Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jewish Traitor and Senator Carl Levin(e) WANTS a US WAR vs IRAN...

  In response to growing American concern over the Obama/Jacob Lew White House & U.S. war department insistence that CONGRESS is IRRELEVANT in determining U.S. military 'interventions' and new wars overseas, the  Jews in Congress have been forced to tip their hand: 
        EVERY "Democrat"  JEWISH SENATOR is actually a  RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Con WARMONGER, they are all "Manchurian candidates" who have spent their entire careers pretending to be "liberal" & progressive and concerned about the welfare of  American citizens and their immediate constituents, but in fact they are all like Senator Joe Lieberman... the turncoat traitor   who was ousted from the Democratic Party by  senate candidate Ned Lamont's courageous 2006 Connecticut senate campaign.   

       Candidate   Lamont forced  Senator Lieberman to  pledge that he was a "moderate" and "anti-war"  incumbent... when of course Lieberman is a pure distilled, war-lobby, tax-cuts-for-rich, bailouts for failed bankers, license for Bernanke's Fed "JUDENFETZEN" demolition of the U.S. dollar,  Gestapo-police-state  Neo-Con warmonger, his entire 2006 campaign was nothing more than an effort to deceive and hood-wink Connecticut voters with lies and propaganda funded by the insane theocratic, dictatorial,  jewish supremacist jewish war loby. 

The JEWISH BLOOD-LUST to  MASSACRE IRANIANS... as the bible portrays Jewish prostitute/spy Esther seducing the Persian king, and getting the king's permission for her cousin "Mordachai"  to MASSACRE THOUSANDS of Persians - is building to such a climax, that
(as American public resistance starts to coalesce in opposition to ANOTHER mass-murderous, genocidal, jewish run "U.S." war in the mideast) 
so-called "LIBERAL" and "Democrat"  Jewish appartchik 'leaders' are being FORCED TO CARRY THE WATER - they are being forced to EXPOSE THEMSELVES as JOE LIEBERMAN clones,  as Netanyahu's errand boys,  as  the "PRETEND liberals" to  launch their careers in the "big tent" liberal, modern, progressive Democratic Party...
  ...while their real intent,  once they have gained power, is to revert to the ELITIST, SEGREGATIONIST,  autocratic, dictatorial jewish theocrats that they have always been at heart.....  

so-called "Liberal Democrat" Senator Carl Levin now takes up where RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN Senator John McCain leaves off.... calling for the BOMBING OF IRAN.**
 **  (Of course, in trying to maintain their "liberal" facade to the last, Levin is calling for an EMBARGO... which while sounding less violent than "bombing",  is still a STATE OF WAR, which, the jewish warmongers hope and pray, will trigger an Iranian military response, which would result in ANOTHER AMERICAN MILITARY WAR in the mideast...) 
The above is cold, hard proof of what we have been saying for the past 10 years:  EVERY  Jewish official in high elected office, and especially the 10 or so "Democrat" jewish senators,  DO NOT REPRESENT the American public,  and especially do NOT represent "liberal," moderate, progressive, or anti-war Democratic voters...  they all, like turncoat Senator Joe Lieberman, REPRESENT THE JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  which in turn is  (and has been for 200 years) financed by the Jewish bankers cartel,  which, based on the Rothschilds Bank of England model, is a PRIVATELY OWNED banking cabal, that, via political extortion & bribery of all politicians using its printed-out-of-thin-air fiat money powers,   has won the state (national) MONOPOLY to MANUFACTURE "money" - and then RENT IT BACK to the host government... AT INTEREST !!   
Senator Levin Calls for Naval Blockade [ AN ACT OF WAR]  of Iran
Kurt Nimmo
March 11, 2012

Democrat Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has called for an international naval blockade of Iranian oil exports. He said the action should be taken before the U.S. and Israel attack Iran.  [!!!!!]
“I think (these are) options that whoever is willing to participate should explore, including Israel and including the United States,” Levin told C-Span on Friday.
A naval blockade is considered an act of war.
In order to minimize the impact on world oil prices, Levin said alternative oil supplies should be put into place before the blockade. Iran is the number two OPEC oil producer. The EU has agreed on an oil purchase embargo scheduled to begin on July 1...  (cont'd)   

  Powerful jews within and without the (late) "U.S." government maintain that Iran must be attacked - and "regime changed"  WHICH must  MEAN OCCUPIED BY US MILITARY! - because of its "rogue," threatening nuclear program.

  BUT WHERE WERE the TREASONOUS, traitorous, treacherous Jews - the Neo-Cons who RAN the BUSH-CHENEY WHITE HOUSE and their backers in the Jewish owned press/media, and the jewish millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires behind AIPAC -  to push & promote NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION during the Clinton & Bush, post- Soviet Union, post- Warsaw Pact era????

  answer: the treacherous jewish supremacist  warmongers were GOADING WORLD NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION - specifically in Pakistan & India, but also in Brazil, Argentina, and other proto-nuclear countries,   the Jewish authoritarians WERE SILENT if not supportive as the Cheney/Bush (wolfowitz/libby!) administration SOLD GE NUCLEAR REACTORS TO INDIA 
(with! the provision that India could "secretly" use those reactors to create nuclear weapons grade enriched fuel)  -  goading Pakistan to respond by further funding its own nuclear program.  
  Back in the early 1990s, as America was riding the wave of  post- Cold War "Peace Dividend" and world respect for American prosperity and democracy,  the treacherous Neo-Cons WERE ALREADY SABOTAGING  global nuclear non-proliferation... both for short-term PROFITS of GE and the Goddamn-Sachs/JPM/Fed vampire squid financiers, and because they well knew that they were planning, in the near future, to USE AMERICA's MILITARY to WAGE WARS... on the PRETEXT of  punishing "rogue" nuclear nations.