Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bernanke THE TRAITOR... BERNANKE the BACK-DOOR THIEF... Bernanke THE DILUTER and DEBASER of people's money & savings...

In one of the episodes of  Dr. David Starkey's BBC video series "Monarchy" about the history of British rulers (kings and queens save for "Lord Protector" Oliver Cromwell), Dr. Starkey informs us that a new English king came to the throne - one of William the Conqueror's Norman descendents? -  only to find that his royal treasury was empty, the nation's economy in tatters, and that soldiers, merchants, citizens, and farmers alike were all refusing payment in the royal coinage, which had been DEBASED to near worthlessness by almost all of the royal minters over the previous years.  

     The new king initiated an inquest, which found that over a dozen of the royal minters had indeed been debasing the royal coinage (only four or five royal minters cleared of the crimes) - and the punishment meted out to each of the convicted offenders was typically medieval brutal:  hands chopped off for theft, castration for crimes against the throne and nation, followed by a drawn out and torturous death. 
  It was a regime of justice applauded by everyone throughout the kingdom... all classes from commoners to aristocrats and the church,   for the debasement of the coinage not only was a theft from the national treasury, but a chokehold on commerce, and, over enough time, created a financially and economically weaker kingdom (no means to pay soldiers, hire mercenaries, or pay for supplies) that INVITED INVASION from France, Scotland, or England's other traditional enemies.   

  Well, America under the regime of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve, under first Alan Greenspan and now Ben Bernanke, has reached a similar point in its history.   "Fed" Chairman Ben Bernanke is INTENTIONALLY DEBASING the dollar, which is a form of BACK DOOR THEFT that is STEALING wealth from American working families - and anyone who has savings or bonds denominated in U.S. dollars.  

     The ostensible reason for Bernanke's DILUTION, DEBASEMENT of the U.S. dollar is "to lower the cost of the United States'  (government) to repay its outstanding DEBT"  but this is a superficial and incorrect rational.

    The United States government could, at any time, BYPASS the PRIVATELY OWNED 'Federal' Reserve, and issue DEBT FREE MONEY, the way that President Lincoln financed  Union armies during the civil war. 

   The REAL reason Bernanke is debasing the dollar, and STEALING savers' wealth, is to maintain the CHOKEHOLD the FINANCIAL PARASITES and VAMPIRE SQUID "elites" at the mega-banks and financial funds  at the top of the American financial food chain have on the American financial system.
     It is legalized EXTORTION, made possible by the BRIBING of government and politicians,  financed by the very FIAT MONEY PRINTING that is Bernanke's STEALING  of American savers wealth. 

  The above only made possible because  EVERY 'MAJOR' corporate owned press/media outlet is "IN" on the take:  the predatory elite speculators who benefit from DEBASING the dollar (and American savers' savings) are the same elites who OWN the "news"papers and media/TV networks.

     Don't take our word for it: 

What the US Treasury is, in effect, saying to entities who buy Treasury securities is that if you buy them you will achieve more than a 9% loss in 3 years. So the guiding forces behind the world’s reserve currency can say to savers around the world, ‘Send us your money and we promise that we’ll give back 9 to 10% less three years from now,’ and the offer gets accepted on a global basis. 


“If someone can tell me when the printing is going to stop, then I can tell you when to sell [precious metals]. But there is no evidence of that. In fact the printing is accelerating. 
What historically triggers a problem is people come to the conclusion the money is no longer trustworthy and at that point, you get the panic. Everybody tries to get out of paper and into hard assets. 
So that’s what’s going on and the vast majority of people don’t realize that their money is being diluted every time the printing presses are called into action. They are looking at the deleveraging of their home prices going down, but the inflation is swirling all around them. It will show up in prices and it will show up in velocity...." (cont'd) 

   For those who might think that this particular post is a tad radical", take a look at Nigel Farage's observations about Greece this week:  with the BRIBED Greek parliament DOING EVERYTHING that the multi-national debt lords have DICTATEd to them (Greek government) over the past 2 dozen months,  is there ANY LIGHT AT THE END of the Greek "PRIVATE bankers DEBT is NOW A GOVERNMENT, TAXPAYER OBLIGATION" nightmare tunnel ???? 

   NO!  The Greek economy CONTINUES TO CONTRACT IN CHAOS and VIOLENCE, and those politicians and officials who voted to join the EU back in the heady "freedom, wealth, and democracy breaking out all over the world"  (post- Soviet communism) era... now feel a need to arm themselves with AK-47s against the coming violent rage from their own unemployed, dispossesed, disenfranchised, and economically subjugated countrymen: 
  they have been ROBBED of their democratic government, by an INSIDIOUS TAKEOVER of their government by bribed politicians and by the hired hands of FOREIGN BANKERS:     


"With the situation in Greece becoming extraordinarily dangerous, today Nigel Farage... [explained] that Greece is nearing a full blown revolution. He also said a former distinguished Greek Ambassador is telling him that people with assets are now buying rifles and preparing to defend their properties. Here is what Farage had to say about Greece descending into utter chaos:"

“I have spoken on this Greek subject repeatedly, and on the Sunday just gone it was a very dramatic day because the Parliament held a session to vote on whether they would accept the new bailout package. There were a couple of very interesting things that happened there. Before the vote took place there were 80,000 people on the streets, outside the Greek Parliament, basically attempting to storm the Parliament.”
 Nigel Farage continues: 
“There were 5,000 Greek police there using tear gas and there were 10 major buildings that were set on fire. It really was a very dramatic scene that took place in Athens on Sunday. The Greek Prime Minister, before the vote, said, ‘Violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country.’ My response to that today, on the floor of the European Parliament, was, ‘What democratic country?’ You know we’ve got a Prime Minister that nobody voted for and we now have what is called ‘The Troika,’ who are bureaucrats from the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF. 
These three bureaucrats come in once a fortnight and they tell the Greek Prime Minister what he may and may not do. There is no democracy in Greece. The country that invented democracy has now had it stripped away. Is it any wonder that people take to the streets and things turn violent if their rights have been taken from them? That was really the key point I was making today.” 


Bottom video, Dr. Michael Hudson explains how "NEO-LIBERAL economics" aka "LEO STRAUSSIAN economics,"  aka  "NEO-CON" economics, aka JEWISH DEBT ENSLAVEMENT economics run by the Rothschilds out of the City-of-London controlled  Bank of England and  "U.S." Treasury modeled PRIVATELY OWNED money-printing Central Bank - the  Greenspan/Bernanke so-called 'Federal' Reserve, is CONTRACTING ECONOMIES ALL OVER THE WORLD - INCLUDING America's, with DETROIT now the POSTER-CHILD for neo-liberal, Neo-Con Bernanke debt slavery  5th column economic sabotage destruction - just as Greece and Ireland are also  now seeing in the 3rd or 4th year: