to our ports in great numbers.

For many years, Newport was the capital of this unsavory trade. William Ellery, the Collector of the Port of Newport, said in 1791:

" Ethiopian could as soon change his skin as a Newport merchant could be induced to change so lucrative a trade.... for the slow profits of any manufactory."
John Quincy Adams remarked in his Diary, page 459, "Newport’s former prosperity was chiefly owing to its extensive employment in the African slave trade."

The pre-eminence of J.P. Morgan and the Brown firm in American finance can be dated to the development of Baltimore as the nineteenth century capital of the slave trade. Both of these firms originated in Baltimore, opened branches in London, came under the aegis of the House of Rothschild, and returned to the United States to open branches in New York and to become the dominant power, not only in finance, but also in government. In recent years, key posts such as Secretary of Defense have been held by Robert Lovett, partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, and Thomas S. Gates, partner of Drexel and Company, a J.P. Morgan subsidiary firm. The present Vice President, George Bush, is the son of Prescott Bush, a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, for many years the senator from Connecticut, and the financial organizer of Columbia Broadcasting System of which he also was a director for many years.

To understand why these firms operate as they do, it is necessary to give a brief history of their origins. Few Americans know that J.P. Morgan Company began as George Peabody and Company. George Peabody (1795-1869), born at South Danvers, Massachusetts, began business in Georgetown, D.C. in 1814 as Peabody, Riggs and Company, dealing in wholesale dry goods, and in operating the Georgetown Slave Market. In 1815, to be closer to their source of supply, they moved to Baltimore, where they operated as Peabody and Riggs, from 1815 to 1835. Peabody found himself increasingly involved with business originating from London, and in 1835, he established the firm of George Peabody and Company in London. He had excellent entree in London business through another Baltimore firm established in Liverpool, the Brown Brothers. Alexander Brown came to Baltimore in 1801, and established what is now known as the oldest banking house in the United States, still operating as Brown Brothers Harriman of New York; Brown, Shipley and Company of England; and Alex Brown and Son of Baltimore. The behind the scenes power wielded by this firm is indicated by the fact that Sir Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England for many years, was a partner of Brown, Shipley and Company. * Considered the single most influential banker in the world, Sir Montagu Norman was organizer of "informal talks" between heads of central banks in 1927, which led directly to the Great Stockmarket Crash of 1929. 

Soon after he arrived in London, George Peabody was surprised to be summoned to an audience with the gruff Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Without mincing words, Rothschild revealed to Peabody, that much of the London aristocracy openly disliked Rothschild and refused his invitations. He proposed that Peabody, a man of modest means, be established as a lavish host whose entertainments would soon be the talk of London. Rothschild would, of course, pay all the bills. Peabody accepted the offer, and soon became known as the most popular host in London. His annual Fourth of July dinner, celebrating American Independence, became extremely popular with the English aristocracy, many of whom, while drinking Peabody’s wine, regaled each other with jokes about Rothschild’s crudities and bad manners, without realizing that every drop they drank had been paid for by Rothschild.