Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Jewish Wars grind on with the Jews LUSTING for an EXPANSION of Mideast Wars to INCLUDE IRAN. Is America about the endure the ECONOMY-KILLING and blood-letting that GERMAN people were about to endure - for the next century! - on the eve of the First World War (no doubt goaded by German-JEWISH bankers) almost exactly 100 years ago?

  photo:  Jewish orthodox men survey German soldiers - soon to be cannon-fodder - somewhere in Europe during WWI.  
   AS our Secretary of State, who has spent the past 20 years beseeching campaign donations from Jews in  New York, across America, and in  Israel to finance her political career,
    has announced a NUCLEAR ARMED ("United" States) military ULTIMATUM to Iran,  it is worth pausing for just a moment, to consider that this March of  2012 is just 2 years shy of the 100th anniversary of the START of WWI....

  ...and on the eve of WWI, the industrious workers of Britain and Germany alike, had no idea of the horrors that awaited them as they would soon be drafted into their respective armies as cannon fodder for the killing fields and freezing, mud soaked trenches of the Western Front in WWI. 

        It is also worth noting that the people who did well, financially, from WWI were the American and Anglo-French bankers who financed the winning side of that war... with the Rothschilds Anglo-French bankers (and allied banking families) at the very top of that heap.

     Indeed, one of those bankers  "allied with" the London/Paris Rothschilds, was GERMAN- JEWISH banker Paul Warburg.... whose brother REMAINED IN GERMANY, and continued to FINANCE THE GERMAN ARMY. 

   After the war was over,  WHO PROFITED from forcing WAR & DEBT WRACKED European nations to  "repay their war loans" and outstanding debts?      

And who "squeezed" American farmers to repay their DEBT (loans) after the war;  farmers who had taken out those loans during the war, to expand their agricultural production to feed those hungry allied armies and power them to victory but after the war were left with surplus crops, with not government buying of those crops as had occured during the war years? 

   Why... THE SAME BANKERS who had made OUTLANDISH PROFITS  FINANCING Allied industry and war production during the war!  


  photo:  Jewish orthodox men survey German soldiers - soon to be cannon-fodder - somewhere in Europe during WWI.  

Is is apt to compare AMERICAN soldiers, today - with their APPALLING SUICIDE RATES, and the APPALLING DEBT BURDENS for young military families -  to the German soldiers in this photo, who not only are throw-away cannon fodder in a doomed war... 

  (under the remorseless gaze of "an all-seeing," all powerful god...  if you believe your preachers and religious leaders)
...but look like beasts of burden compared to the Jewish "elite" Orthodox men who survey their passing in this WWI photo? 

(note: Orthodox men's dress, while appearing unusual to Americans today, was seen by Orthodox Jews as the dress code for well-to-do members of the bureaucracy and intelligentsia, the paper-pushing upper class, as opposed to peasant dress for farmers and workers. That is, they certainly considered themselves "an elite.") 

 note 2:  With the German-Jewish Warburg family profiting from BOTH sides of  WWI, you can well imagine the that German side of the family was not going to starve, if Germany lost the war... they would be financed and funded by their trans-Atlantic family members... especially given that in the post-war Weimar economy, foreign currency had 2x or more times the buying power of the Reichsbank notes that ordinary Germans had to use, and given that the London, NY, Atlantic side of the family were now rolling in wealth from war profits and the Fed fait-money post-war credit bubble. 

      This facet of pre-WWII Nazi propaganda - that Jewish bankers and financiers profited from both sides of the war - is absolute fact. 

photo source:  regretfully, to understand the politics and economic SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION perpetrated by  "the financial elites" and Neo-Con warmongers who rule America -  today - with an iron, Gestapo, "GWOT,"  DHS, NDAA fist,  you simply must understand the information and content of so-called "anti-semitic" writers, authors, and political activists... (link