Monday, December 26, 2011

Jews Betray America: Indulging in their 3,500 year hate, fantasy lust to CONQUER Babylon (Persia, today's Iran), care not how much they DESTROY the United States of America, which they see as a wholly-owned slave-labor colony...

Jews in America - following the 'Lead' of the BLATANTLY JEWISH SUPREMACIST Jewish Likud Party in Israel - have the United States engaged in an ILLEGAL WAR OF TERRORISM Against IRAN, as we speak.

   America's Jews, in pursuit of  3,000+ year old Jewish fantasies of world conquest and blood-thirsty vengeance (as captured, for example, in the infamous Psalm 135, "by the shores of Babylon" ... which ends with the fantasy of Jews smashing Babylonian babies to death against rocks) have betrayed democracy in America, they have destroyed the end-of-Cold-War "Peace Dividend"...and they have turned America into a Gestapo police state.
  Below, Professor James Petras explains how Jews in the Obama administration (who are, ideologically, financially, professionally, and in every regard identical twins to the Jews in the Bush-II administration and Jews in today's Republican Party)  are SHOVING AMERICA IN TO A WAR with IRAN. 

  Americans in 2008 thought they were getting "Change!" from the despised "more wars, tax-cuts-for-rich (in time of war!), and DEMOLISHED American social safety net" agenda of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration... but such is not the case. 

    Under Jewish pretend "Democratic" "Manchurian Candidate"  appartchiks including  Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Dennis Ross, Cass Sunstein, Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman, Carl Levin, and many, many others (all of whom follow the Joe Lieberman political chameleon model: PRETEND to be a "liberal Democrat" UNTIL you are in position to reveal your radical right-wing Big Finance swindlers and War Lobby mass-murderers true stripes)  there is not a whiff of difference between the Obama presidency and the Bush-Cheney presidency - Obama is EXPANDING America's wars and military spending as we speak;  he is DEMOLISHING the American social safety net at the insistence of his Goddamn-Sachs Wall Street swindlers and Rotchilds modelled so-called 'Federal' Reserve very privately owned central bankers he is allowing (Goldman Sachs, MF Global, and other)  Jewish dominated firms on Wall St. to DEMOLISH the American financial system (as Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon recently demonstrated the fraud behind America's commodities markets at COMEX),  and even our cherished American notions of PRIVATE PROPERTY!
(as, for example,  under Jewish Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau, so-called "liberal" President Franklin D. Roosevelt OUTLAWED Americans OWNING GOLD - even if you dug it up out of the ground with your own hands!),

    and the Neo-Cons behind Obama are HATE-WHIPPING Americans to HATE AND FEAR one another - the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, DEA, and now even FBI are now America's BROWN SHIRT & GESTAPO thugs.
 Under the insidious DHS Neo-Con jihad against Americans, we Americans will soon get a taste of what the Jews have been dishing out to Palestinians,  Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, and now in Iran 
(and, under their puppet dictator Saakashvilli in Georgia, former Soviet Republic, whose mass peaceful public protests against Israel's puppet Saakashvilli, were brutally repressed by US & Jewish trained storm-trooper riot police in 2007 - which CRUSHING of democratic protests led directly  to Saakashvilli's US & Israel supplied treacherous sneak-attack war on Russian army troops in South Ossetia on August 8, 2008... the day the rest of the world was celebrating peace and international cooperation at the start of the Beiing Olympics!)  

  what Americans can expect in 2012: Jewish war state (israel) & U.S. supplied storm-troopers CRUSH peaceful, popular
protests vs Israel puppet Georgia dictator Mikhail Saakashvilli in 2007... leading to Saakashvilli's US & israel supplied sneak-attack war on Russian troops in South Ossetia a year later... 

what a peaceful protest looks like (in Georgia, former SSR, 2007) before
Israel & US jews unleash their wholly owned riot police...


TODAY, the United States is CURRENTLY ENGAGED IN an undeclared, illegal, government fomented TERRORIST WAR, by proxy and by electronic, economic, & financial sabotage, against Iran. 
  The American people have NO problem with the people of Iran, besides the notion floated by America's Neo-Con dominated press, media, and war-lusting think-tanks,  that Iran was behind attacks on the U.S. military in Iraq.

