Monday, January 30, 2012

DESPICABLE 'American' Jews FOMENTING RAGE & HATRED in America... Just like the NAZIS did in Germany in 1930s...

In November 2010 voters in the sprawling Florida 22nd Congressional District that includes a long coastal strip into both Broward and Palm Beach Counties had one hell of a "CHOICE" between their major-party  congressional candidates:  

   ...they could vote for a SHYSTER, WAR-LOBBY jewish Neo-Con appartchik PRETENDING to be a "Liberal" Democrat, sitting congressman Ron Klein, 

   or they could vote for a JEWISH WAR LOBBY FUNDED radical Right-Wing war supporter Allan West. 

Then sitting congressman Ron Klein was of the now TYPICAL Jewish Neo-Con pretend "liberal Democrat" who ran in 2006 on a "Change" platform -   but who was treachery distilled from day one;  Klein is actually a pro-war, pro- tax-cuts-for-rich (on steroids, with "bailouts for failed, bankrupt, insolvent, but con-gress bribing banksters)  jewish-supremacist war-lobby appartchik  ("Neo-Con") who stands quietly by as the Neo-Con elitist establishment ratchets up their NO CIVIL or HUMAN RIGHTS for Americans agenda...
 (much less for anyone caught up in America's expanding  police state GWOT terror/torture gulag overseas;  much less those unfortunates caught directly in the expanding Jewish wars in Mideast, Central Asia, and now Africa - and soon enough, on the borders of China and Russia?) 
Oh, you didn't get the memo that Allan West is another non-Jewish FRONT for the insane, treasonous, treacherous, anti-human, anti-American Jewish supremacist war lobby?  
 (just like John McInsane, Sarah Palin, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, and most other Republicans are). 

WELL.... LOOK at his, Alan West's, Congressional Chief of Staff: ANOTHER jewish Republican, which is to say, "another blatant Jewish Neo-Con war-lobby appartchik" !!    

    Not to mention, the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 'news' paper that covers much of the district IS JEWISH OWNED, which explains why West's "bat shit crazy" Gestapo police-state & expanding-wars  lust doesn't get more coverage in South Florida press & papers: The Jewish War Lobby LOVES this racist (anti-Muslim, "anti-terrorist"), warmongering, dehumanizing, anti-American police-state Gestapo garbage.  
As to proving that so-called "Liberal" RON KLEIN was actually another RADICAL RIGHT-WING Jewish war lobby appartchik, that is as easy as proving any of the other Jewish con-gress critters and Senators are "Manchurian Candidate" style JEWISH WAR LOBBY neo-con appartchiks: JUST CHECK TO SEE if ANY of these lying, anti-American imposters SPEAK OUT AGAINST TORTURE or Gestapo, summary arrest and indefinite detentention powers!

The Jewish-"American" REFUSAL to SPEAK OUT AGAINST TORTURE and Gestapo police-state SUMMARY ARREST & DETENTION  -  no Constitutional rights for you, peon! -   police-state Gestapo powers in America, IS NOW THE DEFINING ASPECT OF AMERICA's government and governance.

THE TREACHEROUS, DESPICABLE, anti-human, treasonous, economy-wrecking Jewish war lobby (and financial-class) jews, have HIJACKED the late "United States" of America, and are now well on the way to pushing America into the THIRD MAJOR WORLD WAR of the industrial age - this current war on Iran/China/Russia nightmare that is unfolding daily is THEIR jewish handiwork... in the NUCLEAR AGE.... moving forward just as inexorably on the path of nuclear confrontation over oil resources;  as the path to the imperialist/colonial/financier sponsored First World War ground on inexorably almost exactly 100 years ago...

   ...this new Neo-Con financier sponsored,  JEWISH LIKUD driven American march to WAR,
 a war with the potential to make WWI and WWII look like a walk in the park in comparison. 

  Alan West is absolutely correct that AMERICA is now a "BATTLEFIELD" - one in which corrupt, jewish dominated bankers (the Greenspan/Bernanke MONOPOLY MONEY-PRINTING so-called 'Federal' Reserve private banking cabal)  and financial hedge-funds gets TENS OF BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars in "BAILOUTS" 
AS THEY INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE the real, productive American economy that millions of working American families depend on for their jobs, incomes, and retirments... 

    ...America is now a BATTLEFIELD where treacherous Con-gress critters like Alan West get paid big bucks (in "campaign donations") to talk and speechify about "FREEDOM" and "democracy" - even as our elections are rigged by "privatized" voting machines, and  by MANUFACTURED CONSENT

     ...where the major parties and 'news' papers and networks DON'T EVEN DISCUSS the real costs and trillions of dollars handed over to the banksters,  who KICK BACK some of their economy-gutting Bernanke Fed fiat/bailouts dollars to compliant, corrupt politicians like Alan West.  

  America is now a BATTLEFIELD where even though "Democratic" politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and others are VILLIFIED by war-lusting Republicans for their "assault on American ideals"... they, too, are PART OF  that radical Right-Wing financial class, no civil rights war on Americans.
  America is now a BATTLEFIELD where DECEIT and TREACHERY are the HALLMARKS of our "leaders" - who, 'Democrat' or Republican, BOTH REPRESENT THE WAR LOBBY, the police/military/industrial/financial complex,  and the insane jewish war state:    American families, freedoms, Constitutional rights, and the late U.S. Constitution be damned. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jewish Financier George Soros learned Predatory/Parasite Finance at an early age: as a teenage adopted "non-Jew", Soros helped HUNGARIAN NAZIS Catalogue and SEIZE Hungarian Jewish property... before those Jewish familes were sent off to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps.

 Alex Jones finds the transcripts, and a short audio clip,  of George Soros' infamous live interview on CBS'  60 Minutes Dec 20, 1998... which George Soros describes the year (1944) during which his Jewish father handed the young, 14 year old George over to be adopted by a non-Jewish Hungarian "godfather" so to avoid deportation to the death camps. 

   Soros then accompanied his new, adoptive father on visits to Jewish homes and communities, where Soros and his parent catalogued Jewish property, in prelude to those Jewish families being deported to death camps.  

    In the below snippet, we transcribe Soros's stunning comments from that interview:  Soros is describing a TEENAGE POWER TRIP,  where he was a teenage sidekick to a powerful athority figure... and Jewish families literally and physically CRINGED in fear when Soros and his adoptive father showed up, to catalogue the possessions of those Jews, as a prelude to the Hungarian authorities loading those Hungarian Jews on to trains to be transported to Nazi run death camps in  Southern Poland:

 Soros's own comments from infamous 60 Minutes interview: the full 60 Minutes interview with Soros now "SCRUBBED," CENSORED from any location where the InfoWars researchers can access them!

 "It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation. For me, it was a very positive experience, it was a strange thing, you see incredible suffering around you, and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you are 14 years old, you don't believe, it can actually touch you. You have a belief in yourself, you have a belief in your father, it's a very... happy-making [sic] exhilerating experience."

   Well fed and well clothed - if dispossesed and terrified - Hungarian Jews arrive at the Auschwitz death camp in mid/late 1944.  These victims had been friends, neighbors, and co-religionists of the young George Soros in the pre-Nazi occupation years in Hungary:   

Throughout the Nazi era, and throughout history, Jews have been like any other peoples occupied by larger, more powerful invaders and conquering armies: a Mafia like "elite" develops, that collaborates with the conquerors/invaders, selling their own people into slavery or death, in order to maintain a core command structure, collaborationist nobility, or nationalist power elite.
     See the Anglo/Saxon nobles  (and commoners)  first resisting, then cooperating with, then finally absorbing the elite Norman conquering invaders after William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066.

Indeed, the Sicilian Mafia arose because (as George C. Scott intones, as General George S. Patton,  in the movie "Patton") Sicily had been one of the most conquered lands in all of history, creating a ruthless core of "hard men" who could both comply with the invaders, and resist them, as circumstances dictated.   

   George Soros is a "JUDENRAT" - Nazi death-camp COLLABORATER  in this mold, and as his 60 Minutes video transcript details, he found it "EXHILARATING" to be AN EMPOWERED teenager, with people literally cringing in fear and despair at his presence. 

  Anyone who believes George Soros is "liberal" IS DELUSIONAL -  not only is he a Neo-Con/Likudnik Jew right  out of the Emanuel/Shamir/Netanyahu  "exterminate the Palestinian 'terrorists' (refugees) - then do it again!"  Irgun textbook, but he is a ruthless authoritarian straight out of the "Judenrat" ruthless Jewish holocaust COLLABORATOR mold - his ideas on "pre-crime" and computerized, electronic surveillance take up where the Gestapo, KGB,  Stazi, (or Spanish Inquisition and Atlantic slave trade) left off.   

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American Jews (Hollywood - the propaganda arm of the Jewish war lobby) turning ENGLISH men & women into SLAVES - ABUSE of ANTI-TERRORISM LAWS, to use the Federal Govt as Hollywood COPYRIGHT ENFORCEMENT THUGS...

Russia goverrnment produced RT TV has no problems, finding examples of US & British government acting like Stalinist thugs or KGB (or Gestapo) goons....
     in this case, RT observes that Hollywood - one of the FINANCIAL POWERS  behind the pay-to-play US Congressional & presidential (and state and local) elections - is using a vague ANTI-TERRORISM treaty signed between the US & England, to  arrest, prosecute, and IMPRISON English citizens that American prosecutors deem guilty of COPYRIGHT infringement.


     While RT does not connect the dots,  WE WILL:    HOLLYWOOD is DOMINATED by JEWISH moguls, JEWISH agents (including Rahm Emanuel's "mega-agent" brother), and of course Jewish shyster lawyers... and it is THEY (along with their non-Jewish partners in crime) who are creating this tag-team regime where a British student is now on his way to an American prison, MERELY for "LINKING" copyright violating sites, to his web-site -  NOT posting or making copyright downloads available himself.

  THE JEWISH run MEDIA, is truly a JEWISH MAFIA,  turning the ENTIRE  U.S. & British governments into GESTAPO POLICE STATE GOONS.

     Here's what Hollywood's despicable California (New York, & D.C.) based Jewish apparatchiks really have to say to the working stiff people of England for being the "unsinkable aircraft carrier" that, singlehandedly among European nations, resisted the tide of Nazi conquest in Europe in 1940 and thus saved the Jews:

     "THANKS FOR NOTHING, chumps!  We'll OUTSOURCE your European jobs to Asia,  EXTRACT  the wealth out of your homes by Central-bank Rotchilds style serial "pump & dump" larceny,
hog-tie your investment in renewable energy, making you DEPENDENT on the imported oil WE control.... and EXTORT YOU out of every last dime for your entertainment when all you have left is the time you can spend in front of the boob-tube..." 

 (Oh..and as we pay Tony Blair tens of millions of pounds in "speaking" and "consulting fees" by our proxy agents - including the emir of Kuwait - for being our WASP-faced front man,  we will SHRED _your_  hard-earned social safety net.  You know, the Rotchilds (or their ideological if not lineal heirs in the jewish war state) NEED TO BUILD SOME MORE MANSIONS, so... FORK IT OVER, or GO TO PRISON, you s-limey, chump Brits!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Despicable Jews Extorting Europe (having long ago bought & owned the late U.S.A.)... Japan, and rest of world to enable their CONTINUING JEWISH WARS in Mideast (this time vs Iran)...

   The United Nations was set up SPECIFICALLY to deter one country - or group of countries - from waging hostile actions or war against another country.  
    The Neo-Con and Likudnik jewish supremacist jews, however, having not the least bit of respect for the United Nations - or Europe, or the United States for that matter  -
(much less for the rest of the  "brown-skin," "undeveloped," and "lower-class 3rd world") -
 -  are now trying to circumvent the UN,  to get a hostile declaration of war on Iran - which is what a European DECLARATION OF EMBARGO would be - by bribing and extorting
(via U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's ESF and other Treasury slush-funds;  and all the other Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Fed bankers-gone-insane, 'money' printed-out-of-thin-air  jewish bank & billionaire controlled slush funds)
 the tattered remains of the European Union to support the jewish-state & U.S. attempts to start a war with Iran.... 

    the EVIL Jewish bankers - Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Lloyd Blankfein, Dick Fuld, Janet Yellin, Gary Gensler, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew, Gene Sperling, Mary Schapiro, Rahm Emanuel, Jared Bernstein, Sarah Bloom Raskin, George Soros....and their many, many hired non-Jewish well-paid toady appartchiks...   (Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, Jamie Dimon,   here, and here, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rupert Murdoch,  etc. etc. etc. ad naseum  )  

    ...having WRECKED the U.S.  and European economies...  (by demolishing Glass-Steagall and unleashing serial tidal waves of "Derivatives" and other financial frauds)  now want to DESTROY what is left of the European economic system, by forcing Europeans (by extortion and bribery, and now strong-arming Japan)  to not use Iranian oil...  and, up next, an embargo on RUSSIAN oil, too ???

Somewhere,  lost in the sheer volume, intensity and hysteria of global jewish propaganda and Neo-Con/Likudnik war-lust vs. Iran is the fact that IRAN is IN COMPLIANCE with the nuclear NPT (non-proliferation treaty) accords, while the despicable JEWISH WAR STATE  IS NOT !!

 (Not to overlook the irony, it was jewish scientists who led much of the A-bomb program that killed tens of thousands of Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki... and it was jewish financiers in England, Europe, and New York who financed the Japanese militarist at the turn of the 20th century, funding Japan's war against Russia to punish Russia for "anti-semitism"... and incidentally turning Japan into a militarist dictatorship that would soon be attacking and invading China, in the biggest genocidal bloodletting of the 20th century. )

     And just look at the jewish run and dominated (so-called) "Federal" Reserve bank's web-site:  THEY HAVE THE TEMERITY, the GALL to claim they are providing
"a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system" !!!!!  (screen-snip)
 Fed's despicable propaganda: MASQUERADING as an agency of the U.S. government,
_claiming_ to provide "a safe, flexible, and stable monetary & financial system" !!

Japan PM: Govt yet to decide on Iran oil cuts
By Mari Yamaguchi, AP, 
Friday, January 13, 2012
TOKYO (AP) — Japan's prime minister said Friday the government has yet to decide on whether it will reduce oil imports from Iran in line with U.S. sanctions, saying businesses implications need to be considered.
Yoshihiko Noda's comments retreated from the strong support voiced a day earlier by his finance minister, Jun Azumi, who said Japan would start reducing oil imports as soon as possible... (cont'd)   
 bonus:   Five  years after Larry Summers got the job to "advise" Lithuania on "free market economic reforms" after the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1990.... Lithuania's already high suicide rate DOUBLED -  during the so-called era of post-Communist "freedom" !!!!!  
 In 1991, Summers and his protégé Andrei Schleifer followed their "miracle work" in Lithuania... with a similar record in Russia itself, causing RUSSIA's ECONOMY to CONTRACT by 60% !!!!! 

   ...."and the financial markets that Summers and Schleifer helped create had collapsed in what was then the world's biggest debt default ever"...  

  ...leading directly to the failure of Wall Street's so-called "genius" hedge-fund, LTCM (long term capital management) - ushering in the era of SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH in America, more commonly known as the U.S. government/Treasury "PPT"   (Plunge Protection Team), or, as it is officially known, the Treasury/gov't. mega-slush-fund  "Echange STABLIZATION [not!] Fund" - passing 'round multi-billion dollar chunks of cash to "poor" casino-speculating Wall Street hedge fund managers, the way an orphanage might (on a good day) pass around some candy to quiet the squawling children.   

  bonus 2:  [Russia leader Putin]  "has said that the demographic effect of just privatizing Russian real estate, and industry and following western advice has lost maybe 30 million Russians from what the normal demographic growth would be to 2050. So the effect of  [Larry Summer,s Bob Rubin, Goddamn-Sachs, Harvard style]  neo-liberal financial policy has been more devastating to Russia than WW2."   

  Neo-Con (privately owned national central banks)   finance is always GENOCIDAL...  just as the Rothschilds dominated British government financial strangulation of Ireland during the "Great Famine" IRISH HOLOCAUST was over 100 years ago...

bonus #3.  Exiled's critique of "AUSTERITY" shows that "austerity" has ALWAYS equalled MASSACRES, INEQUALITY, REPRESSION, and DICTATORSHIP - the wealthy, institutionalised ruling families and entitled parasites of a country maintaining that their claims to wealth & production in a given nation, TRUMP the survival and basic needs of their fellow countrymen, in that debt wracked nation.
 Americans and Europeans have been indebted by the relentless perpetration of frauds & corruption at the highest levels of banking, finance, and government:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Despicable, America loathing Jews are BEHIND the "NDAA" GESTAPO POLICE/MILITARY state "detention" bill... and the "U.S." g.w.o.t. TORTURE GULAG. Senator Lieberman betrays his JEWISH GESTAPO tendencies in Congressional video....

  For those at the ADL, SPLC, or other Jewish supremacist/Mossad fronts in America who say this post is "anti-Semitic"  (or "anti-jewish"),  we point out:  not only is "American" Senator Joe Lieberman pretty EXPLICIT, in the below video taken from Congressional comments,  in his desire to TERRORIZE those arrested - suspects or innocents! -  by  "U.S."  "war on terror" authorities,   but there is  a  _deafening silence_ that is even louder than Joe Lieberman's traitorous, anti-Constitutional, anti-American,  bronze-age lust to terrorize and torture prisoners:

   ...and that is the ENTIRE "AMERICAN" JEWISH COMMUNITY's implicit, tolerant, complicit SUPPORT of the "war on terror" TORTURE REGIME being run by the U.S. government (at the direction of the Jewish War Lobby) in American (or mossad) run torture gulags worldwide. 

  CONGRATULATIONS, American jews!  For FIVE DECADES after WWII, you lectured Americans, and  condemned  "Good Germans" for being passively complicit as Hitler & the Nazis rounded up any "enemies of the state" with NO burden of proof (beyond minimal show trials in Nazi run courtrooms). 
Today, in America, millions of "American" jews don't even insist on a show-trail - JUST PRESUMPTION OF GUILT, LOCK THEM AWAY!!     
 (not to mention the despicable, treacherous,  jewish Manchurian candidate, democracy back-stabbing,  torture lusting Joe Lieberman's (and other Neo-Cons') wish for American held prisoners to be TERRORIZED if not tortured - without opportunity to defend their innocence or good name.) 

Right out of Hitler & Stalin's playbook - congratulations,  "American" jews,  on your WORLD CLASS,  will-stand-out-for-2,000-years - as Jewish authorities tried to STONE Jesus to death (John 8:59)HYPOCRISY.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Atlanta JEWISH Newspaper editor Alan Adler ADVOCATES ASSASSINATION of a U.S. president...!!! Maybe the DHS and Secret Service should arrest this guy... and put him in one of their Mossad run g.w.o.t. terror/torture gulags somewhere??

 Proving that "the war on terror" is a ONE WAY STREET as far the as the despicable, treasonous, "israel uber alles"  jewish Neo-Con global terrorists are concerned....
    ...with the jewish war lobby  the undisputable force _behind_  &  pushing America's growing  DHS/fema/NDAA draconian GESTAPO police state dictatorship,  wouldn't you know it.. the  despicable jewish warmongers DON'T believe that those "war on terrorism" laws APPLY TO THEM,  the "chosen" people! 

  JUST IMAGINE what would happen if a non-jewish editor or writer, in a daily newspaper in a major city with a "respectable" circulation, advocated contemplating the ASSASSINATION of a sitting U.S. president, as a policy to be considered with premeditation and serious intent?????

  Well,  WE KNOW the evil Jewish Neo-Cons feel ENTITLED to ASSASSINATE people - the current Israel prime minister, Benjamin "9-11 traitor Bibi" Netanyahu,  first became a Prime Minister back in 1995...
literally over the body of his dead, murdered, assassinated rival! 

    Then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was KILLED by a "lone gunman" who was HATE-WHIPPED, by Netanyahu's Likud jewish supremacist party,  which was then fomenting torrents of Nazi-esque HATEMONGERING propaganda attacks on Rabin - says the very jewish Neo-Con New York Times globalist cheerleader Thomas Friedman!   

 Fortunately for our sanity, the author of this article, exposing Mr. Andrew Adler's jewish NAZI-esque TREASON against the duly elected leader(s)  of the people of the United States, is written by a Jewish author - so we are not alone in our outrage and disgust.

       But the undeniable conclusion here is that Jews - who CELEBRATE THE MASSACRE of Persians EVERY YEAR at their "Purim" holiday,  FEEL SO ENTITLED to ATTACK, BOMB, INVADE, and conquer Iran, that they are now exposing their NAZI-esque DICTATORIAL,
"ASSASSINATIONS 'in the name of god' EXTENDS TO AMERICANS" entitled insanity...  

