Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Powerful is the despicable JEWISH WAR LOBBY in America? SO POWERFUL, that they have made the DESPICABLE, DESPISED, ugly, and morally loathsome Newt Gingrich in to a TOP Republican presidential candidate!!

  In an interview with Real News anchor Paul Jay,  Anti-war activist Max Blumenthal explains how  JEWISH WAR-STATE (israel) Prime Minister BENJAMIN NETANYAHU ORCHESTRATED, and paid for - via Republican Jewish/'American' campaign-donating proxies - both the REPUBLICAN investigations and  IMPEACHMENT of President Bill Clinton, and is now the TOP "player" behind the REPUBLICAN PARTY PRIMARIES, _today_.   

   In particular, Max Blumenthal explains Newt Ginrich's journey from a non-warmongering international "moderate" to a full-blown Neo-Con war-lusting warmonger:  that journey, Blumenthal informs us, funded every step of the way by Jewish Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson... who, Blumenthal also informs us, is  THE FINANCIAL POWER behind blatant Jewish supremacist politician Benjamin Netanyahu and Netanyahu's entire LIKUD  party - which is defined by its radical Jewish SUPREMACIST politics, views, and murderous, ethnic-cleansing of Palestinian owned lands,  and nuclear-extortion warmongering against Israel's neighbors and regional adversaries. 
(Not to mention Netanyahu's Likud party activists and media-whores whipping up a climate of hate that led directly to a Likud activist gunman...  shooting... murdering... assassinating then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at a 1995 Rabin re-election campaign speech.) 

Sheldon Adelson is another  JEW GONE AMOK,  a   JEWISH SUPREMACIST, DICTATORIAL,  human-rights despising RACIST BILLIONAIRE who is a daily threat and danger to what little remains of the American Republic....

below: screen-snip of    AMERICAN CONSTITUTION HATING and civil rights despising Jewish supremacist billionaire &  political  king-maker Sheldon Adelson: with his protege Israel Prime Minister/US DICTATOR Benjamin Netanyahu,  from above video:

  JEWISH TERRORIST billionaire SHELDON ADELSON:  FUNDED AND GOADED the Republican impeachment/investigations Jihad against President Bill Clinton....

  ...funded the Republican Party's  STOLEN ELECTION of 2000, to get Neo-Cons Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, Doug Feith, Richard Perle, Josh Bolten, John Bolton,  and other Republican JEWISH SUPREMACIST war-lobby appartchik traitors to the top levels of the U.S. government, and especially in the White House and 'Defense' Department.  

   When Americans protesting the 2004 Republican Convention in New York were confined to BARBED-WIRE "free speech zones'  or locked up in a toxic waste & oils hazards former bus depot temporary 'processing' jail for nights on end... THEY COULD THANK SHELDON ADELSON.

  When 3,000 Americans DIED on  9-11-2001 because America's  TREASONOUS  Vice President, Dick Cheney, INTENTIONALLY OBSTRUCTED the nation's counter-terrorist experts in the White House (Richard Clarke), CIA, FBI (John O'Neil, Colleen Rowley) and foreign intel services who were ALL WARNING, in the long summer of 2001, that Al Qaeda had gone UNPUNISHED for its suicide bomb attack on the US Navy destroyer USS Cole... and that Al Qaeda was then planning BIGGER, MORE SPECTACULAR suicide terrorist attacks IN AMERICA... 

  ....the families of those Americans murdered by terrorists on 9-11 can thank Jewish billionaire TRAITOR  Sheldon Adelson for funding that Republican warmongering, counter-terror obstructing "we need a New Pearl Harbor to justify American armies invading Muslim nations in the Mideast"  9-11 treason.    

 Real News anchor Paul Jay:  [Let's start] with the weird convergence of [Sheldon] Adelson, [Newt] Gingrich and [jewish war state prime minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.... dealing with this potential Israel ATTACK on Iran

Max Blumenthal:  "The background on Adelson and Gingrich is really interesting.  Gingrich was not known as an extreme hawk on the issue of Israel-Palestine or Iraq or Iran.  DURING THE 1990s HE WELCOMED YASSIR ARAFAT TO WASHINGTON during the Oslo [Peace treaty] era, Gingrich had made statements that seemed sort of moderate about the peace process....
  UNTIL HE MET SHELDON ADELSON, who he met through a mutual friend in Las Vegas who was helping Sheldon Adelson do a UNION BUSTING effort at his casino. 
   [note: ungrateful, treasonous Jewish billionaires DESPISE the American middle class - made possible only by union-scale wages and benefits -  that allowed them to become billionaires!]
  Adelson managed to STOP the unionization effort there through the help of GEORGE HARRIS... who is NOW A CAMPAIGN FINANCE co-CHAIR on Newt Gingrich's campaign.
  Newt Gingrich was DRIVEN OUT of Congress soon after that. He had LED impeachment efforts against President Clinton [over the "Monica affair"] WHILE HE [Gingrich] WAS SLEEPING WITH A PAID STAFFER of his, a paid congressional staffer who is now his third wife...
 So Ginrich was seen by the Christian Right - which had propped him up, who had helped him [Republicans] take over Congress [from the Democrats] in the 1994 election - now as sort of a SLEAZEBAG, and he was replaced by an even more extreme figure, Tom DeLay, and extreme Christian Zionist.