   But the U.S. invasion of Iraq - pushed by the Jews in the Bush administration - was an illegal war of mass-murderous aggression, based on lies and treason (Mossad and the Cheney-Bush administration allowing the 9-11 attacks to go down without so much as a single U.S. or israel government act to hinder or impede the well known terror plot), and Saddam's Iraq, constrained to its east by Iran, and to the north by U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia, was never any threat to America. 

  Indeed, Saddam had been America's proxy during the Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988,  a war that killed at least a million Iraqi & Iranians - to the delight of the jewish war state (israel)  and America's military industrial complex war profiteers. 

  The treasonous American Jewish Neo-Cons - WHOSE FIRST ALLEGIANCE IS TO ISRAEL, and who, repeatedly in their own comments - DESPISE the American public (as "ignorant, contemptable, social welfare sucking, lazy, shiftless frauds")  and who (under Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, and Wall Street's "OUTSOURCING" jihad, sent entire American industries to Asia) have DEMOLISHED, DECONSTRUCTED America's entire productive, industrial economic base, are soon going to give Americans an overt taste of what it is like to be a "untermensch" peon in an OCCUPIED country - as Palestinians know in Gaza, the West Bank, and in Jerusalem, and as Iraqis, and now Libyans, know in those now "FAILED STATE" countries.     
 Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012
The Coming Wars that Ends America “As We Know It”

Within the US , Obama has laid the groundwork for a new and bigger war in the Middle East by relocating troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and concentrating them against Iran . To undermine Iran , Washington is expanding clandestine military and civilian operations against Iranian allies in Syria , Pakistan , Venezuela and China . The key to the US and Israeli bellicose strategy toward Iran is a series of wars in neighboring states, world- wide economic sanctions , cyber-attacks aimed at disabling vital industries and clandestine terrorist assassinations of scientists and military officials. The entire push, planning and execution of the US policies leading up to war with Iran can be empirically and without a doubt attributed to the Zionist power configuration occupying strategic positions in the US Administration, mass media and ‘civil society’.
A systematic analysis of American policymakers designing and implementing economic sanctions policy in Congress finds prominent roles for such mega-Zionists (Israel-Firsters) as Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman; in the White House, Dennis Ross in the White House, Jeffrey Feltman in the State Department, and Stuart Levy, and his replacement David Cohen, in the Treasury. The White House is totally beholden to Zionist fund raisers and takes its cue from the ‘52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organization.
   The Israeli-Zionist strategy is to encircle Iran , weaken it economically and attack its military. The Iraq invasion was the US ’s first war for Israel ; the Libyan war the second; the current proxy war against Syria is the third. These wars have destroyed Israel ’s adversaries or are in the process of doing so.

During 2011, economic sanctions, which were designed to create domestic discontent in Iran , were the principle weapon of choice. The global sanctions campaign engaged the entire energies of the major Jewish-Zionist lobbies. They have faced no opposition from the mass media, Congress or the White Office. The Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) has been virtually exempt from criticism by any of the progressive, leftist and socialist journals, movements or grouplets – with a few notable exceptions. The past year’s re-positioning of US troops from Iraq to the borders of Iran , the sanctions and the rising Big Push from Israel ’s Fifth Column in the US means expanded war in the Middle East.  This likely means a “surprise” aerial and maritime missile attack by US forces. This will be based on a concocted pretext of an “imminent nuclear attack” concocted by Israeli Mossad and faithfully transmitted by the ZPC to their lackeys US Congress and White House for consumption and transmission to the world. It will be a destructive, bloody, prolonged war for Israel ; the US will bear the direct military cost by itself and the rest of the world will pay a dear economic price. The Zionist-promoted US war will convert the recession of early 2012 into a major depression by the end of the year and probably provoke mass upheavals...  (cont'd)
 "The Zionist-promoted US war will convert the recession of early 2012 into a major depression by the end of the year and probably provoke mass upheavals..." ...and FEMA,  Gestapo type concentration camps in America for the tens of thousands of Americans oppposed to the Jewish wars, and to the Jewish sabotage of America's economy, and to the Jewish overlords POLICE STATE GULAG dictatorship that America will become...