Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Russia Today video exposes Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain as the WARMONGERING PUPPETS of Senator Joe Lieberman and the treasonous "Israel uber alles" Jewish/Israel lobby....

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain DO NOT represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE: they, and the other Republican Senators (and most Democrat Senators, and both sides of the aisle in Congress as well)
 are all HIRED MOUTHPIECES of the  Jewish War Lobby... their entire careers over the past decade have been spent kow-towing to the Neo-Cons, the Jewish warmongers who planned the Iraq war at least 5 years before 9-11, the Likudniks who work for Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu (the israel government) and the U.S. government, the Jewish politicians  (especially "conservative" ones) like Senator Joe Lieberman, who deride American government spending on AMERICAN citizens and families in need,  as, "socialism" - but who support that same American government shelling out tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to support the racist, Jewish supremacist settlers and other Jews in the Jewish war state (israel)....

Lapdogs of War: Neo-Con con-men feed conflict hunger on Capitol Hill
Russia Today, Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Giving peace a chance in tackling Syria and Iran may be on President Obama’s mind – but that’s not the case for some of his senior compatriots in Congress. John McCain’s call for airstrikes against Assad is not the first time the veteran senator has chosen troops over talks. Kristine Frazow reports from Washington. 


  KISSING JEWISH ASS -  spouting the AIPAC "Israel UBER America" talking points - is the quickest way to advancement in Washington D.C., the city that is ground-zero (along with Wall Street, New York city, the home of the "vampire squid" predatory, parasite financiers) of the Jewish "Neo-Con" hijacking of America:   
Super Tuesday Super Rhetoric: GOP Hopefuls Tell AIPAC They Support ATTACKING IRAN
by Kurt Nimmo   March 7, 2012