Sunday, December 18, 2011

JEWISH SWINDLER GEORGE SOROS ended up with STOLEN MF Global _customer private accounts_ money.... (what else is new?)

Ho hum...   in documenting the INCREDIBLY INSANE, INCREDIBLY BRAZEN "shear the sheep... then slaughter them" Jewish SWINDLING of America, Europe... and the entire world economies,  we have to wade through a lot of  REPETITION and tedium here at TheJewishWars. 
  Case in point - tonight's headlines, "GEORGE SOROS Winds Up with the STOLEN Loot Grabbed Out of MF Global accounts" 
after JEWISH SWINDLER (and Former Goddamn-Sachs "larceny is us" co-CHAIRMAN)  Jon Corzine drove MFG into bankruptcy, betting on Euro bonds indefinitely being  BAILED OUT.... using 40:1  FORTY-to-ONE LEVERAGE for every dollar he actually had in MF Global (legitimate) accounts to bet on the Euro-bonds being propped up... forever!
   That Soros wound up with the swindled, stolen, LOOTED WITH Obama ADMINISTRATION BLESSINGS customer money (and gold & silver) is not in the least surprising... if you read beyond the "mainstream media" corporate whore 'news' headlines, and realize that,  de facto,   fomer NAZI COLLABORATOR SOROS has been the field general, the up-and-coming young tiger, the front man for the ROTCHILDS global Jewish banking DEBT EXTORTION CABAL for the past decade or two. 
 (Working hand-in hand with other GS, JPM, Fed = rotchilds heavy-hitters, namely Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Hank Paulson, Jamie Dimon, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and little Timmy Geithner, etc. etc. etc., ad naseum.) 

AS we've reported earlier,  EVERYTHING that has transpired (before and) since the 2008 Market Meltdown, has basically been a verbatim REPEAT of Soros and his Swindlers Cabal "BREAKING the English currency (pound sterling) in 1992... using billions of dollars of "NAKED SHORTS" - which are effectively COUNTERFEITING 'money' (in this case pounds sterling) that DO NOT EXIST, but which "naked" "Short Sales" (an early form of derivatives) in sufficient quantity, can PUSH THE PRICE of REAL, existing pounds sterling DOWN in global markets. 

   (Investors, BELIEVING that there are, say, $200 BILLION pounds sterling being "dumped" on the market, will not be able to trade for the real market value of their pounds sterling when they go to sell them... even though there are actually only $100 billion actual pounds sterling in circulation - because other investors and currency traders believe there are now $200 billion worth of pounds sterling being sold - 'dumped' on the markets.   The balance, or difference,  is FICTITIOUS, 'money' that does not exist.) 
     SINCE their is a financial trader saying,   "naked shorts get eaten by bigger sharks in the sea" - it is almost certain that Soros (& co.'s) 1992 naked shorts were BACKED UP by some HEAVY HITTERS BEHIND THE curtain... and when you are talking "heavy hitters" in global finance in the 1990s, you are talking about... JP Morgan, Goddamn-Sachs, the Fed... all three de facto subsidiaries, or branches, or fronts, of the ROTHCHILDS City-of-London debt extortion cabal, the undisputed, 200 year masters of "pump.. and dump" financial sabotage and economic deconstruction.

    In short, the Rotchilds - ENTRUSTED WITH PRESERVING the wealth and value of the pound sterling (and other assets in Britain's Treasury & reserves) - were BETTING AGAINST the pound sterling - they were NAKED SHORTING them..! 

  ...they were COUNTERFEITING  the pound sterling, as surely as the Nazis tried to counterfeit (and thus debase) the British currency during WWII! 

  (And, following Soros's successful "Black Wednesday" SHORTING of the British currency in 1992.. wouldn't ya know it, the Rotchilds and their wholly owned LBMA tried to short England's other major wealth-preserve asset -  gold bullion itself, held in Britain's Royal Treasury and at the LBMA

  When the "Brown's Bottom" NAKED SHORT FAILED in 2002,  London's Big Finance swindlers went running, screaming, crying, begging, and extorting to England's Chancellor (finance minister) Gordon Brown, demanding Brown DUMP  HALF of England's ENTIRE GOLD RESERVES on world markets, to suppress gold prices immediately, to cover the LBMA's NAKED SHORTS, to prevent the LBMA going bankrupt and going out of business... and thus depriving England of the dictator's role in setting global gold prices for the next decade(s).

   It's a crying shame, that we can explain the above in a few short paragraphs... but you can get a degree in Finance, Economics, accounting, or political science (much less advanced degrees or PhD's in the above 'disciplines'!)  without learning a clue about how a handful of market riggers can SWINDLE the English people out of HALF THEIR WEALTH - and then do it again, a decade later... and then do it AGAIN, this past year or three !!!!  
 (below article reproduced here strictly for educational, and non-commercial purposes.)

