Sunday, January 22, 2012

Despicable, America loathing Jews are BEHIND the "NDAA" GESTAPO POLICE/MILITARY state "detention" bill... and the "U.S." g.w.o.t. TORTURE GULAG. Senator Lieberman betrays his JEWISH GESTAPO tendencies in Congressional video....

  For those at the ADL, SPLC, or other Jewish supremacist/Mossad fronts in America who say this post is "anti-Semitic"  (or "anti-jewish"),  we point out:  not only is "American" Senator Joe Lieberman pretty EXPLICIT, in the below video taken from Congressional comments,  in his desire to TERRORIZE those arrested - suspects or innocents! -  by  "U.S."  "war on terror" authorities,   but there is  a  _deafening silence_ that is even louder than Joe Lieberman's traitorous, anti-Constitutional, anti-American,  bronze-age lust to terrorize and torture prisoners:

   ...and that is the ENTIRE "AMERICAN" JEWISH COMMUNITY's implicit, tolerant, complicit SUPPORT of the "war on terror" TORTURE REGIME being run by the U.S. government (at the direction of the Jewish War Lobby) in American (or mossad) run torture gulags worldwide. 

  CONGRATULATIONS, American jews!  For FIVE DECADES after WWII, you lectured Americans, and  condemned  "Good Germans" for being passively complicit as Hitler & the Nazis rounded up any "enemies of the state" with NO burden of proof (beyond minimal show trials in Nazi run courtrooms). 
Today, in America, millions of "American" jews don't even insist on a show-trail - JUST PRESUMPTION OF GUILT, LOCK THEM AWAY!!     
 (not to mention the despicable, treacherous,  jewish Manchurian candidate, democracy back-stabbing,  torture lusting Joe Lieberman's (and other Neo-Cons') wish for American held prisoners to be TERRORIZED if not tortured - without opportunity to defend their innocence or good name.) 

Right out of Hitler & Stalin's playbook - congratulations,  "American" jews,  on your WORLD CLASS,  will-stand-out-for-2,000-years - as Jewish authorities tried to STONE Jesus to death (John 8:59)HYPOCRISY.