Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jew Roger Lowenstein PIMPS Jew Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke as "Economic Savior".... pure jewish LIES to COVER UP the RAPE, THEFT, and "JUDENFETZEN" DEMOLITION of American & Global economies...

In a "they can't be serious" moment,  The Atlantic magazine exposes itself as sheer farce, doing what The Atlantic and all the other  New York & east coast "major media" do every day:  pimping the Neo-Con war-on-Americans agenda, pimping lies as truth, acting as propaganda megaphones for the treasonous elites who answer to the jewish war state (israel);  inverting the truth and stupifying the American public with a tsunami of lies:

     In this case, with the American and European economies cracking under the assault of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of "DEBT"  IMPOSED by BANKERS on governments & citizens as they exchange their printed-out-of-thin-air FIAT MONEY for ALL the wealth in the world
The Atlantic's Roger Lowenstein laudes  Ben Bernanke as a "hero" and "SAVIOR OF THE ECONOMY" !!   

  See below for the Atlantic's own real, actual, horrendous cover story this month...   but first, here is internet graphic artist William Banzai 7's  far more factual take on the Atlantic's farcical  demigod, false god  worship of  TRAITOR BEN Bernanke, the SERIAL LIAR who claims that there is NO real INFLATION... by keeping GAS,  FOOD, and health-care prices that American families must pay in their daily lives OUT of his phony, false, lying  "Fed" inflation measuring statistics!   

  Bernanke the SERIAL LIAR who implies  that his Bankster bosses have "REPAID all THEIR BAILOUTS".... as he serially prints TENS of BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars of  'Fed' Reserve fiat money ("quantitative easing," now hidden as "currency swaps")  to infuse the bankrupt, insolvent, failed, larcenous, economy-gutting mega banks with enough 'money' on their balance sheets, to appear solvent... for this month...

   The Atlantic magazine devolves to Neo-Con (jewish war-lobby + financial swindlers) FARCE,
masquerading "JUDENFETZEN," the KILLING of paper money by central bankster printing, as "economic expertise" -

Scenes we've seen before: the jewish owned TIME magazine (a wholly owned subsidiary of the TIME/Warner bros.  jewish Hollywood warmongering & American public disenfranchising ghoulish media propaganda empire)  pimped THE THREE economy killing  JEWISH STOOGES,  Alan Greenspan, Bob Rubin, and serial liar Larry Summers, as "ECONOMIC SAVIORS" back in 1999 -

  and more jewish writer false economic jewish 'expert',  'god' worship here -
           the  sad, dismal truth about 'maestro' Greenspan - the bubble-blowing "Judenfetzen" economy wrecker -
 ...outspoken Economics PhD Ravi Batra predicted the market crash of Sept. 2008, all through the long summer of 2008...
by William Banzai 7

 The person who wrote this article is already known to be a consummate nave and unapologetic Bankster tool. He insists that no actionable crimes were committed by Wall Street in the Subprime meltdown. Word brothers and sisters.
Now he posits the question: why is our 'savior' Ben Bernanke so hated?
Look at the discerning pious grin on this central planning fool.
You want to know why he is loathed by those of us who know better?
He is the one most responsible for institutionalizing the towering babel of financial moral hazard that has poisoned the global economy.
Wondering why Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are chronically recurring raw nerves afflicting the popular psyche.
Because this man shields them from being held justly accountable. Accountable for leading their storied institutions in a perpetually sequenced crime spree of economic rape, pillage and fiduciary sodomy. Reset...

They can all go fuck themselves and bukake their knowing muppet clients for all we should care. Just as long as they don't come crawling back to us on their TBTF hands and knees begging for another bailout mulligan on Systemic Judgement Day.
 Thank you Ben Shalom Bernanke for being the singular pompous PhD idiot who can take the yeoman's credit for navigating this global ship of financial farce into the sargasso sea of pinstriped fraud.
Amen brothers and sisters...
 'Initiative comes to thems that wait.'
(A Clockwork Orange)

  our comments:  Bob Rubin was the Wall Street jewish appartchik (bribe-master "campaign donations" coordinator between Wall Street, Con-gress, the Senate, & White House)   behind Southern Republican senators Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, and Thomas Bliley's "Gramm Leach Bliley Act" of 1999, , and subsequent "Commodities Futures 'MODERNIZATION' Act" of 2000 - both signed by so-called "liberal Democrat" President Bill Clinton, despite the radical Right-Wing DEREGULATION  "license to loot, plunder, swindle & rape critical financial markets" nightmare these bills would entail.

