Thursday, February 9, 2012

"CHUTZPAH Economics" is polite-talk for JEWISH Economics; and JEWISH ECONOMICS has LANDED EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD into edge-of-DISASTER DEBT.... DEBT that is "OWED" by SOME people in society, TO another sub-group in Society.. namely the TREASONOUS, governments-bribing, Bailouts Sucking loan-sharks, Extortionists, and Vampire Debt-Lords, aka the "Elites"

  We won't even dwell on prescient, pre-2008 global debt activists (and, in particular,  Iceland debt implosion early warning vigilante)  Max Keiser titling his latest blog entry as "CHUTZPAH ECONOMICS."   (video embed below in this post)

    And we won't even dwell on the Lyndon LaRouche produced video "Your Enemy; George Soros" where LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review chief  John Hoefle correctly explains that George Soros was NOT "the man who BROKE the Bank of England" (and the English pound). 
   Rather, Soros was merely a FRONT-MAN FOR the Bank of England - and the Rotschield family behind it - who wanted to get the UK out of the Euro exchange rate mechanism, and, btw, by pretending to be victims of Soros's mammoth naked-short attacks on the British pound, they - the wealthy Bank of England bankers BEHIND the BoE - "extracted," BY DECEIT and TREACHERY, BILLIONS of pounds sterling in wealth from the clueless English people
(English taxpayers, the English public, and anyone in Europe, Asia, or American who held any savings in the form of English pounds currency)

      We arrived at a similar conclusion with Mr. Hoefle - that the Bank of England and Rotschields and allied anglo/judeo/american bankers behind them - had INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGED the English pound  (letting George Soros and his cabal get the "credit") - from a different but similar route, we noted the financial saying "NAKED SHORT sharks in the sea GET EATEN BY BIGGER SHARKS" - meaning that if the Bank of England, Rotschields and other really big players  (Jewish controlled U.S. Fed/Treasury in the deep background) had had any intention of "SAVING" the English pound, THEY WOULD HAVE CALLED Soros & co.'s  bet - and driven the CURRENCY RAIDERS to extinction  (collecting the entire pot that Soros et al had put up in the process) -  that this didn't happen, that the Bank of England ALLOWED Soros & co. to "break" the pound, illustrates that the BoE was IN on the sabotage looting of the pound,  with the hyper-wealthy Rotschields cabal undoubtably part o the party.     

   This would be SHEER TREACHERY by those ENTRUSTED WITH SAVING the value of the pound (and all the wealth savings in pounds were supposed to represent) financiers who were actually, secretly, and via back doors WRECKING the currency - SABOTAGING the clients (English people) who had entrusted the BoE & its anglo/judeo masters with their wealth! 

  We won't even dwell on TheEconomicCollapseBlog article about the 10 scary facts about the PRIVATELY OWNED so-called "Federal Reserve" banker cabal  (except to point out that they earlier posted an article, "Ben Bernanke is NO 'financial genius' - he has a proven track record of GROSS INCOMPETENCE" leading to ONE FINANCIAL CRISIS after another! -  which is exactly what his bankster/wealthy paymasters want out of him - pure "DISASTER CAPITALISM" that doesn't even need mother nature to create a disaster -  simply create a FINANICAL DISASTER" by letting the predatory, parasitic banks go bankrupt through selling of loans bank executives KNOW will FAIL (but! they get paid commissions, bonuses, and promotions at time of making those sales, and bear NO responsibility when the sold-off mortgages start failing years later)
   - then when their insolvent banks finally are on verge of declaring BANKRUPTCY, they go screaming, crying, begging, and above all BRIBING and EXTORTING TO Con-gress (or Parliament) for "BAILOUTS" - the DIRECT EXTORTION OF TAXPAYERS, to HAND MONEY OVER TO THE ALREADY WEALTHY.   

