Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barack Obama demonstrates what a crass, ANTI-AMERICAN institution HARVARD University is - Their Law-School grad thinks he is sly, explaining to deluded supporters that "He Wishes he could work WITHOUT Congress" - like Bush Jr. (also given a Harvard grad degree), Obama WOULD BE HAPPIER as a Neo-Con puppet front-man DICTATOR...

  dictator-wannabe Barack Obama - will do ANYTHING to please his Neo-Con, anti-American, soulless, treasonous, Constitution gutting, eternally warmongering puppet-masters....
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Obama Is At War With The Constitution obama dictator1

Barack Obama demonstrates what a crass, ANTI-AMERICAN institution HARVARD University is - the current president thinks he is sly, explaining to his deluded, cheering, "Democratic" supporters, that he wishes he could BYPASS CONGRESS - in all things - and in particular in putting forward RECESS APPOINTEES - WHILE Congress is in session.

The "Harvard Law graduate" is no more than a taller, sexier Bush-III, "This would all be a heck'uva lot  easier if this [U.S.A.] were a DICTATORSHIP... so long as I'M the dictator."    

  The facts are, that Barack Obama REPRESENTS the SAME TOP 1% who put him in office - the GODDAMN-TRAITOR-SACHS bankers & appartchiks he has STUFFED his administration with - just as the Bush-Cheney administration represented those same TOP 1% of bankers, pump-and-dump financiers, and the entitled hyper-wealthy traitors behind them.

    In his TREASURY SECRETARY - Bush II retread little Timmy Geithner - and in his (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve Chairman Ben "judenfetzen'** Bernanke -  Obama's top economy wrecking appartchiks ARE ONE AND THE SAME with Bush's economy gutting appointees! 
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  Obama is NOT change - he is MORE "bailouts," Ben Bernanke retiree-killing ZIRP
('zero-interest rate policy' favors Wall Street speculators, at the expense of retirees and savers) 
 and Rubinomics "DEREGULATION"  =  Bushonomics, 
   and Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby-Perle-Feith-Wurmser-Zackheim-Sunstein-Steinberg-Ross  EXPANDING "PNAC" Neo-Con wars....   
Obama was put into office SOLELY  (since the Goddamn-Sachs + AIPAC war-lobby Neo-Cons could have had either McCain or Hillary, had they not funded obama)  give  a  "LIBERAL,"   bi-partisan, and especially "multi-cultural" face & stamp of approval on THE BIG ONE - the WAR vs IRAN
(that has taken them, the Neo-Cons, 3 whole years to maneuver obama in to)
  that will be but a prelude to the neocon instigated WARS vs CHINA and RUSSIA 
 (which is to say,  "war on the entire f**ing world) ....

Obama’s America: Tyranny and Permanent War
by Stephen Lendman,   Global Research, 
January 2, 2012

December 31, 2011 will be remembered as a day of infamy. More on it below.

 October 17, 2006 was an earlier one under Bush.
In a White House ceremony, he signed the infamous Military Commissions Act (MCA).
It authorized torture as official policy.
It also enacted sweeping unconstitutional powers to arrest, interrogate, and prosecute alleged terrorist suspects and collaborators (including US citizens), detain them (without evidence) indefinitely in military prisons, and deny them habeas and other constitutional protections.

It lets presidents call anyone anywhere an "unlawful enemy combatant," order them arrested, detained and denied all rights.

On the same day, Bush quietly signed the FY 2007 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Included were hidden Sections 1076 and 333.  Major media scoundrels ignored them.

They amended the 1807 Insurrection Act and 1878 Posse Comitatus Act. They prohibited using federal and National Guard troops for law domestic enforcement except as constitutionally allowed or expressly authorized by Congress in times of insurrection or other national emergency.
Henceforth, the executive, by DIKTAT, can claim emergency powers, declare martial law, suspend the Constitution on "national security" grounds, and deploy federal and/or National Guard troops on US streets to suppress whatever's called disorder - including lawful peaceful protests.
At issue is abolishing fundamental First Amendment freedoms without which all others are at risk. They include free expression, assembly, religion, and right to petition government for redress. No longer.
In 2009, Obama assured military commission continuity by signing the FY 2010 Defense Authorization Act. Its hidden Section 1031 contained the 2009 Military Commissions Act (MCA). The phrase "unprivileged enemy belligerent" replaced "unlawful enemy combatant."
Language changed but not intent or lawlessness.
Obama exceeds Bush extremism. Guantanamo and other torture prisons remain open. US citizens are treated as lawlessly as foreign nationals. Ahead things got worse.
On December 31, he signed the FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
It gives presidents unchecked power to order military force arrests and indefinite detentions of US citizens, based solely on uncorroborated accusations of terrorist group associations.  
Constitutional, statute and international law protections don't apply. America's military may snatch and grab anyone, throw them in torture prisons, and hold them indefinitely without charge or trial, based solely on suspicions, spurious allegations or none at all.
Earlier by Executive Order, Obama authorized indefinite detentions of anyone designated national security threats. Specifically intended for Guantanamo detainees, it's now for everyone, including US citizens at home or abroad.

Moreover, CIA operatives and Special Forces death squads got presidential authorization to kill targeted US citizens abroad. As a result, they can be hunted down and murdered in cold blood for any reason or none at all.

As of December 31, anyone anywhere, including US citizens, can be called national security threats and judged guilty by accusation. Activists opposing America's imperium risk arrest, permanent detention or assassination.
So do social justice protesters. Military dungeons or FEMA camps await them

[ = AMERICAN  Nazi, SS style CONCENTRATION CAMPS - death, intimidation, tortue, and mass-murder]

  Martial law may authorize it, claiming "catastrophic emergency" powers. The original Senate bill excluded US citizens. Obama demanded their inclusion.

Inviolable rights no longer apply. Protesting imperial lawlessness, social injustice, corporate crime, government corruption, or political Washington run of, by and for rich elites can be criminalized. So can free speech, assembly, religion, or anything challenging America's right to kill, destroy and pillage with impunity.
It's official. Tyranny arrived in America. The nation [is] unsafe to live in. There's no place to hide. They're coming for anyone challenging injustice.   (cont'd)   
   In short Obama, at the insistence of his treasonous AIPAC  (jewish!) War-Lobby handlers and Neo-Con Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan/'Federal' Reserve economy wrecking financial swindlers
(larry summers, tim geithner, mona sutphen, elena kagan, peter orszag, jacob lew, bob rubin, ben bernanke, janet yellen, sarah raskin, etc., etc. etc., ad naseum) has just signed

 the  American GESTAPO POLICE-STATE DICTATORSHIP  bill into law.

   With America poised to attack (after first blockading - according to international law, AN INTERNATIONAL ACTO of WAR against)  Iran,  
the United States is now almost exactly in the same position NAZI GERMANY was in early part of 1939... on the eve of INVADING POLAND,  an "easy victory" - to set off WWII.

 (with, scarcely need mentioning,  untold misery for millions of Germans soon enough follow.)

  below - screen-shot from a series of video compilations,  President Barack Obama hoping his audiences will applaud his lament, that he wants to BY-PASS CONGRESS... 

 "I know some people, want me to by-pass Congress, and change the laws... on my own..."  !!
 "And believe me, the idea is very tempting" !!