Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Under the thumb of the Jewish war lobby, Barack Obama and U.S. military READY AT A MOMENT's NOTICE to ATTACK IRAN

As Obama's Jewish appartchiks SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro (l) and 'former'  full GS partner Gary Gensler, (center),
continue to allow Wall St. to perpetrate titanic "derivatives" frauds on America's critical financial markets, 'ex'-obama official Dennis Ross PIMPS a US attack on IRAN (another U.S. WAR!) on behalf of jewish war state Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Likud jewish supremacist party...
 Dennis Ross is a JEWISH SUPREMACIST - his first loyalty is to the jewish war state - posing as an American  (ex-) government official.
Dennis Ross takes orders from his real boss - jewish genocidal warlord (Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu.
note: Netanyahu first came to power in 1995 over the body of his hate-mongered opponent,
the asssassinated, - murdered by hate-whipped Likudniks! - then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Barack Obama is now a NUCLEAR ARMED WARLORD on behalf of the Jewish war lobby:  his Jewish Supremacist 'former' advisor and staff member, Dennis Ross, is now working overtime to LEGITIMIZE a United States military ATTACK ON IRAN.

THE BASIS of AMERICA's WARMONGERING threats to EMBARGO and ATTACK Iran, is that THE JEWISH STATE (israel) has "A RIGHT" to build and operate NUCLEAR WEAPONS - with NO OVERSIGHT BY ANY international agency - but IRAN's legal nuclear program is a 'crime against humanity.'

  NOTICE HOW   _almost_ ALL the JEWS have CLEARED OUT of the Obama administration, in preparation for the NIGHTMARE they intend to bring on America in 2012: 

 RAHM EMANUEL - departed from Obama'sWhite House CHIEF OF STAFF - after driving the Democratic MAJORITY - that had been butressed by Obama's 2008 "Change!" election win - into the sewer of a Republican takeover of Congress in just 2 years flat...
  [to truly understand Rahm Emanuel's treasonous, treacherous, despicable Jewish War Lobby "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" SABOTAGE DEMOLITION of the "Democratic" Party, see  "How Rahm Emanuel LOST the Election of 2006 for the House - SAVED ONLY by outside-of-Washington Democratic grass-roots organizationshere, and Jane Hamsher's deconstruction of Emanuel's equally insidious SABOTAGE of the popular "public option" health care reform, here.]
 David Axelrod - out, cashing in as a "Democrat" PR/media advertiser to the Chicago political machine
Elena Kagan - out  (promoted to the U.S. Supreme Court - where NOT ONE SINGLE  "WASP" White Protestant jurist - the faith that brought America and the world the novel notion of "freedom of religion"  now sits)
 Peter Orszag - took the revolving door from Obama "Democratic" appartchik to Wall St bonus/bailouts recipient  Citi-bank.
Larry Summers - the ENGINEER of  Obama's BUSHONOMICS  POSING as "Democratic" economics
(to be precise, "Bushonomics" is really "Rubinomics" - the DEREGULATION of America's critical financial system, and the OUTSOURCING of American jobs and entire industries agenda pushed by Bob Rubin & Larry Summers when they were Treasury Secretaries in the "Democratic" Clinton administrtion, PLUS the TAX CUTS FOR RICH of the George W. Bush administration - ALL approved by the Jewish swindlers on Wall Street - at Goddamn-Sachs, at Lehman Bros, at Bear-Stearns, at Solomon Bros., (etc. etc., etc., ad infinitum)  and their armies of American allies & hired appartchiks, including Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, Jamie Dimon, Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, Thomas Bliley, etc. etc. etc. ad naseum )
Jared Bernstein - Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President 
 Dennis Ross - Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for the Central Region to the Secretary of State
   source -
 THE ABOVE men and women were THE movers,  THE SHAPERS, the pushers of  Obama's DESPISED "NO CHANGE from Bush & Cheney" policies - the despised "BAILOUTS for INSURANCE and health-care companies POSING as 'Health Care Reform'" that led directly 
(along with the continued whitewash of  titanic frauds on Wall St.)  to the Democrat's DISASTROUS showing in the mid-term 2010 elections, the elections that that LOST THE CONGRESS MAJORITY TO the Republicans (who were also financed, dominated, and ruled by the treacherous, fraud-enabling and relentlessly warmonging AIPAC jewish war lobby)

    SO - now that the VERY JEWISH SUPREMACIST Mr. Dennis Ross is OUTSIDE of the Obama administration,  the very Jewish owned Bloomberg 'news' can report that "sources CLOSE TO the administration ARE READY FOR WAR vs Iran"-

   ...at the behest and instigation of the treasonous Jewish warmongers, Mr. Obama is now ITCHING to IMPOSE A BLOCKADE ON IRAN -  an ACT OF WAR for the so-called "nobel peace prize" winning Mr. Obama.  
Ex-adviser: OBAMA READY TO STRIKE [attack!] Iran
Bloomberg/jerusalem Post 
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dennis Ross says US president has “made it very clear” that he would be willing to use force if necessary.   
[The jews have been working ferverently for 2 decades to maneuver the United States into attacking Iran - "when necessary" really means "whenever possible"] 
No one should doubt that US President Barack Obama is prepared to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon if sanctions and diplomacy fail, the president’s former special assistant on Iran said Monday.
 [The jews are relentlessly trotting out THE SAME "w.m.d.'s" EXCUSE they used in the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY-PERLE-FEITH-WURMSER-ZACKHEIM administration to launch the illegal and mass-murderous U.S. invasion of Iraq.]