Atlanta Jewish Newspaper Advocates MOSSAD ASSASSINATING PRESIDENT Obama  If Iran Gets Nukes
  by Richard Silverstein 
January 21, 2012

Andrew Adler, now that’s a name that should live in Jewish infamy.  He’s the publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times who actually published a column in his paper saying that one of three options Israel should consider on the day the Prime Minister hears that Iran has a nuclear weapon is for Mossad agents in the U.S. to assassinate Barack Obama.  Just in case you think I’m making this lunacy up here’s a screenshot of the column itself.  Here’s the money–or should I say, “kill shot.”  Adler writes that Option 3 is:
…Give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
Yes, you read option three correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?
Another way of putting “three” in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives…Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?
You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table.
No, actually I’ve got to believe that Andrew Adler is a class A asshole and an idiot to boot.  I could rail about the fact that the editor of a Jewish paper in one of America’s largest Jewish communities would pen such disgusting tripe.  But what disturbs me even more is that the tens of thousands of Jews living in Atlanta read not just this, but all the garbage this jerk writes.  Imagine the impact that this has on the tone and substance of political debate in that town.
Apparently, Israel has such a sterling reputation lately for political assassinations that Adler and others have come to believe that the best way of pursuing a political objective is to murder whoever stands in the way.  That’s one of the legacies that Israel’s far right government has bestowed to the world, both Jewish and non-Jewish.
Don’t think that Atlanta is alone.  The Jewish paper in the Five Towns published a similarly disturbing column a few years ago calling for the murder of Muslims.  Jews, even rabbis, dream up the most vile, disgusting scenarios for their fellow Jews.  In Israel, rabbis call for putting uppity Arabs in concentration camps.   (cont'd)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Barack Obama DOUBLES DOWN on his JEWISH ECONOMIC SABOTAGE Strangulation of the American Economy: PROMOTES Jewish BAILOUTS SOAKING Citi-bank fraudster JACOB LEW, from Pete Orszag's replacement as OMB Director, to Rahm Emanuel & Bill Daley's replacement as White House CHIEF OF STAFF. Orszag & Lew's Citi-'bank' is a WALKING VAMPIRE, kept alive ONLY by looted-from-American-taxpayer "bailouts" = COMMISSAR EXTORTION

Meet President Barack Obama's new Jewish Chief Appartchik (White House Chief of Staff), the de facto Jewish Commissar  of BAILOUTS EXTORTION; financial license-to-Enron,Bernie Madoff, & MF Global (& etc.) style fraud  "DEREGULATION";
   effectively the jewish commissar overseer of EXPANDING WARS & POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP for America....  the guy who made millions BETTING AGAINST American Home Mortgages, and then took BAILOUTS MONEY while a Citi-bank executive... the ex-OMB "expert on asserting government powers without Congressional approval," another soulless, treacherous, economy-wrecking Rubinite + Wolfowitz/Emanuel style jewish Neo-Con warmonger JACOB LEW! 
Meet Jacob Lew, president Barack Obama's newest JEWISH Chief of Staff,  which is to say, "JEWISH COMMISSAR of American EXTORTION, 'Made Man' of the RAMPANT investor, consumer, pensions, & retirees robbing FRAUD on Wall Street, and chief appartchik overseeing the GESTAPO POLICE STATE DEMOLITION of American constitutional rights, in advance of the israel/amerika war on Iran that will institute a permanent 'war on terror' "STATE OF EMERGENCY"  police-state DICTATORSHIP in America. 

    The good news here is that Obama's previous White House Chief of Staff - "gentile" Chicago Daley family heir and Wall Street exec Bill Daley - showed he either wasn't up to the task of being The Jewish War Lobby's COMMISSAR of AMERICAN ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION & American citizen police state dictatorship ENSLAVEMENT, or he didn't have the stomach to do so,

 so the JEWS RUNNING the Obama White House  HAD to put one of their own "made men" into that vital  job.  

   This allows us to point out to ANY IDIOT in America that says "Obama FAVORS MUSLIMS" that, to the contrary, Obama's White House is actually being RUN BY JEWS - every single last one of whom is a Rubinite Neo-Con JEWISH SUPREMACIST whose FIRST alliance is to "their faith," which is to say their fellow Jews across America and in Israel (American peons be damned.... & enslaved)

  FOR ALL those IDIOTS at  FREE REPUBLIC and listening to Traitor Lying Pig Rush Limbaugh (or Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, or any other traitor lying pig Right-Wing overpaid radio propaganda talk-show hate-mongering hosts)  who think Obama - and "Democrats" in General - are pro-Muslim,  here's the short-list of JEWISH presidential CHIEFS OF STAFF - now 3 out of 5 over the past few years! 

   Josh Bolton,  Rahm Emanuel, and now Jacob Lew;  and Ron Klain and Lewis 'Scooter' Libby were Chiefs of Staff to Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Dick Cheney (respectively). 

   And even this list of  JEWISH CHIEF WHITE HOUSE EXECUTIVE officers 
(on a Navy ship, the 'XO',  executive officer, is second only to the captain on that ship, and the 'XO' is actually responsible for the daily operations on that ship)
is misleading, because while non-Jew Andy Card was President George W. Bush's first White House Chief of Staff, due to Bush's total lack of  federal government experience
(besides Bush's brief stint as a Lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War - during which he went AWOL!), was effectively Dick Cheney - and his Jewish War Lobby "D.C. super-lawyer" Chief of Staff, 'Scooter' Libby, who were running the entire presidency and thereby the entire U.S. government through much of George W. Bush's first term - - - especially given George W. Bush's proclivity for extended vacations during his entire presidency, both before and after 9-11,  especially given that the Iraq "war on terror" invasion was the signature program of the Bush-II presidency... and it was Libby and Cheney who had signed on the PNAC manifesto calling (in the very next PNAC letter) for the U.S. "regime change" invasion of Iraq... 5 years previously, in 1998!

 (And even worse, as Cheney's de facto principle Mossad/Likud/AIPAC neo-con "handler," Libby had certainly known that Cheney had perpetrated treason all through the 1990s while Cheney was Chairman and CEO of Halliburton co.... Cheney selling oil field supplies via Halliburton's secretive European subsidiaries to Saddam's Iraq, behind the back of the costly U.S. $1 billion embargo on Iraq all through the late 1990s!)

  So we are DELIGHTED that jewish CITI-BANK BAILOUTS RECIPIENT Jacob Lew has become the HEAD jewish neo-con RAT on the ship full of neo-con rats that is the economy-gutting, Treasury looting, warmongering, police-state commissar Neo-Con Obama presidency - and don't forget, America, a "CZAR" Chertoff Jewish run DHS, and a "Heckuva Job, Brownie" Jewish run FEMA,  is building CONCENTRATION CAMPS to LOCK YOU AWAY if you have a problem being a dirt-poor American slave/peon on the jewish Neo-Con casino gulag slave reservation once the Jewish War Lobby finally gets their war with Iran on:

Jacob Lew - Obama's Third Chief Of Staff Got Rich On Wall Street (Thank You Taxpayers!), Just Like His Predecessors
Jacob Lew, Obama Nominee And Former Citigroup Executive, Doesn't Believe Deregulation Led To Financial Crisis
A former top executive at Citigroup who participated in the deregulation of Wall Street during the Clinton administration  [note: the very definition of a Bob Rubin "RUBINITE"]  and recently was tapped by President Barack Obama for a top White House post told a Senate panel last week that deregulation did NOT lead to the recent financial crisis.  !!!!!
Obama’s third chief of staff, like first two, got rich on Wall Street...

...All three of President Barack Obama’s chiefs of staff earned millions of dollars after passing through the revolving doors that lie between the Democratic Party and Wall Street.
Yet Obama is positioning himself as Wall Street’s foe in the 2012 election [AND POSITIONED HIMSELF as Wall Street's FOE in 2008]  aided by millions of dollars in political donations from Wall Street companies, including Goldman Sachs.
Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley, and now Jacob Lew, are all career Democrats who have taken lucrative trips through those revolving doors, eliciting jeers from Republicans who say Obama is running an administration of crony capitalists.  (cont'd)


Jack Lew: Obama's OMB Pick Oversaw Citigroup Unit That SHORTED Housing [Mortgage]  Market
by Shahien Nasiripour,, July 14, 2010 

President Barack Obama's choice to lead the White House budget office oversaw a Citigroup unit that profited off the housing collapse and financial crisis by investing in a hedge fund king who correctly predicted the eventual subprime meltdown and now finds himself involved in the center of the U.S. government's fraud case against Goldman Sachs.
 [note: Citi-bank group WROTE - or purchased as "bundled securities" - many of those awful, atrocious "sub-prime" mortgages deals (into the billions of dollars)  that executives KNEW WOULD FAIL, but because of the "bundling" nature of the 'DEREGULATED' securities markets, executives and their financial companies reaped huge commissions and 'bonus' rewards, for writing LOANS that THEY KNEW WOULD FAIL, but would first sell off as "AAA rated securities" to unsuspecting 'investors' in America and abroad.  = PURE FRAUD.]
Jacob Lew, named Tuesday [July 2010]  as Obama's nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget to replace departing OMB chief Peter Orszag, served as chief operating officer of Citigroup Alternative Investments in 2008. He has served as a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since the administration came into office.  (cont'd)

Obama's new chief of staff is 'expert' on EXECUTIVE POWERS Jan. 14, 2012
WASHINGTON — With the appointment of Jacob Lew as his new chief of staff, President Barack Obama chose a Washington veteran who is well-liked on Capitol Hill, but — just as important for dealing with hostile Republicans in an election year — is also an expert on the executive powers Obama can use to advance his agenda without lawmakers’ cooperation.
Lew, who replaces William M. Daley, steps into the role after a year of fierce partisan battles that saw Obama’s policy goals largely stalled in Congress. More and more, the president relied on executive orders to enact small pieces of his economic, education and housing proposals.
Budget background
Lew is skilled in such practices. For two different presidents, Bill Clinton and Obama, he has headed the Office of Management and Budget, whose mission includes putting in place rules and regulations that don’t require congressional approval.
As Obama’s fourth [third] Chief of Staff, he’ll be positioned to carry out the White House’s pivot away from engagement with Congress in favor of unilateral action. The approach jibes with a re-election strategy that includes running against a deeply unpopular Congress.  

new! Jan. 17:  Obama's Chief of Staff Jacob Lew is a UNION BUSTER, with the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION annhilation of the NYU graduate student's union scalp to his 'credit'!

  note:  this is typical of how the treacherous, back-stabbing jewish Neo-Cons operate: PRETEND to be "pro-union" as they infiltrate and take-over the late "Democratic" Party... but as in everything they do, it is all smoke-and-mirrors... it is all BRIBERY &  EXTORTION.   They bribe selected union leaders to go along with their AMERICAN JOBS GUTTING "outsourcing" (entire U.S. industries!) to Asia & China racket... and then EXTORT those unions that don't toe the line, by threatening to ship that particular factory or industry overseas, if union leaders don't grovel and accept the extortion & bribery! 
   In this way, the despicable radical Right-Wing neo-con jews can PRETEND to be "liberal," progressive, and "Democratic" - because, through bribery & extortion - they now control all the offices and power in the "Democratic" (as well as Republican) parties!   

Obama’s new chief of staff Jack Lew a ‘union-buster’

By Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller – Thu, Jan 12, 2012

Lew also worked for the [Clinton and]  Obama administration in various roles and became Obama’s OMB director, before the president named him as the replacement for Bill Daley as White House chief of staff.
Between Lew’s service in the Clinton and Obama administrations, he was executive vice president for operations at New York University, where he was also a professor.
In 2004 Lew informed NYU’s full-time faculty that they were expected to continue working even though adjunct faculty members were planning a strike. The next year, while NYU’s graduate student union was planning a strike, Lew informed the campus he would have nothing of it.
NYU had previously officially recognized the graduate student labor union — a local chapter of the United Auto Workers. But, as Americans for Limited Government Communications Director Rick Manning points out in a column for The Hill, NYU decided to stop recognizing the union after the National Labor Relations Board issued a decision saying it no longer had to.
Then, the union went on strike. “For months, the campus witnessed loud demonstrations as graduate students went on strike,” Manning wrote. “Demonstrators held up ‘wanted’ posters of Lew and set up a large inflatable rat near Lew’s office. Various union bosses traveled to the campus, and even Jesse Jackson visited to participate in the protests.”
Lew fought against them all, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson demanded that Lew and NYU recognize the union. “NYU must recognize the union, recognize the UAW, but most of all they must recognize the work you do,” Jackson said at rally in favor in the union, according to NYU’s student newspaper. “NYU must not go backward.”
Manning said the NYU administration, under Lew’s leadership, then slowly “broke the strike by unilaterally setting terms of employment for graduate students, refusing to negotiate with the union and raising the stakes for strikers.”
“At the last minute, the university offered the union an all-or-nothing deal to allow it to negotiate on stipends and benefits, but nothing else,” Manning added. “The union rejected the offer as insulting. Shortly thereafter, NYU announced that the union representing the NYU Teaching Assistants would no longer be recognized.”
Manning said that means Lew is “officially a union-buster.” 

  Stalin's  Commissar of the kleptocracy, mass-murder destruction of Ukraine's privately-owned-small-farms economy: the very jewish born and raised Commissar Lazar Kaganovich, "Red Wolf of the Kremlin"overseer of the 1932-1933 mass-famine "Holodomor" holocaust over Ukraine (up to 10 million killed) - 


below photo:  jewish commissar appartchik Rahm Emanuel - the very Rubinite (financial "Deregulation" =  Wall St. license to loot, plunder, & swindle) Neo-Con (war lobby) 
Jewish architect of the BIG SWINDLE:  as Obama's first Chief of Staff,  Emanuel set the pattern of turning Obama's "CHANGE!" campaign into a "MORE OF THE SAME - Bernanke, Geithner, deregulation, fraud, and outsourcing jobs & industries,  sabotage of America's economy -
 -  ON "bailouts" STEROIDS,   plus!   'TBTF' "too big too fail" disaster capitalism EXTORTION steroids!"    treacherous sellout presidency...
above - Joshua Bolten - ANOTHER Jewish OMB Director... ANOTHER REVOLVING DOOR
government/Wall Street Golddamn-Sachs appartchik....
another Jewish CHIEF OF STAFF, running the "U.S." White House for George W. Bush...
running the entire U.S. economy into the ditch of "outsourcing," "Deregulation,"  tax-cuts-for-rich in time of war,
 and PRIVATIZATION of public wealth into selected, neo-con financier's private hands...

