Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Using a Puppet New York judge, American Jews engage in what can only be described as a NAZI-esque HATEMONGERING campaign... to BLAME IRAN, for the fact that Wolfowitz, Cheney, Libby, and other Neo-Con appartchiks ALLOWED the 9-11 attacks to go down, killing 3,000 Americans (without ONE federal govt. effort to impede or stop that well known terror threat). Under the Treasonous Neo-Cons, America's "Criminal Justice" system is now modelled on Himmler's Concentration & Death Camps...

A pair of articles in today's news illustrates the ABJECT INSANITY of America under Neo-Con - right-wing Jewish supremacist - occupation & control. 
  In one RT interview,  both Iran's foreign ministry (from Iran), and National Iranian American Counsel spokesman Jamal Abdi speaking in Washington D.C.,  reject the findings of  U.S. judge George Daniels in Manhatten that IRAN was an aware, and/or a complicit partner, with Al Qaeda terrorist plotters planning the 9-11 attacks.  

    As Mr. Abdi states, "it is really scary" that "ten years after IRAQ was FINGERED for those [9-11] attacks, and THEN INVADED by the United States, that we're NOW HEARING THE SAME type of RHETORIC about IRAN" - based largely on allegations that some of the hijackers may have had travel "facilitated" through Iran before 9-11. 

    But there is SOMETHING FUNNY you hear in America's TREASONOUS JEWISH VOICES - at the Meyer-Graham Washington Post, at the Sulzberger New York Times, at the cnn/Time/Warner Bros. (ne Jewish Wonskolaser brothers from Poland), at other Jewish owned newspapers, community papers, and media outlets - YOU WON'T HEAR ANY CRITICISM of SAUDI ARABIA's ruthless, dictator, ruthless autocrat monarchy of late,  BECAUSE the Jews (neo-cons) PREFER DEALING WITH DICTATORS in ALL things (including European 'leaders' today - who are, more and more, UNELECTED Goldddamn-Sachs BANKER APPARTCHIKS, or "technocrats" as the jewish dominated neo-con press calls them) - and the SAUDIES, KUWAITIS, BAHRAIN, and other Gulf oil state SUNNI DICTATORS, are THE BEDROCK of Neo-Con foreign policy, and AMERICA's OIL POLICY, in the Mideast today!! 

   It is a subtlety perceived and understood by only a few of the most aware (and un-blinkered) political observers in America, including former Reagan administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: it is the jewish war state (israel) and American jews (Neo-Cons) who are pulling the strings [control!]  the Gulf State Sunni Arab dictators (who depend on American money, military muscle, and firepower to keep them on their fragile, precarious, tempting thrones) - even though, on the surface, the Jews and these royal, fundamentalist, reactionary Islamic dictators seem to hate each other! 
  So while American & israelie jews are TRYING TO WHIP UP A NEW WAR AGAINST IRAN, for now they find it politic NOT to mention that the SAUDIS, KUWAITIS,  BAHRAIN royals, and other Gulf State Sunni regimes, ARE EVEN MORE DICTATORIAL & REPRESSIVE, than Iran's Shiite fundamentalist regime. 

Saudi Highschool Textbook: Jews Need to Be Exterminated and Homosexuals Should Be ‘Put to Death’

Mac Slavo,  SHTF Plan
December 27, 2011
While Muslims the world over may argue that Islam is a religion of peace, one simply can’t ignore that teachings of mid-east leaders, whether in mosques or schools, tend to shy away from the idea of co-existence and the right of an individual to live as they choose.
Barbaric textbooks handed out in Saudi Arabian schools teach children how to cut off a thief’s hands and feet under Sharia law, it has emerged.

  The REAL tragedy about all this, is that The KORAN is MILD in its depictions of BARBARIC 'justice' - compared to the JEWISH BIBLE,  which repeatedly, time after time, CALLS FOR the WHOLESALE GENOCIDE of peoples - and particularily, INSTRUCTS jewish warriors to KILL defenseless women, children, and the aged - time and time and time again! 

 Islamic "fatwahs"  (death sentences proclaimed in public or in text against enemies of the theocratic regime) have NOTHING on JEWISH "fatwahs" as recorded in the bible - in one instance, MOSES (apparently relaying a message from the divine mass-murderer himself) issues a MASS-MURDEROUS  Fatwah AGAINST HIS OWN in-laws - the MIDIANITE tribe of his wife, Zipporah - ordering that EVERY SINGLE MIDIANITE man, woman, and child be murdered - save for the virgins girls, who will become SEX-SLAVES for Moses' mass-murdering jewish warriors!!! 
  and in another instance, Moses orders the cowardly, duplicitous, and bloodsoaked Aaron ["Weak-willed, traitorous Aaron, who learned nothing from his golden-calf disloyalty"]
to MURDER the very people (his own fellow jews, followers, and fellow tribal members) who [Exodus Ch. 32]  Aaron had LED in the procession dancing around the golden calf! 
  (for a textbook judeo/christian DEFENSE of this treacherous bible mass-murder atrocity, Moses' jews KILLING their (former) allies,  see here - http://christianthinktank.com/midian.html ,  and see also Jewish writer David Plotz's casual dismissing of the lives of the Midianites - who had been there every torturous step of the way alongside their ungrateful Jewish allies - from before the Exodus to the very eve of entry into the 'promised land' - as so much chopped liver, here.)

  See also the so-called "bible hero" Samson CASUALLY KILLING some 2 dozen+ men, merely to make good on a horrific bet he made with his wife's kinsmen - here, the bible positively wallows in random mass-murder, in the same manner that a serial killer would - or another "bible hero," Gideon, casually killing people as AN AFFIRMATION the he was an instrument of "god's power," or another case of insane bible "fatwah" mass-murder & massacre ordained by 'religious' leaders, the massacre of all men and non-virgin women, and sexual enslavement of virgin women, at Jabesh-Gilead.

And of course, we haven't even mentioned the kingdoms of Jeicho, Ai, and dozens of other hapless Caananite towns, villages, and cities, BUTCHERED by the blood drenched jews. 

   To sum up, it may be difficult to examine the psychological profile of many leaders, tyrants, and genocidal mass-murderers shrouded in the fog of distant history  - be we have no such difficulty examining the psychological profile of war-lusting Jews:  it is all right there in the bible,  TIME and TIME and TIME again, jewish "heroes" are DEFINED by their ability to PERPETRATE MASSACRES - and unlike other tribes, peoples, war cults, and empires which relegate the dirty business of the massacre of women and children to off-the-pages history (or, in Homer's telling of the sack of Troy, to the rape, pillage,  & plunder lust of battle), the JEWISH BIBLE repeatedly  DELIGHTS in the BLOOD spilled by Jewish men MASSACRING  defenseless women, children, and infants. 
  In the case of Jewish war lust vs Iran today, there can be no doubt that, in the summer of 2001, Iran's Shiite ayatollah regime, was at odds with the SUNNI, ARAB TERRORISTS in Afghanistan, with Al Qaeda acting as storm troopers for the Taliban against Shiite allies. 

  That won't for a moment stop America's (and israel's) Nazi-esque, warmongering jews from BLAMING IRAN, for  THEIR Mossad appartchiks PERPETRATING TREASON, and LETTING the 9-11 hijackings go down WITHOUT ANY U.S. government (or Mossad) interference.