Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Little Jewish Girl Naomi Wolf gets a taste of Bloomberg's GESTAPO - the JEWISH RUN NYPD, makes up "laws" and rules out of thin air... then arrests you for not complying. DICTATOR PIGS, ANSWERING TO the JEWISH WAR LOBBY...

The Tragedy of the NYPD turning in to Bloomberg's Gestapo, of course, is that the Jewish War Lobby and Neo-Cons...  
(Mossad & Likud appartchiks like Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Doug Feith, Richard Perle, Meyrav Wurmser, Dov Zackheim, et al, ad naseum,  then running, ruling, the entire U.S. "Defense" Department and Cheney-Bush White House)   (the later, Dov Zackheim, associated with $1 trillion "missing" from Pentagon, Dept. of Defense accounts!)   

    ...were perfectly willing to SACRIFICE NY PD and NY Fire Department men & women to the 9-11 hijacking terror attacks that Mossad, Netanyahu, and the above Jewish War Lobby apparatchiks WELL KNEW WAS COMING...

      But for now, we will turn our attention to the Jewish War Lobby doing what it has done before: CONSUME, DESTROY, KILL those Jews in its way. 

  For, you see, the Jewish Neo-Con war pigs running America will be just as happy to DESTROY Naomi Wolf, as they DESTROYED then Alabama Governor Don Siegelman - by supporting Karl Rove & useful idiot Alberto Gonzales' "PURGE-GATE" perjurous prosecution against then Gov. Siegelman shortly before his 2002 re-election election....**   and as they DESTROYED by MURDER then Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, and as they almost certainly DESTROYED Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone.  

      Proving that Senator Wellstone's plane-crash,  on the eve of his cruising to what would have been a stunning re-election win in November 2002, was sabotage,  is of course nearly impossible....

  ...however, realizing that a Wellstone win in Nov. 2002   (when Bush and Cheney were milking 9-11 to give themselve the maximum dictatorial "war on terror" policies they could, in preparation for their intended invasion of Iraq)
would have made him THE ONE MAN IN AMERICA with the power, influence, reach, popularity, and determination to STOP THE U.S. attack on Iraq - which the Wolfowitz-Libby-Perle-Feith Neo-Cons had been planning for a decade - and you can see  how the Mossad/Israel/Jewish War Lobby found it ESSENTIAL to TAKE OUT the courageous Senator Wellstone before he could harness American public opinion and OBSTRUCT the jewish war lobby's war plans.  

   With billions (upon trillions) of dollars of pending Iraq war  U.S. military spending, contracts, profits, and loot from an occupied Iraq at risk
($9 billion in Iraqi cash, held by the US government and  later 'disbursed' by U.S. 'viceroy' L. Paul Bremer shortly after the US invasion... "went missing" with no explanation, alone!),
and with the American public demanding ever more answers to why not one U.S. government agency did ANYTHING to prevent a well known terror plot - it is obvious that from the p.o.v. of the Neo-Cons and Likud war-lobby appartchiks that Senator Wellstone had to be 'ELIMINATED'.

  Well, Naomi Wolf recently got a taste of that JEWISH WAR LOBBY DICTATORSHIP in America... as the below video explains.    btw... Ms. Wolf was protesting... outside a SO-CALLED 'liberal' HUFFINGTON POST awards event!

      Huffington Post is NOT a "liberal" 'news' organization!!
   It is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING JEWISH WAR LOBBY FRONT,  posing as a "hip" 'liberal', alternative media web-site.  

Closely reading HuffPost, you will see that they are dominated by Jewish writers... who tend to WHITEWASH the Obama's administration's criminal  WAR POLICIES, and who tend to IGNORE the concentration of JEWISH BANKERS, REGULATORS, academics (Krugman, Larry Summers et al) who are CAUSING THIS ECONMIC CRISIS by failing to regulate fraud at the big financial firms... from ALAN GREENSPAN to BEN BERNAKE and LLOYD BLANKFEIN, to GARY GENSLER, MARY SCHAPIRO and other senior financial polciy makers  and all the other Jewish appartchiks deeply infested in the (so-called 'liberal') obama "Swindlers are us" administration....
 Mr. Bloomberg's cops and (former DHS jewish Director) Michael Chertoff's DHS have fully MASTERED their GESTAPO TACTICS: INTIMIDATE, ARREST, and DISSAPPEAR.... 
with the full complicity of America's insanely corrupt, ruthless, corporate "major media."

As Nomi aks, "Where's the New York Times?"     

Well, Naomi, we hate to tell ya... but the Sulzberger New York Slimes, and the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, are the treasonous GROUND ZERO of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY TAKEOVER of these late 'United' States of America...
 (from pushing a decade's worth of lies about "Whitewater" (which con-viently threw the real, major, billions-dollars S&L fraudsters OFF their front pages), to STOLEN ELECTION 2000, to promising Americans that "Free Trade" and "DEREGULATION" would IMPROVE our economy, to whitewashing 9-11 dereliction of duty (actually, treason); to Lies-to-War... to WHITEWASHING the VAST EPIDEMIC of FRAUD saturating our govt. regulatory agencies  (that made first Enron, Worldcom, & Tyco... and then LEHMAN, BEAR-STEARNS, & Countrywide economic collapse debacles... followed by the "bailouts" that the vast majority of American people did not want to authorize... leading to our current economic meltdown, and today's renewed  jewish war-lobby's insane lust to BOMB, ATTACK, INVADE, and own Iran...)

