Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As the Evil Jews at the Rothschilds' owned Economist Magazine oversee the DEBT ENSLAVEMENT of Europe, America, AND the rest of the world... they presume to be experts on "How to Set Syria Free." HYPOCRITE JEWS _talk_ about "Freedom" - as "Judeo-Christian" America has THE LARGEST PRISON POPULATION IN THE WORLD, and Greece, Ireland, Iceland, and other European countries are being EXTORTED into DEBT SLAVERY by the Goddamn-Sachs/BoE/Fed/Rotschields debt lords - just they way the Vampire Squids want it!

  We will return to this post in the near future, tidy it up, and rearrange it, but for now we just want to expose the sheer, bloody HYPOCRISY of the JEWISH  BANKERS and press-media - in the form of 2 cover articles by the evil Rothschilds owned "the Economist" magazine. 

 Check out the blatant, if subtle, HYPOCRISY:  over the past 2 decades, since the "End of the Cold War" ended ANY RESTRAINT on the Neo-Con (Jewish American radical Right-Wing - Goddamn-Sachs, Lehman Bros, Bear-Stearns, Citi, JP Morgan, and other Jewish-'American' controlled banks) and  foreign "multi-national" Jewish banking cartels
(London and France based Rothschilds, other Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and now Israel based jewish banks)  the Jews who run the printing presses that control American media (New York Times, Washington Post,  cnn/TIME/Warner Hollywood media propaganda empire, the Rothschilds owned The Economist,  etc.) 
 they have been pimping the politics of  DEBT ENSLAVEMENT -   Bob Rubin, Sandy Weill, and Alan Greenspan's  "DEREGULATION"
 ("the markets are smarter than you are -  THEY WILL REGULATE and ENFORCE themselves without ANY need for government oversight"!) 
followed by wholesale FRAUD that deregulation invites, followed by ripped-off consumers,  followed shortly thereafter by FAILED BANKS who made loans to people they knew would never be able to pay them back... followed by the Congress-bribing banksters going to Congress (and Ireland, Britain, Iceland, Greece, and other Parliaments)   BEGGING, BRIBING, and EXTORTING for "BAILOUTS" now that all their "assets" (loans outstanding) are revealed to be NOTHING BUT  worthless s***.   

    The above process is even more odious  when you understand the nature of  Rothschilds  sytle  PRIVATELY OWNED, government enforced national MONOPOLY on CENTRAL-BANKER  FIAT MONEY CREATION -  which is to say the greedy PRIVATE bankster pigs running NATIONAL central banks "CREATE" money out of thin air, then LEND IT to OUR  governments AT INTEREST,  then,  when the "BAILOUTS" come - THEY charge us  MORE INTEREST, for the billions and trillions in "new money" that they have now created to lend to the government, which hands it back to them in the form of  THEIR  god-damned evil, economy-wrecking bailouts!

The Evil Jews at the Rothschilds owned "The Economist" magazine PIMP "freedom" (jewish funded VIOLENT Neo-Con/Likud government overthrow) for Syria...

...but (below) DEBT ENSLAVEMENT for EVERYONE else!  
 note:  the "economics experts" at The Economist have been THE VOICE of "the establishment elites" for decades since the end of WWII -   it is precisely THEIR foul, greedy, treacherous, treasonous,  economy-wrecking "deregulation" and government ("socialized) "BAILOUTS," FOR PRIVATE BANKERS' DEBT policies that have landed Europe & American economies in SO MUCH DEBT..!! 
 TO HELL with the evil  Rotschield LIARS at the ECONOMIST:  REPUDIATE the ODIOUS DEBT, and  PROSECUTE the bankers for FRAUD and BRIBING of Congress & Parliaments!

bonus: the Evil Jews - who, in the bible, are "justified" in SLAUGHTERING ALL THEIR NEIGHBORS - the evil god of the jews DELIGHTS in the smell of BURNING FLESH of HUMAN AND animal sacrifices,  and in rotting, stinking corpses of massacred enemies - men, women, and children!  coverning the ground -   now PIMP  MORE  Israel goaded America WARS in... PAKISTAN! 

  In name of "ending violence" of course !!      
                                They really are ghoulish, blood-sucking warmongers!  

"VIOLENCE DRIPPING WITH BLOOD" - evil  Jews at the Rothschilds owned "Economist" magazine PIMP MORE WARS, this time in Pakistan!