Obama has “made it very clear” that he regards a nuclear-armed Iran as so great a threat to international security that “the Iranians should never think that there’s a reluctance to use the force” to stop them, Dennis Ross, who served two years on Obama’s National Security Council and a year as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s special adviser on Iran, said in an interview.
“There are consequences if you act militarily, and there’s big consequences if you don’t act,” said Ross, who in a two-hour interview at the Bloomberg Washington office laid out a detailed argument against those who say Obama would sooner “contain” a nuclear-armed Iran than strike militarily.
The administration considers the risks of permitting a nuclear-armed Iran to be greater than the risks of military action, said Ross, who last month rejoined the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a research group.
His comments came the day after Obama’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials said that developing a nuclear weapon would cross a red line, precipitating a US strike

They need to know that if they take that step, they’re going to get stopped,” US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Jan. 8 on CBS News’s “Face the Nation.” On the same program, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he has been responsible for planning and positioning assets to be ready if ordered to take military action.      [Leon Panetta is a pure, NEO-CON 'Democrat' pol - like Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Baccus, and all the other 'Democrat' appartchik politicians, Panetta takes his orders from Netanyahu and the AIPAC treasonous jewish war lobby.]
Jerusalem-post related:
Santorum favors Iran strike if sanctions don’t work 
[note:  The Jewish war lobby  ALSO OWNS, and dominates, the REPUBLICAN side of the aisle] 

Ahmadinejad, Chavez mock US, joke about bomb
 [Jews LOVE HATEMONGERING ANYONE not under their thumb - you see NO such Bloomberg or Jerusalem Post inciting articles inciting hate against the SAUDI, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, or Georgian regimes, even though they are every bit as murderous as the Iranian regime (in case of Saudis & Bahrain, EVEN MORE REACTIONARY and oppressive than Iran's Shiite mullahs) - because the SAUDI REGIME OWES its perch on top of Arabia's vast oil wealth, to the U.S. MILITARY, that is ENTIRELY CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS - the JEWS in israel and America are the PUPPET-MASTERS OF THE SUNNI fundamentalist, reactionary, TERRORIST-FUNDING Gulf Arab states!]

 Notice that the main Jews left IN the Obama administration are  "former" GODDAMN-SACHS made-man (full partner!)  GARY GENSLER - running the CFTC, where he is fraudulently helping Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, The Fed, and other Wall Street operators   HIDE the $750 TRILLION dollar in "DERIVATIVES"** that the Treasonous Jewish financiers will use to IMPLODE the American economy (after first DESTROYING the U.S. "judenfetzen" Bernanke dollar), and demand "CAPITAL CONTROLS" = SEIZURE of Americans' property and wealth
 (as so-called "Liberal" President Roosevelt, at the insistence of his JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY Henry Morganthau - SEIZED Americans gold, by first OUTLAWING POSSESSION of gold in 1933, the infamous "Gold Confiscation Act" where Roosevelt paid one price for gold to Americans FORCED to sell their gold to the PRIVATELY OWNED so-called 'Federal' Reserve!!!! - and a few months later Treasury Secretary Morganthau depreciated the dollar against gold -  GIVING THE FED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in wealth that had been COMMANDEERED from the American people by Roosevelt & Morganthau !!!!)

  ...and Gensler's nominal superior, MARY SCHAPIRO, Chairwoman at the SEC.  

    The fact that the Jews are trying to DISTANCE THEMSELVES from the IRAN WAR - operating through PROXY FRONTS like the Republican Party, the Obama/Pelosi/Panetta 'Democrats', the EU - that is THEIR baby, THEIR Frankenstein - while they are happy to leave Schapiro and Gensler at the SEC and CFTC - simply shows their CONTEMPT for the American public,

    ...who will soon enough see those draconian "CAPITAL CONTROLS" come down the pike - GOLD CONFISCATION, "BANK HOLIDAYS," the OUTLAWING of CASH or more than trivial amounts -  (as they are already doing in Greece & Italy) - to make "BAILOUTS" and  RECESSION 2008-2011 look like a picnic in comparison.

  THE BIBLE tells us that the JEWS CAME TO EGYPT pledging FRIENDSHIP and ALLIANCE - but a few generations later, they have become THE POWER in Egypt, a ruthless, mercenary war band, and they PLUNDER the Egyptians of their gold, silver, and precious clothing -
     ... after first  ASSASSINATING and mass-murdering Egyptian babies!!  

  3,500 years later, the Jews are covertly and insidiously doing to America, WHAT their bible BRAGS ABOUT their DOING TO EGYPT 3,500 years ago!!