Sunday, December 4, 2011

In BROAD DAYLIGHT, the Despicable Jews running the Obama administration allow fellow Goddamn-Sachs jew Jon Corzine to LOOT, plunder, and swindle $1- to $3 BILLION of Customer funds in MF Global meltdown....

The Jewish ("neo-con") hijacking of America is now so blatant, that the treasonous, whore Sulzberger New York Slimes,  Meyer/Graham "Pravda on the Potomac" Washington Post, Bloomberg "news', and (non-Jewish but slavish toady to the Likudniks) Rupert Murdoch Fox 'news' outlets are busy whitewashing Jon Corzine's theft  of between $1 billion and $3 billion from customer's own, private, "segregated" cash accounts,
portraying Corzine's intentional theft of customer accounts as "the new normal"...  as nothing but "an accounting discrepancy."

     Those treasonous whore (jewish owned) Times, Post, CNN, Time/Warner, Bloomberg (et al) media rags are all using the by now typical Neo-Con financial propaganda tactics:  writing up a black propaganda narrative cloak to cover over the despicable Jews in the Obama presidency who are enabling Corzine's blatant, "MUG THEM AND ROB THEM IN BROAD DAYLIGHT" THEFT of customer funds,  by NOT ENFORCING U.S. financial laws. 

       (MF Global CEO Corzine used the uber-  Neo-Con banker tactic of "leverage"  to bet on Euro bonds... and lost his 20-to-1 bets, and then, like the suicidal banker gambling addict that he is, Corzine merely robbed his customers - dipping into their "segregated" CASH in PRIVATE ACCOUNTS holdings to make good his own gambling losses.)  
 (see here for another typical example of jews leaning on those press/media outlets they don't own, to "change the narrative" on stories that would otherwise expose jewish crimes.)

   The DESPICABLE JEWS in the Obama administration are doing the impossible: they are resurrecting the memory of Adolf Hitler, and making an honest man of him!  

  They - the Obama Jews (and Bush Jr., and Clinton, and Bush Sr. Jewish White House officials before them) are FULFILLING EVERY ONE of the allegations and stereotypes charged to and labelled against the Jews in the 1930s by the Nazi "anti-semitism" propaganda:
  • the DO OWN the press/media,
  • they DO OWN the big banks and predatory, loan sharking financial houses,
  • they DO OWN the politicians, government, judges, jails and prisons, and tax-man... 
  • they are pathological pyschopaths, who, "Shylock" fashion, would extort blood for profit* if they could, and who have no empathy or concern for "their fellow" Americans (*no exaggeration! - jews in Israel are suspected of murdering and harvesting organs for the medical trade from Palestinian prisoners!)
  •  and THEY ARE genocidal, treasonous EXTORTIONISTS, who believe that they are ENTITLED to drive their "fellow citizens" (much less the poor, 3rd world, impoverished 'brown sking scum' natives of the world) into poverty, disenfranchisement, and abject economic despair (if not to starvation and murder-by-wars and torture extermination, as the Rothschilds aided and abetted (if not instigated) the British government's genocidal food siezures during the Irish Holocaust, 6 million died of intentional starvation (the so-called "Irish famine") between 1845-1852)!!      (And as, from the opposite side of the political spectrum some 70 years later, Stalin's jewish communist appartchiks like "the Red Wolf of the Kremlin" Lazar Kaganovich eagerly duplicated the British bankers genocidal Irish famine tactics in 1850 in the Ukraine, the "holodomor"  communist commissar + Red army holocaust confiscation of grains and foodstocks killing up to 8 million Ukrainians between 1929 and 1933.)
Obama's despicable Jews - in particular, Gary Gensler, 'former' Goddamn-Sachs partner, and current Chairman of the CFTC (only ground zero of the "DERIVATIVES" FRAUD CRISIS that is KILLING the American economy) and MARY SCHAPIRO, CHAIR of the SEC - see it as their real job... to ENABLE Goddamn-Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan, and other hedge-funds, like Jon Corzine's now defunct MF Global - to DEFRAUD American and world investors at every turn !!!!! 

  Gary Gensler and Mary Schapiro - just 2 of "Obama's Jews" RUNNING the US economy & critical financial markets into the sewer of fraud, crime, economic catastrophe, government debt, and wealth destruction - are DEFRAUDING their "fellow Americans"... not only out of their government paychecks, which they take while NOT enforcing American financial laws - but they are defrauding Americans by HIDING the TRILLIONS of dollars of "DERIVATIVES" DEBT that Gensler and Schapiro (and all the other despicable jewish appartchiks in the Obama administration) are allowing to hang out there in space, like a sword-of-Damoclese over the American people, in order to prop up their (largely jewish controlled) insolvent, bankrupt, but bailouts-sucking banks and hedge funds...

below-  obama's despicable jewsthe ones who STOLE the "Change"
that American voters THOUGHT they were getting in 2008... 
in both critical financial markets & police-state/gwot sectors,
Obama co. gave us MORE OF THE SAME,  
turning America's laws into a "rule of men" crony, ruthless,
dictatorship corruption GENOCIDAL EXTORTION racket / regime.

                              below - Mary Schapiro - defrauding Americans, collecting her SEC Chair paycheck...
while NOT protecting American investors,
while NOT enforcing America's financial laws...

 Gary Gensler: "former" Goddamn-Sachs made-man (full partner) - HIDING TRILLIONS of dollars of PRIVATE, corporate- and banker "DERIVATIVES" DEBT from American investors and other regulators - so the bankers can claim "TOO BIG TOO FAIL!" and "CRISIS!" and EXTORT UNLIMITED FUTURE "bailouts" from debt-serf American peons when the derivatives debt crisis EXPLODES in the near future...

