Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HILLARY CLINTON the NUCLEAR EXTORTIONIST: on behalf of her treasonous, treacherous, insanely greedy Jewish paymasters, the "U.S." Secretary of State ISSUES A NUCLEAR-WAR ULTIMATUM TO Iran...

 As we have reported previously, the Jews FEEL ENTITLED TO MURDER PERSIANS... just as they feel ENTITLED to MURDER EGYPTIANS.
  Strip the biblical stories of Esther, and Moses, of all their literary frills... and you have Jews  (or "the god of the jews")  KILLING  Egyptian babies and first born, and later drowning the Egyptian army, leaving the Egyptian nation defenseless against other imperial adversaries.... just as the bible chapter of Esther STARTS with NO EXISTENTIAL CRISIS... and ENDS with JEWS KILLING PERSIANS by the thousands.
   Well,  apparently Hillary Clinton wants to be the new Esther, the Jewish prostitute/spy who seduced the Persian king (without, apparently, the Persian "john"  even knowing the Esther was not a Persian, that she was really a Jewess) - in order to gain the royal power from promimity to the throne, the power to win approval for her cousin, Mordachai, to assassinate his enemies at court and throughout Persia.  

ON BEHALF of a NUCLEAR ROGUE NATION (israel) with KNOWN TERRITORIAL EXPANSIONIST PLANS, the "United States" Secretary of State, is issuing  A NUCLEAR ARMED military ULTIMATUM against Iran... a nation which, unlike the jewish apartheid, segregationist, expansionist, land-grabbing, UN defying war state, has signed the NPT nuclear NON-proliferation treaty.

Hillary's place in history is now assured! - and will soon be measured in buckets of blood... just as her husband, ring-fenced by the despicable Neo-Con warmongers (President Clinton's Secretary of War was so-called "moderate Republican"... former JEWISH  Senator William Weld)   had the U.S. military drop tons of highly toxic (and thereby a WAR CRIME)  D.U. "depleted uranium" bombs all over Serbia in 1995. 
 ‘US warns Iran: Accede or be attacked’
              Jeruslaem Post   Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The United States asked Russia to send Iran a message that the upcoming round of nuclear talks is its last chance to avoid a military confrontation this year, Russian newspaperKommersant reported Wednesday according to a diplomatic source.
The unusually stark warning by the US was passed on by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, after the two met in New York on Monday, the diplomatic source told the Russian newspaper... (cont'd)