  So Gingrich sort of retreated into the woodwork of the NEO-CONSERVATIVE and RIGHT-WING psuedo-intellectual hot-house in Washington - he took a position at the American Enterprise Institute [AEI], which is WHERE THE IDEA for A WAR WITH IRAQ was sort of GENERATED.

[by Jewish funded  war-lobby appartchiks following the general layout and call for 'regime change' in Iraq of  Paul Wolfowitz's 1992 "Defense Planning Guidance" paper, when Wolfowitz wrote when he was UNDERSECRETARY for DEFENSE under then Secretary of Defense DICK CHENEY,  following President Bush Sr. leaving Saddam Hussein in power in Baghdad after U.S. armies crushed Saddam's armies in Kuwait in the 1991 Gulf War.]

  And he [Gingrich] started a think-tank of his own, WITH MILLIONS from Adelson.  ADELSON FINANCED GINGRICH's luxurious private travel as he went from one city to the next, BUILDING UP over/almost an entire decade of [what would become] his campaign infrastructure for his presidential run, which would be his last gasp in political life.

Paul Jay:  Adelson is known as not only a friend of Netanyahu, but also a major funder of many Zionist organizations.  He supports Likud, and he's been, apparently, quite a hawk on the issue of Israel attacking Iran. So you've got him paying for Gingrich, at the very least, to be a very militant voice for Israel, and particularily on the Iran [WAR!] issue.

Max Blumenthal:  "Netanyahu is more immersed, in the AMERICAN political process, in the culture wars, and in the Republican primary, than any foreign leader in recent modern history.  And he's doing so because he [NETANYAHU] WANTS REGIME CHANGE in TWO COUNTRIES:  The first country is Iran, and the second country is THE UNITED STATES. 
 He [jewish prime minister netanyahu] WANTS TO REPLACE BARACK OBAMA WITH A REPUBLICAN.   HE TRIED THE SAME THING in the 1990s against President Bill Clinton. He LEANED ON GINGRICH,  He LEANED ON people who were SEEKING TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT CLINTON, using ISRAEL as a PARTISAN WEDGE ISSUE, the same way the Christian Right uses abortion and gay marriage [as wedge issues]  .
  AND THIS [2012 U.S. elections and Republican primary elections] IS THE FULFILLMENT of NETANYAHU's strategy, to use Israel, and now Iran, AS A POLITICAL TOOL to UNSEAT Barack Obama.   And Newt Gingrich is just one candidate who is assisting this effort.  Mitt Romney is also happy to assist this effort, and he [ROMNEY]  has SURROUNDED HIMSELF with NEO-CONSERVATIVES who have a SEAMLESS CONNECTION to ISRAEL and ISRAELI MILITARY INTELLIGENCE establishment [the Mossad "national security experts" who left American airline passengers and crews EXPOSED TO the hijackers terrorists leading up to 9-11!!] and to Netanyahu's advisors."  

our SUMMATION: BOTH  leading "Republican" Party presidential candidates, TAKE THEIR FUNDING, AND their MARCHING ORDERS, from the dictatorial, racist, apartheid, nuclear extortion warmongering government of a FOREIGN COUNTRY - a country whose leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, WEAKENED the UNITED STATES PRESIDENCY, by FUNDING and AGITATING FOR the IMPEACHMENT of a SITTING U.S. President!!
   A treasonous and treacherous nation [israel]   whose "Intelligence agencies"  LEFT AMERICANS EXPOSED to the threat posed by the 9-11 hijackers, without so much as an op-ed editorial warning Americans about that threat in the wholly owned Jewish (sulzberger) New York Times!!

  Jewish Supremacist TRAITORS ___OWN__  BOTH the Republican Party AND the "Democratic" Party... they also own the vast majority of US press and 'major media' TV & media outlets... and they dominate Wall Street, the U.S. Treasury Department, and the nation's financial system... which they have run into the ground of  Great Depression II,  with their relentless, serial "BAILOUTS"  taxpayer extorted trillions for failed, bankrupt, insolvent bankers.... as they raid, loot, plunder, and leave empty nothingness of every major government fund (FDIC, government pensions) or American private savings & pension funds.  

  h.t. Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay for spelling all the above out - we deeply regret that we have to write this blog.... and  that more American Jews are not aware of what the Netanyahu/Likud/ nuclear-armed Jewish-supremacists are doing in their name...