  (for a text-book example of Neo-Con propaganda, trying to portray the obstructionist, "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs"  fraud-enabling Gensler as a "market cleaning reformer," see this blind toady piece at the The American Prospect.)

  Below, while Ann Barnhardt may have a "fundamentalist Christ-ian" axe to grind,  it should be noted that
#1. one of the pillars of Neo-Con political manuevering & propaganda in the United States has been for Republican Jews to ALLY WITH the CHRISTIAN radical right-wing FUNDAMENTALISTS over the past 20+ years (hello?  following the path set earlier by Henry Kissinger in the Nixon and Ford administrations, Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Zackheim, Bolton, Bolten, and many others Jews worked in the unrepentently  (so-called)  "Christ-ian conservative" George W. Bush administration);
#2.  and just because someone may be a lunatic "religious" fundamentalist in some areas, does not mean they are wrong in specific points of their business or career expertise - a trait at the core of the Neo-Con's business ruthlessness, a trait the Neo-Cons themselves exhibit so often.

   We will attempt to return to this post this weekend, and add some historical,  biblical context to how JEWS FEEL ENTITLED to EXTORT, DEFRAUD, SWINDLE.... and ruthlessly exterminate their neighbors, regardless of what nation they are living in - whether in biblical Egypt & Persia, or in the spill-blood-to-appease-a-bloodthirsty, mass-murderous-'god' so called "promised land"... or in the past centuries in Russia, Poland, Germany, Britain, and now America...

  ...but for now, Americans should heed the warning: the insanely corrupt Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, Jacob Lew, Gene Sperling, Jared Bernstein, and other Neo-Cons running Obama's financial policies, have declared AMERICAN INVESTORS to be fair game, to be marked victims....
  American pensioners, savers, retirees, and especially stock investors and traders are now no more than game animals - prey - to be hunted down and killed, at the leisure of the Neo-Con masters-of-the-universe... just as Joshua's bloodthirsty jewish armies hunted down, extorted, and exterminated all the terrified residents of Caanan they could get their mass-murderous, mass-rapist hands on, the genocidal take-over of the so-called [blood drenched] "promised land."

Ann Barnhardt: The Entire Futures/Options Market Has Been Destroyed by the MF Global Collapse

Jim Puplava: ...In the futures market, which is highly leveraged, if you open up a futures contract you are usually leveraged 10-to-1, so they require an exceptional firm base on which to function. And the major integrity of the whole system is the segregation of customer funds. That was breached by MF Global. And let’s not sugar coat this, Ann, basically management stole all of the non-margin cash, invested it in highly speculative securities and what has astonished me has been the reaction of the exchange and regulators—where is the investigation into Jon Corzine?

Ann Barnhardt: Well that is the point of this. We are now living in a lawless, Marxist, Communist,** usurped, what used to be a representative republic but is no more. This is no longer a nation of laws. This has now transformed into a nation of men. It doesn’t matter what crime you commit. In the case of Jon Corzine, this man has stolen in excess of a billion dollars. I think by the time it is all panned out it is going to be closer to $3 billion of customer funds that he stole. Why did he do it? Is he stupid? Well, of course he’s not stupid. This is a former head of Goldman Sachs. This man doesn’t have a low IQ per se. Why in the world would a man wake up in the morning one day and say you know what, I think I am going to steal all the customer seg funds in this FCM that I’m running, which is the biggest FCM in the country. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. No. Why would a man like that even engage in a nefarious plot like this? Because he knew going into it he could get away with it. And the reason he could get away with it is he is in tight with the Obama regime. He is one of Obama’s highest fundraisers. Earlier this year Jon Corzine had a fundraiser dinner at his New York City apartment for Barack Obama where it was charged at $35,000 a plate. Okay? He bundled high six figures for Obama in one evening! He is a crony of the regime. This is Marxist Communism. There is no rule of law. And these people, these poor MF customers are just sitting out here helpless to do anything because there is no law enforcement because this is no longer a nation of laws. The rule of law no longer exists. There is no longer justice in this nation. And no nation, no culture, no society can survive if there isn’t a foundation of justice. That is why we are teetering on the precipice of collapse and I foresee civil war coming within the next several years.  (cont'd)  

** [note: ACTUALLY, the "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" Neo-Cons running the Obama presidency are ruling according to the Rotchilds/Anglo so-called "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" ideology - as the British used to justify their imperial annexation and rule over India; or London traders & bankers extorting China into accepting opium imports;  or as the British authorities used to just blatantly extort the Irish out of their food; or as British government officials used to harass and impress (enslave aboard royal navy warships!) American colonials leading up to the American Revolution.  But as we pointed out - whether by "Capitalist" uber-rich, or Commissar "for the proletariat" communists, the "political ideology" doesn't much matter - mass-murderous extortion is mass-murderous extortion is mass-murderous extortion!]

EVERYTHING the despicable Neo-Cons do - whether in the Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., or Obama White Houses; in government, on Wall Street, in academia, in business, or in America's despicable press/media -  is intended to funnel money and power up to themselves, to the Jewish financiers and warmongering government (and "defense industry") appartchiks - the American people, the people of the world, and indeed, civilization and the rule of law itself be damned!    

 Pure feudal "starve, beat, rape, and murder the peons at will" dictatorship, with differing families (within the jewish community) vying for power, but all united in their contempt for "their fellow" Americans...
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