Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jew Peter Schiff defends the 1%: calls "Occupy Wall St." "MARXIST-SOCIALISTS," and says it is GOVERNMENT's fault that Banks took bailouts TRILLIONS !!!

When self -professed New York Jewish investor Peter Schiff says:   "I don't want the government taking money away from anybody, and giving it to anybody..."

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As a New York Jew, he almost certainly supports the Jewish war state (Israel)... which means that he supports BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of AMERICAN TAXPAYER extorted "aid" dollars being HANDED OVER to the blatantly Jewish supremacist Jews (Netanyahu's Likudniks, settlers, the 'Orthodox,' and "3rd temple" 'Greater Israel' expansionists) in Israel - for WITHOUT THEIR AMERICAN TAXPAYER (extorted) SUBSIDIES, the Jewish war state would DISSOLVE in insolvency (much less the 'military problem') in a decade. 

  And aid to the murderous, expansionist, apartheid, bronze-age (divine right of kings mentality straight from the age of god-kings) based Jewish war state (israel) is only the tip of the iceberg of Mr. Schiff's insanely hypocritical, JEWISH ENTITLEMANT self righteousness.

  For, like Ayn Rand, he thinks that he is ENTITLED to a safe, secure, wealthy, and "prosperous" life - WITH NO consideration for the locals and yokels who populate the world!

     Although throughout history there have been millions of entitled war-lords, despots, local millionaires, and other wealthy power-brokers who feel entitled to keep their fellow countrymen under the thumb of poverty and despotism - just look at all the European lords and high nobles during the feudal ages - this modern notion that, in an era of hyper-military technology of mass destruction American elites are ENTITLED to live as estate lords, while millions of sharecroppers and 'scab' (non-union) miners toil in misery and poverty around them - is a largely NEO-CON construction.
   The Neo-Cons are driven by the academic, intellectual, and/or wealthy Jews who want to have their cake and eat it to: their wealth and assets secured and insured by the power of the U.S. government,  while the wealth and savings of America's poor & working class should not only NOT receive such protection, but, under the code mantra of "Free Markets,"  financial swindlers like Bernie Madoff, Jon Corzine, Gary Gensler, Bob Rubin, and Larry Summers SHOULD be able to PROFIT from the INTENTIONAL SABOTATE, swindling THEFT of the peon's savings and wealth - by running the usual Rotchilds style "PUMP & DUMP"  ATTACKS on both stock, bonds, and now even entire national currencies - using the prodigous MONEY PRINTING powers of the Ben Bernanke "JUDENFETZEN" 'Federal' Reserve. 
      btw,  NEWT GINGRICH and HANK PAULSON are two text-book NON JEWISH Neo-Cons who hew to the entitled, jewish dominated Neo-Con script:  Newt Gingrich can be counted on to spew a slightly academic version of any Rush Limbaugh-esque stupid logic to propel the Neo-Con talking points of the day for all the back-door graft, commissions, and funding he gets.
 (As he recently called Palestinians "an invented people."  For Mr. Gingrich's notice, we proudly consider ourselves to be among the AMERICAN people - you know,  we who proudly "INVENTED OURSELVES" back on July 4th, 1776!)
  And Hank Paulson may be a Christian Scientist according to his wiki bio page, but Hank Paulson profited tremendously as a senior executive at Golddamn-Sachs when the 'vampire squid' was being run by... co-Chairs BOB RUBIN and JON CORZINE.
  Bob Rubin in particular had left Golddamn-Sachs to become President Bill Clinton's 2nd Treasury Secretary, where he initiated, championed, enabled, or accelerated the entire uber- Neo-Con "DEREGULATION" jihad against America's industrial production based U.S. economy - the twin features of which,  "Deregulation" of the financial sector (= license to loot, pillage, rape, & plunder unwary investors, pensioners, home-buyers, etc.), and "OUTSOURCING" shipping American jobs, factories, technology, and entire industries to Asia - are still, today the core "financial policy" even after current President Barack Obama spent the entire campaign year of 2008 telling Americans he would deliver "Change!" from this despised Neo-Con, economy wrecking agenda - which useful goy HANK PAULSON had shoved down America's throats, first as Rubin & Corzine's successor (as Chairman) at Goddamn-Sachs, and then as Rubin's eventual successor as Treasury Secretary (under George W. Bush in May 2006.) 
 (Hank Paulson's role as useful goy DEMOLISHING the American economy on behalf of the Goddamn-Sachs/Fed Jewish banking swindlers cartel is now being replicated by little Economic Hit Man Timmy Geithner - obama's blatantly Right-Wing Republican Treasury Secretary!
  (So much for "change"!)
That Hank Paulson was the perfect "goy" (gentile, non-jewish) frontman Chairman for Goddamn-Sachs - the perfect economic hit man to further the Rotchilds-esque jewish central bankers assault on America - is further illustrated by his connection as assistant to John Erlichman, President Nixon's Chief Domestic Advisor - who oversaw the creation of the dirty-tricks "Plumbers" outfit, that blew up in to the Watergate scandal!) 