... at every turn, the TREASONOUS  Sulzberger NY Slimes and Meyer/Graham Washington "Pravda on the Potomac" Washington Post, set the AGENDA OF LIES, for EXPANDING WARS, police-state dictatorship, and wholesale economic sabotage larceny, the narrative that the other Neo-Con owned & dominated media in America then follow...

  When the below headline reports "Naomi Wolf THREATENED with LIFETIME HARRASMENT BY THE FEDS" - it becomes obvious that THE TREASONOUS JEWISH WAR LOBBY _is_ the federal government,  and  the private, so-called "Federal" Reserve money-printing banking cabal of extortionists & economy wrecking saboteurs.

Naomi Wolf Arrested at OWS in NYC- Threatened With Lifetime Harassment By Feds
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Naomi Wolf was arrested in NYC during the OWS- Occupy Wall Street protests under made up secretive laws designed to prevent people from being able to protest... (cont'd)  


** update/correction:  Earlier we wrote That "The Jewish Neo-Cons DESTROYED then Alabama Governor Don Siegelman... by supporting Karl Rove & useful idiot Alberto Gonzales' 'PURGE-GATE' perjurous prosecution against then Gov. Siegelman shortly before his 2002 re-election election..." 

    The "purge-gate" prosecution against sitting Alabama Governor Don Siegelman - then the sole "liberal" Governor in the entire Deep South (former slave states) - was initiated by U.S. District Attorney for Alabama Leura Canary in 2002, at the very height of President George W. Bush's post- 9/11 "I'm a war president" popularity & claims to dictatorial "war on terror" powers, but long before Alberto Gonzales became Attorney General.

      However,  Alabama District U.S. Attorney General Leura Canary was the same Leury Canary... whose husband, William 'Bill' Canary - was a Republican campaign advisor for Governor Siegelman's Republican opponent,   Bob Riley!!
   According to wikipedia,  AG Leura Canary's prosecution of (the by now former) Governor Seigleman was so atrocious, that  the Federal judge THREW OUT the prosecution's evidence on May 7th, 2004, and stated that no new charges could be filed on that evidence! 

  But by the spring of 2005 President George W. Bush was seen as the "victor" of the U.S. Iraq invasion, and was riding a crest of "wartime" presidential popularity, and his political advisor Karl Rove was able to keep up the pressure on the Republican dominated Alabama District Attorney office to continue prosecuting former Governor Seigelman... who, did we mention?  "lost" his re-election bid in the closest election in Alabama history, one that mimicked the presidential Bush/Gore STOLEN ELECTION 2000 disputed (stolen, trashed, and uncounted) vote count?

    While Karl Rove may have been the "wizard" behind the horrible Alabama Attorney General's office political prosecution of a sitting governor on the eve of that governor's re-election... followed by a suspicious election, followed by a federal judge tossing that entire prosecution in the trash can... once that governor's name & political prospects had been was the JEWISH WAR LOBBY behind the Bush-Rove-Cheney White House, inlcuding Vice President Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF I. Lewish 'Scooter' Libby, and Bush's 2nd and final White House CHIEF OF STAFFJosh Bolten... who had previously been Executive LEGAL and GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS DIRECTOR for... GODDAMN-SACHS !    

   Just to add emphasis to "the Jewish war lobby destroying 'liberal' and popular non-Neo-Con Jews" story, the Alabama Republicans'  atrocious prosecutions (both of them) of Governor Seigelman were WHITEWASHED and UPHELD, first by  Jewish ATTORNEY GENERAL MICHAEL MUKASEY when he took over as Bush's third and final AG (after Alberto Gonzales had been forced to resign), and then by so-called "Democrat" RAHM EMANUEL when the treacherous Emanuel became incoming President Obama's Chief of Staff in January 2009.
 The Obama White House, which is to say, "the Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and other Neo-Con jewish war lobby appartchiks White House" allowed former Governor Seigelman, AND OTHER, LATER  Alberto Gonzales/Karl Rove "PURGE GATE" perjurous, malicious prosecution victims  to twist in the wind, after the Democrats retook the White House in 2009.

  Governor Seieglman ultimately convicted of doing what was the bread-and-butter  of the Bush administration and Republican authortarian executives everywhere:  rewarding campaign donors with government jobs.

   We apologize for our first edit oversimplification and disjointed timeline.

 Keeping up with the depth and breadth of Neo-Con treachery & the jewish war lobby police-state, expanding wars, & economic sabotage  hijacking of America, and the foul, anti-Amerian deeds of  all their hired, malevolent appartchiks, is an arduous and overwhelming task.