Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Jewish, Neo-Con ENSLAVEMENT of America continues apace: DEBTORS PRISON jail time now increasingly commonplace under the ferocious SECOND "Federal" Reserve CREATED Great Depression II...

 What's old is new: under the ferocious assault of the (Jewish) Neo-Cons who own America's banks, press/media, government, and war-machine, American's are now being treated (during this second so-called "Federal" Reserve created Great Depression) as commoners, peons, and serfs were treated in "Old World" Europe during the medieval and even 19th century eras: as common criminals for owing even a day's wages in debt!
Debtors Prison, from Hogarth, "A Rake's Progress"
 Clearly, the banksters and loan sharks - with the complicity and protection of the entire sordid 'United' States government & courthouses  (and state and local governments) - have created a situation where they can merely put a drop of poison in the water -  they can drop off a summons at the local court house - and, Presto! if you miss your court date, you now become a criminal. 

 Somewhere the notion that A LENDER is AS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING A LOAN, as a debtor is for taking out that loan, is LOST in the evil, Neo-Con "vampire squid" HIJACKING of America... where our extorted government gives TRILLIONS in "bailouts" from extorted taxpayers to bankers, as the banksters merrily EVICT Americans from the very homes that the "bailouts" were sold to us under the pretense of preventing (foreclosures & evictions)... and as the below example illustrates, in some cases, the Lender's PUNITIVE IMPRISONMENT of a debt strapped American,  COST TAXPAYERS FAR MORE than the damn debt.    
 Unpaid Bills Land Some Debtors Behind Bars
by Susie An
 December 12, 2011 from WBEZ http://www.npr.org/2011/12/12/143274773/unpaid-bills-land-some-debtors-behind-bars

 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan thinks more can be done to keep debtors out of jail. She says the state is investigating creditors that it thinks are abusing laws by incarcerating debtors.

   Although debtors' prisons are illegal across the country, it's becoming increasingly common for people to serve jail time as a result of their debt.
Collection agencies are resorting to some unusually harsh tactics to force people to pay their unpaid debt, some of whom aren't aware that lawsuits have been filed against them by creditors. 

Take, for example, what happened to Robin Sanders in Illinois.
She was driving home when an officer pulled her over for having a loud muffler. But instead of sending her off with a warning, the officer arrested Sanders, and she was taken right to jail.
"That's when I found out [that] I had a warrant for failure to appear in Macoupin County. And I didn't know what it was about."
Sanders owed $730 on a medical bill. She says she didn't even know a collection agency had filed a lawsuit against her.
"They say they send out these court notices, and nobody gets them," Sanders says.
She spent four days in jail waiting for her father to raise $500 for her bail. That money was then turned over to the collection agency. [by a criminally complicit in loan-sharking extortion judge & court.]
Similar stories have been reported in Indiana, Tennessee and Washington.

Here's how it happens: A company will often sell off its debt to a collection agency, generally called a creditor. That creditor files a lawsuit against the debtor requiring a court appearance. A notice to appear in court is supposed to be given to the debtor. If they fail to show up, a warrant is issued for their arrest.

The U.S. became an early proponent of banning debtors' prisons, especially since up to two-thirds of Europeans who came to the colonies arrived in the New World with debt. Before the debtors' prisons were done away with, thousands of Colonial Americans were thrown in jail for their outstanding debt — which sometimes totaled less than 60 cents.

Although debtors' prisons are now illegal across the country, a study by the Wall Street Journal found that more than a third of all states in the U.S. allow borrowers who can't or won't pay to be jailed — including those states where debtors' prisons are explicitly prohibited by state constitutions.

A report by the American Civil Liberties Union found that people were imprisoned even when the cost of doing so exceeded the sum total of the debt they owed. In the city of New Orleans, for example, the sheriff pays $22.39 per day for each detainee held in the Orleans Parish Prison. Sean Matthews, a homeless construction worker, was incarcerated for five months [by another corrupt, complicit judge]  for $498 of legal debt in 2009. Matthews' jail time cost the city $3,201.77 — more than six times the amount he owed.

Some are even made to pay for their jail time themselves. Walter Riepen, a Michigan resident, was sentenced to 30 days in jail. After his release, he was billed $1,260 — the cost of his incarceration at a rate of $60 a day. Since his only income is a monthly Social Security disability payment, Riepen cannot pay back the amount, and the ACLU reports that he still lives under the threat of being sent back to prison for his unpaid legal financial obligations.   
      Welcome to the 'new' Neo-Con ruled America!  It's right out of the jewish bible: just a few generations after the Jews "escaped bondage" in Egypt,  Jewish king Solomon did a survey of non-Jews living in his domain: and promptly enslaved them, as either stone-cutters, bearers of burdens, or as overseers "to compel work" !!

  3,500 years in the making, this SECONDgs/jpm/Bernanke/Fed (= rotchilds)  created "Great Recession" Depression takes up where the FIRST Fed Chairman Eugene Meyers / Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau  overseen Great Depression in America let off - enslaving Americans with "created out of thin air" DEBT...  driving millions of Americans to poverty, desperation, despair, and, far too often,  compelled, chain-gang slavery/serfdom for "crimes" that were often manufactured, or amplified, out of thin air by the ruthless, loan-shark debt lords.