Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So-called "liberal Democrat" JEW Barney Frank reveals his RADICAL RIGHT-WING NEO-CON jewish autocrat tendencies: DEFENDS BERNANKE & the Fed's ZERO-INTEREST, "Bailouts for FAILED BANKERS," "JUDENFETZEN" DEMOLITION of the European economy as a pretext to laud Bernanke's handling of the U.S. economy...

Well, there was a time when we admired Barney Frank as a genuine "liberal" - but at the beginnning of this video, he reveals himself to be what he really is: a JEWISH Neo-Con APPARTCHIK, 
PUT INTO HIGH OFFICE  (by "campaign donations" from the Neo-Con jewish war lobby + financial swindlers cartel)   as an agent of the Jewish supremacist war lobby;
    which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the JEWISH CENTRAL BANKERS cabal, which wholly owns the so-called "Federal" Reserve bank here in the (late) United States of America, and thus controls the entire American financial system.

   There is no business, financial, or economic system on earth (besides, possibly, in the future China) that can resist the BRIBE & EXTORT machinations of the Rotschield's/Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan/ECB/City-of-London (BoE) central bankers cabal:   with the force of the "United States" Treasury,  Bank of England, and ECB behind them,   these financial ghouls can just PRINT THEMSELVES TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, with which they next either BUY OUT productive assets worldwide... or BRIBE & EXTORT politicians worldwide, in order to obtain CONTROL OVER those VITAL ASSSETS.   

    The  Treasury department  (ESF),   at the instigation of these New York, London, & israel financial sharks, can "DUMP" BILLIONS of dollars worth of Euros, Yen, or any other currency on the global markets, literally overnight... sparking a stampede of anxious and worried investors out of those targeted currencies in a herd panic... with the insiders cued in to this PANIC INCITING MARKET 'dumping' having pre-positioned their trades (shorts or longs) long before the 'real' market has a clue about what is about to happen.
  THIS IS NOT "free market capitalism" - it is RIGGED, GOVERNMENT MANIPULATED and central banker EXTORTED global finance, and it is a verbatim (although stage-managed by denials) repeat of the Jewish bankers' demolition of the Weimar Republic Reichsmark currency, creating the dreadful German economy that led directly to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

   As Dr. Ron Paul explains in his comments after Barney Frank,  Bernanke is inflicting  MORE THAN FIVE PERCENT INFLATION on American retirees, savers, and pensioners... AS  Bernanke's money-printing rewards savers with less than 1% on their savings account and money-market deposits (and as Bernanke does his shuck-and-jive "personable" grin and laugh appearance before Congress). 
      Congressman Paul is correct that this is a THEFT OF WEALTH from the American people... is just a question of time until the American people realize that they are being treated, BY JEWISH FINANCIERS, AS DEBT SERFS,  as the Roman Catholic  Venetians treated their wholly owned Greek [Orthodox Christian] colonies'  serfs in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries.