Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update on Mary Schapiro & Gary Gensler's ECONOMIC SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION at the SEC & CFTC: Was Jon Corzine SET UP at MF Global, to INTENTIONALLY BANKRUPT it... to avoid a DEFAULT on JP Morgan's Silver 'short' contracts?

In a recent post we outlined how 'former' Goddamn-Sachs made-man (full partner) Gary Gensler and his nominal boss, Mary Schapiro at the SEC, are running CRIMINAL PROTECTION RACKETS at the U.S. government SEC and CFTC  in order to prop up the mega-banks, including Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan, which have devolved in to criminal extortion rackets.  
     Below, Two articles which discuss the possibility that MF Global went bankrupt INTENTIONALLY,  to cover-up the necessary ROBBING of customer accounts, so JP Morgan would not have to deliver on silver and precious metals contracts - which would have bankrupted JPM, which (along with GS)  is essentially the United States government today. 

Jewish swindlers... & big govt. commissar extortion appartchiks Schapiro (l) and Gensler (r).
While the jewish owned NY (Times) & DC (WashPost) media/press had license to call President Clinton
every awful name under the sun in the 1990s, the evil Neo-Cons would love to CRIMINALIZE our comments here exposing these economy wrecking traitors
 as "low-grade terrorism" (i.e. "unlawful dissent").
     Actually, saying that the mega-bankers have devolved  in to criminal extortion rackets  is not precisely correct: the mega-banks, based on the Rothschilds 19th century global debt & monopoly money-printing,  bribery, extortion, and imperial warmongering resource-extraction cartel model - in close alliance with those autocratic elite families of Europe such as the Hapsburgs, British royals, and other ruling families (whose power-bases had in turn been based on centuries of murderous feudalism and its successor, autocrat nationalism... in England, at least, masquerading as democratic parliamentarian limited monarchy) - are simply reverting to old form, as the Rothschilds and Anglo/British elites sponsored their fellow autocrats in Europe SUPPRESSING the popular, democratic revolutions in Austria, Italy, Hungary, and throughout Europe in 1848 - "the streets of Vienna ran red with blood" of murdered protesters trying to overthrow kings and emperors and bring American and French style popular government to those countries.  

  Well, now we have a new angle on Jon Corzine's blatant theft of customer cash and options contracts at MF Global during the bankruptcy on Halloween day this past Oct. 31st:  

    Corzine may have been installed at MF Global, on purpose, to (rob and thereby)
bankrupt  investors who were buying gold futures contracts, and demanding payment on their contracts in gold and silver... precious metals that have been artificially held down in prices by wholesale market rigging by JP Morgan (Bear Stearns), HSBC, and other mega-banks, the delivery of those contracts would have BANKRUPTED JP MORGAN. 

  In short, Schapiro and Gensler have been caught, yet again, as they have relentlessly and repeatedly over the past 3 years,  WHITEWASHING CRIMES to PROP UP the evil twin black-holes of the American economy,  GODDAMN-SACHS and JP Morgan,
 both of which are arguably Rothschilds front bank/holding companies in the (late) United States, and both of which are certainly dominated by the Jewish banking axis based in New York, London, and Tel Aviv.   
Exclusive Interview – Jim Willie: “The Public Will Not Wake Up Until At Least One Million Private Accounts Are Stolen”  [with Mary Schapiro's god-awful complicity]
By Tekoa Da Silva
December 5, 2011

As we began discussing the MF Global collapse, Jim articulated his belief in a financial slight-of hand originating from “notice to deliver” requests for gold and silver submitted through MF before the collapse, which had the potential to cause a Comex delivery default. “Comex was ready to default on gold and silver in November, and rather than honor the notices for delivery, JP Morgan stole the funds in the accounts that were calling for delivery…notices for delivery were replaced by stolen accounts.” The evidence of this according to Jim is that, “JPM increased the amount of silver in their registered vaults by precisely the amount that was suppose to be delivered…JPM effectively averted both a Comex default and a European Sovereign Debt implosion.”

Before closing Jim provided a stark warning, saying, “Several million private accounts may vanish–Brokerage accounts, Pension funds, Mutual funds, they’re all at risk. We are getting into the middle stages of implosion, where I believe the public will not wake up until at least one million private accounts are stolen, and completely vanish.“ (cont'd)
 and see Bob Chapman's comments: 
Survive The Banker Sociopaths
Bob Chapman,   International Forecaster
 November 11, 2011
  ....Then we ask, where was the CFTC? As we have written Mr. Gensler was brought to power at Goldman Sachs by none other than Mr. Corzine. Mr. Gensler is the head of the CFTC. Does that ring any bells? This is the same CFTC that took three years to find out if big banks, such as JPM, HSBB, GS and Citi were rigging the silver market. They come up with nothing and all the evidence was given to them 2 to 3 years ago. We call that criminal and the SEC has done similar things, such as the Madoff affair. We can promise you the CFTC knew exactly what was being done at MF Global and probably covered up for them. We never had much contact with the CFTC but we can speak with authority on the SEC. They almost never go after large firms. They attack small brokers, newsletter writers and firms. Some call these agencies useful idiots – we call them crooks who prey on those who cannot fight back. The agencies are trying to cull small and medium sized firms for years. They want their friends at the biggest firms to have all the business.
It could be Corzine was set up at MF Global to destroy it.  After this really gets underway we wonder which will be the next firm to go bust. Our corporatist fascist government loves monopolies and that is where the stock and commodities brokerage business is headed.  (cont'd)
 These two-bit, economy sabotaging big finance hacks in New York, D.C., City of London (and now Tel Aviv)  just keep repeating their same old frauds - in this case Schapiro, Gensler, the CFTC, SEC, US Treasury Dept. (hired-hand Timmy Geithner), and the NY/Washington media whores are simply duplicating the "BROWN'S BOTTOM" gold fiasco of London in 1999-2002, where then British Chancellor (finance minister) Gordon Brown was forced to sell half of England's gold reserves - at multi-year market bottom prices - in order to stave off the bankruptcy/insolvency of the LBMA  and/or Rothschilds and AIG (and/or LBMA, the London Gold Exchange itself).    (also here, here, here, and here


  SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro: BLIND to what's reported right there in (NY based, jewish owned) BLOOMBERG 'news' !  
Her moto must be, "DEFRAUD ALL YOU WANT, gs & jpm  - we'll look the other way, and go after Miami businessmen who actually have a stadium to show for their deals, or any other 2-bit scapegoat patsy (like martha stewart) we can whip up!"