  So why do we call this "JEWISH ECONOMICS"??  Because the BANK OF ENGLAND has been OWNED by the jewish Rotschields family (and allied jewish and non-jewish banker families) since the Napoleonic wars (in which transplanted German-Jewish banker Nathan Rotschield practically single-handedly financed every major British and allied victory) 

    No, we won't dwell or go into detail any of the above blog posts.  Today, we just point out, under the dark shadow of the TREASONOUS  Jewish banking cabal,  EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE "developed" world IS IN DEBT to their eyebrows - at the same time!
   "DEBT" in this case is merely a FICTITIOUS CLAIM ON WEALTH - the SHYSTER bankers, using the 200 year old Rotschield's "privately owned Central Bank" model,  have CREATED their "debt" MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR, then "lent it" to OUR governments - in a process DESIGNED to CREATE UNLIMITED DEBT;
       that is, a process DESIGNED  to TRANSFER ALL THE WEALTH of the ENTIRE WORLD, to the hands of a small, finite, treacherous, pathologically ruthless elite. 

  (Although, actually, the "elite" isn't quite as small as some critics would tell you - for the "elites" in this case comprise the  faculty and members of JUST ABOUT EVERY COLLEGE and university in America, England, and Europe, the FINANCE, ECONOMICS, 'JOURNALISM,' and political science departments of those universities are ALL ENGANGED IN WHITEWASHING the above "privately owned central bankers' DEBT scam" which we could ouline in a page or two above - EVERY Economics department which is not EXPOSING THE FED as the ARCHITECT of ENDLESS DEBT, is effectively being paid BY Fed Bankers, to WHITEWASH that TREASONOUS, nations & world-economy gutting WEALTH EXTRACTION, debt extortion process out of the public and national consciousness.  
  This is nothing more than treacherous, treasonous,  DEBT EXTORTION loan sharking via fiat money, disaster capitalism, the bribing of politicians, and the ownership of propaganda media - the welfare of the people, and the strength of the nation(s) be damned !! ) 

 no where in the filthy, treacherous, treasonous Rotschields' owned "Economicst" magazine, do they inform you that the billionaire Rotschield family(s)  ARE THE BENEFICIARIES of BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars of British, American, and European taxpayer extorted  "BAILOUTS" dollars

  This is hardly "free market capitalism" -  it is more similar to Stalin's Russian Commissars  siezing Ukrainian farms and sending the Ukrainian farmers and their families off to mass graves during the "Holodomor" man-made famine,  somewhere between 1 million and 10 million killed...  

Below  -  uber Euro/British banker and financial parasite Evelyn de Rothschild forced to do his own dirty work:  tries to say that "GOVERNMENTS  MUST BAIL OUT _PRIVATE_ BANKS" to "SAVE CAPITALISM."
   NO.... if PRIVATE BANKERS and wealthy parasites such as himself "SAVED" the insolvent, bankrupt banks, THAT would be "free market capital" resource allocation ("capitalism"). 
    THAT would be PRIVATE individuals using THEIR OWN MONEY, to place a CORRECT and ACCURATE VALUATION on the failed, insolvent, bankrupt banks. 

  SINCE PRIVATE investors will NOT put up THEIR OWN MONEY to bail out the Wall Street vampire squid bankers,  IT IS NO LONGER "CAPITALISM,"
   it is now Vampire Squid government backed EXTORTION - just as Stalin's Commissars did in Russia during the mass-murderous purges eras, and just as the jewish bible claims that  Moses and the Jews EXTORTED the gold, silver, and fine clothing out of Egyptians  - 

  a MASS-MURDEROUS EXTORTION plot repeated by Esther's uncle Mordachai extorting Persians according to the bible book of Esther!


  When we say "EXTORTION is THE MODEL for JEWISH FINANCE"  we are not being "anti-Semitic" or exaggerating:  right there in the bible,  Exodus 12:35,  the bible informs us that Moses and his Jews EXTORTED their Egyptian hosts.  
    This single sentence undoes the entire "Exodus" MYTH, because people who OWN GOLD, SILVER, and who have EXTORTED the precious clothing out of their neighbors, are NOT short on bread... the entire "unleavened bread" story was a MYTH  created after the fact, to make the murderous, extortionate, jewish mercenaries look more sympathetic in a story that has been taught to children for nearly 3,000 years since: 
   Exodus 12:35-36   New International Version (NIV)
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and 'asked' the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The LORD had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.