How George Soros Ended Up With MF Global’s Client Money

A warning to former MF Global segregated account holders: If the news has already been more than you can bear, please do not read this post — it may really push you over the edge

While the congressional hearings have been interesting, at times shocking, at other times even quite entertaining, Congress has yet to connect the dots. So I will do it for them.
In short, when the dots are connected, a significant portion of the $1.2 billion (some say more, some say less) of segregated account money illegally stolen by Jon Corzine’s MF Global (with the CFTC driving the get-away car) has landed in the pockets of George Soros.  

Let’s go through this step-by-step:
1. Jon Corzine figured out a brilliant trade in the European debt market.
While I won’t go into the details, Corzine would have made a fortune if the trade could have been held to maturity of the debt instruments. The money was NOT lost because Corzine made a bad trade.
2. Corzine leveraged the trade to the hilt. He had the trade on with uber leverage. In fact, MF Global ended up with a $6.3 billion trade.
3. The Greek and Italian bonds tanked (rates went higher) over concern about a possible default.
The spike in rates would not have affected the final profitability of Corzine’s trade, but did put the trade on margin call after margin call. MF Global used every last penny of cash reserves to meet the margin calls, knowing that if it could survive the margin calls the trade would have made money at maturity. MF Global was unable to secure additional loans to meet the margin calls because it was leveraged to the max on the trade it .
4. MF Global illegally took segregated customer funds out of J.P. Morgan to meet margin calls in an attempt to survive the trade. It was the legislated responsibility of the U.S. government to protect this from happening.
5. MF Global’s clients (without their knowledge or permission and as an illegal manuever) became the default counterparty to MF Global’s trade. This is a fact Congress has not yet figured out.
6. MF Global puked about $1.5 billion of the trade, but it filed for bankruptcy when it was finally unable to meet further margin calls.
The remaining $4.8 billion trade was taken over by KPMG LLP, MF Global’s bankruptcy administrator in London. REMEMBER FROM POINT #5 ABOVE, MF GLOBAL’S SEGREGATED CLIENTS REMAINED A COUNTERPARTY TO THE TRADE BY DEFAULT.
7. KPMG peddled perhaps half (or more) of the trade to George Soros. The actual amount reported was $2 billion, but at a discount.
Remember, this trade was a guaranteed winner at the maturity of the bonds, so Soros was locked into a profit. Also, with his deep pockets ,Soros knew he could withstand interim margin calls if necessary.
Final point #8: MF Global’s segregated account holders became the default counterparty to Soros’ trade.
The profits that Soros has locked in represent, in large part, the segregated money previously belonging to MF Global clients that had been safe and secure (at least that is what the CFTC’s responsibility was) at J.P. Morgan.

Let me conclude by emphasizing that George Soros did nothing illegal in this manuever. The great speculator/shark simply smelled blood in the water and had the money to buy a distressed trade that was a guaranteed winner.

But in the process, the profits Soros will realize will in part (or in whole) be the segregated funds of MF Global’s clients. Technically, and legally, these funds belong to Soros because they were laundered through the complex process of rehypothication. But make no mistake about it, this is the money that previously belonged to MF Global’s clients.
So the dots are connected. MF Global’s clients (by default) became the counterparty to George Soros’ trade. MF Global’s client’ money, while illegally taken, legally became George Soros’ money. [not!  CRIMINAL FRAUD, at ANY stage in a chain of financial transactions, makes that entire chain fraudulent, and thereby CRIMINAL... and therefore null & void.]
And, Congress seemingly has no hint this money trail exists; the CFTC takes no responsibility for this ugly episode in history; and the Administration and the Fed would rather spend their time hearlding the $180 billion-plus money it gave to AIG.   
 Needless to say - in "war on drugs" America (much less "war on terra" America!) the Feds, or state drug enforcement officials, can SIEZE YOUR PROPERTY - cash, homes, cars, boats, airplanes, etc. - and HOLD THEM FOREVER... much less prosecute you, and force you to spend millions of dollars in legal fees to defend yourself.

  Yet - with the validity and sanctity of America's entire financial markets under the stress of MF Global 'creditors' SEIZING PRIVATELY OWNED gold, cash, and trading accounts... the INSANELY CORRUPT obama White House, eric holder Department of 'Justice,'  the Mary Schapiro SEC and the Gary Gensler CFTC are NOT LIFTING A FINGER to TAKE BACK STOLEN CUSTOMER FUNDS, and hand them back to defrauded clients!

  The JEWISH SWINDLERS CABAL, has the captured & corrupted Uncle Sam u.s.g. RIDING SHOTGUN - working as a loan shark, extortionist enforcer for them !!!!!