Monday, December 19, 2011

Sniffing blood in the air from the looming WAR vs IRAN, and GESTAPO POLICE STATE dictatorship in America that war will bring, the bloodthirsty & treasonous Jewish editors & publishers of the Washington Post like what they smell...

ho hum. 
   Just like that, the American Bill of Rights,  in the form of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibition against unreasonable and random  search & seizure, VANISHES INTO THE NIGHT & FOG of official  "war on terra" Washington D.C. . and the treasonous, anti-American Neo-Con (jewish) editors & publishers of the Washington Post like what they see:

     Americans will soon be treated the way Netanyahu's Jews treat Palestinians - as criminals, as terrorists, as wage slaves... as gulag concentration camp fodder & cannon-fodder... as cattle or swine to be killed, butchered, and sold off as meat (as Palestinian prisoners have reportedly been murdered to have their organs harvested for the illegal transplant trade) (just like Communist China!) ...
  Is that our imagination, or is there a hint of glee in this important story - buried in the cowardly Washington Post's metro traffic section - that RANDOM SEARCH (and seizures) have now come to America's (formerly the "land of the brave and home of the free") capital?
Metro's random bag searches to begin
Metro's announcement Thursday that the transit system will immediately start random inspections of passengers' bags and packages to try to protect from attack doesn't give commuters much time to prepare for the new reality, but it's here. The plan is to pull aside every third person at locations where checks are going on, and they will occur at various spots among the system's 86 rail stations and 12,000 bus stops... (cont'd) 

When Alex Jones' (and warns  "This live Sunday edition serves as a red alert, a warning that America is slipping into a Soviet-style nightmare"  you don't have to look far to find confirmation... it might be slightly buried off the front pages (where it belongs)  of the "We hate and despise Americans as much as we hate and despise Palestinians" meyer/graham Washington Post, but there it cheerfully is in the Metro traffic section:  the Washington Post APPROVES of  RANDOM SEARCHES on America's public buses, rails, and metro subways - as they also approve of KILLING ANOTHER MILLION+ Mideasterners, as soon as they, the despicable blood-thirsty Neo-Con war-mongering traitors,  unleash their long sought war on Iran.