   Mr. Schiff is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT that GOLD and precious metals are a store of value in an era where the (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve bankers like ALAN GREENSPAN, BEN BERNANKE, and EUGEN MEYER can PRINT MONEY and DEBASE your (own) dollar holdings - whether those dollars you store in a bank account or under your mattress.**  

   below - graph of the 97% dollar collapse (vs gold bullion price) since the very Rotchilds/jewish banking cartel  so-called 'Federal' Reserve bank was created - with typical Rotchilds slight-of-hand propaganda & deception - as America's privately owned central bank in 1913...
**note: If audited and overseen honestly and competently, stocks and equity should be a hedge against inflation... but in an era where the banks, financiers, and corporate heads OWN the regulatory agencies - see former Goddamn-Sach full partner Gary Gensler running the CFTC  (ground zero for the "Derivative" financial nightmare that created this economic crisis)  and his nominal boss, Mary Schapiro, running the SEC - Enrons, WorldComs, Tychos, Bernie Madoffs, and Jewish Jon Corzine run MF Global catastrophic SWINDLER failures have become the rule... not the exception.  Just as the Jewish money-lenders and loan sharks extorted taxes and debt out of Ukrainian farm peasants, on behalf of the Polish-Lithuanian nobility

Bankers cost each one of us £8.40 for every £1 they produce, study shows

Michael Hudson, Bob Chapman, Max Keiser: The Bleak Future of America and The Dollar

In an interview Max Keiser on Tuesday November 8th said the poor in America will be exterminated. His interviewer was Alex Jones who said the Department of Homeland Security had bought mass incinerators which they said would be needed in case of a plague.
What was the basis of Max’s prediction? He said there was no money to feed the poor on Food Stamps. More about that in a moment.
Bob Chapman put this economic crunch into proper perspective. Chapman has been told by top level bankers who attend Federal Reserve bank meetings at which they have all been told to set aside vault space for New Dollars which will replace the existing dollars. This is being planned a year in advance for the end of the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world. In the old days Americans had to either buy gold coins or English pounds with their dollars in order to import things from overseas. Over the past few decades America has been able to buy oil, food, clothes, toys, cars, computers, cell phones and everything else by printing dollars. When that ends, the cost of every import will double.
Most US dollars currently are overseas and would have to be redeemed and taken out of circulation. Americans will face a permanent 50% wage cut.
Enter Michael Hudson who is a respected academic from the Left who was so angry with Obama that he called him a Republican. He said Obama’s only plan to cure the 23% unemployment rate in America was to cut wages 30%. He said this will fail for 2 reasons. America costs too much to produce anything because it has replaced capitalism with a Finance Capital system. There is an excessive burden placed on Americans who are gouged by the banks on mortgages plus the high cost of healthcare. The US unemployment rate will soar past 30% before this depression is over.
Bob Chapman figured out in 2003 that the elite had decided to take down America based upon his examination of the markets. The elite decided to send American jobs and 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas when they passed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) in 1994 and also had the Senate approve the World Trade Organization treaty. Chapman saw the housing Bubble collapsing. He decided that the bankers had burned their bridges behind them. There was no going back. There would be no recovery. The bankers would have to go all out against the American people setting up a dictatorship through a One World government.
I wrote an essay explaining that the bankers wanted America to lose WW III which is why they stretched America’s military supply lines 8,000 miles to China on a dodgy credit card.
Back to Max Keiser who said the government will have to start killing poor people en masse.
When the dollar stops functioning as a reserve currency, the US budget will have to be balanced. And the trade deficit will also have to be balanced which means gasoline will be ten dollars a gallon. There will be no money in the budget for anything but debt service. The current inflation rate is 13% according to Shadow Stats. Even if the inflation rate does not go any higher, interest rates will have to at least quadruple to adequately compensate bondholders for their loss in purchasing power. The current cost of servicing debt is 500 billion dollars a year.
I leave it to the reader to perform the following math: Balance the budget by subtracting 1.7 trillion dollars from the 3.7 trillion dollars in federal outlays to balance the current deficit. Subtract out the lost income taxes when the unemployment rate goes above 30%. Now add in the increased demand for benefits including Food Stamps as inflation and unemployment savage family budgets. Finally take that 500 billion cost of debt service and double it. Then double it again. Now add that to the budget. Finally go over the resulting budget and balance it without killing the poor.
I will soon state the only solution to this math problem.
Former KGB general Yevgeny Primakov advised the DHS telling them they could put 30 million Americans in FEMA concentration camps. He said they could only throw cans of spam over the fence for so long until they eventually would have to start shooting them.
The bankers will promise you that there will be a recovery just as soon as you surrender to the One World government’s dictatorship.
The unthinkable and forbidden alternative is a debt free money and debt cancellation. It will work and has worked since the time of the Babylonians who had a mathematical formula telling them when to cancel debts. The Bible writers borrowed the idea and called it a debt Jubilee.
Bob Chapman has clarified his position by saying that the New Dollar could only be introduced after an international conference is called and the dollar has been devalued and maybe even after the US defaults on its debt.
The video is quite short and should startle anyone who understands the full implications of not having enough resources to either feed or to police the poor. Food Stamps, unemployment insurance and medical care will all be cancelled. I would expect nationwide food riots to occur prior to America making the decision to either accept or to reject the end of freedom.
Michael Hudson, Bob Chapman, Max Keiser: The Bleak Future of America and The Dollar