Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jews & their Anglo/American (and European) toadies Trying to SABOTAGE the EURO... as they have Already SABOTAGED the Bernake Buck (U.S. dollar)....

Jewish saboteurs at the Fed, in Con-gress, on Wall Street, and in Europe are TRYING TO DESTROY the European Union... much as jewish swindler GEORGE SOROS and his cabal tried to "BREAK" the English pound on Black Wednesday'  16 Sept. 1992,  and much as the Rotchilds and London Bullion Market Assoc (LBMA) tried to "SHORT" the price of bullion gold, 1999-2002

  (And of course, much as the Rotchilds dominated Anglo & French bankers tried to destroy Germany's economy after WWI.... and much as Roosevelt's Jewish Treasury Secretary, Henry Morganthau,  tried to destroy Germany's industrial economic base after WWII... in exactly the same manner that Stalin shipped industrial machinery from occupied East Germany to Russia immediately after the end of WWII.  A perfect example of "whether from the 'radical left' Communism... or from the radical right "free market capitalism," the end results are identical: CONFISCATION of an occupied nation's wealth  & assets.)  

   The Rotchilds/LBMA did not have quite the deft swindler's touch that their up-and-coming financial-swindler young tiger Soros had back in the 1990s, so their London "naked short gold" attack BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES... forcing them to go running, screaming, crying, begging, and extorting for "bailouts" in the form of English Chancellor (finance minister) Gordon Brown having to sell off half of Britain's entire gold reserves, to force the price of gold down,  to avoid LBMA bankruptcy, insolvency, and liquidation...  from those Evil, treacherous London banksters & market manipulators trying to 'break' the price of England's reserve asset (gold) that THEY had BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH preserving... and instead  being caught on the wrong sides of their own, high-stakes, uber-leveraged, insider-trading gambles!
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Until the British, American, & European publics  fully understand how the 'vampire squid' evil financiers use "short" trades, and especially "NAKED SHORTS"  - bets that a given stock, bond, currency, or asset will go down in price in the future - to SWINDLE the public and other investors out of wealth, the JEWISH war lobby/financial swindlers & treasury looters will CONTINUE their ATTACKs on England's, Europe's, & America's currencies... and on all the world economies. 

  below- OF COURSE Allan Greenspan is PIMPING the notion that the European Union is "doomed":  he is an insanely greedy, arrogant, and treasonous JEWISH WAR LOBBY / big finance APPARTCHIK, and the Jews behind the Jewish war lobby believe that THEY are the world's ruling power... and hate competition!  

  Not to mention, like Soros & co. they (the other predatory, treacherous, back-stabbing banksters behind the Greenspan/Bernanke Fed)  PROFIT from SABOTAGING other currencies and economies - the "pump & dump" Soros style NAKED SHORT ATTACKS on world currencies,  coordinated by Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan (both 100+ year fronts, or subsidiaries, for the Rotchilds in America) and the wholly, very privately owned, so-called 'Federal' Reserve "SWINDLERS ARE US" central bank. 
 And below that, Nomi Prins reports the obvious - EVERYTHING that the wholly-owned 'Fed'  and equally wholly owned U.S. Treasury do, is DESIGNED to GIVE MONEY to Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, and the other JEWISH OWNED or dominated 'banks' -  as we have reported earlier, the bible even brags about Jews EXTORTING the gold, silver, and precious clothing out of the EgyptiansExodus 12:35, a bible quote that undoes the entire "poor, down-trodden jews forced to leave Egypt in such a hurry that the could only make unleavened bread" story  as nothing but an embellishment myth.

Greenspan: Why European Union Is Doomed to Fail 
Nomi Prins: The Fed’s European “Rescue”: ANOTHER back-door US Bank / Goddamn-Sachs bailout. 
Former Goldman Sachs Director Nomi Prins on Corzine & MF Global & the Rigged House of Cards

note:  Nomi Prins is a good little Jewish girl done good - she made it to the top circles of the American power/financial game, as a DIRECTOR of Goddamn-Sachs... back in the days when GS could still maintain the 'Wizard of Oz' illusion that they ran an actually "profitable' financial house. 

  Since the 2008 market meltdown revealed GS to be just another failed, bankrupt, insolvent, fraudulent bank (save for the billions upon trillions of dollars of "bailouts" extorted out of the American public by 'campaign donation' bribes to Con-gress, and with Goddamn-Sachs appartchiks like Bob Rubin and Jon Corzine RUNNING the late "Democratic" Party), Ms. Prins has been doing oustanding work trying to do what the TREACHEROUS U.S. GOVERNMENT & Geithner TREASURY Dept. SHOULD BE DOING - TABULATING ALL THE BAILOUTS LOOT the GS/jpm (= rotchilds) banksters have EXTORTED out of Americans, like the treasonous, economy-wrecking, treasury looting vampire squids they are.  

Like Naomi Wolf who we reported on previously, and like Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, and other 'liberal activist' jewish writers,  Nomi Prins is among the most informed and outspoken critics of the RIGGED, intentionally predatory financial system, and/or the criminal assault on American law and on our citizen, Constitutional rights.    

 Unfortunately, even these informed writers can't quite see what former Reagan administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, former U.S. Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel, and others so-called 'conspiracy theorists' have seen: that both the GS, jpm, 'Fed' assault on the American economy,  and the ever-expanding wars overseas and police-state, Franco-style fascist dictatorship in America, are both being run and ruled by the Likud Jewish war party from Israel... with the backing of complicit or complacent Jews in America, Britain, and Europe.  

2 part interview.

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