 Below - Paul Wolfowitz career buddy (which is to say, "career Netanyahu Likudnik operative") and "Washington, D.C. super-lawyer" I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby has quite the Jewish War Lobby resume: 

- his role as lead lobbyist for the (billionaire jew)  MARC RICH PARDON helped make departing President Clinton (and, thereby, all Democrats) look like corrupt, bribe-taking chumps in 2000... a high placed Bush-Cheney Republican he was at the center of Stolen Election 2000; Vice President Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF he was ABSOLUTELY "IN THE LOOP" that AL QAEDA TERRORISTS were in ADVANCED STAGES of PLOTTING ATTACKS ON AMERICANS, IN America, that long summer of 2001
(but, needless to say, Cheney & Libby DID NOTHING to PROTECT AMERCAN LIVES from a WELL KNOWN terror threat that had White House "Counter-Terror Czar" Richard Clarke running around the White House with his "hair on fire" because Cheney & Libby  KEPT OBSTRUCTING Clarke's efforts to do something to prevent the well-known terror plot...) a Likud Jewish War Lobby operative at the very Apex of American power at the presidency, Libby was of course at the center of the LIES-to-WAR of the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraqand,

  ...when Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson publicly rebuked the Bush administration that the CIA and Bush White House knew that the African nation of  Niger had NOT been exporting "yellowcake" uranium ore to Iraq (one of the many lies-to-war the Bush-Cheney-Libby-Wolfowitz White House fabricated to bring about American support for the war),
  Libby was at the center of the TREASONOUS  scandal, the INTENTIONAL 'outing' of ENTIRE CIA undercover operations, to to discredit Ambassador Wilson by exposing his wife as a CIA spy, and insinuating that Wilson was betraying secret CIA information given to him by his wife.  

  (note the very pro-Jewish wikipedia's  DOWNPLAYING of the TREASON behind the "CIA OUTING SCANDAL" as no more than "the Plame Affair" in their article on the subject -  the title makes it look as if the victim were the protagonist of the scandal, not the evil cabal of traitors around Vice President Cheney... including his Chief of Staff,  Lewis 'Scooter' Libby...) 

 (oh - PROOF that  "the Plame Affair" was far more of a SCANDAL than the pro-jewish Wikipedia headline implies??? - How about Mr. Libby's CONVICTIONS on PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE charges, in a federal court sympathetic to Libby as the "fall guy" for the president's and vice-president's lies-to-wars and SABOTAGE 'outing' of entire CIA undercover operations, to discredit a political opponent!!)  

   Those JEWISH WAR LOBBY appartchiks really know how to be contemptuous of American laws - they can get away with what, for ordinary citizens would be implications or convictions of TREASON!  

   below photo:  if anyone in America was aware of the al Qaeda terrorists' on-rushing 9-11 hijacking plots in the long summer of 2001 after the "stolen election" of 2000, it was certainly Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff,  I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby - who, along with his career Neo-Con bureaucrat pal Paul Wolfowitz, were both 'tied in' to the top, highest levels of the Israel/Mossad high command....

below photo:  back-to-back JEWISH White House Chiefs of Staff !! 
Josh Bolten for Bush-II, Rahm Emanuel for Obama in Jan. 2009. 

Americans, you may be allowed to vote for "Change" - but you're going to get MORE JEWISH WAR LOBBY and more WALL St. FINANCIAL SWINDLERS !!! 

If Joshua Bolten's job starting April 2006 as President Bush's White House Chief of Staff was to CLEAN UP, COVER-UP, and HIDE the mess that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, 'Scooter' Libby, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith, and all the other Neo-Con appartchiks had made of the U.S. presidency between Jan. 2001 and Jan. 2009 (including the 9-11 Dereliction-of-Duty... or was it treason? and the PURGE-GATE abuse of powers to harrass sitting Democratic elected officials running for reelection),

 ....then Obama's very Jewish first Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was the man designated (by the Jewish War Lobby) to bury all those crimes and horrors.
(Including the stories of an alleged live feed of torture sessions, from Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram AFB, and other g.w.o.t. torture gulags, into a White House basement dungeon situation room, where Cheney or Bush could watch them live - in progress!)
back-to-back JEWISH Chiefs of Staff DOMINATE the "U.S." White House -
whether Bush-II's Joshua Bolten (right) or 'Democrat' Obama's Rahm Emanuel (left) 
  BONUS!  For all those Liar Limbaugh Ditto-heads who believe that George W. Bush was running an "American" "moral values" presidency - guess who was  Bush's Deputy CHIEF OF STAFF for White House POLICY ?
Joel Kaplan... another Jewish war lobby appartchik!   George W. Bush, Dick Cheney,  Rush Limbaugh (and all the other Right-Wing radio talk-show hosts) all take their marching orders from a foreign power - the despicable, racist, warmongering, extorionist, economies-wrecking, israel based jewish war lobby...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jews, using hired proxy terrorists, Assassinate another Iranian scientist. According to the bible, the Jews claim the 'right' to ASSASSINATE ANYONE, anytime, ANYWHERE, that they want to - including the "prophet" Moses EXTERMINATING the Midianites... the tribe of his WIFE, and the treacherous Jews' faithful allies from Egypt to Canaan...

A Jewish war state backed Terrorist group, MEK,  is Responsible For the murder - Assassination by bombing - of another Iranian Nuclear Scientist

 bonus: Jewish approved U.S. Catholic fundamentalist Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum advocates genocide against Muslims - InfoWars

The bottom line in the Jewish run U.S. "war on terror" ('gwot' = global war on terror) is that the warmongering, globally genocidal Jews have a 'right' to FUND and ally with ANY TERRORIST GROUP THEY WANT TO - but if an innocent civilian so much as writes a donation check to a Muslim medical charity, they are tarred and feathered for life as a "terrorist sympathiser."  
  Terrorist roups that the Neo-Cons - the  Jewish power-lobby
 (including the self-professed "national security 'experts'" -  who DID NOT DO ONE THING to obstruct the well known al Qaeda terror plots to attack the United States in the summer of 2001 - in close coordination with both the Wall Street & City of London financial swindlers cabal, and in close coordination with the most extreme of the Jewish supremacist orthodox/chabad groups in israel and America) 
have allied themselves with, or funded, or arranged to have the United States government fund, include the Afghan "Mujahadeen freedom fighters" and their al Qaeda allies fighting against the Russian army in the 1980s;  include funding Saddam's Sunni Baath Party during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war - including Saddam's well known "Anfal" ethnic cleansing campaigns against Kurds and rebel Shiite groups before, during, and after that war (and again, after Saddam's army was expelled from Kuwait in 1991); includes the Kurdish MEK operating in Iraq, Iran, and probably Turkey; and of course includes the Shiite fundamentalist mercenaries - better known to Americans as "al Qaeda" - that America, Britain, France, Italy, and the jewish war state supported with bombings and financial support in the recent attack, proxy invasion and murder (assassination) of Mumar Qadafi in Libya. 

