Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AMERCAN JEWS who SUPPORT the NETANYAHU government in Israel, ARE TRAITORS to the people, constitution, and democracy of the United States of America. Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts: "THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT OWNS the [U.S.] Congress. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT... The HUBRIS and ARROGANCE of the Israeli leadership"... is DEMANDING a WAR ATROCITY of NUCLEAR ARMED AGRESSION vs Iran, without proof, a declaration of war, or any rational besides Judaism's insane biblical "entitlement" to KILL PERSIANS, AT ANY TIME, on the MEREST of pretexts, as detailed in the book of Esther...

At aproximately 9:32 into the first (pt. 1 of 2) video, Aaron Dykes asks former Reagan administration Assistant Treasury Secretary (Dr.) Paul Craig Roberts if Israel's frenetic push to HAVE THE UNITED STATES ATTACK IRAN is creating signs of  a "STRAIN" in relations between the 2 countries. 

  We transcribed the vital 10 minutes of conversation where Dr. Roberts explained that "EVERYONE KNOWS that the Israeli government OWNS the [late] United States Congress"  but our transcription text vanished in a momentary control-edit error, so we will return to the video and transcribe it again tomorrow.     
 However, here is a full text report by Dr. Roberts of the SHAM and FARCE that is "American democracy"  - http://www.prisonplanet.com/is-western-democracy-real-or-a-facade.html
- our elected leaders DO NOT reflect the will, aspirations, and hopes of the American people, but, rather, American democracy and our political leaders (and press/media, and our entire national/globfinancial system)  (have) been SUBVERTED by "the MONEY POWER" - which is based in a foreign nation, the apartheid, theocratically insane nation of Israel under the rule of the Likudniks and fundamentalist jews....
  ...who have spent the past 2 decades working at a furious pace, making an honest man of Adolf Hitler and of every racist sterotype (against the "blood-thirsty, warmongering, insidious, 5-th column,  back-stabbing Jews") that  the Nazi Party could come up with in 3 decades of trying. 

Dr. Roberts replies that there is NO "strain" - that the Israel government [of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud party  followers murdered then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995] OWNS the U.S. Congress, which means the that United States military - at the DICTATION of an UNELECTED pack of foreign warmongers in Israel - will ATTACK IRAN, SOONER rather than later.

h.t InfoWars.com - "InfoWars host Aaron Dykes talks with economist, columnist, blogger and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, about the faltering economy, the impending attack on Iran, and other topics" -