Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jewish financier** David Davidowitz AGREES with us: BEN BERNANKE is KILLING the American Economy !!

EVEN as we agree with Jewish** (** - we assume!) financial loudmouth David Davidowitz that Ben Bernanke is DESTROYING the American economy, we completely, 100% disagree with Mr. Davidowitz as to the reasons why  Bernanke is not only wrecking... but intentionally wrecking the U.S. (and world!) economy(s)!!  

  screen capture: Ben Bernanke is DESTROYING America's economy... DESTROYING AMERICA! (video at bottom this post)

  When Davidowitz speaks about "PAIN... it's easy to do if we all sacrifice just a little bit, not just class warfare, but all of us" -  we fear that he is speaking through forked tongue.
    "PAIN" and "SACRIFICE" mean two different things for DEBT SLAVES raising families on minimum wage, versus BAILED OUT WALL STREET SPECULATORS living it up in New York penthouse suites. 
And, make no mistake:  IF Mr. Davidowitz owns so much as a SINGLE financial stock, he IS A socialism-for-paper-pushers, BAILOUTS for speculators, WELFARE-for-bankers receiving recipient!  All the more so if he is a multi-millionaire who, at any time between 2008 and today, was invested in financial stocks.
Far less than 50% of Americans own stock, and the notion that PROPPING UP the "Big Boys" - big financial stocks, the big banks & hedge-funds behind them - will "stimulate" or SAVE the ECONOMY, is frankly preposterious.

      It WAS preposterous back then, in 2008, when former Goddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN, then Bush-II Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson SAVED HALF the 'value' of HIS OWN portfolio, by extorting (reportedly on bended knee) $700 billion from Nancy Pelosi & her 110th Con-gress in "bailouts" (despite the vast majority of American citizens being opposed to those bailouts) - and today, the notion that "BAILOUTS" will IMPROVE the economy are TRIPLY PREPOSTEROUS - what with Bank of America stock BELOW $5 the other day (despite tens upon hundreds of BILLIONS of bailouts!)   and Goddamn-Sachs AND JP Morgan SHOULD be BANKRUPT, INSOLVENT, OUT OF BUSINESS TODAY as well...

...IF their "derivatives" and LOSSES were COUNTED and accounted for accurately.

(Much less if the government undertook CRIMINAL, FORENSIC AUDITS and "clawed back" the monies they have STOLEN from clients, injured parties, and taxpayers over the past decade.)
Indeed, there is the "elephant in the room" that Mr. Davidowitz FAILS to notice:  The Greenspan/Bernanek/Eugene Meyers "Fed" is OWNED by the big banksters - of whom Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan are the tag-team evil twins - and,
  1.   EVERY TIME the "Fed" CREATES 'money' OUT OF THIN AIR, the banksters TAKE A CUT IN COMMISSIONS....  (that would be "free money" for you or me)...
  2.  the BANKSTERS charge us- OUR U.S. government - for THEIR 'funny money" created-out-of-thin-air debt... in interest!!
  3.    With every billion dollars of BERNANKE "JUDENFETZEN" bucks these S.O.B.'s create, they immediately pour it in to BUYING FINANCIAL STOCKS - "investing" -  giving themselves a sugar-addict FREE high (and tens of millions more in buy-and-sell transaction fees, SELLING those ARTIFICIALLY PUMPED UP junk financial stocks to unsuspecting investors across America & world...)
  4.  the next thing they, the big banksters behind Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Wall Street, the Fed, and behind Treasury do, FLUSH with all that BERNANKE JUDENFETZEN FUNNY MONEY - is go out and BUY UP _EVERYTHING_   of   any real value in the economy -  ARTIFICIALLY PRICING UP  EVERYTHING,  INFLATING everything beyond the reach of "discretionary income" and "fixed income"  working stiffs and retirees!
 The above is typical, 1800's Rotchilds style "pump & dump" SABOTAGE economics:  sure, Grandma & Grandpa still have $5,000 Bernanke bucks in their 'savings' account - it's just that, at 15% pr yr  real money inflation, their $5,000 buys half as much in 3 years, as it did to begin with.
     And, on top of which, Bernanke & co. HIDE their MONEY PRINTING behind "low interest rates," so Grandpa's $5,000 savings bond is NOT making any interest as we speak. 

And the above only barely mentions the BLATANT FRAUD from little to NO REGULATIONS being enforced, in BOB RUBIN, LARRY SUMMERS, and Phil Gramm (et al's) "DEREGULATION" ongoing economic nightmare catastrophe!!! 

  For Mr. Davidowitz to say that the above Fed/Big Banksters  FREE fiat MONEY schemes (much less blatant bribery, bailouts, extortion, and corruption) for banksters are the result of "TOO MUCH"  regulation - is PREPOSTEROUS.  
  Ay dos mio!   We'll come back tomorrow and try to polish this post up a bit,  but for now - WE SUGGEST Mr. DAVIDOWITZ SHOW US HOW to deal with "pain" and "sacrifice" himself:  maybe he can sign up for a tour as PEACE CORPS volunteer.... IN AFGHANISTAN,  IRAQ, or Sudan !!! 
Frequent DailyTicker guest Howard Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates has no doubt about what Ben Bernanke's legacy will be.
Ben Bernanke, says Davidowitz, will forever be known as the Fed Chairman who destroyed the dollar, bailed out the banks, and perpetuated a monetary Ponzi scheme that will ultimately end in collapse.
[note: King World News interview with John Williams: "The GREAT U.S. COLLAPSE NEARS"]
....Bernanke's mission in life, says Davidowitz, is to destroy the dollar.
 Eventually he will be successful. And this contribution to American history will never be forgotten."

 [ACTUALLY, if Mr. Davidowitz were paying attention... if he, too, weren't SO PROPAGANDIZED by "Fed" ROTCHILDS/rockefeller/ (et al) mega-bankster PROPAGANDA over the course of his life,  he would know that the dollar has ALREADY LOST 97% of its value (against gold) since the FED so-called "Federal" Reserve vampire squid banking Central Bankster cartel was created in 1913... most of that INFLATION long before "useful idiot" "smiling Ben" JUDENFETZEN  Bernanke took over from bubble-blowing Alan Greenspan in 2005... useful idiot Bernake unwittingly proceeding with the very Rotchilds/global-elite intent of INTENTIONALLY destroying America's economy, intentionally sending America in to a SECOND  GREAT DEPRESSION social & economic catastrophe. ]