    Using the above "reforms" to transform "Citi-bank" into "Citi-Group" mega-bank conglomerate,  former Goddamn-Sachs co-Chairman Bob Rubin departed the Treasury Department straight to Citi-bank... where he and other Citi-bank execs promptly drove their Citi-group mega-bank conglomerate STRAIGHT INTO THE SEWER of insolvency, debt, & bankruptcy  via "derivatives" and writing atrocious loans... SAVED ONLY by TAXPAYER EXTORTED BAILOUTS.
 (Just as Golddamn-Sachs and Jon Corzine's MF Global would flirt with, or be driven to  bankruptcy.)  

Jewish shyster Bob Rubin was paid over $100 million in "bonuses" FOR DRIVING Citi-group INTO THE SEWER of bad debt, bad loans, and looming bankruptcy... with the blessings of Ben Bernanke over at the traitorous "Fed" -  while American homeowners "underwater" from buying homes at the peak of the Wall St. greenspan/bernanke Fed + bankers driven housing bubble
(anyone who bought a home between 2004 and 2008)
do NOT get paid millions for incurring TOO MUCH DEBT... they get stuck with paying back, in real earnings, the  DEBT that Greenspan, Bernanke, and their shyster banksters whipped up, created out of thin air!  
  Similarly,  Larry Summers drove the Harvard Endowment to loose billions of dollars after he took the helm as Harvard's president, insulting, smearing,  and firing those who warned of the "derivatives" exposure, and consorting with fellow Jewish fraudsters every step of the way.  Both Rubin & Summers are still on the board of governors of Harvard... illustrating that Harvard University is wholly dedicated to FRAUD, and to DEFRAUDING the American public.   

   At every step, AMERICAN JEWS are ALLOWING THEMSELVES to be PAINTED AS ACCOMPLICES to  nation-gutting ECONOMIC FRAUD... by allowing Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Bob Rubin, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew, Mary Schapiro, Jon Corzine, Bernie Madoff, Gary Gensler, Sheldon Adelson, and other "DEREGULATION," pension gutting, jobs-outsourcing,  union-wrecking, warmongering,  & JUDENFETZEN greenspan/bernanke money debasing, credit-bubble propponents  (et al, ad naseum) to be the face of  Jewish finance in America... 


update 3.18.2012:  Invfestor and financial blogger  Rick Ackerman explains, in terms even Rush Limbaugh, Ben Bernanke, and George W. Bush can understand, what Bernanke's "economic expertise" consists of: PILING  MANURE  as high as he and the Fed can get away with,  what with the Neo-Con traitor  pigs OWNING the Con-gress, White House,  newspapers + press/media corporations,  and big banks:  

How High Can the [Bernanke!] Fed Pile Manure?

by Rick Ackerman on March 15, 2012
A U.S. banking system that is being held aloft solely by hot air and brazen lies took an ebullient leap toward November 6 yesterday with the release of an Administration-friendly Fed report declaring most banks sufficiently capitalized to weather severe adversity. How severe? It’s hard to tell, since there were only passing references in the New York Times to a still-deflating housing market that has helped make The Great Recession and a plummeting standard of living an entrenched fact of life for most Americans, if not for their bankers. And nowhere in the front-page article was there even a word about the Fed’s warehousing of trillions of dollars’ worth of mortgage paper once held by the banks – debt paper that might never recover in value. Under the circumstances, far from being healthy as the Fed and its shadowy masters would have us believe, the banks are afflicted with the financial equivalent of stage four cancer. Not that anyone on the Street would care to notice. In fact, with this week’s big stock market gains, Wall Street seems to be literally banking on the ability of the spinmeisters to hide the financial system’s deathly pallor with the skill of Sonny Corleone’s mortician.   (cont'd, with graphics)