Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some (Jewish) Traders on Wall Street WANT a WAR and BLOCKADE of Strait of Hormuz, as "only means to save U.S. dollar" - from the American public realizing that they have been DEFRAUDED by Ben Bernanke's "JUDENFETZEN" DEBASING of the U.S. dollar, at Bernanke's wholly, privately owned (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve bank presents this PressTV video interview of Webster Tarpley and other international affairs experts, on the JEWISH WAR STATE (israel's) WAR LUST to launch a NEW war in the Mideast, this time against Iran,   with proxy, TERRORIST attacks in both Iran, and in Syria, funded by 'American' and Israeli jews, and the governments of those countries, already well underway.

 (note: the below PressTV video may be CENSORED by YouTube from embedding, as the United States  & Israel ratchet up their INTERNET CENSORSHIP in prepartion for this latest, dictatorial
war of neo-colonial imperialism and jewish led American war expansion, this time against Iran.
  below screen-shots from above video link)

 note: PressTV is an Iranian news outlet, and therefore critics could say it is a propaganda outlet for the Iranian regime.
    We do not dispute this;  however, the facts stand on their own: Israel's Jewish military bombed and  killed over 1,500 Palestinians in Gaza in the "iterregnum" between the Bush presidency and the incoming Obama presidency at the end of 2008 - Jan. 2009, so the Jews have a lot of nerve pretending to be concerned with "human rights" in Iran (or Syria, Iraq,  Egypt, or anywhere else). 
Indeed,  Jews - politicians, media owners, the hundreds if not thousands of Jewish lobby groups - in America BLATANTLY SUPPORT _TORTURE_ as a tool of U.S. government policy (ostensibly to extract "vital information" from "terrorist suspects" in "the war on terror") - and,  it is well known that youthful, non-violent  drug 'offenders' sentenced to American prisons routinely face rape, terror, beatings, and/or murder while incarcerated in America's jails & prisons....  so America itself is hardly in a position to admonish other countries on "human rights" - if you can be _routinely_ RAPED, BEATEN, and/or KILLED in American prisons!

   This above video (link) presents a wide-ranging discussion that touches on many facets of the US-Israel "alliance" and their on-going (and growing) wars in the Mideast... and [expanding wars] into Central Asia, if not Europe and South America looming in the near term!
   (i.e. Repeats of Saakashvilli's US & Israel supplied Georgian army attacks on Russian troops in South Ossetia in August 2008... or repeats of the U.S. & Israel funded & supplied proxy wars in Central- and South America, "The Iran-Contra Wars," which grew out of Jewish sponsored Republican treason, dealing with Iran's ayatollahs to hold the American embassy hostages past the Nov. 1980 elections, to make President Jimmy Carter look weak and lose that election, and thereby allow Ronald Reagan... and especially Likud ally Texas oil-man & former CIA Director George H.W. Bush (Sr.) to become president & Vice President (respectively) in 1981.  

    Mark Glenn, of the "Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement" in Idaho (USA), explains that Israeli Jews see themselves as not merely the dominant power in the Mideast... but as THE DOMINANT POWER in the ENTIRE WORLD, with the only possible means for Israel to achieve this dominance by "destabilizing" EVERY regime in its path to "Greater Israel."  (about 17 minutes into the video)
 The video starts with video of an ISREALI GENERAL calling for ANOTHER "SWIFT AND PAINFUL WAR on the Gaza strip" and a discussion of the Likud regime's (Netanyahu's) near term war goals in the region.

Reporting from Washington D.C.,  Historian Webster Tarpley explains how WALL STREET TRADERS, are LOOKING FOR a WARTIME BLOCKADE of oil (vital to world markets, and particularly European countries, and Asian countries including China) passing through the Straight of Hormuz,
 as  "THE ONLY MEANS" to "SAVE" the U.S. dollar... which has been DEBASED, relentlessly DEVALUED, by the Jewish owned (so-called) "Federal" Reserve's relentless "JUDENFETZEN" MONEY PRINTING...
...a verbatim repeat of the then privately owned (and British & French dominated)  Reichsbank (state bank) in Germany, following Germany's defeat in WWI,  PRINTING MONEY leading to the HYPER-INFLATION that destroyed the Weimar Republic (and led directly to the rise of Adolf Hitler, and thence WWII.) 

  We hope to come back and discuss the Israel military's lust for "a desire to provoke a response" (from regional Arab states) by creating an "AN ORGY OF KILLING" (as Mr. Tarpley calls it at 14:21) - and that PROVOKING such an Arab response would, for example, give the Jews AN EXCUSE to SEIZE the resource-rich Sinai penninsula from Egypt... again.
....or how WARMONGERING is being considered... for financial motives, AS A DISTRACTION, by London & Washington, from the COLLAPSE of the Euro (15:03) and the resulting financial nightmare that would result in America: 
  Webster Tarpley:
     "the dollar would be sucked into the vortex of the Euro collapse...  There's a group in Wall Street that WANTS the close of the Straights of Hormuz...  that's the only way to save the dollar... if oil is cut off, the price of crude oil might go to $200, $300, $500, no one really knows... that would be THE ONLY way to SAVE THE DOLLAR, in extremis.
By creating a huge artificial demand for dollars, to soak up the dollar overhang, to PREVENT the FLIGHT FROM THE DOLLAR" [as Japan and China have recently disclosed they will no longer use U.S. dollars to trade between themselves] that has been DEBASED by Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and the (so-called) "Federal" Reserve's relentless "quantitative easings," "bailouts" and other excuses for  MONEY PRINTING....
  below screen-shot: Mark Glenn discusses the crux of "The Jewish Wars" - the inate sense of JEWISH SUPREMACY, and JEWISH ENTITLEMENT, that undergirds the entire global assault on the civilized world that are "the Jewish wars,"  with Jews reading the bible as giving them carte blanche - indeed, instruction to - rule the world.


According to the bible gospel of John, the Jewish Pharisees, Sadduces, high priests, and other Jewish authorities were RELENTLESSLY LOOKING for opportunities or means to KILL Jesus, whom they considered a false prophet (which in Judaism is the same as an "idolator" - both deserving of execution according to judaic law).
The word "KILL" in this context (of killing Jesus) occurs 4 times, FOUR TIMES! between John 7:1 and 7:25, with an additional 4 or more times in other terms ("waiting to take his life" 7:1; "tried to seize him" 7:25 & 7:43; "PICKED UP STONES TO STONE HIM" 7:59) between 7:1 and 7:59, alone.
  Some things never change.... Clearly, Jews 2,000 years later,  are still raised in a culture where their leaders are ENTITLED to KILL "troublemakers," both within the Jewish state... and without, in countries near and far.
   Today's American Christian fundamentalists, who see themselves as natural allies of the Jewish state, should try to take their evangelism to Israel,  where they will immediately get a taste of the hatred - from Jewish civilians and Jewish authorities alike - that Jesus faced in opposition to his teachings, but (unlike today's Americans who claim to be disciples of Jesus)  who he refused to be intimidated by, or  bow down to.