  THE JEWS claim they have a "RIGHT" to FUND ANY DAMN TERRORISTS, assassins, drug-dealers,  human trafickers, warlords, and torture/death-squad gulags they want - as they have been doing for 3,500+ years, as their blood-drenched bible repeatedly brags about.  
US-Backed Terror Group Responsible For Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist
Support for terrorist organization part of covert war to topple Iranian regime
by Paul Joseph Watson,
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The US-backed terrorist group Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), in association with [the jewish] Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, was responsible for today’s car bomb attack in Tehran which killed Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, according to Israeli sources close to Jewish writer Richard Silverstein.
The scientist, a specialist working at the country’s Natanz’s uranium enrichment facility, was killed after a magnetic bomb was attached to the side of his car by two men on a motorcycle.
“My own confidential Israeli source confirms today’s murder was the work of the Mossad and MEK, as have been a number of previous operations I’ve reported here,” reports Silverstein.  (cont'd)

  bonus:  The Jewish War lobby, which runs the meyer/graham Washington Post, the Sulzberger New York Slimes,  the cnn/Time/Warner bros. Hollywood warmongering media propaganda empire (and most other American press and "major media" outlets) IS TOLERATING and SUPPORTING  Catholic Republican candidate Rick Santorum's blatantly hate-mongering,  Christian supremacist campaign,  the Christian-Zionist  votes that Santorum is seeking to capture in the Republican primary are the ultimate extension of the "war on terror" - Christian-Zionists actually looks forward to ARMAGEDDON as a necessary prerequisite for the progress of humanity - rivers and oceans of blood, and millions of dead, burnt, stinking human bodies a price the Christian-Zionist will happily make others pay,  to, ostensibly, 'win' god's favor in "the judgement" that preceeds "the rapture."
 (see Lind's discussion of "premillennialism" vs  "post-millennialism" here.)

   We will address the jews' blatantly Nazi-esque, genocidal alliance with this toxic brew of Christian hyper-nationalist (warmongering) fundamentalists - in short, a repeat of the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers' alliance with the Southern slave states and wealthy, genocidal, anti-America slave owners  during the Civil War - in a future post, but for now,  we leave this important marker:  The Jews have allied themselves with the radical right-wing, Christian supremacist (both Catholic and WASP) hyper-nationalistic whites in America - even as treacherous Jewish politicians (notably the 'Democratic' Senators) PRETEND that they are "liberal" and devoted to "big tent" 'multi-cultural' democracy and human rights. 
   note:  "Christian radical hyper-nationalist/racists-supremacists" is a pretty good description of the GERMAN NAZIS before and leading up to WWII...the despicable Jews, in making Muslims the "enemy du jour,"  have practically whitewashed the German/Croat/Polish (et al)  CHRISTIAN "holocaust" GENOCIDE of the jews right out of the 'news' and public consciousness of late!!
Sinnce at least 2006, Christian Zionists have lobbied for an attack on Iran. The neocons who attached themselves to the Bush administration and ensconced  [INFESTED!] themselves in the Pentagon were joined by the Christian Zionists in the effort to invade Iraq.

 Rick Santorum, more than any other GOP candidate, has exploited the fervent antipathy of the Christian Zionists toward Islam. (cont'd)  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Jewish WAR ON AMERICA has METASTASIZED - AHEAD of their lusted-for war vs Iran - DHS machine-gun armed Brown-Shirt goons TERRORIZE Social Security retirees in Florida!

The METASTASIZING  American GESTAPO extortion & murder POLICE STATE:
 no Jewish politicians - or any "American" politicians, for that matter -
(they are all under the thumb of the AIPAC/likud/Netanyahu Jewish supremacist war lobby)
 speak out against  DHS machine-gun armed Brown-Shirt goons who now TERRORIZE American commuters &  Social Security recipient seniors!  

  As one reader expressed in a comment  -  -  Americans can now be ARRESTED and IMPRISONED "indefinitely" - without trial, or so much as a phone-call to family  - JUST LIKE in NORTH KOREA !! 
thanks to the TREASONOUS  JEWISH WAR LOBBY which pushed the U.S. Con-gress to pass (and puppet president Obama to sign)  the atrocious,  Gestapo police state 2011 NDAA bill
American TERRORISTS! - WHO, exactly are the DHS machine-gun armed goons "protecting"??  NOT Social Security recipients - the Social Security Trust Fund is being LOOTED by GS/jpm Wall Street swindlers and the Bernanke "Judenfetzen" so-called 'Federal' Reserve as we speak!
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint at Social Security Office!!
Residents of Leesburg, Florida were shocked to see their local Social Security office turned into a random Homeland Security checkpoint Tuesday morning, as DHS officers armed with semiautomatic rifles  [machine guns!] and accompanied by sniffer dogs [just like in German WWII SS concentration camps]  checked identifications of locals. “With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle [machine gun], randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reports the Daily Commercial.
The activity was part of Operation Shield, an unannounced drill conducted by the DHS’ Federal Protective Service centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” 
  [ = Brown Shirt bully-boy thugs, PREPARING to HAUL AMERICANS OFF by the thousands to FEMA concentration camps, after the "judenfetzen" Bernanke U.S. dollar IMPLODES, and gas prices skyrocket with the looming war vs Iran - wiping out the remaining savings, jobs, and income of those millions of Americans not already laid off, pink-slipped, disabled, disenfranchised and out of work.] 
 Thomas Milligan, district manager for the Social Security Administration office, said staff were not informed their offices were about to be stormed by armed FPS officers. DHS officials refused to answer questions asked by local media and left with no explanation at noon.  (cont'd)
In our previous post we concluded that the Jewish war lobby is now treating Americans... the same way the bible BRAGS that Jews treated Egyptians in the real story of "Exodus,"    on their way to killing Egyptian babies, plundering Egyptians out of their gold, silver, and fine clothing, and leaving the Egyptians defenseless, with their army drowned in the Red Sea...
WELL,  THIS IS  WHAT YOU GET,  "White" America - for allowing Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby, then   incompetent jewish lawyer/appartchik FEMA DIRECTOR MICHAEL 'heckuva job, Brownie" Brown,  and all the other Neo-Con appartchiks in the Bush-Cheney presidency to treat New Orleans' Black, Katrina flood survivors as dangerous criminals...
 ...the criminal, treasonous, terrorist Jewish War Lobby is now unleashing those same  black-uniformed  DHS machine-gun armed goons (and "Blackwater" PRIVATE machine-gun armed MERCENARIES lurking somewhere close by in the background)    on POLITE ("white!") SOCIETY - ANYWHERE, and ANYTIME  THEY CHOOSE !! 


   FOR FIVE+ DECADES after WWII,  America's Jews LECTURED their fellow Americans about how "good Germans" did little to prevent the slippery slope to a NAZI, GESTAPO, warmongering  police-state terror-based DICTATORSHIP....

   today in America, this first month of 2012, not only are America's Jews SILENT about this LOOMING OPPRESSION and state/govt TERRORIZING of American citizens....

