Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rothschilds controlled Bank of England shows Ben Bernanke how its done: PRINT MONEY until you SWINDLE England pensioners out of HALF of their wealth...

"Bank of England’s Quantitative Easing Steals 25% of Pensioner’s Savings in UK"

The U.S. 'Federal' Reserve is neither part of the U.S. government, nor interested in doing what is good for Americans... it is a PRIVATELY OWNED  Central Banking cabal,  with MONOPOLY money PRINTING powers,  installed and maintained through that power to create - issue - money out-of-thin-air... which money the banksters then use to BRIBE every politician on earth, and buy up every newspaper or media organization with any circulation or public reach,  in order to whitewash their ongoing financial crimes.    (Just imagine the mischief your teenagers could do if you gave them a credit card with no limit and no restrictions... but the use of which, every time, would impoverish you and your neighbors!

   The bankster autocrats mask this swindler, extortionate, dictator finance behind a propaganda facade of so-called  "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" - when of course if everything is decided behind closed doors it is hardly "Free;" and "capitalism" means SAVING and STORING wealth... NOT printing 'money' out of thin air, and using it to overrun and extort real wealth that others have already created. 
(Much as William the Conqueror's Norman troops "laid waste" - murdered everyone in sight, pillaged destroyed, depopulated, and extorted the wealth out of  Northern England, "The Wasting of the North" in 1069-1070.)

  Well, here the old masters - and, literally, the inheritors of the Norman's TOP DOWN FEUDAL, autocrat, mass-murderous DICTATORSHIP  legacy - the Rotchilds dominated Bank of England show wet-behind-the-ears, Princeton Ivory Tower Fool and American Traitor Ben Bernake how its done: 
  HERE's how YOU ROB a substantial portion of the population - pensioners, the people, veterans and families who won WWII and the Cold War and over those years amassed savings and pension accounts in the "good old days" when they helped make Britain and America the envy of the world -  are now being DEFRAUDED ON PURPOSE, by the Bank of England PRINTING MONEY,  OSTENSIBLY to "stabilize the financial system" but actually, in good old "DISASTER CAPITALISM" fashion (which is merely a "modern, sophisticated"  whitewash of William the Conqueror's medieval loot, pillage, rape, plunder, murder, and extortion tactics) INTENDED to TRANSFER WEALTH FROM the stupified British retiree sots, and DELIVER IT TO the  hyper-wealthy, of whom the evil, treasonous jewish Rotchilds are the top-of-the-heap.

Bank of England’s Quantitative Easing Steals 25% of Pensioner’s Savings in UK -

 ...from the very jewish dominated Neo-Con hucksters at the Huffington Post - a good old Anglo/WASP name, belonging to  Greek Orthodox gal Arianna Staphinopoulos,
who went to Cambridge U (in England), thence to America where she married a conservative California millionaire Republican Michael Huffington... who she then divorced (earning her millions in the process, and keeping the name) on the way to pretending to become a "liberal" and starting her (so-called) "liberal" on-line magazine... before selling her NY "hipster" to uber- Neo-Con media corporation AOL, where she is now the part-owner of the uber- Neo-Con PRETEND TO BE 'LIBERAL' rag we link to above.

      In short, Arianna is THE PERFECT CHAMELEON FRONT for the Jewish supremacist Neo-Cons... they can point to her and say "MULTICULTURAL! look at the little Greek girl done good!" and pretend they are liberal... even as their real agenda is pure WARMONGER, TREASURY-LOOTING, worker-enslaving, economy trashing Neo-Con... as proved by posting below this screen-shot snapshot of today's headline photo-link that was posted (above the headline we link to in this post) at HuffingtonPost, captured here:

HuffingtonPost's real agenda: PIMPING the Neo-Con, jewish supremacist WARS vs SYRIA & IRAN...
just like blatantly Right-Wing media whores including Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, etc.
 Scratch the HuffPost jews, they are RADICAL RIGHT-WING anti-Americans... just like Netanyahu  & Limbaugh.

HufingtonPost does what NY Neo-Con jewish supremacist media whore traitors do:
PIMP ever MORE WARS in Mideast.

 Hey, HuffingtonPost, you Jewish supremacist whores! WHERE is you SIMILAR CONCERN, for the protesters GUNNED DOWN, MASSACRED, imprisoned, tortured, murdered (and probably raped) by "America's allies" in SAUDI ARABIA or BAHRAIN?? 

  THANKS to HuffingtonPost Neo-Con, "We're so smart" Jews for providing a text-book example of why this blog is necessary:  THEY REPORT that British worker, pensioner, and youth SAVINGS are BEING DESTROYED by 25% (annually?) - but FAIL to NOTICE THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO AMERICANS with BERNAKNE's "Fed" money printing

  ...they FAIL to DEMAND that England CHANGE its public-LOOTING policies,

  ...they FAIL TO DO INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING to keep the larcenous government and treasonous banksters honest...

  ...because they, the NY based HuffingtonPost Neo-Con Jews, ARE PART OF the Neo-Con hijacking of America, they (or their families) PROFIT from Bernanke's "of, by and for banksters" blatantly LARCENOUS, CRIMINAL economic policies, they are JEWISH SUPREMACISTS who DESPISE their fellow Americans, Brits, & Europeans, much less the "brown-skinned" and "yellow-skinned" peoples of the world, much less the rights and democratic, Constitutional government of these late 'United' States of America.