  ...but it is they who are DRIVING the DHS/fema/Blackwater machine-gun armed Brown-Shirt bus,
 treating us Americans the way Netanyahu, his murderous Likud party, the jewish army,  and all the AMERICAN taxpayer SUBSIDIZED JEWS in israel treat Palestinians

 (or the way U.S. military forces, under the instigation of the PNAC Neo-Con jewish led wars,  treated Iraqis or Afgahns in those occupied countries.)

 below, Adrian Kreig spells out the LOOMING AMERICAN  TERRORISM BASED Gestapo police-state DICTATORSHIP -

  He does not mention Jews, AIPAC, or the Jewish War Lobby anywhere in his piece: however, DO NOT take OUR word for it !!!
 - FIND a JEWISH politician, official, senator, congressman, editor, publisher, or writter, and ask WHAT HE or she  PROPOSES to do to RESTRAIN this on-rushing NEO-CON DICTATORSHIP  in America   

(that is DICTATED OUT OF TEL AVIV by the jewish supremacist traitor crazies, who think they have a bible-based OBLIGATION to KILL Persian/Iranian/Babylonian babies - or EXTERMINATE ANY OTHER hapless tribe in their way) -

   Emerging Totalitarianism IN AMERICA -
by Adrian Krieg,  TheDaily Bell
January 11, 2012
Being over 70 years old and having lived through WWII in Europe and lived in Mexico, I have an excellent understanding of what dictatorships are and how they function. The fact that America is rapidly heading into a despotic state is obvious to anyone of my age. Furthermore, every branch of our government is involved. The Supreme Court recently ruled that assistance to terrorism does not necessitate an overt act; all that is required is providing assistance and/or encouragement to the act. That in effect means anything, for instance, calling the executive a fool, writing a pro-Palestinian article, objecting to Israeli Middle East policies, holocaust denial – anything the bureaucracy disapproves of becomes a violation of this law.

Under the newly enacted – sponsored by McCain (R-AZ) with approval of 93 (STUPID) Senators – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) the president was granted the right to arrest and detain any American citizens any place in the world without a charge, indefinitely, without right to council, without a warrant, and to torture any such American, merely on his say-so or by indictment of a secret court whose members are anonymous. This totally obliterates the habeas corpus provisions of the Constitution. Furthermore, this law eradicates the Posse Comitatus Act [18 U.S.C. 1385] of June 18, 1887 that prevented the government from employing American military against American civilians.  (cont'd) 

 For an excellent takedown on how the JEWISH TRAITORS at the WASHINGTON POST  proscribe genocidal "AUSTERITY" and "controls" and other ELITE FABRICATED WORDS  to cover-up DICTATORSHIP PLUNDER and SEIZURE of ALL wealth in a targeted country - today in Greece and Italy - but COMING SOON TO AMERICA (as if "bailouts" are not already doing so!)  - see here

    The treasonous pigs  at the Jewish owned Washington Post remark on the "Free Market Capitalism" DEMOLITION of the Greek economy as - well, as something the Greeks brought on themselves.

     WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, you traitor pigs at the Post, to "the superiority" of "free market capitalism" IF IT IS DRIVING an ENTIRE NATION to economic - and actual - SUICIDE ??!!!

 This is THE SAME  TREASONOUS  jewish (meyer/graham owned) Washington Post - purchased by DISGRACED FORMER FED CHAIRMAN Eugene Meyer, who was hounded from the Fed for PRESIDING OVER THE GREAT DEPRESSION 1930-1933 - that REFUSES to report to AMERICAN citizens, HOW MANY _trillions_ of dollars BEN BERNANKE HAS PRINTED in the past 5 years - DEBASING, DEVALUING, diminishing the savings of every American pension fund, retirement account, and family savings account - DEFRAUDING millions of Americans OUT OF THEIR WEALTH - just as the EVIL BANKERS have ALREADY DONE to Greece - and just as the Eugene Meyer Fed got President Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary, the very jewish HENRY MORGANTHAU - to OUTLAW AMERICANS OWNING GOLD, so the PRIVATE bankers behind the Fed could STEAL AMERICAN WEALTH that American savers had stored in their gold coins and bullions -  those investors' attempts to ward off the deflation and stock-market crash that had been ENGINEERED BY the TREASONOUS FED all through the post-WWI 1920s and 1930s in the first place!!!! 
The [meyer/graham JEWISH OWNED] Washington Post
ADMITS that 'Austerity' is  'KILLING' Greece
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 – by Staff Report

  Daily Bell Free-Market Analysis: The almost genocidal nature of modern "austerity" as interpreted by the current crop of European one-world technocrats has come in for some mild criticism in the pages of the Washington Post.

 Surprise! It must be really bad in Greece for this august, mainstream mouthpiece to publish such an article. Look on it as a limited hangout of sorts. With the Greek economy continuing to collapse as suicides pile up, a responsible mainstream paper must provide some sort of realistic reporting. And so it does. 
For some reason, the powers-that-be are determined to grind Greece into the ground. When they are done nothing will be left but a spot. This is the way of the IMF, of course, as amply documented by such by books as Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
First, the World Bank lends to a country's leaders – the more corrupt the better, which is why much of this takes place in the so-called developing world. Then the leaders abscond with the loot, leaving behind huge "public" debts.
 Western banks, which have also lent to "build up the country's infrastructure," cry out that they have taken humanitarian risks and now will go bust if they are not paid back, jeopardizing the entire Western financial system. Sound familiar? The IMF is called in to make an emergency bailout.
The IMF is a stern taskmaster. It will demand that taxes go UP and that government spending go DOWN.
[  note: THIS IS GOVERNMENT, police/army/machine-gun backed EXTORTION from the working-stiff public, by the evil, ruling elites to satisfy "DEBT" - 'money' - that THEY CREATED out of THIN AIR! ]
Then it will demand that various government assets be sold off to raise funds. The assets, of course, are bought by select Western corporations at pennies on the dollar. People starve; the Anglosphere gains additional control.
For control is what is sought. That's the reason to grind people into the dust of mercantilist bankruptcy.
The power elite that wants to run the world    [note: = THE jewish NEO-CONS & israel Likudniks + chabad and AIPAC, etc.! ]
cares not at all for the welfare of the people whose country [they are] supposedly rescuing.
And so it is with Greece.
As we have pointed out numerous times, the top men in Greece (and Ireland and Eastern Europe) were virtually bribed to bring their countries into the EU. This was done via a clever mechanism in which the Brussels bureaucrats determined the amount of funding that a given country needed to bring its economy in line with stronger economies such as Germany's.    (cont'd)   
     = SOCIALISM for those hyper-wealthy BEHIND the 'money losing' - DEFRAUDING! - banks -  AS they INTENTIONALLY DESTROY the economies of their host nations (in order to magnify their already dominate wealth & power).

 In this brief discussion we barely mention the ability of the Central Bankers to CREATE BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars of fiat money OUT OF THIN AIR - which they pass back and forth amongst themselves, taking  "FEES" and "profits" every step of the way - before sticking THEIR FRAUD PAPER on hapless citizens of the world as "government DEBT" that must be "paid back" by EXTORTING TAXPAYERS -
   this is old-fashioned loot, plunder, pillage, rape, and murder by sword  EXTORTION!
 -  of which IMF "austerity" is merely a modern, 'financial' form of good old fashioned "ethnic cleansing" medieval style plunder &  genocide to steal a neighboring tribes wealth, land, and enslave their people....

  Until the American people realize the predatory, fraudulent, criminal, treasonous, INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE,   GENOCIDAL  nature of the big banks, and the 'regulators' politicians, press/media, and officials they have bought and owned - then "polite" white American society, will continue to see how it feels, to be a half-drowned, disenfranchised, minority New Orleans flood survivor with Blackwater & FEMA/dhs black uniformed, machine-gun armed gunmen stomping all around...